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Who's your favourite character the Raven Boys + Blue ?

omG don’t do this to me I love all of them don’t get me wrong

but I’ve loved Gansey so much since I first read The Raven Boys back in 2012 and it has not changed.
I remember the exact moment too lol
That first moment we see inside Monmouth Manufacturing. Gansey’s “room”, basically.
Omg, I just KNEW he was going to ruin me from that moment lmao

And then there’s Ronan lol



Black and yellow. 

This is one of my favorite outfits ever. It used to be the only “dress up” outfit I had in the days before I started routinely buying things other than band tee shirts and skinny jeans. 

Dress and cardigan are both thrifted, shoes are Seychelle wedges from a few seasons ago. Probably my favorite pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. The sunglasses are vintage thrifted and the necklace is Thelma Pickles, my little deer. 

This dress has apparently gotten shorter with each wash but I’m getting a lot better about showing my knees. 

The blue isn’t even half done, and I’m already in love with these!

I think they’re going to be my favorite closed toe shoe, hands down. And they’d just have to beat out my Astonishing X-Men sandals in order to be my favorite shoes ever.

Why have I never created Captain Marvel shoes before?!

Here are my “Greatest Hits” from Season 2 of Arrow:

1. “Because of the life that I lead…”

I know that this is something of a divisive scene among viewers, but I’m a big fan of the conversation at Queen Consolidated between Oliver and Felicity at the end of 2x06. I think that it really comes down to interpretation. I never took Felicity’s disappointment in Oliver’s behavior with Isabel as anything having to do with her own feelings for him; I took her disappointment at face value. She expected better of Oliver than to bed his corporate nemesis because they bonded over vodka and he had twenty minutes to spare before going off to rescue Diggle from the gulag. I definitely didn’t think that she was referring to herself as a better option for him. I did, however, believe that Oliver was referring to Felicity as a hypothetical “somebody that [he] could really care about,” and I enjoyed the surprising degree of self-awareness that it showed in him.

2. “It’s nothing.”

Despite all of the legal failings, 2x07 is one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. Count Vertigo 1.0 is my favorite Villain of the Week, and I got chills on first viewing when Oliver walked into his office at Queen Consolidated in his Arrow suit with the hood down. The episode is not lacking for Olicity moments, but my favorite is a very small one. After Oliver kills the Count, he walks over and crouches down to check on Felicity. Using his special softer voice, he reassures her that she’s safe. She notices that he was shot, but he just puts his hand on her face and gently tells her that “it’s nothing.”

I’m on the record as believing that Oliver was the one to fall truly, madly, deeply first, but I can’t believe that Felicity wasn’t at least a little bit in love with the hero in him after that moment. It’s why I’ve never believed that she would ask him to give up his mission for her, and it’s frankly one of the greatest demonstrations of the chemistry between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards in all three seasons. There was some serious gazing going on.

3. “Diggle, you should go home and get some rest.”

2x10 is another episode filled with Olicity moments, and I do enjoy Oliver admitting to Felicity that he considers her a partner…but I adore the little moment before their heart-to-heart in which Oliver swallows his pride and nods to Diggle that he needs the room so that he can apologize to Felicity for his behavior throughout the episode. Digg just pats him on the shoulder and heads out. It’s so domestic and human and un-epic that I’m reminded of why Oliver and Felicity are such a comfortable dynamic in the show.

4. “Is she breathing?”

This one is all Stephen Amell.

After the Mirakuru soldiers flip the van containing the members of Team Arrow in 2x22, Felicity is knocked unconscious in the front with Diggle. Only able to see a bloody gash on her head and her limp body, Oliver asks with a touch of a quaver in his voice if she’s breathing. Even under mask and hood while speaking in some variation of the Arrow voice, Stephen Amell conveys a very real fear for Oliver that Felicity has died.

It did make me laugh a bit when they climbed out of the van and Oliver decided that no busted knee was going to stop him from being the one to heroically carry Felicity away from the wreckage, but the honeymoon hold showcased my favorite pair of Felicity shoes ever that I still want despite the fact that I’d never ever wear them.

5. “You are not done fighting!”

If anybody ever wants to tell me that Felicity is a weak character unworthy of being the love interest of the lead, I will seriously consider sending a link to this scene in the clocktower from 2x22. Emily Bett Rickards portrayed a Felicity clearly in pain from the car crash and clearly barely holding herself together as all of their plans fall apart, but clearly nowhere near ready to give up. Half-crying and all but clutching her head from a head wound that probably had brain matter leaking out of her ears, she fiercely defends Oliver against himself. By believing in him and standing by him and basically telling him to shut the hell up with his defeatism because they don’t have time for it, she grounds him.

Take a look at my Greatest Hits of Season 1 here, and stay tuned for the Greatest Hits of Season 3!