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Post Redemption AU were the Homeworld Gems live together and have a bunch of Gemlings [and sometimes lend a hand at the Crystal Gems in serious crisis].

I added a few head canons, including the way in which Yellow Diamond kept the loyalty of its people and the PTSD that all the three Homeworld Gems have and express in different ways [Jasper and Peridot are exemplified here].

And this is it! Is supposed to be done earlier, but RL things and the need to check every detail, make me delay the upload.

Special thanks to theartsideofsam  who made the first reviews and, above all, helped me to correct my misspellings horrors. It would not have been able to upload it without help. Many many thanks!

And I´m one follower near to reach the 1000 mark! I´m really happy right now! I must draw something to celebrate this!


Here’s my new Westallen vid. I really loved the mid-season finale. Barry and Iris are my favorite ship on tv. ❤️

ultimate fangirl questionnaire: ‘books and tv shows’ edition
  1. first fandom ever joined?
  2. last fandom ever joined?
  3. total number of fandoms joined?
  4. current favorite ship?
  5. all time favorite ship(s)?
  6. favorite villain ship?
  7. favorite lgbtq+ ship?
  8. first tv show you started watching?
  9. first book series you ever read?
  10. favorite main character(s)?
  11. favorite side kick character(s)?
  12. favorite villain(s)?
  13. current favorite tv show quote(s)?
  14. all time favorite tv show quote(s)?
  15. current favorite book quote(s)?  
  16. all time favorite book quote(s)?
  17. current favorite scene(s)?
  18. favorite villain collaboration?
  19. favorite hero collaboration?
  20. favorite tv friendship?
  21. favorite book friendship?
  22. favorite tv show siblings?
  23. favorite book siblings?
  24. least favorite main character ever?
  25. least favorite villain ever?
  26. favorite bromance?
  27. best kiss scene?
  28. most painful death scene to read/watch?
  29. most stylish character(s)?
  30. funniest character(s)?
  31. best coming out?

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