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Controlled {Kim Namjoon}

Prompt: 28 w/ Namjoon || Requests Open || Smut Game

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Word Count: 760

Warning: quickie

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Okay but...

Bangtan (minus Taehyung) are this really popular idol boy group that hold a raffle every year where one lucky ARMY can win a chance to go on a date with the member of their choice. It was started by their company during their debut time as a way to gain them more fans and it’s actually worked. 

Taehyung and his best friend Kyungsoo (because im trash lolz) have been hardcore ARMY since debut time. Kyungsoo’s bias is Namjoon while Taehyung is self named Yoongi’s number one fanboy. They always hear about the raffle but never really enter it since it just feels weird to them for boys to enter and Taehyung is just happy to cry over his precious Suga hyung from afar. 

This year though to join the raffle all you have to do is buy the new album and submit your name to this website.  Of course Taehyung buys both versions because he collects all of the albums and as a joke Kyungsoo decides to enter Taehyung’s name into the raffle.  

He doesn’t think Taehyung will actually win but on the day of the raffle announcement Taehyung’s name is posted on the official website along with instructions to head over to the BigHit building to set up his date with his bias. 

He literally screams and cries because holy fuck HE just won a date with a member of his favorite boy group. He’s just constantly jumping and screaming and HOLY SHIT HE IS THE WINNER!!

On the day he’s supposed to show up to the building all the members are put into a room and of course they are all dressed up and joking about who the winner is going to pick. Also what the winner will look like. Namjoon hopes it’s a cute girl with a pretty smile while Jungkook hopes it’s a sexy noona that is smooth talking.  Yoongi is in sweats and a hoodie and gives 0 fucks because every year the fan literally is a screaming blushing mess that picks one of the maknae line and never look to anyone else. He literally just wants the winner to show up so they can pick and he can go to bed or work on his music. 

Their manager finally comes in and SURPRISE Taehyung is standing with him looking very really pretty with his lilac hair in a beanie and in his favorite ripped sweater and striped pants that are loose at the bottom. He’s holding his album, to get it signed later of course, and is smiling his precious boxed smile. 

“Boys, this is this years winner. Kim Taehyung.” 

Of course the boys are shocked but also they are LIT because they’ve never had a fanboy win and this is their chance to prove they are the biggest idol with fanboys. They all throw compliments and sweet words that make Taehyung smile but he only has eyes for the rapper he’s cried over a hundred times. 

“So Taehyung, do you pick cute baby mochi Jimin? Or maybe muscle pig handsome Jungkook?” 

Taehyung blushes. 

“A-Actually i wanted to pick Yoon- ah Suga hyung if i can.”


AW14 London Collections: MEN Day 1

With London Collections: MEN beginning today, it kicks off weeks of worldwide shows and presentations dedicated to the dapper and adventurous world of men’s fashion. Whether you’re an admirer of strictly tailored suits, or an uber fashion-forward street style connoisseur, the designers participating in this season’s London Collections: MEN have something for you. We recap the show’s first day, picking out everything from hip-hop-inspired couture to a rainy (as in actual shower) runway.

Lou Dalton

Cream colors and military boots fill LCM’s first designer collection to show this season. Lou Dalton incorporates soft textures in her pieces that are especially noticeable on the eye-catchy snoods and knit sweaters.

Favorite pieces: cream snood and nautical hat.

John Smedley

Bright colors are everywhere in John Smedley’s work, with red and blue as seemingly major colors for the collection. Besides the bright hues, the geometric prints on the designer’s sweaters make the pieces perfect for layering with traditional monochromatic coats and jackets. 

Favorite piece: striped roll neck sweater.

Astrid Andersen

You’ll see sports and hip-hop inspiration while watching Astrid Andersen’s collection on the runway; the pieces are flashy. Active couture: you can play football or street basketball and be the dressiest guy in the team.

Favorite pieces: black sweater with gold print and blue jersey.

Orlebar Brown

Orlebar Brown bridges “beach vacation” with “cool city work day” for his collection. The pieces are a handsome mix of understated dapper and flamboyant swimwear. 

Favorite pieces: khaki bomber and tropical print swim shorts.

Topman Design

Toggle and double-breasted coats were dominant in Topman Designs collection, and with a statement that makes it clear black is never out of style. One look, and you’ll know the pieces are obviously designed to look good AND be absolutely wearable for rainy days. Just jump to 1:49 of the video below to see rain pour on the runway as the models do their final walk!

Favorite pieces: glossy double-breasted patent jacket and oversized coat.

Hardy Amies

Classic menswear. Hardy Amies presents a collection tailored to a T. A number of the pieces have elegant collars, perfect for guys who like to pop collars for that added swagger. The collection showcases magnificent coats, and beautiful weekender bags that can hold anything and everything for your every day.

Favorite pieces: brown weekender and blue plaid suit.

Matthew Miller

Matthew Miller’s designs share athletic looks, and are pieces you’d definitely feel comfortable running in (if a surprise occasion ever calls for it). The designer managed to sneak in some women’s pieces on the runway for this season’s collection as well.

Favorite piece: green moto jacket.

Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders plays with lines and stripes in his AW14 collection. The pieces make for cheerful casual looks when combined, or are guaranteed statement pieces when worn separately from the rest of the collection. All are great pieces for layering.

Favorite pieces: striped scarf and white contrast-detail coat.

We’re just starting to ramp up our coverage of men’s fashion weeks around the globe. Stay tuned for more posts on this season’s London Collection! Find more menswear pieces, including some from the designers who presented this first day of LCM, on Wantering.

Collection photos and video credit: London Collections: MEN