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Top 5 Favorite Female Characters - TV

No one’s asked me this, but I thought I might start a series on this. Michelle’s favs. Mixing mediums gives my OCD hives so if I continue, I’ll have movies and literature too. I dunno?

1. Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time)

Orphan, mother, daughter, sister, lover, Savior, played by the amazing Jennifer Morrison. Battling fairy tale characters while finding her home, True Love, and becoming a Disney princess. Forever fav.

2. Lois Lane (Smallville)

Fuck the fandom, Lois was always too good for their small minded fuckery. Badass (no really, she CAN kick your ass!), reporter, takes zero shit from anyone including her TL Smallville (Clark to lesser mortals). Played by Erica Durance. I dare you to watch the video where she sees her mother for the first time since she was a small child and not weep real tears.

3. Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Seriously, people. It’s Buffy. She saved the world a lot, despite her mostly ungrateful “friends” (why yes, I’m still bitter about S7, what of it?) She’s saved the world so many times her would be boyfriends got into a fight about it in the middle of Rome! Died twice, sometimes made mistakes, but always, always kicked demon, vampire and monster ass. Played by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

4. Sarah Mackenzie (JAG)

Marine, lawyer, badass. Overcame a shitty start in life to become a kickass lawyer, besting her BFF (and ultimate TL) Harm in the court room on the regular. Played by Catherine Bell. Man, I miss this show.

5. Atia of the Julii (Rome)

This woman should not need an introduction. She is Atia of the motherfucking Julii and never let you forget it. Liar, schemer, ambitious, mother, lover. Played by Polly Walker. There was nothing she wouldn’t do to advance her family, especially her son, Octavian. Lover of Marc Antony, the definition of the (possibly antiquated?) HBIC. Watch her cut off her son’s wife at the end of the series. Atia is frequently down but never out and you fuck with her at your peril.


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“no human being in history has seen these creatures alive before us. we’ve been given the most amazing gift. and how do we repay that? that privilege? by killing them because they’re inconvenient. what does that say about humans? about us? after all we’ve done here, is this how we’re going to be remembered?”