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(L to R) Travis Reynolds, Will Iermini, Darshan Gooch. Three of my favorite surfers and humans.

2015 WSL World Tour

#28 | Jordy Smith

Another victim of an injury…If you have been following me for a while you know Jordy’s my all time favorite surfer and I was super sad when he got injured after Brazil and wasn’t able to surf for the rest of the season. He tried surfing at his home country event, the J-Bay pro but he got a last place result.

His recovery has been great and he ended the season being able to surf at the Pipe Maters, ending up in 13th. He’s going to be back stronger than ever and stated he’s going all in for the World Title this year. I can’t wait for the race to begin!

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Leila Hurst Does Chicago: Our favorite surfer girl leaves the beach behind (just for a weekend) and hits up the Pitchfork Music Festival.

My trip started by barely making it—we flew through a thunder and lightening storm that was super scary! But then I woke up to a huge music festival. Just for the record I know nothing about music festivals, I’m like a lost puppy. The people, the styles, the personalities, the food, everything! Its all so crazy to me! But I stomped my Sk8-His in the the mud, made an outfit out of a trash bag, and discovered tons of new bands to love. I think I did alright. To be continued…—xo, Leila

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Sunset Twilight by karimiliya 8 Minutes from my home on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii, is beach with an abundance of Hawaiian green sea turtles that are very comfortable with people and surfers. My favorite time to photograph turtles is in the late afternoon just before sunset. There is a “golden hour” underwater that is even more unique than on land, and lasts only a few minutes. It is essentially sunset and twilight at the same time. Just as the sun is about to set, it becomes twilight underwater, yet there is a patch of golden light the glows at the top. The window of time often lasts no more than 3 minutes. One afternoon during this lighting. I came across a young Hawaiian green sea turtle. I stayed back, hoping it would come up to the surface so that I could capture an image with the sun still present. Sure enough, it popped up to the surface and I captured an image as it’s releasing a breath of air. If you look closely, you an see the bubble of air coming from it’s mouth. The turtle descended and the sun set.

2014 ASP World Tour

#7 - Jordy Smith

Those of you who have been following be for a while, you know Jordy is my absolute favorite surfer. Last year he finished number 4 in the world and this year he finished a bit worse. Although I think he had a great year. That heat at Bells against Julian Wilson was joke and we all know it. The was was 10 and I’m pretty sure ASP failed in not giving him the score. Putting that behind, he displayed some of the sickest surfing of the year at Lowers and took the win over John John. His backhand barrel riding is probably his weakest point but I’m sure he’s working on that.

Go get that title next year, Jords.

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