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Those "stalkers" are getting ridiciulous. Like we have pics of Niall at fricking Bali Airport and his bodyguards didnt give a fuck but bodyguards suddenly started to care if they took a pic of not bc they talked about Freddie. Bullshit. They dont even have one single pic of him, even his leg or something. Idk what they are trying to do, but they are pushing Freddie's name too hard

Freddie’s name is being pushed a lot since yesterday again, they are ramping it up. @Louis’ activity on Twitter yesterday, rumors about Louis mentioning Freddie to fans when apparently with Danielle last night (no pics), Jay on Twitter, Fizzy favoriting Louis’ tweet about Freddie, @Louis following that respectfreddie blahblahblah account, rumors about Niall mentioning Freddie (no pics)… Hm.

EXO’s Reaction to: You Fangirling About a KDrama Actor


Something SUUUPER CUTE happens on screen and both of you squeal. You shove him over as you’re screaming, “OH MY GOD HE’S SO CUTE XIUMIN HELP.” And at the sound of you saying that he snaps back, “Hey, don’t forget who you’re with, alright?” (He might be a bit salty about how you fangirl more about the actor than you do over him.)

*Gif: You’re Chen*

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The both of you are riding to some place when your phone buzzes in your pocket. You pull it out to check, and your favorite kdrama star just tweeted pictures from his new photoshoot. “LUHAN I’M DEAD LOOK AT HIM OMGOMGOMGOMG-” You shove your phone in his face and Luhan *Gif*

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It was Kris who wanted to watch the new kdrama, not you, but after watching the first episode you had fallen HEAD OVER HEELS for the main guy. When he does something cheesy, you grip Kris’ arm and he’s just like, “Why did I even show it to her -.-” while turning the other way.

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You were in love with the kdrama and when you went to their dorm, you forced all of EXO to watch with you. Even though you were snuggled up to Suho, you still died every time the main guy said something heartwarming and Suho leans back to shoot the other members a Help Me this Actor Is Taking My Girl and IDK WHAT TO DO look. 

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You were on a third date with him when you blushed and smiled to yourself out of nowhere. He caught it, grinning to himself while he said, “Did I make your heart flutter?” Your eyes grew wide since you still weren’t used to him being this way and you quickly told him, “NONONO! I just remembered something my favorite actor did in this kdrama I really like!” 

Lay: *Gif* Oh my god this girl XD

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He sees you fangirling like crazy over this actor dude and he just *gif*

Baekhyun: I’m losing to a guy that she doesn’t even know in person T-T

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When your fav actor does something super AHHH OMG, he just leans over and snuggles up to you with that amazing smile of his to remind you that he was still there and not that actor and that you loved him not that actor and-


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At first, when you fangirl like crazy, Chanyeol jokes around and goes off about “WHY DON’T YOU EVER FANGIRL LIKE THIS ABOUT ME HUH?” But then you look at him with a very serious face and say, “Because you don’t do things to make my heart flutter like that actor does.” 

Chanyeol: *Gif* omg gah

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You were watching the kdrama with him and, yes, you were actually trying reeeaaaaally hard to hide your feels. But when your fav guy said something suuuuper heart melting you just COULDN’T HOLD IT BACK ANYMORE. You squealed and shook Kyungsoo’s arm and he’s just like ‘are you serious right now’.

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Before you can finish, Tao takes out his phone and looks at his reflection.

Tao: “Does that mean the police are coming to get me at any second, now?”

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At first he was cool with watching the kdrama with you, but once you started going off about how hot and cute and amazing the actor was he grumpily plugs in his earphones, takes out a book, and begins to ignore you. Of course, this is just a ploy to get your attention and the moment you start cuddling him and showering him with kisses he grins and gives in to you~

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You’re stalking your fav on your phone, scrolling through his photos and admiring how cute he is. That’s when Sehun comes up behind you and looks at your screen. After you giggle at how cute one of the photos are, he laughs out loud, saying, “Omo- you think he’s cute?? When you’re with me?”

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