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Murder, Romance, and Revolution (The Ultimate Steven Universe Theory)

Figured since Wanted came out, and The Trial started fanning the theory fire, my gears got turning and I thought I’d make another theory post. This time about The Big One, the case to end all cases, the grand whodunit, the biggest mystery of the show: what actually happened to Pink Diamond?

But instead of rushing into this throwing around speculation and conjecture from the get-go, I wanted to start by listing what we know, what the show has given us to work with, then deduce a theory from that. So here’s a list of what we know so far:

1) Something happened to Pink Diamond. That much is a given.

2) Everyone thinks Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond. Again, that much is a given.

3) Garnet spoke of Pink Diamond’s shattering as something that “had to happen” in Back to the Moon, and Pearl had a very visceral reaction too. This means that the Crystal Gems probably aren’t completely blameless in whatever happened.

4) Eyeball witnessed what she claims to be Rose Quartz shattering Pink Diamond. Stated in Back to the Moon, reiterated in The Trial. Further questions: Is that accurate? Secondly, are there any other witnesses?

5) Rose Quartz was a soldier, a low-ranking gem. Not part of Pink Diamond’s court. She would have had a hard time getting close enough to kill, and an even harder time getting out again. Confirmed by Zircon during The Trial.

6) Zircon implies that only another Diamond would have the authority to get close enough to shatter Pink. However, this is still conjecture. Blue Diamond is not suspect, unless her thousands of years of mourning were all for show. Yellow Diamond snaps, but outrage is not necessarily guilt. Curiously, the third Diamond (presumed White Diamond) is still absent, and isn’t even named, despite her imagery appearing prominently over the skyline.

7) Pink Diamond had a Pearl, who was seemingly ignored in all previous accounts of Pink Diamond’s murder. Confirmed by Zircon during The Trial. Further questions: Is Pink Pearl our Pearl, or is she another Pearl? If not, where is Pink Pearl now?

8) Eyeball claims to have witnessed Rose Quartz shatter Pink Diamond with a sword, the sword, the one that Steven inherited and gave to Connie. Specifically Rose Quartz, not a fusion. Not the giant sword wielded by the Temple fusion. Specifically Rose, specifically her sword. Stated first in Bubbled and reiterated in The Trial.

9) Rose’s sword is specifically designed not to be able to shatter gems, as stated by Bismuth in her titular episode. That was the reason she created the Breaking Point, which Steven referenced in The Trial. Given this, an attack from Rose’s sword would not have shattered Pink Diamond.

10) The rebellion continued long after Pink Diamond’s apparent shattering. Jasper, despite being created to serve Pink Diamond, emerged after her demise, and fought “from the moment she broke free” because of it. Since Jasper went on to become a war hero, a good portion of the war must have occurred after Pink Diamond’s apparent shattering. Further questions: Is Pink Diamond’s demise what started the rebellion in the first place? Or was it a turning point in an already ongoing war?

Given these facts, we can come up with a series of intriguing conclusions, which lead to a potentially solid account of what may have happened, and my own wild theory as to the deeper story behind it all (below the cut):

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Frendly Rhys-minder::

Rhysand gave his life to repair the cauldron, not expecting to be brought back. He let his magic and life drain away to save the woman he loved and the world she lived in, held on in death because she begged him to stay-

- and even in the midst of all that he still reached out and brought Amren back.