favorite shot in the movie i think

Imagine Jared and Misha teasing Jensen because you, his favorite actress and celebrity crush, got a part in Supernatural and he acts like a fanboy.

“So how’s it going guys? It’s been quite some time since I last saw you and so much has changed!” the interviewer said with a smile as the three men nodded their heads.

“Oh yeah definitely! I mean I- I died, so there’s that.” Misha said with a shrug and Jared and Jensen snickered “You know-” he spoke up again, raising a finger “I think the only sad thing about it is that it wasn’t Jared that did it, it’s sad for him at least.” he looked at the taller man you nodded his head with a grin.

“Agree, absolutely agree! So I am just here and apologizing to you Misha, I will try harder next time to convince the writers to let me do that!” he said and Misha laughed himself.

“Well, glad to know you guys are taking well to that!” she laughed.

“Oh yeah, he’s a Winchester. He’ll be back, we don’t worry about that.” Jensen shook his head and Misha grinned.

“I love just how normal this sounds in the fandom to be honest!” she chuckled “Speaking of which: there has been a new addition to it, right?”

“Uh the Nephilim, right?” Jared spoke up with a smile “Yeah, I am sure this will be so much fun, we have already filmed a couple scenes and I’ve read some of the future scenes too and it’s all so much I honestly didn’t know they could take it this far! I really think he’s one of the most interesting characters we’ve ever had.”

“That’s amazing, try not to kill him to fast boys.” she chuckled an they laughed.

“Well, I’ll- I’ll try to hold Jared back since he wants to turn this into Friday the 13th all of a sudden!” Jensen said with a grin, pointing at his friend.

“Me or you? Dude, we need to avenge our friend’s death even if he is not directly responsible!” Jared shook hs head with a laugh.

“You said you’d like to kill me yourself just a second ago!” Misha exclaimed and Jared shrugged.

“That’s exactly what I mean. Took away the perfect opportunity!” he said so simply that it actually made everybody laugh.

“Glad to see you still love each other just as much as the first day, even after all these years.” she said with a giggle.

“Oh trust me!” Jensen piped in “I still want to off both of them just as much as the first day of meeting them!”

“Seriously?” Misha laughed at him as Jensen grinned “What am I supposed to say then you assholes?” he said in disbelief and Jensen shook his head, laughing wholeheartedly.

“Yes, yes we really are a family here as you can see!” Jared said with a big smile.

“That is great to see then.” she chuckled, flipping through her card for the next question “Other than this one addition to the show, one we’ve really been waiting for actually there was one that has been announced this summer and it really surprised everybody! I’m talking about a new ally that we may not know the actual name of but know is going to be one hell of an appearance since she’s portrayed by an amazing actress as (Y/n)!” she said with a grin and Misha and Jared smiled widely as the glanced at Jensen, whose head hang low.

“Oh there we go.” he mumbled and she raised an eyebrow.

“And that would mean?” she asked as she too a look at the snickering Jared and Misha.

“You know I actually thought I was going to avoid the embarrassment but nope, here comes possibly the worst moments of my life.” Jensen rested his chin on his palm and sighed, a little too dramatically.

“Why so?”

“You’ll see. Oh you’ll see.” Jensen mumbled, glancing at his friends from the corner of his eyes.

“Oh relax, we’re not gonna embarrass you… a lot.” Misha said with a shrug as Jensen scoffed.

“Well, let me explain everything cause you seem confused.” Jared got on a serious face and Jared just hid his face behind his hands at what was coming “Jensen is a fan of (Y/n)’s. Like not the normal kind, if there is that, no. Not the ‘Oh I love your movies, can I have an autograph?’ absolutely not. He’s more like- Do you remember Becky from the show?” he asked and she nodded her head.

“Yeah, yeah I do. That kind of fan?”

“No, no.” he shook his head “Worse! Actually much much worse!” he exclaimed and Misha snickered “He’s seen all of her movies at least ten times each, and his favorites- oh those I can’t even count. He knows the dialogs better than the actors that have actually been in them. And he’s seen every interview she’s ever had, like every one of them I am not kidding you! And- and Chuck forbid if she uploads a photo or video on any of her social media oh dear! The first like will always be his! Always I swear!”

“And he sure as hell won’t stop talking or at least thinking about it all day!” Misha spoke up, looking at Jensen who was shaking his head with a small whine leaving his lips “He hasn’t commented on any of them, not yet but oh Castiel help anyone that dares say they are her biggest fan! Nope, they don’t live to see the next day come!” he shook his head “Absolutely not! And let’s not get started when someone mentions her, he will pop in worse than Castiel himself! He almost gave one of the make up artists a heart attack!”

“So as you expect-” Jared wet on from then “When we found out that she had actually audition for a role in Supernatural, we did our best to avoid him at all costs!”

“Why that?”

“Because he was a mess of nerves and stuttering and awkwardness. Dean around a woman has nothing in common with what he was just at the mere thought she’d be on set with us! He’d ask questions about himself, and what she’d think and then thing of everything that could go wrong and all the ways he could embarrass himself in front of her!” Jared said with a chuckle as the only thing Jensen could do was mumble 'I hate you’s.

“Wow I really think that filming this season is going to be interesting then huh?”

“Oh I’m already sure we’ll have the best gag reel ever!” Misha said proudly and Jared nodded his head.

“We can’t wait for the teasing- er I mean shooting to begin!” he said and Misha snickered.

“I- I don’t really know why I hang out with these guys anymore.” Jensen huffed, shifting in his seat.

“Well, although Jared and Misha made it pretty clear I’d like to ask you Jensen if you have anything to say about (Y/n) being in Supernatural?”

“Well, uhm I’m sorry for a moment I was too caught up planning their deaths.” Jensen cleared his throat, blinking.

“Pff as if. He’s too caught up thinking about her. Cough – celebrity crush for life – cough some more.” Jared said with a smirk and Jensen only rolled his eyes.

“I’m gonna try to ignore the moose and uhm say that, honestly and all jokes aside I was really excited that we were going to have such an amazing actress on the show. It’s not every day an oscars’ winner wants to be part of this. I know she declined several movies to be able to be here with us, at least for this season and if that’s not honoring enough I don’t know what is.” he shrugged “I think- honestly, know she is going to do an amazing job in bringing this character to life and give her the depth and feelings she really needs and yeah maybe it’s the fan in me talking but I really think this is going to be my favorite season so far!”

“Alright, it’s great to hear that from you guys now.” she flipped through her cards, her eyebrows shot up once she read the question.

“Oh wow, alright- so I have a you could say question here that has been sent by the actual authors of the show to me. They told me they wanted the reactions captured on camera and I couldn’t understand then but now I really do understand.” she chuckled, catching their attention.

“They said they wanted to tell it to you when giving out the script for the next episode you have to film but found this as a great opportunity to let you, especially Jensen, know.” she looked at them.

“I’m… kinda scared now.” he mumbled.

“They’re killing you off dude!” Jared said with a snicker “Shame you won’t have a scene with your princess.” he said and only got a hit on the head from him.

“Uh actually quite the opposite.” she spoke up “To Jensen: How does it feel being told that (Y/n)’s character is going to be Dean’s most serious love interest along with everything that comes with that?

Fluffy One Shots

Fics to make you smile

Sorted by length, will be updated as I find more fics

❤ For Effort - When Harry Styles lets his team down during gym class, resulting everyone having to run laps, he expects the worst. But the backlash never comes.Harry’s crush, Louis Tomlinson, may or may not have something to do with that. (one shot, 2k)

Whisk You Away - “Okay, so you met your high school crush, Harry Stills–” “Styles.” “Not for long,” Niall said in a sing-song tone, and Louis threw a chip at his face. It landed on top of his head. Niall grabbed it and put it in his mouth. “Anyway, so he is getting married tomorrow and invites you to help him bake a cake.” “Mhmm.” “And you accept. You can’t bake. And you can’t even make pancakes…Bravo.” Or…Louis is quick at assuming the worst, only for the best thing to happen.  (one shot, 2k)

The Weirdest Bloody Ice Cream Shop - Harry made eye contact with Lou and noticed his eyes were very blue. “Well…” Harry started. “Because you have the same name as this shop. It’s a shop rule that everyone named Lou gets free fro-yo.” Lou’s lips turned up very slightly at each end. He was rather pretty when he wasn’t yelling at Harry. “Neat rule,” Lou said. “Too bad my name is Louis.” And with that Louis (not Lou) shoved a £10 note in the tip jar and walked out of Lou’s Frozen Yoghurt with his probable sister. Probably forever. Harry sighed and looked at his watch. He had two hours left before he could close up, and, as it would turn out, he thought about the cute, angry boy named Louis for most of them. OR the frozen yoghurt au in which harry accidentally accuses louis of wanting to date a 5 year old and louis keeps calling frozen yoghurt ice cream (one shot, 3k)

Crush on My Croissant - Every morning at 6:50am the most attractive man in the world walks into Harry’s bakery and orders a chocolate croissant. What happens when Harry finally decides it’s time to take things to the next level? (one shot, 3k, part of a small series)

took my heart upon a one way trip - in which, louis needs help with a poetry assignment and harry can’t stop staring at the pretty boy who walked into his bookshop. the other three are in there too. (one shot, 4k)

Only Reason - “We are so lucky to have with us one of the leading experts on beekeeping in the modern age, Dr. Louis Draper.”
No. No, no, no…
“I know I speak for many of us when I say that this man’s books have guided our practice, or helped us get started,” Harry continued, and Louis watched as the crowd nodded their heads in agreement.
Oh shit. No. What? No.
But then Harry was gesturing towards him, saying “Dr. Draper?” into the microphone, the crowd was applauding, and Louis found himself walking up the stairs to the stage. Or, Louis is most definitely smitten with Harry from the second he sees him, but he is also most definitely not the world’s foremost expert on beekeeping. He decides to roll with it anyway
.  (one shot, 5k)

I made a map of your stars - Harry does not have a crush on Louis Tomlinson. Yes, Louis is very pretty and funny, and Harry may have had more than a few inappropriate thoughts about him, but he certainly doesn’t like him. (Except for the fact that he totally does.)

or, Harry is the shy boy in the back of the class that no one really notices. Louis is the loud, outgoing football player that everybody likes.
 (one shot, 5k)

you make my whole world feel right when it’s wrong - “Curly?” Louis says, stepping into Harry’s sight. “You okay?”
Harry looks up from where he has two things in his hands, a thick winter coat sized for a newborn, and a sweatshirt fitting a grown man such as himself. He looks up at Louis, stricken, and holds them out for him to see. “They’re the same price,” he says. “They’re both forty dollars! Forty dollars for such little material.” (or, Harry is pregnant and stops at the mall to buy cheap baby clothes. Louis has extra money from working a long shift, and he can’t think of a better way to spend it than on him.)  
(one shot, 6k)

come on, jump out at me - Harry is a witch from a long line of power, an ancient line that’s one of the strongest left alive in their hemisphere. He can cast spells without a word if need be, fly on a broomstick, and has a black cat (a kitten, really) named Felix that is his animal familiar. He can shape galaxies in his cupped hands and can destroy them just as easily. He can choose exactly how to use his power, for encouragement and support, or for more nefarious causes if he wishes to. And as fate would have it, he’s scared of haunted houses. (Harry is a witch who carries around a stuffed pumpkin, Louis is a vampire with too much time on his hands, and their best mates Zayn & Niall aren’t exactly what they seem…)  (one shot, 7k, part of a continuing and very good series )

Worth a Thousand Words - “Look, I’m learning some new stuff!” My name is Louis. My favorite color is green. I like movies. Do you know sign language?Harry huffed grumpily. Why are you learning sign language? “Because, I want to be able to talk to you.” Louis looked small, gripping tightly at the steering wheel. Why?    You’re my friend. Louis signed shakily, having to try it a few times before getting it right. And well, Harry just snapped. We’re not friends. I don’t know what makes you think that we’re okay but we’re not. You stopped being my friend once you found out that I went deaf. I don’t know if this is your way of ‘making up for it’ or if you think that hanging out with the deaf guy and learning a bit of sign language is your ‘kind deed’ to the world but I don’t want to be your charity case and I don’t want to be your friend.
or Harry went deaf at 5 years old and Louis just wants the chance be heard. (one shot, 7k, bit of angst but mostly fluff)

Tentatively - The whole university was anxiously waiting for the final weeks of the semester to wrap up, the taste of the summer already hanging sweetly and tempting in the air. Harry was right there in the thick of it all, getting distracted by the very same feline-born he had been crushing on ever since the beginning of uni. Harry had absolutely no plans to ever approach the boy. Ever.
But clearly the Universe (or the boy) wasn’t a fan of Harry having any control over his own damn life. -Or, Louis is a feline-born, and Harry’s big dumb crush on him is so massive he doesn’t know what to do with himself.
(one shot, 8k)

Love Is a Kitten from Hell - Louis Tomlinson passes himself off as an arrogant prick at his new school to hide the fact that he’s terrified of being bullied again. Just when he’s getting tired of putting up walls, he finds himself in a local pet shop where he finds a sanctuary playing with the kittens in the front window. Harry Styles is the popular football player who works at the pet shop, secretly watching the boy he thought was utterly unlikable prove him wrong. Partnered together for a class project, Harry gets more and more hints that Louis is actually someone worth getting to know. But the real question is, will Louis let Harry in? (one shot, 8k)

When the Lion Met the Fawn - Maybe lions are meant to hunt fawns, but in this case was the fawn who hunted the lion. (Or the one where Louis Tomlinson is a natural fighter without a fight and Harry Styles is a fawn hybrid too scared to stay but even more scared to run away. He gives Louis a reason to fight for)  (one shot, 9k)

but he can’t be what you need (if he’s eighteen) - “I need you to do something for me.” Harry said, pinching his bottom lip between his thumb and forefinger. “It seems like you’re asking me to kill for you, H.” Louis laughed nervously. “It’s nothing that drastic, I promise. It’s just. I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m not a.. normal eighteen year old.” Louis furrowed his eyebrows at that, narrowing his eyes at the younger boy. “Are people giving you a hard time?” Louis wondered. Harry shifted in his seat and brushed some of his fringe off his forehead. “Yeah, that’s. That’s kind of what I wanted to talk to you about.” Harry swallowed nervously. He could feel the sweat pooling at his hairline so he wiped it with the sleeve of his sweater. “I need you to uhm, pretend to be my boyfriend.” or the one where harry is sick of getting bullied and casts louis as the hot punk boyfriend to scare them away. louis needs harry to return the favor. punk!louis and flowerchild!harry (one shot, 10k)

set alight my veins - If Liam really thinks it’s funny to send him on a surprise date with a tattooed, leather wearing punk then Harry’s going to have words with him later. When he’s managed to stop staring at the guy across from him.-Harry’s quiet and shy and does all his homework. Louis drives motorbikes and never turns up to school. Their respective friends think they’d be a cute couple. (one shot, 11k)

Hold My Heart - “Excuse me, mate, I’m the window seat here.” The voice was soft, apologetic, and accented in something a bit unfamiliar — northern England, maybe, Harry thought. “Oh,” Harry jumped to his feet and moved aside, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you standing there.” The other man laughed as he swung a bag into the overhead compartment and slid into the seat. “You were well caught up in that book, mate. What are you reading?” Harry paused, wondering how to explain the fact that he was reading an epic and x-rated romance that was the story of a relationship between a prince and the man he’d enslaved. “Oh, you know, just some fiction my sister recommended.” He turned to look at the man and froze.Sitting next to him was Louis Tomlinson.*** Or, the one where famous Louis Tomlinson offers his hand and a lot more to his seat mate on a transatlantic flight. (one shot, 14k)

The Edge of the Stars - Louis laughed. “You think you can convince some random guy to want to go out with me?” “Oh baby,” Jay chuckled. “I can convince all of the UK to want to go out with you.” Or, a Meet the Parents AU where Harry is the man of Louis’ dreams, and it’s up to Jay to convince him to date her son. (one shot, 16k)

the love is ours to make (so we should make it) - “I’m.. Harry. I nanny? For Ernest and Doris?” Harry responded. “A nanny? How old even are you? You look twelve.” Louis remarked. Something caught Louis’ eye, and a closer look revealed that Harry had a coat of pink nail polish on his fingers. “Nineteen. I’m nineteen.” Harry replied. “Right. Nineteen, wears pink, flower crowns and paints his nails. Who the actual fuck did my mum hire?” or the one where louis takes some time off from life to return home, only to be met with a strange boy in pink and a flowercrown as the nanny of his siblings.  (one shot, 19k, some sad parts but still really cute)

Heart Without A Home - Louis is staying at the shelter when a late entry pulls at his conscience and he decides to share his precious bed with the mysterious Harry. The pair somehow find an instant bond but Louis can’t help but feel Harry is hiding something…Featuring Zayn as a chef, Perrie as the shelter manager and Liam as a helper- and Louis’ best mate.  (one shot, 20k, this is kind of angsty but it still made me smile)

Away With The Fairies - Harry liked pretty things. Mostly the ornate flowers that grew around him, the trees majestically climbing towards the sky, sometimes the little colourful birds that flitted around in the branches of those trees. Harry’s wings themselves were considered beautiful, big butterfly-like shaped things glistening pink in the light but white underneath, almost translucent. He fluttered them behind him, feeling the breeze brushing off them. He was high up where he could see the most, studiously watching the human life on the ground below. He shouldn’t be here of course, he was beyond the borders of the part of the forest where his kind lived, but he couldn’t help it. Because Harry had found the prettiest thing of all. (one shot, 22k, you should read everything by this author)

faith, trust and pixie dust (and a little bit of something else too)** - “Are you seriously apologizing for taking out a bullet that was lodged in my shoulder and saving my life?” he asks slowly. “Y—yes?” the boy looks unsure of himself now. “Marry me—” For once, the boy isn’t the only one blushing and Louis silently curses Earthen terminology for making its way into his vocabulary. Taking a deep breath to regain his composure, he coughs out, “I mean thanks. That was very nice of you…?” “Harry,” the boy fills in quietly, flashing Louis a tentative smile. Louis thinks it suits him well and he mouths the name to himself, liking the way it rolls off his tongue. He watches as Harry hesitates before asking his own question, albeit doubtfully. “And you’re—you’re P—Peter Pan, right?” Or, the one in which Louis is a punk Peter Pan and Harry is an insecure flower child.  (one shot, 27k, quite a bit of angst but Harry’s character was too cute for me to not include)

with your love we could breathe underwater - Harry’s brow furrows, a look of confusion spreading over his face. “But I am real. I exist, see,” he says, raising a hand out of the water and wiggling his fingers at Louis. Louis finds himself relaxing a bit. Harry seems harmless really. And he’s quite cute, for something that’s not supposed to exist. If Louis is indeed having a hallucination right now, at least it’s a cute one. AU where Harry is a mermaid, Louis is a human, and they both discover a lot more than they anticipated. (one shot, 28k)

Blade Runner 2049


Blade Runner is one of my all-time favorite movies. I love its plot, I love the third act, but more than anything I love its style and tone. Its futuristic setting is advanced yet primitive, gripping and isolating. It feels gritty. It feels dirty. So I’d been cautiously optimistic for Blade Runner 2049, and now that I’ve seen it, I can safely say it’s a worthy sequel to the best cyberpunk film of all-time.

  Now, having just said that, I want to get the things I didn’t like out of the way first. The style of the original Blade Runner doesn’t exactly transition over to Blade Runner 2049. Everything in 2049 feels futuristic in new ways, but much of the world feels polished and sleek. That’s fine for some sets (such as the Wallace Corp., a massive Replicant producing company), but other sets like the police station and Officer K (Ryan Gosling)’s apartment don’t feel very dark or lived in.

  The other major thing that doesn’t transition over fully is the mood. Blade Runner had a lot of philosophical questions for you to ponder, but it was all delivered in a kind of sublime and ethereal way. Like a half-remembered dream. I’m not gonna say 2049 is very literal and obvious in its themes, but let’s just say it’s a mainstream movie being made in 2017. It has its subtleties, but it’s not as mysterious and slippery as what we got in 1982. But also this movie has only been out for like one day, and we’ve all had years to dissect the subtleties of the original movie.

  Okay, one more thing I didn’t like and then I promise I love the rest of this movie. The first act (roughly the first hour or so) is rough. It’s full of exposition and dialogue that runs contrary to everything I like about Blade Runner. However, I think all of that gets amended because it’s really just a way of introducing you to the characters for more payoff later (of which there is plenty, but talking about characters much more would get into spoilers).

  Let’s talk about that payoff for a minute, because the last half of this movie is just amazing. It’s very slow, heavy, and tantalizing. You cannot look away, because both the story and visuals are so gripping in equal parts. I know, it’s weird to think of a Blade Runner movie as being full of story, but this one kind of is, and I actually didn’t mind it. It’s very clearly trying to be a different movie, and especially in terms of story, it kinda has to be. (It seems like modern audiences don’t really like metaphorical confusing plots that make no sense, e.g. 2013’s Only God Forgives.)

  But again, the visuals are also just stunning. Some shots in this movie deserve to be paintings, they’re just absolutely beautiful. It’s some kind of incredible marriage between light design (which is probably a term I just made up) and cinematography (I know it’s been said a dozen times now, but please give Deakins his Oscar for this movie). Part of that visual work is also the reliance on practical effects; when Officer K flies his car through the city or stares up at a giant 50-foot tall holographic advertisement, it feels a lot more real than something CG could ever do.  

   Even if you don’t like the original Blade Runner, I would recommend seeing it as soon as possible. I think the story and the characters make this movie a lot more fresh and digestible for mainstream audiences. It might lose a lot in terms of style and tone, but it still packs in plenty of beautiful shots and scenes. And the last hour or so is just amazing, and the ending is easily one of my favorites of the past few years. Between this and T2 Trainspotting, it seems like 2017 will be known as the year with incredible sequels to decades-old movies. 

Boyfriend Series; Joshua/Jisoo

- hong jisoo is the definition of gentleman
- for your first date, jisoo takes you out for a picnic at the park and the basket is filled with delicious food the other members probably helped him make
- the date goes amazingly well because the food is great and jisoo is so easy to talk to
- but then it starts raining
- neither of you checked the weather that day so now here you both are, standing under a tree and waiting for the rain to pass
- but it doesn’t look like the rain will be stopping anytime soon and jisoo apologizes nonstop for not double-checking everything
- you assure him that you’re not upset at all but seeing how he still kind of is, you grin “well how about this? there’s a convenience store right across the street. last one there buys the umbrella!!”
- and before jisoo could say anything, you start running towards the store and you’re both pushing each other out of the way to get there first
- but at some point, you both just find yourselves laughing and holding each other under the rain
- and that’s when you both share your first kiss
- he may have been suave and cool the entire time but when he got back to the dorm, he was all red in the face
- but no he’s not sick at all, he’s just embarrassed because of how cliché your first kiss was LOL but let’s be real, he probably replayed it over and over in his head before going to bed
- i cannot emphasize enough how much of a gentleman jisoo is
- he holds doors for you
- he walks closest to the curb
- he pays for your dates
- he gives you his jacket when you’re cold
- he carries things for you
- do you see where i’m going with this
- plays the guitar for you whenever you ask him to, and he knows how to play all your favorite songs
- also does pin drops to try to impress you
- he gets flustered really easily like once you kissed him on the cheek because he did something really sweet and his whole face just heated up
- when you asked him if he was all right, he gave you a really long answer…… by mixing up all five languages he knows
- so you heard fragments of korean, english, japanese, chinese and spanish and you were like what
- he was really shy when you guys first started holding hands but now that he’s used to it, he holds your hand whenever he can
- the type to cry while watching sad movies with you
- panics a lot
- like when you’re sad, he just runs around like WHAT DO I DO???
- jisoo’s a big worrier but it just shows how much he cares for you
- “are you sure you’re not hungry?” “aren’t you cold?” “is this enough?” “is this okay?” “are—”
- jisoo loves taking pictures with you but not as much as taking pictures OF you, his favorite ones are candid shots
- whenever you guys go out shopping or even something as simple as walking around the city, everyone admires you two because you guys make such a beautiful couple??
- everyone also thinks he’s so cool and amazing omg who is this model
- like jisoo’s holding your hand while the other’s casually in his pocket, his skin is glowy under the bright sun, and his hair is blowing in the wind
- everyone’s like where can i get my own hong jisoo??
- stays up late watching dramas with you
- you’re pretty sure his eye smiles are going to be the death of you
- spoils you A LOT and you feel so guilty so you spoil him too and then he feels guilty and it’s an endless cycle of guilt
- jisoo doesn’t get jealous very often but when he does
- may the person rest in pieces
- he may be smiling and all but there’s death in his eyes like he probably killed the person with 89374 different anime attack combinations in his mind
- speaking of anime, he loves telling you about his favorite anime, movies and characters and he just looks so happy while talking about them like his eyes are sparkling and his voice is loud and excited
- you once showed up after seventeen’s dance practice to see him and you were wearing his sweater and when he saw you he nearly died
- like jeonghan, hoshi and seungkwan had to calm him down because he was so flustered
- the other members still tease him about it to this day
- jisoo always thinks about you before he thinks about himself
- always tries extra hard to look nice if he knows he’s going to see you that day
- he loves lazy days where he’s sitting on the couch and you’re sitting between his legs and he has his arms wrapped around you while his head is resting on your shoulder
- you have matching bracelets and whenever he’s nervous before a concert, he looks down at it and thinks of you and he knows he’ll be fine
- he always cups one of your cheeks and stares into your eyes before leaning in and slowly kissing you on the lips
- jisoo considers the words “i love you” really powerful so he’d only say if he truly does mean it
- but now as you’re both watching the sunset after having a picnic at the park
- jisoo takes your hand in his and whispers the words “i love you”
- your mouth falls open in shock for a second before slowly turning into a smile as you whisper
- “i love you too, jisoo”

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🍬 = salty or sweet food?

🍺 = have you ever tried alcohol?

🍉 = fruits or vegetables?

🍼 = do you want kids someday?

💍 = would you ever consider getting married?

🛍 = do you like shopping?

😇 = I think you’re sweet

😎 = I think you’re cool

😨 = you scare me

❤ = you’re my Tumblr crush

💓 = I love you

💣 = I hate you

✍ = I want to roleplay with you

🔪 = get off Tumblr

🤘 = don’t ever leave/quit Tumblr

😚 = you’re my favorite blog

⚡ = your blog is stupid

🎨 = please post more of your art!

✒ = you should post some of your writing

🔎 = I think you should post more of (something of your choice)

Some random grif headcanons I have:

-hes left handed

-hes actually one of the better shots among the reds and blues but no one ever notices. Grif barely even notices himself. He should probably get that sniper rifle back.

-he actually really likes playing instruments. He canonically plays guitar and ukulele (I think) but he likes experimenting with other instruments. He doesnt do it often tho because of noise complaints

- his favorite movie as a kid was school of Rock. He was and still is a huge jack black fan.

Taron Egerton Imagine

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Taron didn’t like to do interviews, one of the reasons was that they always were the same. The same questions, the same topics. But this interview was very different. There was only one camera, the setting wasn’t too bright and the questions were more fun. 

But there was one question he had to answer at every interview he went to. A question about you. You and him had been very open about your relationship. Posting videos and photos of each other. Telling funny stories about each other on social media. People loved it and they loved you.

“People must ask you about this all the time.” Taron already had a feeling what this was about. He nodded with a small smile. “I for one love you and (Y/N). The two of you are so good together. Both always smiling and laughing and making fun of each other too” Taron laughed remembering all the moments. 

“Yeah.” He said now smiling even bigger. 

“What I want to ask is. How did the two of you meet. I don’t think you’ve talked about that.” Taron thought back and realized he really hadn’t 

“You are so right. I don’t know how that happened” he laughed with the interviewer. “Well we met 2 years ago at an event. I saw how she played a prank on some guy who was rude to her, the prank almost didn’t play out the way she wanted but I helped her. So we both ended up running away from the guy and hiding in some small room” he laughed and thought about that day. 

“So you two met because of a practical joke went wrong” Taron nodded. 

“Yeah, kinda, but it’s still my favorite prank me and (Y/N) have done. Because of ir we are now together.” He smiled thinking about you and how soon he’ll be back with you. Watching movies, laughing and planing your future. 

I’ll Always Come Back To You (Steve Rogers x Reader One Shot)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,325

Warnings: Kissing, cussing and that’s it (:

A/N: There’s a smutty version of this one shot in my files but I decided to keep it low key lmao I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think (:

Originally posted by naih-reedus

It’s pitch black dark in the living room of your apartment and the only source of light is coming up from the flat screen TV mounted on the wall. The horror film has Steve and you entranced and to be honest you’re scared shitless right now. These type of movies weren’t your favorite but it was Steve’s choice and this is what he picked. You keep stealing short glances at him, the sight of his chiseled face grounding you to reality and making the movie more bearable to watch.

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Bungou Stray Dogs movie - my theories
(You will hate me for this, I am sorry but that’s my opinion)

  • Soukoku won’t be the main event or even characters: don’t kill me but I think Atsushi and the ADA will still be the focus of the movie. Believe it or not, Atsushi is the MC (everyone’s forgetting about Akutagawa right now) even when Dazai’s the spotlight stealing squad™ 
  • How to better make the fans go nuts and crazy (you did, don’t lie, I read your tags) than using Soukoku? It’s the favorite pairing by a looong shot and it easily ropes the fangirls in. Look at the advertising, it’s all Soukoku. I for my part would pay to see even the smallest tiniest bit of Soukoku and yeah you guys will do it, too. Very smart adverstising on Bones part, Chapeau!
  • Soukoku will reunite and fight together: that’s easy to say by just looking at the poster. They’re not facing each other / facing away like in the second opening. They’re paaaartners. May it be due to a common enemy or due to something that happened in the past, we’ll surely find out
  • Chuuya will use Corruption: just look at that rubble around them, definitely Corruption. Why it could always be a bomb? Nope, Yokohama still stands, look at the Ferris Wheel. There’s only like one building reduced to rubble, just like when Corruption strikes and Dazai stops it
  • There won’t be Fyodor or Agatha in this: Some people *cough* still hope for a season 3 and therefore Fyodor. Why use him for an original movie? Nope.
  • No Mafia!Dazai or flashback: You wanna see it. I wanna see it. The whole fcking world wants to see it. But nope, not gonna happen. Look at Dazai’s coat - it’s ADA Dazai. Also I’m a firm beliver that Asagiri will gift us with a flashback manga chapter eventually. So no spoilers for us
  • On the positive side: Soukoku will be in there :’) at least for the shippers nothing else matters anyway~

Personal wishes:

  • European authors as enemies: PLEASE! We’ll get to see Agatha eventually, but will she be alone? Will she be with UK authors? European authors? We have some incredibly talented authors here that I’d love to see. There will surely be an enemy in the movie, why not make it awesome??
  • Give us Oscar Wilde! Shakespeare! Voltaire, Goethe, Schiller!
  • Cameos by the Guild: Edgy neo Guild? If it’s not too spoilery I’d really like to see it
  • Cameo by Soseki: you know you want to see our favorite calico cat~

Yes that’s it. Don’t hate me for it but I just don’t wanna end up disappointed with thw movie in the end. I’d love to be wrong and enjoy my otp, so please, prove me wrong, discuss it with me, overanalyze with me!

Specific dates provided in movies–especially those that pass within our lifetimes–are always interesting to me. Today is one such date. While watching Blade Runner on Saturday, I overheard the replicant Leon mention his inception (activation) date, April 10, 2017. That’s today. (Notably, the more advanced replicants such as Roy have earlier activation dates, in 2016.) It makes Blade Runner another one of those movies that hilariously overestimated the advancement of technology. Like with many others of the time, it’s hard to fault the conclusion; in 1982 we were exploring space, had personal computers in peoples’ homes, and the (somewhat affluent) common man was capable of recording their own video broadcasts. Looking 35 years ahead, it was ambitious, but not completely unreasonable to assume that we would have the kind of quantum advancement we had seen since 35 years earlier, in 1947.

Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies, mostly for the visual artistry. In an era long before CGI as we know it today, Los Angeles is somehow depicted with breathtaking beauty. The lighting and shot compositions blends film noir of the old with a futuristic view of humanity. It’s easy to see how much my favorite anime, Bubblegum Crisis, borrows from the setting. I’m not as completely sold on the film’s story, which bears its fair share of oddities (and I’m really not fond of the interactions between Deckard and Rachael in his apartment.) But overall it’s something I think everyone should try.

I am such a sucker for cinematography. If a show or movie or whatever other visual thing has great camera work (angles, movement, filters, lighting, etc etc) I’m so fuckin sold. 

Anyway, weird preamble, but I’ve noticed people starting to talk a lot about this shot 

and it’s actually one of my favorites from the whole show lmao 

I think this whole talk would go in with my other little essay about symbolic cinematography, so you can go read that too if you want. It’s the same basic ideas. 

I love seeing this sort of angle in general. I think it’s blatant in the best and funniest way. The angle is always used to express sexual attraction and desire, as the object of that desire is literally framed between the subject’s legs and around the genitals. 

So this was right after Victor showed Yuuri the eros dance for the first time and then asked what he thought. And well, especially with that context in mind, I think this shot is here as a hilarious short cut to show us Victor’s current intentions and desires. It’s visual innuendo, I love it! 

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I saw Andy Mientus as Schmackary's and he threw a cookie at me and told me Evita is his favorite musical

mientus the menance thinks he’s got a shot at the wicked movie

Tony Stark one-shot

This one-shot is based on a Tony Stark gif imagine @marvel-imagines-marvel-fandoms made. If someone reads it please tell me what you think about it as it is my first time posting something I write and english isn’t my first language … Sorry about the typos ~ Enjoy ~

           The smell of sex was invading the room you and Tony shared.He had came home from a long mission to find you on your king-size bed, dressed in only a t-shirt and your underwear, watching your favorite movie once again, covers over your body. Of course, he had missed you during this mission, and the view of his lover dressed like this on the bed could only result in one thing : multiple times seeing stars for both you and him.

You were both laying down on your bed, too tired to even get in the shower after this hot session. Your head on Tony’s chest, his fingers caressing the skin of your arm and shoulder, he couldn’t help the cockiness that came back after being gone for so long.

“I have to say that it was a really good performance, wasn’t it Y/N ?” You could hear the smirk on his face as he threw himself some flowers.

“Yeah, I don’t know, if you say so …” You weren’t playing, you really did not know, and you were too exhausted to think about a better answer.

“What do you mean you don’t know ?! This was one of the best time we’ve ever had !” Oh, what would he do without his cockiness …

“Yeah, probably. You know, I was just really bored and kinda cold so …” your eyes were already closed, and you felt your own breath becoming heavier and steadier.

“You were- you were what ?!” You looked up at his face when you heard the odd modulation in his voice. You couldn’t help the giggle that escaped your lips as you looked up at his face; He looked so tired and so offended.

“Tony, it was wonderful, really, but could you please stop being so offended ? Let’s sleep and we’ll talk about this tomorrow, yeah…?” This was rhetorical, but Tony hadn’t seem to get the memo.You wanted to sleep, and that was the only thing in your mind at this time. It had been amazing, of course, but he seriously needed to shut down for a while.

“ Ho-How do you except me to sleep after what you’ve just said ?! What was wrong ? Tell me ? Please ? Was I too gentle ? Or maybe too rough ? What did I ….”

This was definitely going to be a long night …

This is not the best thing I’ve written, but yeah, that’s a start … please tell me what you think about it, if you liked it (or not), what could be better etc ~ Bye ^.^

Movie Night with Molly and her Sherlock

Molly wasn’t sure how she’d convinced Sherlock to settle down and watch a movie with her but he had, and she wasn’t going to question it. She suspected it had something to do with the fact that watching a movie usually meant they would be snuggled together on the couch for at least 2 hours, giving them an excuse to just be together without needing to move or think about moving. 

She had put on Hidden Figures, a movie she’d meant to watch for a long time and never seemed to have the opportunity. Sherlock had seemed mildly interested, which was always a bit of a shock, although he had rolled his eyes when she told him it was about the space program. They had made popcorn and the coffee table was covered with junk food that was long forgotten, the glasses of wine empty along with the bottle. 

Sherlock was sitting up, his long stretched out on the coffee table, barefoot and relaxed. Molly lay across him, his arm wrapped around her waist, their fingers intertwined, her other arm tucked under her head.

Something made her look away from the movie and up at him, and she barely contained the gasp that escaped her lips. From this angle, all she really saw of her love was the underside of his chin, the sharp angle of his jaw, the stubble that kissed his skin like a shadow. 

She couldn’t resist it. 

She lifted her head and kissed his chin, sucking on his skin there without preamble. He jumped slightly, his long, musicians fingers digging into her skin, unable to hide the groan. “Molly,” he said her in name in that familiar, threatening tone that she had come to love over the years. It usually meant she had done something that pleased him, but he didn’t expect. 

“Mmm?” she hummed, dragging her teeth against his skin. 

“What are you doing?” he asked roughly, his voice reverberating through his chest and she could feel it enter her through their proximity. 

“I think I found my new favorite nibbling spot,” she grinned, trailing kisses down his chin, licking his Adam’s apple as he threw his head back, “two favorite nibble spots.”

“What about the movie?” he asked, holding her head against his throat. 

“We have pause buttons for a reason, darling,” his deep, dark chuckle made her shiver.

Get to Know My Love for Bones

Top 5 favorite characters: Temperance Brennan, Angela Montenegro, Seeley Booth, Jack Hodgins and Lance Sweets

Other characters you like: Wendell Bray, Camille Saroyan, James Aubrey, Caroline Julian, Max Keenan, Arastoo Vaziri , Gordon Gordon , and Finn Abernathy.

Least favorite characters: Hannah Burley, Christopher Pelant, Oliver Wells
Heather Taffett

Otps: B&B , Hodgela , Camstoo

Notps: Booth x Hannah and Brennan x Sully

Favorite friendships: Brennan x Angela , Angela x Cam, Cam x Brennan , Brennan x Hodgins, Booth x Cam, Sweets x Booth/Brennan, Aubrey x Brennan/Booth

Favorite family: Booth family but I really like the Hodgins family as well. Let’s just say the whole gang together.

Favorite episodes: Pilot , The Woman in the Sand , Aliens in a Spaceship , The Cowboy in the Contest , The Woman in White, The Skull in the Desert, The Mummy in the Maze, The End in the Beginning, The Proof in the Pudding, The Hole in the Heart, The change in the game, The shot in the dark, The Prisoner in the Pipe, The Movie in the Making , The End in the End . There’s more just can’t think of them atm.

Favorite season/book/movie: Probably season 11, season 9 , season 5 and season 3, Season 7, Season 2

Favorite quotes: “You’re the woman I love. You’re the woman who kissed me outside the pool house when it was pouring rain, took me to shoot Tommy guns on Valentine’s Day. That’s who you are. You’re the one who proposed to me with a stick of beef jerky in your hand, even though you’re a vegetarian. You’re the Roxy to my Tony and the Wanda to my Buck. Who else is gonna sing Hot Blooded with me? And besides we are way better than Mulder and Scully.“ , “Everything happens eventually” , “I don’t know what that means” , “King of the lab!” , “People assume that when you’re alone, you must be lonely. Like most assumptions, it’s erroneous.”

Best musical moment: First time Booth and Brennan sang Hot Blooded together. Also When Brennan sings “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper in “The Checker Box” restaurant.

Moment that made you fangirl/boy the hardest: Probably when B&B got together in the end of season 6, or there wedding.

When it really disappointed you: Booth starts Gambling again. Booth lying to Brennan’s face about it.

Saddest moment:
When Sweets Died

Most well done character death: I think Max Keenan’s

Favorite guest star: Stephen Fry

Favorite cast member: Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz I can’t pick 1.

Character you wish was still alive: Definitely Sweets

One thing you hope really happens: Everything I wanted to happen has already come true :)
I did wish we got more episodes but I know it won’t happen :(

Most shocking twist: The whole FBI Conspiracy

When did you start watching/reading?: When it premiered in 2005

Best animal/creature: hum… Ripley…

Favorite location: The Jeffersonian of course

Trope you wish they would stop using: second person they interrogate was generally the killer

One thing this show/book/film does better than others: It’s realistic about stuff in real life, I mean they knew that Hodgins being able to walk again was very unlikely so they did what would probably happen if his situation was real, they kept him in a wheelchair, even though he didn’t deserve that it was probably the most realistic thing to happen.

Funniest moments: Hodgins’ experiments, Brennan clueless about pop culture

Couple you would like to see: Aubrey x Karen

Actor/Actress you want to join the cast: cast is perfect the way it is.

Favorite outfit: every single Angela Montenegro outfit. Brennan’s chunky Necklaces.

Favorite item: angelatron

Do you own anything related to this show/book/film?: not really, but I’m planning on doing it !

What house/team/group/friendship group/family/race etc would you be in?:  part of the Booth Family

Most boring plotline: Hannah bored and annoyed me

Most laughably bad moment: When Booth and Brennan carry the dead man’s body to the car during his funeral while Hodgins is making the speech. That was literally the best moment ever. (this was in season 4 - The Double Death of the Dearly Departed)

Best flashback/flashfoward if any: When B&B first met

Most layered character: Temperance Brennan

Most one dimensional character: Dr. Goodman

Scariest moment: When the whole Jeffersonian blow up. I mean I knew they weren’t going to die or anything but … also in the Nightmare in the Nightmare all of Brennans dreams made me jump a bit

Grossest moment: I can’t think of one. the show literally doesn’t bother me with the gore anymore is that sad?

Best looking male: Seeley Booth

Best looking female: Temperance Brennan

Who you’re crushing on (if any): I mean, Seeley Booth duh. Hell in the Cowboy in the Contest I was crushing on Brennan.

Favorite cast moment: The bloopers are the best moments ever, or the Comic Con interviews

Favorite transportation: Booth’s car

Most beautiful scene (scenery/shot wise):
Booth and Brennan’s House (season 10 on)

Unanswered question/continuity issue/plot error that bugs you: What was Pelant’s final Message???

Best promo: The End in the End showing how far the show has came.

At what point did you fall in love with this show/book: From the Beginning.

I would like to thank @leaalda for making these amazing banners.

This is an effort to spread the word about all fan fiction writers in our little fandom. If you would like to be featured or nominate a writer, please contact me. Please reblog this post if you can and check out some of @totheheartsthatache work!

1. First things first, if someone wanted to read your stories where can they find them.

My Tumblr is totheheartsthatache and my AO3 is whogivesacare.

2. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m 19 and am from Wisconsin. I’m a sophomore in college, studying Neurobiology even though it’s too much science. My only real hobby is writing, and I am the author of Shutter Speed and a one shot called She Got It Bad (so far). I have a dog named Henry who is a miniature poodle, and love him with all my heart.

3. What do you never leave home without?

My phone and chap stick.

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Kind of both. I hate sleeping in and wasting the day, but have a problem with going to bed too late.

5. If you could live in any fictional world which one would you choose and why?

The Harry Potter universe. I am a die-hard fan and just really want to have magic and a wand and see cool magical animals and Draco Malfoy.

6. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met.

A football player on my school’s team that I didn’t really know but my friends made me take a picture with.

7. What are some of your favorite movies/TV?

As stated before, I love the Harry Potter movies, as well as Hunger Games, almost any romance movie, like La La Land and Love Actually and Titanic, and so many more. As for TV, I am currently watching True Blood and am obsessed, New Girl, Parks and Rec, Arrested Development, Supergirl, Teen Wolf, and many, many more.

8. What are some of your favorite bands/musicians?

I love One Direction and every one of them as solo musicians (if that isn’t obvious), Ed Sheeran, Lorde, Adele, the 1975, Flume, Bastille, Imagine Dragons, Shawn Mendes, the list goes on.

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// put my hand where? //

“Y’all haven’t don’t that one?” Kendall drunkenly asked everyone in the room about some obscure sex position she was trying to describe.

“Lesbian sex positions are a little bit different than straight ones, Kendall,” Kylie reminded her more than a little gay sister.

“You should see the way Cara Deleving-“

“Kenny, stop! That’s like my little sister. I don’t want to hear about y’alls wild sex, you kinky ass bitch,” Hailey threw a pillow at Kendall’s face.

“Who’s trying to get FUCKED UP?” Justin who is already fucked up came into the room with two more bottles and a joint behind his ear. I watched as he started pouring shots for all of us and plopping down on me in the love chair.

“Stop Jay, you’re too big for this,” I tried to push him off without having him spill the two shots he had in his hand.

“Aye, thats was she said,” Khalil called out immaturely.

“Fuck y’all,” I spoke as Justin and I switched positions in the chair. I took the blunt from behind his ear without a second thought and lit it while i sat in his lap. Justin and I were always super close, anytime we were together we found ourselves touching in some type of way. His hand used my hip for leverage as he leaned up from him slouch so that i could place the blunt between his lips.

“Now what were y’all talking about?” Justin asked the rest of our friends who wee still making fun of Kendall.

“Best sex positions!” Hailey called out.

“From the back, always,”Khalil comments making Za laugh and shake hands with him in agreeance.

“If a girl every reverse cowgirl’s me when I don’t expect it, I’m most definitely getting her pregnant,” Fredo adds in.

“You know when they sucking yo shit and they put your ball in they mouth, thats it right there. Head is better than actual sex all day,” Za laughed.

“True shit,“ Kylie added in.

“Kylie, can niggas even get to your cunt past all that plastic in your ass?” I dragged her making everyone laugh, Kylie included.

“Like when girls ride me,” Justin piped up.

“Weakkkk!” Khalil called.

“Nah, listen! You can slap her ass, choke her, suck on her titties, and still be fucking. It’s like a 4 in one,” Justin explained his preference.

“Y/N you know all about that with Justin, don’t you?” Za teased.

“I have never fucked Bieber nor do I ever plan on it,” I waved the accusation.

“Wow, Jay, so you really got this girl in your lap and smoking your blunt and you ain’t even fucking? The old Bizzle would never,” Khalil laughed while taking another shot.

“What’s your favorite position, Y/N. You haven’t said anything,” Hailey asked, making everyone look up at me.

“Fine, have any of y’all seen that movie Baby
Boy?” I asked and everyone sent me blank stares. “The Melvin and Jody. Being Melvined is my favorite position,” I concluded before taking another shot.

“What position is that?” everyone asked almost at once.

“It’s like when you’re standing up but you’re riding? And sometimes your legs are over the dudes shoulder,” I tried my best to explain.

“I’m confused,” Kendall spoke.

“Not going to lie, I am too,” Fredo laughed.

“I think I kind of get it,” Justin spoke.

“Then y’all go ahead and show us, playboy,” Khalil instigated.

“Nah,” I tried to object but Justin already had me on my feet.

“It’s like this, right?” Justin asked once picked me up with my legs wrapped around his waist.

“Yeah but you have to put your hands around my hands,” I instructed, nodding towards my wrists.

“Put my hand where?” Justin got confused.

“Like this,” I held myself up with my legs and grabbed Justin’s hand so that they were wrapped around my wrists. When I was sure he was going to drop me, I leaned back. “This is being Melvined,” I concluded.

“Oh shit, this a game changer,” Za busted out laughing and shook hands with Khalil again. At the boys hyping the position up, Justin jokingly thrusted himself against me, testing out the position.

“I know what they about to be doing once we fall asleep,” Kendall called.

“Real funny,” I detached my legs from Justin and snatched my hands back.

“Y/N’s getting Melvined!” Kylie called.

“Fuck all of y’all,” I pushed Justin back into the chair so I could sit down again.

from the best friend drabble list

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why is trainspotting your favorite movie?

Ummm I think it’s a combination of the great dialogue, interesting characters, and performances in the film. I love the way it’s shot, there are a lot of beautiful scenes but of course there are a lot of scenes which are very raw, gritty, and maybe even hard to watch sometimes

Also the soundtrack is 11/10, deffo my favourite film soundtrack ever. Lust for Life, Born Slippy, Perfect Day, Atomic…. all these songs literally give me life


Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato De
┗ Reiko x Kageyama {my favorite two-shots}