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Favorite Singer: actor: person: color: food: hobby:

Singer: Cher
Actor: Johnny Depp
Person: my girlfriend
Color: Blue💙
Food: Hawaiian and/or Chinese
Hobby: writing

EXO  Pt. 2
  • EXO Pt. 2
  • Yours Truly

Here’s part 2 of the audio tag

1. State your name and username
2. Kpop group (group you’ll be answering the questions about)
3. Say all of the members names
4. How long have you been a fan?
5. Your first bias of this particular group
6. Your current bias and why
7. Favorite body part of each member
8. Favorite song
9. Favorite music video
10. OTP and other ships
11. Favorite live performance
12. Favorite show they did
13. Member you think has the best smile
14. Your favorite cover
15. Favorite choreography
16. Favorite era
17. Do you own any merchandise?
18. Have you seen them perform live?
19. Favorite voice/singer?
20. Favorite dancer?
21. Why are you a ___? (fanclub)

**PART 1**


It all started with “Let Me Cry”. Happy 4th Anniversary as favorite singer in Japan, JKS! ~cr as tagged

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You are, by far, my favorite singer since Ozzy. I love your voice and the entire band is kickass. Hail to the hammer \m/

I’m very glad to hear that :-)