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I always loved that about you. How you could laugh even though everything was shit.

Seventeen: Dating Wonwoo would include...

• At first you and Wonwoo started off as friends. He wanted to be with someone who really fit his personality but still be somewhat opposite in some aspects and that just happened to be you. 

• Similar to Woozi he’s not really a fan of skinship; at least not right away. 

• He has mentioned that it takes awhile for him to close the distance between him and another person.

• So even though you guys were comfortable with one another as friends, that all changed once the status of your relationship changed. It took him some time to transition a bit from doing just “friends” thing to being romantic with each other. (whatever the heck that is) 

• After Wonwoo had officially opened up and felt free enough to be himself, you started to notice that he is INDEED INTO SKINSHIP. 

• Wonwoo likes to tease you sometimes since he’s so tall, he’ll basically like lean in for a kiss but yeet. 

• This usually ends with you trying to pull him down for a real kiss and succeeding most of the time. 

• All jokes aside, Wonwoo will always try to give you his undivided attention when he can, but watch it for Mingyu. You might have to fight for your man at times. 

• I should probably add that Mingyu likes to tag along with you two. 

•Tbh though, it’s almost as if you’re the one tagging along their date. (whoops) 

• That being said, that is one of the things you two argue about. All you want is some quality time with your mans without Mingyu being around. 

• Like of course you’re cool with Mingyu, but sometimes you need some privacy. 

• Usually after you mention it to him, he’ll take a step back and recognize his faults. 

But anyways…  

• One of your favorite things to do together is have a movie night. The movies can differ from comedy, drama, or horror. Especially horror movies though. Sometimes he likes to pretend that a jump scare actually scared him, but nope!! he just wanted to get closer to you. 

• Besides movie night, you honestly just enjoy being with one another. Regardless of what you guys are doing just being in each other presences is enough, the feeling is mutual on his part too. 

• Sometimes you’ll be sitting there in silence and he’ll just randomly start talking about a verse he wrote for you. Like what

• It’s a nice feeling for the two of you: him having someone to confide in and you having someone who genuinely cares and thinks about you.  

• That’s the thing with dating Wonwoo, it’s not all physical to him. Having a deep connection with a person is extremely important to him, so once he found that in you, the treatment towards you would be out of this world. 

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A/N: Okay so basically I’m not going in any particular order with this. Although I did happen to see this article on Wonwoo which kind of sparked my creativity a bit. Please remember this is not an accurate representation of any of the guys, this is all based on videos/other content I’ve seen.  

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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Review: Episode 5

Tbh, I’m loving this drama more and more with each episode. <3

Bok Joo: First love truly is the sweetest. Her little secret is bound to unravel soon but I think it’s super cute that she’s in that phase where she just wants to be around the guy she likes. It’s kinda ironic that she doesn’t want Jae Yi to think she’s a liar even though she’s flat out lying to him about who she is. Since it’s all kinda innocent, I’ll let that slide lol. My favorite thing is how she can be all cute with Jae Yi and then turned around and scare the shit out of Joon hyung, it’s so funny haha.

Joon hyung: He’s honestly my favorite. We all expected him to be totally taking advantage of Bok Joo in exchange for keeping her secret, but it was still amusing to watch. I thought it was so cute how as soon as their dinner ended, he was immediately got scared of her. I was dying when he made a cross and prayed before following her. Lol. Tbh though, what I love most about his character is that he isn’t the type to fall for games. He sees straight through Shi Ho and it’s kinda refreshing to see. And the way he calls her out isn’t mean either, his words make sense and honestly, we could all learn to follow them. “Learn to stand on your own two feet. Everyone lives their own lives, you can’t expect anyone to solve your problem.”  That’s one of the best quotes I’ve seen.

Bok Joo/Joon hyung: I think the pacing of their friendship and love line is on point. The whole story begins with becoming friends first and I really appreciate the way the writers are doing that instead of rushing them into a relationship. Tbh, I hope they don’t really start falling for each other until episode 9 or 10. The teasing, “chubs”, the way they’re not afraid to touch and be friendly whether it’s pulling at each other or literally fighting. It’s refreshing to see a drama where it doesn’t take 10 episodes for the couple to touch each other in a platonic way (I don’t think I’m explaining this right, but I think you guys get what I mean? Lol.)

Shi Ho: Girl, what’re you doing? I get that she’s trying to win him back, but the way she still doesn’t realize how disrespectful she’s being is annoying. Joon hyung called her out for being selfish when we first saw them together and it still applies. She still hasn’t learned to take his wishes into consideration. Usually I end up taking the girl’s side when she asks a guy out and he says no ‘cause I feel bad, but in this case, I just want her to have a wake up call. She can’t drop him like he’s nothing and expect to win him back by just hanging around. And the way she’s trying to sneak info from Bok Joo and potentially use her to get to Joon hyung makes me slightly annoyed. I’m expecting more from her and I’m sure by the end, she’ll become a better person though. This is, after all, a happy-go-lucky kinda show.

Jo Tae-kwon (Joon hyung’s best friend): Bro, you’re the best cheerleader I’ve seen. I loled so hard at that scene hahah.

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Truth is that I’ve heard about this drama since it was aired (and the fact that it was Nam Joo Hyuk, huh. Of course I’ve heard about this). BUT I wasn’t really planning to watch it (at least not so soon). However, people talk about this drama. A LOT. So I got curious. And honestly, watching this drama was one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2016! I watched it on the last day of 2016 - how cool was that (but anyway). 

I thought it was just another (boring) drama with nice actors but this drama is anything BUT boring. I was so hooked (still am, tbh) on the first episode. But my favorite part? When Joon Hyung agreed to see a clinician (I was actually expecting that he wouldn’t.) I thought it was just another drama that will worsen the stigma by refusing to seek professional help BUT NO. At that very moment, when he agreed with his brother that he will do it, I know that I will love it.  And this drama is more than that so allow me list the things I love about it:

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I have a very expressive face. Tbh I never really realized there was anything at all unique about the faces I make in everyday conversation until my drama teacher pointed it out. I used to try and tone it down because people said it made me appear goofy and/or over dramatic, but I think it’s one of my favorite things about myself