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2015 WSL World Tour

#28 | Jordy Smith

Another victim of an injury…If you have been following me for a while you know Jordy’s my all time favorite surfer and I was super sad when he got injured after Brazil and wasn’t able to surf for the rest of the season. He tried surfing at his home country event, the J-Bay pro but he got a last place result.

His recovery has been great and he ended the season being able to surf at the Pipe Maters, ending up in 13th. He’s going to be back stronger than ever and stated he’s going all in for the World Title this year. I can’t wait for the race to begin!

Ph: Red Bull


Leila Hurst Does Chicago: Our favorite surfer girl leaves the beach behind (just for a weekend) and hits up the Pitchfork Music Festival.

My trip started by barely making it—we flew through a thunder and lightening storm that was super scary! But then I woke up to a huge music festival. Just for the record I know nothing about music festivals, I’m like a lost puppy. The people, the styles, the personalities, the food, everything! Its all so crazy to me! But I stomped my Sk8-His in the the mud, made an outfit out of a trash bag, and discovered tons of new bands to love. I think I did alright. To be continued…—xo, Leila

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Incredibly proud of what this guy (and Vasco Ribeiro) did today. Fred Morais became the first portuguese surfer to advance through round 3 at Supertubos, defeating number 1 in the world, and his favorite surfer, Mick Fanning. He had done damage 2 years ago when he took out Mr. Kelly Slater in round 2 and here he is again putting the exclamation point on what Portugal has to offer.

It is great to see that hard work pays of and your dreams can come true. Hope to see our flag flying in the podium. 

Photos by Alan Van Gysen