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ocean themed asks
  • sea foam: favorite memory?
  • salt water: sweet or savory?
  • sea spray: favorite beverages?
  • waves: dreams for the future?
  • seagulls: tell a story about your pet.
  • coral: something you're looking forward to?
  • sun reflections: something that made you smile today?
  • sea cliffs: something you regret?
  • sand: someone you look up to?
  • palm trees: music taste?
  • surfers: favorite sport?
  • anchor: something that keeps me grounded?
  • bubbles: what breathes life into you?
  • sand dunes: biggest obstacle you've overcome?
  • tidepools: talk about the little things in life.
  • seashore: tell a secret.

2015 WSL World Tour

#28 | Jordy Smith

Another victim of an injury…If you have been following me for a while you know Jordy’s my all time favorite surfer and I was super sad when he got injured after Brazil and wasn’t able to surf for the rest of the season. He tried surfing at his home country event, the J-Bay pro but he got a last place result.

His recovery has been great and he ended the season being able to surf at the Pipe Maters, ending up in 13th. He’s going to be back stronger than ever and stated he’s going all in for the World Title this year. I can’t wait for the race to begin!

Ph: Red Bull

Cold Coffee

Relatives always seem to show up when they’re not invited, and always at the most inopportune times. You have her on the counter when it happens. She is on the edge; of the counter and most likely her sanity. Her hands are in your hair and yours are well… busy. You remember that you hadn’t planned on this happening this morning. You had smelled coffee; that’s what woke you, but the empty sheets next to you are what got you to your feet. The only thing on your mind was a hot cup of coffee and a good morning kiss. But Alex has always been gifted with the ability to take you by surprise. Kissing led to touching, which turned into roaming, which developed into your current activity. Your mouth at her neck and your hand buried between her legs. She lets out a sound somewhere between a gasp and a moan and that’s when you hear a knock at the door.

“Alex! Your lovely sisters are here!” you hear Jen call.

 “We brought booze.” Jeri joins in.

“And your father.” And just like that you go from pure bliss to utter fear. You see Alex’s eyes go wide and assume yours are too.

“Shit!” Alex lets out and you cannot think of a more appropriate word for the situation. You remove yourself from her and run for the bedroom because you can’t think of anything better to do.

“Tobin!” Alex hisses behind you but she’s too busy hiding clothes in random cabinets and drawers to catch you. You turn on the shower, hoping to give the impression that you weren’t just doing the nasty to the daughter of a man who is walking through the front door.

“I thought you weren’t coming till later.” Alex says and her voice is shaking, you hope that the visitors take it as sleepiness.

“We caught an early flight and thought we’d surprise you. It is your birthday after all.” Jen says.

 “My birthday is not for another 2 days.” Alex points out and you hear the clatter of chairs and know that they are now sitting. You take that are your cue to make your presence known. You change clothes and wet your hair then step into the kitchen trying to look as calm as you want them to believe.

“Well there’s our favorite tanned surfer.” Jen says as you catch her attention.

 “Good morning. Anyone want some coffee?” you offer trying to avoid looking at Alex or her father because you know as soon as you do all the blood will drain from your face.

 “I’d love some.” Jeri says smiling. You nod and get to work on the task. The Morgan’s talk animatedly and you take a chance to look at Alex. She’s the only one facing you, sipping on her once hot coffee. There’s a blush fading at the bottom of her neck and you smile into your shoulder because you know why. You open the drawer for the spoons and find Alex’s discarded pink panties instead. You pick them up and look up to find Alex’s eyes burning a hole in you. No one else is looking so you show your bolder side, lifting up the small article of clothing and spinning it around on your finger, smiling. You can tell she wants to be mad at you but her mouth turns into a sexy smirk as she bites her lip.

“I’ll keep these for later.” You mouth stuffing them into your pocket. She blushes deeply and stares at her cold cup, smiling.


Leila Hurst Does Chicago: Our favorite surfer girl leaves the beach behind (just for a weekend) and hits up the Pitchfork Music Festival.

My trip started by barely making it—we flew through a thunder and lightening storm that was super scary! But then I woke up to a huge music festival. Just for the record I know nothing about music festivals, I’m like a lost puppy. The people, the styles, the personalities, the food, everything! Its all so crazy to me! But I stomped my Sk8-His in the the mud, made an outfit out of a trash bag, and discovered tons of new bands to love. I think I did alright. To be continued…—xo, Leila

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