favorite sweet baby moments

I just watched my Body Is A Cage again, and I can’t stop thinking about the Torres brothers.

The moment where Drew fights Owen and Fitz always gets me, seeing him stand up for his brother after hearing they hurt him, it’s possibly the first time we’ve actually seen Drew do the right thing. For all his flaws at the start of his run on the show, it was really lovely to see what a great big brother he is to Adam.

But besides that, what really gets me is their home dynamic, and how comfortable it is. Looking at them getting ready in the mornings and seeing Adam in just his binder and talking to Drew about their mother using the wrong pronouns, it just kind of reminds me that Adam has been out at home for a while, and that Drew is pretty much used to it now.

This episode always makes me think about (and get emotional over) the journey they would have gone on to get to this point, about how emotional it would’ve been for Adam to come out and how much he would’ve relied on Drew at the start when his parents were having trouble adjusting. I just always imagine Adam and Drew getting closer and Drew becoming more protective over Adam’s secret, and I really wish we’d seen that on the show.

I’m probably biased because I really love Drew and I’ve always loved Adam, but I would have loved to see more backstory around Adam’s self discovery and coming out, and Drew supporting him like the amazing big brother I know he is.

Blair: Just seeking refuge with the perfect anti-Valentine’s Day movie. Rosemary’s Baby.

Dan: What part are you at? I’ll watch it with you. Forgive me if I’ve memorized some of Ruth Gordon’s dialogue. Okay, all of it.

Blair: It just started.

-Favorite Scene 4x15 Part 7: It-Girl Happened One Night


Sweet Baby: Favorite Olivia Pope & Fitzgerald Grant Moments

Memorable Quote: Livi, it’s good to see you.

Thoughts: Not known to the audience at the time, this is the first time Fitz has seen Olivia since she stepped down from her White House Communications Director position to launch her self-titled crisis management firm.

Do you see the look of joy on Fitz’s face when he sees her?

Don’t you feel it when Fitz landed down his love declaration in the White House for Olivia?

But I digress!

Shonda Rhimes sets up to love a couple that have just about everything working against them.

Olivia and Fitz is the impossible love affair that you can’t help but either be a fan of or you simply see as something that cannot work. He’s a married POTUS/Leader of the Free World for one thing is mountain that will constantly brings them both together and apart.

He is hopelessly in love with Olivia.

Gladiators for season 2: Jealous Fitz? Happy Olivia? Olivia on the rebound? Angry Fitz? Cold Fitz? Miserable Fitz? Olivia coming back? White House reunion? What do you want to see happen between these two in season 2?


Amethyst & Garnet in Tiger Millionare


Sweet Baby: Favorite Olivia Pope & Mellie Grant Moments

Memorable Quote: Are you seeing anyone?

Thoughts: The first thing that Mellie asks Olivia was whether or not she’s seeing anyone.

Innocent matchmaker that Mellie Grant is, right?


This is Mellie at her best. Unbeknownst to the audience then, Mrs. Grant KNOWS about Olivia and Fitz. This innocent statement from Mellie was a tip off that bought us to that steamy Olivia and Fitz White House kiss.

Cock-blocking at its best!

But I digress!

It also definitely plays off that future “I’m taking my husband back” line!

Mellie Grant is about her endgame!

Together these two will do ANYTHING for Fitz just as they will apart. Love them!

Will season 2 illustrate that point furthermore?! Are you looking forward to more Olivia and Mellie in season 2?