favorite title card artist

Real talk, I gotta give it up for CR.

I was following CR as an artist on Deviantart for a while before he became a TGWTG reviewer. He often says that he has no distinct style of his own and that his style is derived from copycatting the styles of popular cartoons and what-have you, but I think he actually has a pretty distinctive style that makes his work instantly recognizable. And I love his title cards because they really show his love for what he’s talking about. Real talk, I put CR a little above AWD, despite the fact I think AWD is a bit more skilled.

Favorite Title Card Artist


Man, wasn’t last week exciting!? So….much…hatred…. Some of you guys seriously need to lay off the Hateraide….

Anyway! Let’s go in reverse and get some love back in here, ya’ll! They’re funny and witty and may or may not tell what the story is about! They’re artistic, colorful, and sometimes outright pun-eriffic! That’s right! I’m talking about TITLE CARDS and more importantly… TITLE CARD ARTISTS!

In fact, our very own long-time title card artist favorite Andrew Dickman just became a member of TGWTG through Blistered Thumbs! Let’s not forget about the awesome Ven Gethenian (and his awesome hat!) and his fantastic artwork that features in Brows Held High and just recently, Nash’s Legend review! Master the Creator has us cracking up with the zany parody adventures of Atop the Fourth Wall (the AoT card killed me) and Critic’s review just don’t feel the same without Marobot’s hilarious title cards…

So, who out there are your favorites? Do you have a favorite card that any have done or favorite non-card? Maybe a commission or a bit of animation? Submit all to us! 

Since we’re on the start of one week and the end of another, I’ll format this secret in a way that touches both. I love MTC and Andy’s work, and loved Marobot’s title cards, but I want to express my enjoyment of the Nostalgia Critic title cards since the show returned. I’ve seen forum threads about discontent with them, so there is a chance this is an unpopular opinion. I can only assume Jim Jarosz does the cards, since he’s done all Nostalgia Critic Photoshop work since forever. Some of the standouts in my opinion are Cat in the Hat, Master of Disguise, and The Shining. 

I will say however I do feel bad that Marobot seemingly dropped titlecard work all together, and I place no blame or shame. Doug hadn’t used them in FOREVER and started using the films’ title shots throughout 2012. I hope she’s doing OK.