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Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Doing Humor Right

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show that has been praised by both critics and fans as one that is not only hilarious, but progressive as well. It starts out with a squad of detectives who have to adjust to a new Captain named Raymond Holt, who just so happens to be a gay black man. Jake Peralta—the Jewish protagonist whose only unsolvable mystery is how to grow up—butts heads with him almost immediately. The show goes through its classical sitcom scenarios as well as crime shenanigans and often surprising season finales as they find themselves in dangerous situations.

What’s so remarkable and surprising about this is show is how they deal with humor with such a diverse cast. When any of the characters joke about their ethnicity or their sexuality, it isn’t aimed at the white and straight viewers and that makes a huge difference. For example, in one episode Holt talks about how he made a bad impression on his husband’s parents by mistaking two different compositions for each other. When asked by Jake if that’s really all it took for them not to have approved of the two of them, Holt clarifies that “they’re huge homophobes that think I made Kevin gay with my magic genitalia.”

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This, like many lines, are meant to pander to those in the same demographic as the character who spoke it. Often times on TV and in movies, queer and POC characters are played off as jokes that the privileged are supposed to laugh at. “See, they’re not like us, isn’t that so bizarre and funny?” However, Brooklyn Nine-Nine understands that queer and non-white characters also watch television like everyone else. They make a major effort to be inclusive and inoffensive with their humor while still being hilarious. Even those who don’t watch the show probably know the gag with Jake playing a guitar loudly and screaming in an attempt to annoy someone into confessing, or the scene where Jake accidentally calls Holt “dad” and then tells him he sees him as a “bother figure ‘cause you’re always bothering me” rather than a father figure.

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Not only that, the show also turns many tropes on its head and does its best to make characters as fleshed out as possible. None of them even come close to being stereotypes. Jake seems like the typical male protagonist who thinks he’s better than he actually is and belittles his coworkers, then turns out to be a genuinely caring goofball who learns to work as a team and punches a homophobe in the face. Amy Santiago seems uptight and too dedicated to her work to have any fun, yet even while she’s driven she also participates and leads in most of the team hijinks.

It has garnered critical as well as public acclaim and hopefully its success can set an example for future shows and they way they deal with diverse casts. 

It’s not perfect–sometimes the fat jokes can be rather excessive and uncomfortable to sit through. There was a particular scene where Gina calls Amy an “asexual nerd who can only be friends with service animals” that I found rather tasteless. It takes a while at first to find its rhythm, yet upon rewatching the first season I found it picks it up quicker than I remembered. Nothing can be absolutely flawless, yet the cast show they genuinely care about those who watch it and that says a lot. 

Even besides all that, it’s a genuinely fun show and one of my favorite sitcoms. Its happy, light-hearted tone is a blessing and it’s often like visual comfort food. As the premiere of fifth season is about to begin, now is as good as any time to binge it. I fully recommend Brooklyn Nine-Nine regardless of who you are.

If things feel helpless:

  • You are loved. 
  • Reach out to that support system of yours- maybe that means family, maybe it means friends. Call them, talk to them in person, do whatever you can do. You’ll be surprised by how much talking it out can help. 
  • There is no shame in getting help. 
  • Do something for yourself. Maybe it’s little, maybe it’s big. Take a mental health day, workout, go get some coffee or tea. Read your favorite book, watch a sitcom. Clean, take a shower, get work done. Take care of yourself. 
  • Your feelings are valid. 
  • There are always options, even when it feels like this is the be-all and end-all.
  • Things can change. Things will change. It won’t be consistent, there will be ups and downs. Through it all you are strong and beautiful.
  • You are not alone.

I need this sitcom esque fic story so much. Three gnomes and one goliath in a weirdly proportioned house.

The kid gnome comes home sometimes and other times scanlan just teleports the fuck out to visit her in class and freak the kids out who recognise him.

Grog is the best uncle and pike keeps her promise to care for Kaylie as her step mom.

Sybil visits sometimes probably? Its very weird for her in the house but shes fine with it. She learns grog is fine.


GET TO KNOW ME MEME: favourite tv shows [1/5]
↳ Friends (1994 - 2004)

“All right, kids, I gotta get to work. If I don’t input those numbers… it doesn’t make much of a difference.”

first kiss (4/4) 💞

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your first kiss with tom was definitely not planned by any means; you two had been friends for a long time and were out one night celebrating him wrapping up chaos walking. you two had definitely had a few drinks to toast to the celebration (cue the many pics of this boy with champagne) and the bubbly liquid was definitely bringing out a more confident and giggly state in both of you. tom had looked at you for a moment before deciding ‘screw it’ and leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. it threw you off for a moment, but the fireworks going off in your chest were enough to recognize over the intoxicated state the rest of your body was in. afterwards, he intertwined your hands and they stayed like that the rest of the night. the next morning, he’d walk into your room, as you were conveniently staying at the montreal house for the time being, and sit on the edge of your bed. “so, i definitely remember what happened last night, and i understand if you don’t feel the same way and-” “why else would i have kissed you back, you dork?”

on the other hand your first kiss with haz was oh so very planned by him. it was no secret to everyone that he was head over heels for you, but boy you were the only one to be oblivious to this, and that’s what made him so nervous. he didn’t want to come straight out and say it if you didn’t reciprocate those feelings, but he also felt like he had to shoot his shot. and the other boys agreed. one evening out on the town, after leaving dinner, the other boys hurried ahead and left you and haz behind. beforehand, tom had given him multiple pep talks and encouraging shoulder pats in an attempt to urge his best friend to finally make a move. while you two were walking, you’d wrap your arms around yourself in an attempt to warm yourself up and haz definitely noticed this. automatically, he’d offer you his hoodie with no hesitation and shrug it off. after handing it to you, you’d happily take it before pulling it over your frame. and boy was he in awe of the way you looked in that hoodie. although tom had helped him come up with a 6 step plan on kissing you, he couldn’t help himself; he stopped walking and reached for your hand before pulling you into him and cupping your face and softly kissing you. it didn’t take long for you to melt into the kiss, and you two may or may not have got so caught up in it, it gave enough time for harry to snap a few pics to commemorate the moment.

sweet little sam was probably the most nerve-wracked of them all. he liked to think he had game with others in the past, but as soon as you came into his life, he suddenly felt like he had forgotten to even breathe around you. you guys had gone on a few dates, but there hadn’t been anything more than a few forehead kisses, hand holding, and hugs at the end of your nights together. this time, you two were curled up on his living room couch, a rerun of your favorite sitcom displayed and bringing out various laughter from you two. he couldn’t help letting his eyes wander down to you every so often and admire how focused you were on the show, and how you could practically recite every line. he loved how it felt to have your head rested on his chest and your hand rested next to it, fingertips occasionally tracing patterns. oh how bad he wanted to kiss you. but he couldn’t give himself that boost that he needed. he couldn’t help but go over numerous scenarios of it going wrong. you noticed he went quiet for awhile and looked up at him only to see his face covered in a concentrated look. “you alright there, sammy?” he’d let out a groan before looking down at you. “ireallywanttokissyoubutidon’tknowifyouwanttokissme,” he’d ramble out. without a second thought, you’d lean up and peck his lips. you’d pull away only to see his eyes gently shut and his lips still parted. as he opened his eyes, he’d try and fight the smile creeping onto his face. “did you just-” “can we do it again?” and that time he wouldn’t hesitate; he’d bring a hand to rest on your waist and another underneath your cheek, his thumb rubbing over your jawline before leaning in again.

please let me date harry for just this reason. per haz and harry’s requests, they wanted you to join them on a photoshoot. you weren’t sure why at first, but harry had insisted that you were perfect for the job. without questioning him any further, you’d show up to the location and instantly be greeted by harry’s arms reaching for a hug to which you both gained redness in your cheeks from. after listening to numerous comments by harrison about how, “the lovebirds need to hurry the fuck up,” to which you both would blush even more, you’d start setting up. you’d spend most of the time following harry’s orders, you and haz being nothing more than his own personal models as he directed you in different poses and into different lighting areas. towards the end, he’d call you over to show you some shots he got of you. “this is my favorite,” he’d confess while pointing to a solo shot of you laughing at something he had said off camera. “why’s that?” you’d ask innocently, peering up at him. he’d look down at you and instantly feel that rush he got whenever you even spoke around him. he was suddenly also aware of how close you were standing to him and how he could softly feel your breath on his lips when you talked and he wasn’t sure what came over him, but he couldn’t help himself when he used his free hand to cup your cheek and lean into you. as soon as you felt his lips on yours, you were surprised but couldn’t help relaxing into it despite the thousands of butterflies spreading through your body. he’d pull away, his hand still on your cheek, when harrison yelled, “oi, you two, s’about fucking time”

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Abberline: Do you think someone planted it in his pocket?

Ciel: No, I think someone put it there on purpose.

Abberline: Thats exactly what I just said..

Ciel: Yes, but mine wasn’t in the form of a question. So it came from a place of power.