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homesick lance amv because i cant help but think of him when i listen to this song ;; i hope you get to splash in puddles again soon, lance.

also speaking of homesick lance i wrote a fic on it and u should read it ;) (x)

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headcanons for how main 3 + phichit would care for their s/o when they are sick?

Feeling inspired by this prompt, since I’m having a bit of a fever myself. I love the caretaker troupe honestly. There’s something so cute about being taken care of by someone you love, I guess :3 I think these boys would be the world’s greatest nurses tbh. I got a bit carried away a wrote a lot, but I honestly can’t help myself :3 I hope you enjoy this; I loved writing it! Thank you for the request! 

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • He’s the world’s biggest coddler, so you’re going to have everything you could ever possibly need at your disposal with Viktor around
  • And no matter how many times you insist that you’ll get him sick, he’ll basically shush you and tell you that he doesn’t mind; you need to be taken care of and he’s glad to do it
  • and of course he’s going to be Mr. Extra™ the entire fucking time lmao but could you expect anything less ????
  • Let’s be real: Viktor’s going to fucking spoon-feed you whether you like it or not
  • “(Y/N), babe, you know I love you, and I know you’re completely capable of feeding yourself, but I need you to let me do this. You need to rest up!
  • He goes to somewhat unnecessary lengths to take care of you, but he thinks it’s worth it to be close to you, and he loves to pamper you
  • Viktor gives you massages, facials, puts lotion on for you, and—of course—cuddles with you until you physically have to push him off of you
  • “Vitya, get off! I’m hot from my fever and you’re too warm to be close to me. Just let me rest and leave me alone!”
  • “But babe ;-; my cuddles cure everything, and you’re letting Makka lay with you! and i thought you were gonna let me give you a bath later ugh wtf babe let me coddle you forever
  • Of course, he splurges on the name brand medicine and those tissues with Vicks in them; he only wants the best for his baby
  • and he’ll insist that the tissues are named after him but you’re like “no, vitya, vicks is not short for viktor and you cannot take credit for it”
  • Viktor adores being able to coddle you and pamper you for days on end, but you will probably need to reciprocate when he gets sick, too

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • Yuri doesn’t get sick too often, so he barely knows how to take care of himself when he’s sick, let alone another person
  • you’ve heard of “anxious” yuri now get ready for “my baby is sick and idk how the fuck to help them and I’m freaking out” yuri
  • He practically runs to the store to get you the medicine you need, but he’s in such a frantic and nervous rush that he doesn’t know what to do; he takes one of each type of medicine and buys all of them
  • “(Y/N), I had no idea there were so many kinds of medicine and I didn’t know which one you would want so I got them all. We’ve got stuff for congestion, headaches, nausea, chest pain—“
  • “Yuri, I love you, but please shut the fuck up”
  • Even though he can’t seem to figure out what medicine you need, he knows what flavor of cough drops are your favorite, and he always has a stock of those on hand, just in case
  • Once you’re properly medicated and as comfortable as you can possibly be in your situation, he calms down enough to take a more delicate approach to taking care of you
  • Yuri sits on the floor and has you lay down next to him so your head is in his lap, and he takes a rag dipped in cool water and dabs along your forehead and neck to help you get some relief from the heat of your fever
  • and honestly he does it super slow and gentle and it’s so sweet ???? and his heart absolutely melts once you fall asleep in his lap
  • Yuri carries you to bed and decides to cook a hot meal for you to eat when you wake up; he decides katsudon would be a nice treat for you
  • When you come down to eat with him at the table. you ask him to spoon-feed you, and he blushes harder than he did after your first kiss
  • Even though he’s dying of embarrassment, he feeds you anyway, allowing you to rest against him while you eat, just happy he can be the one to nurse you back to health

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • Yuri can kind of take the ‘tough love’ approach when it comes to a lot of things, but not when you’re sick; he’s surprisingly a good and nurturing caretaker
  • He usually pins you down and forces you to take medicine whether you want to take it or not, but it’s only for your own good
  • “Yuri! Get the f u c k off of me right now! I can barely breathe as it as and you’re hurting me you ass!”
  • “(Y/N), shut the  F U C K up and take this shit before you get pneumonia and die you piece of ass fuck I’m sorry ily babe
  • It takes some time, but he’s able to get you to relax and take a nap to sleep off the worst of the fever you’ve come down with
  • You might be half asleep, but you’re positive you can hear Yuri outside your bedroom door and talking on the phone
  • “Grandpa? It’s me. (Y/N)’s sick, and I could really use some of your soup to help. Can you come over soon?”
  • While his grandpa cooks, Yuri checks up on you periodically, covering you up with another blanket every time to make sure you’re warm and comfortable, even with your fever
  • He eventually just sits on the edge of your bed and watches you sleep; you look so warm and cozy that he can’t help himself from laying down and curling up next to you, enjoying the warmth
  • and when you confront him he denies any accusation of cuddling with you, and he blushes and it’s super cute lmao
  • Yuri brings the soup to your bedroom and you eat together under the covers, watching Netflix on Yuri’s phone until you fall asleep on his shoulder
  • He checks your forehead while you rest, noticing that your fever has come down considerably, and he’s grateful that you’ll be healthy again soon

[Phichit Chulanont]

  • He’s a strong believer in ‘laughter is the best medicine,’ so Phichit is going to go to the ends of the earth to get you to laugh
  • and if he can’t do that, he’ll at least make himself laugh by being an adorable asshole lmao
  • While you’re napping through your fever on his couch, he’ll sit on the floor and take tons of snapchat videos of you, playing with the filters and laughing like an asshole in the background
  • His story becomes very long in a short amount of time, and he swears he can count this as an ab workout, because his stomach hurts so much from laughing so hard
  • It doesn’t take long for you to stir in your sleep at the sound of him laughing, and you awake from your fever dreams
  • You check your phone and see the first few seconds of his story update, and when you see yourself passed out with the dumb dog filter on you, you throw your phone and Phichit and he runs away giggling like an idiot
  • of course he got it on video; and yes, it’s going on his story lmao
  • Though he may act a bit stilly, he truly cares for your wellbeing and makes sure you’re properly medicated and comfortable as possible
  • The second you become a bit delirious or emotional from your fever, he puts the phone down and does his best to comfort you
  • He’ll pick up his phone, though, to find cute and funny animal videos to show you to keep you calm and occupied while the worst of your fever blows over
  • and he probably has a whole youtube playlist put together of your favorite animal videos tbh like he would totally do that for you aw
  • This bean will be there to take care of you happily, and he’ll keep a smile on his face the entire time, just happy that he can spend time with you
Girl Group/Solo Female Artist List!

I know I’m going to miss a bunch so please feel free to add on anyone I missed! Let me know if any links don’t work and I’ll fix it. I’ll try to keep it updated whenever new groups/solo artists come out :) 

* on my more preferred groups 



Berry Good


Brave Girls ***

Brown Eyed Girls



Cosmis Girls(WJSN)


Davichi ****


Dreamcatcher *************

EXID ***

F(X) ****where is their comeback****


Girls Day

Girls Generation (SNSD) ***



LABOUM ******

Ladies Code

* In 2014 the group was involed in a tragic car accident which lead to the death of two of the members, EunB and RiSe


Mamamoo *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**


miss A ***x100 (listing them here because I refuse to accept a hiatus)


Oh My Girl **

PRISTIN **xoxoxo

Red Velvet ***

S.E.S. **(thank god for their comeback)**



T-ara **protect them at all costs**




  • They’re currently working on a pre-debut project where they introduce one member via a song each month and have released a bunch of songs from the already known members on their Youtube page

Some solo artists because they always need love!

IU ***fave female artist in and outside of kpop***

Ailee *** actual goals, an actual queen

Taeyeon *****


Chung Ha





Baek A Yeon



Hi Suhyun

  • They’re a duo made up of solo artist Lee Hi and Suhyun of Akdong Musician but I’m including it because the song is so good


  • They’re currently working on a pre-debut project where they introduce one member via song each month and have a ton of songs from the already known members on their Youtube page

disbanded/inactive groups I still recommend loving

  • 4 Minute ************
  • MIXX ******
  • Wondergirls 
  • Sistar ***
  • 2ne1 **
  • I.O.I ***
  • After Achool/Orange Caramel ***
  • BESTies 
  • Crayon Pop 
  • EVOL 
  • KARA 
  • Rainbow 
  • Spica 

- “Ravioli!”

- “Alfredo mac n’ cheese, yeah!”

(From the Game Grumps live show in the Trocadero theater in Philly, 10/9/16)


Pantomime Acting! 
The last 2D animation I did by hand, all my other work is digital but I still really love this. I remember working two nights in a row trying to get that quarter turn fall just right. I’m still proud of it 

Monday Warehouse 13 panel at DragonCon.

Question: If the show continued, what would you have wanted to happen next?


[edit a million years later to add the answer]

Eddie: I think it would have been like…you know, Pete and Myka’s divorce.
Joanne: Trial separation…
Eddie: And then all the sudden I call her and I’m like, ‘Who’s there? Hey, who’s over there? Is that HG??’
Joanne: Yeah. It is!
Eddie: [with fakey accent] 'Come back to bed, darling!’