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Ext. Summer Day. The Kent Farm. 

Lana comes over, looking for Clark, and wanders into the backyard where she’s greeted by the sight of Lex watering the plants in Martha Kent’s garden, wearing denim cut off shorts and holding the water hose in one hand and a glass of scotch in the other. 

the two exchange a long, silent look. Lana looks uncomfortable and vaguely pissed off. Lex looks inordinately smug. 

Lex: Can I help you? 

Lana: …… I didn’t know you owned anything denim.

Lex: *smugly* These are Clark’s. 

Lana: you and Clark are the same pant size…?

Lex: These are Clark’s from when he was in 6th grade. 

Okay, but just imagine Steve Trevor and Lois Lane as former army brat buddies 

Like, they met on a base in their teens and maybe Trevor dated her younger sister for like a few months back in the day and Lois just spent the entire time rolling her eyes at him like this guy is such a tool

And then 15 years later they still meet up occasionally and Steve always has a few shots too many and starts gushing about Diana and how beautiful and strong and capable she is, and oh my God he just wants to marry her on a mountaintop so bad, Lois, you don’t understand

And Lois just straight up laughs in his face until he starts grilling her about Big Blue, and also whatever happened to that Kansas colleague of yours you never shut up about, huh Lane? *eyebrow waggle*

And then maybe one Halloween Clark and Diana get caught up in league duties and so Lois and Steve ending up spending it together and gong to parties dressed up as each other’s significant others and constantly high-fiving 


how could you not be down for this?

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One thing that amazes me is the rightwingers like Miller and Snyder cast Superman as an authoritarian while leftwingers like Alan Moore liked (or used to like) Supes very much. Any thoughts on that? * Second question: I gather you are a Superman fan or at least like some versions of him. Which are your favorites, comics/cartoons etc?

Superman, like all superheroes, is a politically complex figure, but at its core: he was brought into being by Jewish creators seeking both to riff on the stories and characters of their faith and present an ideal of white Christian America (as represented by the Kents) opening its arms to immigrants. The idea being that this seemingly All-American red-blooded strong-chinned hunk o’ manflesh is, in fact, a refugee. And he only became the enduring symbol of the best in America because he was taken in and treated right by decent people who wanted him to be happy. What Superman demonstrates is that immersion and assimilation only work if we approach immigrants (especially refugees) with empathy and love. If we persist in thinking of them as “other,” we fail them, ourselves, and the entire country. Superman is an American icon despite not being born here, in part because he wasn’t born here. Presenting him as a right-wing authoritarian ignores his day job as a crusading journalist, the fact that his nemesis (Lex Luthor) is an exploitative businessman, and above all, the values that his adoptive parents instilled in him. To borrow from ASOIAF: I charge you to be brave, I charge you to be just, I charge you to defend the young and innocent…

And yes, I love Clark Kent a great deal. I could talk about All Star Superman and Superman: The Animated Series all night, but my single favorite Supes moment comes in (believe it or not) Quest for Peace. That movie generally earns its reputation as being bad-Bond-movie-level silly, but it contains an absolutely perfect encapsulation of why I adore the man. Superman prevents a subway accident; we see the powers that separates him from humanity at work. But unlike DCEU Superman, he does not spend his days brooding about this with a constipated expression. Instead, he brushes himself off, turns that megawatt gaze on the stunned and worshipful public, and is Clark Kent: “I’d like all the people back there to know that our subway system is still the safest and most reliable means of public transportation. Thank you.” *flies off*

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Because what makes you who you are is not your abilities, but your choices. That’s Superman in a nutshell to me. 

My Superman

Superman is my favorite superhero since I was a little girl. I grew up watching Christopher Reeve’s movies as the Man of Steel. He was my first Supes, the one who made me fall in love with this character. And it’s been like this for more than 30 years.

Like I said I was just a little girl when I was introduced to him and from that moment on he became part of my life. Every single person who knows me is well aware of how Superman is important to me. For example, the duo Clark Kent and Lois Lane made me fall in love with journalism, so when I left my small town in the Central-West region of Brazil, as an young adult, I was following my dream, to become a journalist just like Lois and Clark. And I did.

But the purpose of this article isn’t to talk about me, the introduction was just to show the importance of this character in my life. What I really want to do here is to talk about Superman. So let’s start by quoting this: “People are afraid of what they don’t understand.”

In this sequence from “Man of Steel" (which I love it), we see Jonathan Kent expressing his deepest fear, the way the world will reject his son. And that’s exactly what we were able to witness in “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” (which I also loved it).

The world was not ready. Jonathan was right. They rejected him out of fear. And although a huge part of this planet saw Superman as a god or a savior, a bigger part of it felt like he was a threat, an enemy.  And that’s why Clark felt so devastated sometimes, seeking for words of wisdom and help from his mother Martha Kent or his girlfriend and partner Lois Lane. He was lost just like any of us feel sometimes in our lives. This is a human emotion, not an alien one. And his reaction of seeking for guidance in Lois and Martha is something we should love about him. Not to see as a weakness.

These two women are responsible for making him feel human, they are what ground him, they are his hope, his strength, and they make him feel like he belongs even when the whole world is rejecting him. Because of Martha and Lois, Clark is able to keep his faith in humanity even when humans themselves don’t trust him.

And that’s what I love about Superman, his ability to believe that people can be trusted, can be good, not matter what. Even in BvS, where we can see him struggling with the burden of being a hero, or to be seen as a god and not just a good guy trying to do the right thing, he does not stop believing that people are good. He’s taking a leap of faith with mankind every single time. And that’s so beautiful and pure.

There are some other things I would like to mention. In MoS we witnessed Clark finding out about who he was, learning about his biological parents, his planet, his own people. He discovered a lot about himself. In BvS we witnessed Clark helping the world he has chosen as his, the world that gave him a family in Jonathan and Martha Kent and the love of his life in Lois Lane. 

And by the end of the movie, when he sacrifices himself to save this planet, he’s making a choice based on what’s in his heart, his love for Lois (his world), for Martha, for Jonathan’s memory, for mankind, because that’s who Clark is. Someone who’s always going to put the people he loves and cares about first. And he loves his woman, his family and humanity with all his heart.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say that I understand and respect some of Superman fans that didn’t enjoy this new version of our beloved Man of Steel, and for that reason I’d like to ask for some respect and understanding in return. I have never followed Supes from the Comic Books, and this does not make me any less of a Superman fan.

I was introduced to this superhero with Chris Reeve’s iconic version of the character. He is my favorite, my first Supes, he will always be. But I also had fun with Dean Cain’s Superman, I dedicated 10 years of my life to Tom Welling’s portrayal of Clark Kent on Smallville, a TV show that I deeply love and miss every single day.  And I also cared about Brandon Routh’s version of my favorite superhero.

But it was with Henry Cavill’s version of this role that I fell in love even more with Superman. Henry is my second favorite Supes of all time. He’s just genuine in his love for the character and probably that’s why I adore him so much for the role. He understands the part he’s playing so deeply and I do love that, I think is beautiful.

Anyway, what I am trying to say after all these words and thoughts (and I wrote a lot, sorry) is that it doesn’t matter who is your favorite actor for the role, or your favorite version for the superhero, or if you are a comic book fan, or just discovered Superman because of the movies or the TV series, the most important thing is that you understand what Superman means, which is to inspire people to do the right thing, to do good, to be the best version of themselves.