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who's your favorite infj character?

That is tough because they are so tied.

Vanessa Ives (Penny Dreadful

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The show really reveals all aspects of the INFJ. They are not all saints and struggle with darkness like all people. She is a devilish INFJ in the best of ways. 

Agent Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks)

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Cooper shows the investigative and logical side of the INFJ. But my favorite thing he shows is how INFJs can keep going deeper into situations they may not approve of later, but haven’t made up their minds about. They want to know more before they want to necessarily do what is right. It is that Ni before Fe.

Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons)

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She is my hero and there is almost 30 years of contents that explores so many different aspects and behaviors of an INFJ. Also, she shows the conflict of the INFJ of selfishness and selflessness.


We are down to our final four! THE SEMI-FINALS! Disney will not win another INFJ favorite for 2017 with Kida knocked out of the running. Will Harry Potter continue to dominate this year just as it did in 2016? Will Yoda join his fellow Star Wars character Han Solo in Follower Favorite Ranks (2016)? Or will our intelligent females Jinora and Lisa Simpson reign? You pick! Sages vs. Female Brainiacs!


Felicity’s favorite Simpsons Character is Comic Book Guy, Diggle’s is Moe, Rene’s is Principal Skinner, Curtis’ is Homer, Dinah’s is Flanders, and Oliver’s is Troy McClure, whom you may remember him from such films as Archer in The City, and Green Warrior.

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Top 10 favorite Simpsons characters that are not the Simpson family themselves.


2.Hank Scorpio
4.Troy Mcclure

7.Armin Tamzarian
8.Bret Hart
9.Lionel Hutz

about me / would u rather tag

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About me:

Name: Mia
Nicknames: errr i don’t really have any since i prefer to be called by my name
Zodiac sign: pisces
Height: 5′1″ 
Ethnicity: kr/ch/fr/vn 
Orientation: pansexual
Favorite Fruits: i’m allergic to most fruits they are the fuckin devil
Favorite Season: winter
Favorite Books: pieces of you by Tablo
Favorite Flowers: errrrr delphinium ig
Favorite Animals: dogs
Favorite Beverage: soju x milkis is the shit
Favorite Scent: blackberry & bay by jo malone
Favorite Fictional characters: homer simpson
Number of Blankets I Sleep with: 1
Hours of Sleep: ranges from 2 to like 13
Dream Trip: idk i’ve been to a lot of places already but a dream trip would be a trip to korea w Anna 
Blog Created: i honestly don’t have a clue
Number of Followers: like 5

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bts would u rather under the cut

BTS Would You Rather:

(going to bold the one I chose)

-  Build a snowman with Taehyung OR Have a snowball fight with Hoseok
-  Get coffee with Yoongi OR Get ice cream with Yoongi
-  Go to the cinema with Jimin OR The amusement park with Jungkook
-  Do a dance cover with Hoseok OR Sing a duet with Jin
-  Kiss Namjoon OR Cuddle Yoongi
-  Babysit with Jimin OR Dog-sit with Taehyung
-  Meet Hoseok’s family OR Have Taehyung meet your family
-  Film a commercial with Hoseok OR Film a sketch with Taehyung
-  Hug Jimin OR Hold hands with Jungkook
-  Go to Paris with Jin OR To London with Yoongi
-  Film a drama with Jin OR Do a photo shoot with Namjoon
-  Attend an award show with Namjoon OR Wear couple t-shirts at the airport with Jungkook
-  Spend a lazy day with Yoongi OR Explore a city with Hoseok
-  Fall asleep next to Jimin OR Wake up next to Jungkook
-  Have a fun picnic with Hoseok OR A fancy date with Jin
-  Have Jungkook serenade you OR Have Taehyung sing you to sleep
-  Have a dance party with Hoseok OR Sing karaoke with Yoongi
-  Go camping with Jimin and Taehyung OR Go to the beach with Namjoon & Yoongi
-  Have a sleepover with the hyung line OR A birthday party with the maknaes
- Celebrate Halloween with Jungkook, Yoongi, Taehyung and Hoseok OR Christmas with Namjoon, Jimin and Jin

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For the musical meme - Bandstand ofc!

the first song from this show I heard: love will come and find me again
do I own the cast album?: yes, I do!
favorite song: breathe, a band in new york city, welcome home, i know a guy, right this way, love will come and find me again, everything happens and both just like it was before’s! (literally every song don’t mind me)
least favorite song: i don’t really have one. i love all of them.
favorite character: johnny simpson
least favorite character: yeah mr. jackson, how about you trying out for fucking community theatre, hmm?
OTP: julia/michael, julia/donny and in my heart, johnny/jimmy.
BROTP: davy/johnny and does mama adams and julia count? 
NOTP: no one, though that whole ‘jimmy harbours a crush on donny’-thing? i’m not a fan of that.
song I didn’t like at first but now do: i got a theory had to grow on me but now i am ridiculously in love with it. it’s a hit.
song I used to like but now don’t: none
is the fandom annoying?: no! it’s a small fandom and everyone is so kind and welcoming. the only thing that annoys me is general bway fans asking about the bootleg all. the. damn. time.
do I read/write fanfic for this show?: yep. what else would I do with my life.
favorite non-sung line: either wayne’s speech or ‘what this band means to all of us is true’ or ‘the way i see it, i’m one of the lucky ones.’ - ‘you certainly are, you made it back home.’
favorite lyric: i can’t choose one, so: “(at last, my friend.) we’ve arrived, at last my friend / we’ve been waiting for far too longtroubled times are at an end / and they’re waiting to hear our song / you can bet we intend to stay / right this way” and “when we’re named the winners, we will finally get to have / order out of chaos, and money to burn, no more need for teaching  the promised return to life the way it was / and we can have this all because / i look to my left, and look to my right / and see other guys who fight the same fight” and “once i learned how wrong i had been / that sometimes dreams can cave in / and what then? / once i learned the hard way / faith in ever after was done / and i gave up ever wondering when / love will come and find me again” and “’it’ll be just like it was / that’s what they tell me / why not believe it? / they want illusion and they achieve it / we all relive the past and never want to leave it / the world is ending and we’re pretending / it’ll be just like it was” and “listen, what matters when things happen / is what happens after” and basically everything of welcome home.
overall rating out of 10: 10/10, 100/10. no measures for it. 

send me a musical and i’ll tell ya!

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  • Favorite Male Character: Well mainly Barty-boy, though I’m also partial to Martin, Moe and Fat Tony too.
  • Favorite Female Character: Well gee I have nooooo idea!
  • Least Favorite Character: I kinda doled out an essay on this one already. Granted, I’m not especially fond of Nelson either.
  • Favorite Ship: Bartiberry, it’s one of those things that just clicked more than any other potential couple.
  • Favorite Friendship: Well not counting familial, I think the moment when Bart and Martin hang out are amazing. His inclusion pretty much made Three Men and a Comic Book, which is one of my favourite eps.
  • Favorite Quote: “ Well, I’m better than dirt! Well, most kinds of dirt. I mean, not that fancy store bought dirt, that stuff is loaded with nutrients, I can’t compete with that.” I feel ya, Moe…
  • Worst Character Death (if any): Strictly canon, FAT TONY. A million times over. He never needed to be killed off, ever. And even the writers agree as they just replace him with a clone, minus every awesome and endearing moment that made the real Fat Tony so great. It could have been re-framed that he, say, had a heart attack, survived and then went for revenge as soon as he got out.
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: Sherri and Terri’s introductory moment in the series. I watched a lot of episodes out of order and, well, they clicked for me way before I saw this, Bart Star or Hungry Hungry Homer (granted it might have been Sherri or even both back then…) but yeah, finally finding a moment where they kissed Bart… even if it was to get him into trouble… oh those little shits!~
  • Saddest Moment: The one that always stuck with me was Abe learning about Bea Simmons’ death in Old Money. Jesus that was so heavy, as was pretty much the rest of the ep…
  • Favorite Location: Well, Springfield Elementary and Bart’s treehouse are great. But I also really love… the one den they sometimes had in the early seasons but then it kinda vanished.

Honestly, I wonder why it was there and then not, it showed up in Three Men too and with those cupboards on the walls it couldn’t be converted into any of the kids’ rooms. Though it would have made a nice room for Maggie, the one she has in show is often really plain. Maybe I like this room so much because both times I remember it, it was raining outside and I’d just love to be there…

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name: Ardelia/Ardel

nickname: Ardenator, Flower, Bule Hilang (lmao its in Indonesian)

sign: Leo

height: 5′6

orientation: straight

ethnicity: Eurasian (Europe Asian)

favorite fruit: durian, mango, avocado

favorite season: spring

favorite book: Wonder by RJ Palacio, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (anything by this guy is a monalisa tbh)

favorite flower: orchid

favorite scent: vanilla, grass when its raining, new clothes & the ocean

favorite color: idk i love all of em

favorite animal: cats

coffe, tea or hot chocolate: tea

average hours of sleep: 6-7

favorite fictional characters: Homer Simpson

number of blankets you sleep with: 1 

dream trip: Capri, Dubrovnik & Egypt 

blog created: December 2014

number of followers: 41k ish

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Name: Elyse St. Claire
Nickname: none, really
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Height: about 6'0"
Orientation: bisexual (heavily lean away from most dudes tho)
Ethnicity: mostly central and northern European
Favorite fruit: mangoes, the yellow ones
Favorite season: summer
Favorite book series: probably the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy series
Favorite fictional characters: Lisa Simpson, like, everybody in Pacific rim
Favorite flower: any type of iris
Favorite scent: honeysuckle, girls
Favorite color: either pink or black
Favorite animal: my default answer is the takin
Favorite band: Against Me! (who could’ve guessed)
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: never coffee, the other two are good
Average hours of sleep: not enough
Number of blankets I sleep with: at least 2, always
Dream trip: going on a road trip with my Cathy (my gf)
Last thing I searched: dominos West Lafayette
blog created: December 4, 2010
how many blogs I follow: don’t know, can’t tell on mobile, probably no more than 600
Number of followers: 678 (had under 250 less than a year ago)
what I usually post: trans shit, gay shit, punk shit
do I get asks regularly: hardly

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