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Stars - Brendon Urie



A precious ChikaRiko moment from this week’s episode!!! <3

First Reactions To Reputation
  1. …Ready For It?: fuck yeah BABY LET THE GAMES BEGIN. I I I SEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Bop. Forever. This is never getting old. MY DREEEEEEEEEEEAMS, im scared it ended
  2. End Game: YOUR A TEAM. okay im moving my hips, feeelin it. nodding my head. OH MY GOD ED AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH REPUTATION PROCEDES ME. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ITS UNREAL. oh my god his verse is fire. oh okay taylor yes.  dramma loves me. OKAY YES GIRL YES. here’s the truth from my red lips. 
  3. I Did Something Bad: oh. this is gonna be good. for every lie i tell them they tell me 3- IF A MAN TALKS SHIT THEN I OWE HIM NOTHING. YES BITCH YES!. OH MY GOD. NEXT LEVEL. MOST FUN I EVER HAD. YES GIRL YES. TARAARA ok thats a lil weird. you gotta leave before you get left this is blank space 9.0 holy shit. THEY ARE BURNING ALL THE WITCHES EVEN IF YOU ARENT ONE. SO LIGHT ME UP OMFG. This is club material. 
  4. Dont Blame Me: oh wow. intriguing. They say she’s gone too far this time.  I once was poison ivy, but now I’m your daisy!!!!!!!!!!!! this reminds me of a darker take me to church. oh THOSE CHORUSES AAAAAAAAAAAAH THAT HIGH NOTE JUST KILLED ME. She is all in ahhh take it away YES YES YES THOSE VOCALS. JOSEPH WAS RIGHT TRACK 4 IS REAL SOMETHING
  5. Delicate: Pure. magic. those verses im in heaven.   Do the girls back home touch you like I do
  6. Look What You Made Me Do: crime scene starts. murder is about to happen. killer pre choruses. WHAT?! THE WORLD MOVES ON ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER DRAMA DRAMA. understanding why it was picked as a single. it stands on its own.
  7. So It Goes… YOU DID A NUMBER ON ME IM YELLING. 1 2 3  Scratches down your back now. i need to go to clear my soul for impure thoughts
  8. Gorgeous: * dancing internally *
  9. Getaway Car: okay faVORITE SONG ALERT. YES YES YES. KILLER EMOTIONAL BRIDGE. IM IN LOVE. ITS THE CHOSEN ONE. and toping it with an amazing outro. yes.
  10. King Of My Heart: whats with the alien voice. sucker for quick wordy lyrics. and also, aw.
  11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied: And darling, you had turned my bed into a sacred oasis.  I’m a mess, but I’m the mess that you wanted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  need to hear this acoustic
  12. Dress: loving, loving, loving this. But cleary not as much as taylor loved it .  Even in my worst light, you saw the truth in me, And I woke up just in time, Now I wake up by your side, My one and only, my lifeline SEX AND LOVE
  13. This Is Why We Cant Have Nice Things: OKAY YES. nice. things. ho. ney. HAHAHAHA OHMY GOD 
    HAHAHA I can’t even say it with a straight face. THIS IS GOING A LONG WAY. Its my new HAIRBRUSH SONG.
  14. Call It What You Want: oh my god im crying already. this is my favorite song. seriously its still #1 . im doing better than i ever was he built a fire just to keep me warm they fade to nothing when i look at him at least i did one thing right. seriously amazing beautiful brilliant ♥ ♥ ♥ CHAIN ROUND MY NECK, WOULD YOU RUN AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, IM THE ONE HE’S WALKING TOOOOOOOOOOOO, WHOOOOOOOOWO. HUHU HUHUUUU.
  15. New Year’s Day: Its piano. its amazing. its what love sounds like. what happiness sounds like. the most beautiful way to end this album. unique. epic. acoustic guitar im crying no synth THOSE HARMONIES, THOSE VOCALS. THOSE LYRICS. and if that wasnt winning everything, a beautiful wrecking bridge. SHE STAYS. HE STAYS. HOLD ON TO THE MEMORIES. IM AN EMOTIONAL WRECK. why arent more piano songs on this album- BEAUTIFUL, BEST SONG YOU HAVE RELEASED.
nothing good comes from being gone
nothing good comes from being gone

did you escape? from the feelings that you wanted to replace, with anything you thought could fill the space. i hope you found the quietness you want, because nothing good comes from being gone. so keep your eyes on anything, as long as it makes you happy. do you feel like a big girl? do you feel like a big girl now? now that you’re out in the big world and i still can’t leave the house. because the starting line is atop a mountain that i can’t climb with these broken arms. i liked you, but more than anything i wanted to be like you. with the strength inside to make it to the top, because nothing good comes from being gone. i’m willing to admit it’s all my fault. i will trade all of my pride for what i’ve lost. i don’t want to lose this battle with my thoughts. nothing good comes from being gone.

my fucking 54 year old white dad was in the car with me and he goes here im gonna put on my favorite song and he 100% seriously plays that skrillex/diplo/bieber song “where r ü now” and i SCREAMED


fall out boy // my songs know what you did in the dark