favorite son now


very lazy portraits of some of my favorite companions so far


David saying “Hello” and “Night-Night” on CBeebies Bedtime Stories

seeing all this love for lars come up after the most recent stevenbomb is making my heart go :D


Vincent Phantomhive and Aleister Chamber… familial connection?

Going along with these comparisons here and here, this is another set of coincidental(?) likenesses between Druitt and Vincent. And like last time, here’s Druitt with a mole and recolored short hair:

And here’s Vincent with lighter hair:

Reminder: Undertaker has a locket for Claudia P. and one for Emile C.

Crack theory of the day: Vincent and Aleister are half-brothers. Aleister is a confirmed narcissist. So why does Viscount Druitt think Ciel is beautiful? Because he sees himself in Ciel.

And if we want to say Vincent was part shinigami… so was Aleister. In fact, Druitt probably inherited more shinigami powers- he’s still alive and kicking, meanwhile Vincent is dead

kuroshitsujis-things into–the–abyss Do you guys buy this one?

“Okay but can we talk about how good Theo (daddy 😏😍) looks right here ?? I screen capped it from s trailer for his new movie Lowriders and I’m obsessed with the hair+mustache+tats 💕💕💕”

DONT GET ME STARTED 😫😫😫😍 I saw the new trailer today on his Instagram and I’ve had enough. I need it to be out. Now. Him with the facial hair and hair gets me, it was my favorite look on Sons. But now the new and improved hair, mustache AND even more tattoos? Bury me.
please consider country boy hinata...
  • Growing up in a big empty house in a small village, spending his entire life playing outside. 
  • Going to the river in the summer, stripping right down to his underwear and flinging himself off the top of the waterfall, free-falling twenty something feet. 
  • Holding Natsu’s hand as they climb the hill to their grandmother’s house. Helping her garden with big floppy hats on and oversized-gloves and dirt smears on their cheeks.
  • Taking vegetables to the neighbors and getting fruit and snacks in return, sitting on the side of the road and exchanging candy. Storing them in his pockets to give to his little sister later.
  • Hinata and Natsu riding the train by themselves for the first time, Hinata trying to be a brave older brother, Natsu falling asleep against him as he holds onto his bag with a tight fist so he doesn’t lose it. 
  • Hinata during matsuri, learning how to do the bon odori, finally allowed to stay up all night, stuffing his face with sweets and wearing handmade masks. 
  • Hinata exploring the forest by himself all day, with a bug catcher slung over his shoulder. Poking and prodding under logs and behind trees. Capturing butterflies and insects in glass mason jars, carrying them home to show his mother. Releasing them at the end of the day.
  • Bringing home stray animals he finds all the time. 
  • Hinata napping on his mother’s lap, drained by the sun and the heat in summer. Hinata lounging about on tatami floors, humming into the small electric fan to make his voice sound weird. 
  • Digging for clams on the beach. Playing in tidepools and trying to find seasnails and cool shells.  
  • Restless nights when he’s covered in itchy bug bites and can’t sleep. 
  • Making terubozu dolls during the rainy season and hanging them around the house. Playing in the rain anyway, drenched to the skin in old shirts, coming home to his mom scolding him about getting sick. 
  • Riding a rickety old bike down the narrow path between rice fields every morning, dropping Natsu off at her preschool, hurrying to his own class. Always late, but the teachers are already used to it and they just whack him on his head as he enters the classroom. 
  • Hinata on the school’s unimpressive intramural track team. Not interested in doing it competitively but he likes running and he’s good at it. Too good for that tiny track, looking so strangely happy, brighter than he ever is, always running as if he’s about to take off and fly. 
  • Going to abandoned houses with his friends. Not scared of ghosts at all (but scared of the superstitions his grandma tells him to make him behave, like don’t poke holes in the paper screen doors or the demons come in to get you). 
  • Fishing all day at the river or on the shore, poking little worms on hooks and coming home with a string of fresh caught fish. 
  • Hinata with too much energy, restless until he spends some time by himself, wandering around the forest. Stumbling into fields of moon flowers and fireflies, finding unclaimed lookout points, stargazing and cloudwatching. Drawing maps into his notebooks, places he wants to bring his sister or his friends or his family. Places he wants to keep to himself. 
  • Sometimes places he wants to bring someone, though he doesn’t actually know who he’s got in mind. (He just hasn’t met them yet.)