favorite thing about the drama tbh

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Review: Episode 5

Tbh, I’m loving this drama more and more with each episode. <3

Bok Joo: First love truly is the sweetest. Her little secret is bound to unravel soon but I think it’s super cute that she’s in that phase where she just wants to be around the guy she likes. It’s kinda ironic that she doesn’t want Jae Yi to think she’s a liar even though she’s flat out lying to him about who she is. Since it’s all kinda innocent, I’ll let that slide lol. My favorite thing is how she can be all cute with Jae Yi and then turned around and scare the shit out of Joon hyung, it’s so funny haha.

Joon hyung: He’s honestly my favorite. We all expected him to be totally taking advantage of Bok Joo in exchange for keeping her secret, but it was still amusing to watch. I thought it was so cute how as soon as their dinner ended, he was immediately got scared of her. I was dying when he made a cross and prayed before following her. Lol. Tbh though, what I love most about his character is that he isn’t the type to fall for games. He sees straight through Shi Ho and it’s kinda refreshing to see. And the way he calls her out isn’t mean either, his words make sense and honestly, we could all learn to follow them. “Learn to stand on your own two feet. Everyone lives their own lives, you can’t expect anyone to solve your problem.”  That’s one of the best quotes I’ve seen.

Bok Joo/Joon hyung: I think the pacing of their friendship and love line is on point. The whole story begins with becoming friends first and I really appreciate the way the writers are doing that instead of rushing them into a relationship. Tbh, I hope they don’t really start falling for each other until episode 9 or 10. The teasing, “chubs”, the way they’re not afraid to touch and be friendly whether it’s pulling at each other or literally fighting. It’s refreshing to see a drama where it doesn’t take 10 episodes for the couple to touch each other in a platonic way (I don’t think I’m explaining this right, but I think you guys get what I mean? Lol.)

Shi Ho: Girl, what’re you doing? I get that she’s trying to win him back, but the way she still doesn’t realize how disrespectful she’s being is annoying. Joon hyung called her out for being selfish when we first saw them together and it still applies. She still hasn’t learned to take his wishes into consideration. Usually I end up taking the girl’s side when she asks a guy out and he says no ‘cause I feel bad, but in this case, I just want her to have a wake up call. She can’t drop him like he’s nothing and expect to win him back by just hanging around. And the way she’s trying to sneak info from Bok Joo and potentially use her to get to Joon hyung makes me slightly annoyed. I’m expecting more from her and I’m sure by the end, she’ll become a better person though. This is, after all, a happy-go-lucky kinda show.

Jo Tae-kwon (Joon hyung’s best friend): Bro, you’re the best cheerleader I’ve seen. I loled so hard at that scene hahah.

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