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1.5 Followers Gift - 4 recolored hairs

Once again I just want to say thank you! So, as a gift, I decided to recolor some of my favorite hairs :3.

  • 16 swatches in my kinda “modified” @pastry-box‘s saccharine palette
  • Standalone // Custom Thumbnail
  • You’ll need the meshes: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4
  • don’t steal and all that stuff and tag or @me if you use it
  • Credits: @lehgaming, @simduction and @megansimmer12

Download - Simfileshare


ChocolateMuffinTop’s Elixer Hair Recolored by SugarellaSims

Here is one of my favorite hairs by one of my favorite creators recolored in one of my favorite palettes!  

   ✿ 55 New Swatches (Thank you to @wildlyminiaturesandwich for the actions!)

   ✿ You need the mesh by @chocolatemuffintop for it to work, grab it here!

   ✿ Made with Sims4Studio

   ✿ This is my first published recolor so please let me know if you have any issues! 

SFS Download 

1. Before/after picture of your to-do list
2. Your pencil case & its content
3. Books you’re reading
4. Study space
5. Swatch of favorite writing utensils
6. Backpack & its content
7. Bujo/Planner/To-do Lists spread for 1st week of July
8. Handwrite your favorite quote
9. Notes/writing/doodles
10. Whatever you want
11. Campus/Library/School photo
12. Organization Day! Before/After of something you organized
13. Objects used to help you focus
14. Bujo/Planner/To-do Lists spread for 2nd week of July
15. Background/Set-up of electronics used for studying
16. Whatever you want
17. Favorite clothes for long study session
18. Inspiring Words (Framed, Chalkboard, Dry Erase, Written)
19. Your organization system for anything
20. Any kind of notes
21.  Bujo/Planner/To-do Lists spread for 3rd week of July
22. Favorite study spot
23. Study buddy/furry friends
24. Whatever you want
25. Back to school wishlist
26. Favorite study snack
27. Downtime activity
28.  Bujo/Planner/To-do Lists spread for 4th week of July
29. Calluses/Lead or ink covered hands/Any mess from studying
30. Whatever you want
31. Back to school supplies/prep

Here is my photo challenge for July.

I am tracking #copperscholar & #julyspc, so tag me so I can see your photos!

Enjoy and have fun with it!



ColourPop Cosmetics Tie Dye Eyeshadows will be AVAILABLE TOMORROW at 10am/PST 1pm/EST!

These will only be back for a limited time in limited quantities!!



So this color has a special place in my heart… when i was super little and my momma would take me to the salon with her,  I would beg to get my nails painted…and this would be the ONLY color i would ever get! (it was by a different brand actually, but pretty damn close.) I was SO FREAKING OBSESSED with this color because as you can see… IT IS AMAZING! I’m re-living the child hood dreams right now!

This super bright magenta shows highlights in light purple, hot pink and sometimes a little bluish tint and has teeny teeny tiny glitters in it! Takes 2-3 coats for full coverage! 

Stay tuned for the four designs featuring this polish! Be sure to check out the CHALLENGES —> P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches!

Luke spoiling you and taking you to the mall and you would get a makeup palette you’ve been dying for and when you get home you would sit Luke down and swatch the shadows onto his arm and you would explain how that one shadow would look so good with another shadow and his arm would be full of colors and you would claim one shadow was your favorite but when you swatch the next shadow you’d be like “WAIT NO THIS IS THE ONE” and Luke would laugh lightly and he would be so happy for his baby that doesn’t care about his arm full of colorful shadows and ;-( I want a Luke


Diorsnow Dream Skin Collection (Asia- and Nordstrom-exclusive): My Picks and Swatches!

Like most premium houses, “blanc” or “whitening” ranges usually consist mainly of skincare and base products. This year however, Dior has departed from that norm by offering a small capsule collection of limited edition makeup including:

  • 1 x 5 Couleur palette: 874 Tenderness
  • 1 x Fresh Cheeks Glowing Colour Powder Blush: 001
  • 2 x Nail Varnishes: a bright glittery pink, and a soft glittery peach
  • 1 x Addict Pure Gloss: a very translucent nude pink
  • 1 x Lip Maximizer shot through with peach and pink sparkles

My personal picks out of all these are the 5 Couleur Palette 874 Tenderness, as well as the Fresh Cheeks Glowing Colour Powder Blush, which I am completely in love with.

I’d say the real star is the blush. Check out the eye palette mainly if you really love this group of colors, and don’t have anything similar. The blush on the other hand, contains 12g of product (versus the typical 4-5.5g in most premium blush ranges), comes in a gorgeous pearlescent white compact, housed in a grey sleeve, with a separate compartment for a pink bristled brush.

The gloss and Lip Maximizer I decided to pass as the colors hardly show up at all, and I’ve already got regular Lip Maximizer. As for the nail polishes, I was tempted but then again, they weren’t extremely outstanding to me. 

The cons?

  • Availability: Like many exclusive collections, I don’t know at this point if this will be available in most countries other than Asia and the US as a Nordstrom Anniversary release.
  • Price: Needless to say, Dior isn’t cheap.
  • Suitability for darker skins: As a spin-off collection based on the Diorsnow whitening range, it’s not surprising that the colors on offer are better suited to lighter skins, especially since Asia is the primary market. If you have medium to dark skin, you will probably find these colors not strong enough to stand out properly on you.

That said, these are REALLY really gorgeous, and I personally find the blush backup-worthy if you like illuminating blushes and soft sakura pinks in general.

Lipstick swatches! From left to right (bottom picture): diva, rebel, flat out fabulous, ruby woo, lady danger, so chaud, relentlessly red, viva glam nicki, Vegas volt, runway hit, snob, cream cup, velvet teddy, blankety, etcetera, vino, in anticipation, what a blast!, rebel. (Missing candy yum yum bcus I let my sister borrow it and ruby woo is not swatched on my arm! I’m also a NC42) Which one is your favorite? (;