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    • Fight because you don’t know how to die quietly.

Favorite Marvel TV Female POC Countdown – (2/4)

Daisy (Skye) Johnson aka Quake

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25 favorite female tv characters | abby maitland, primeval
“no human being in history has seen these creatures alive before us. we’ve been given the most amazing gift. and how do we repay that? that privilege? by killing them because they’re inconvenient. what does that say about humans? about us? after all we’ve done here, is this how we’re going to be remembered?”


Get to know me MEME - [10/10] Favorite TV Female Characters: SARAH LINDEN

“I never had a real house to grow up in. You know, home. I never belonged anywhere. And all my life, I was looking for that thing you know. Thinking that it was out there somewhere. That all I had to do was find it. But I think, maybe that home was us. It was you and me together in that stupid car riding around, smoking cigarettes. I think that was everything. I’m sorry. I should have known that you were one person who always stays. And you were my best friend.”