favorite ships of all time

i was watching @markiplier and started sketching and this happened,, hope you like it!!

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What is your favorite ship OF ALL TIME?!

The favourite ship? The ultimate OTP of me?

That’s clearly

⁎⁺˳✧༚ INK X ERROR ⁎⁺˳✧༚

You got to know - I’m no person that ships. At all. Up to 2016 canon ships were my boat (if any) and I didn’t even ship them or draw them, I just thought they were cute together.

You know, until Undertale flipped my whole life.

Started drawing humans, started RPing, started cosplaying and most important, met @unu-nunu-art in her Error Sans cosplay.

She got me into the best ship ever~~~ 💕 💕

Ink and Error have so much diversity, it’s always fascinating to RP as them, to draw them, to cosplay them. They’re similar yet different and both have their own set of problems (like Unu and I… we even give ourselves their nicknames for fun since we cosplay as them X”3 ).

I’ve experienced so much love and fun over the ship, no other ship can be better than that for me. Undertale is one of the fandoms I’m going to remember for the rest of my life, that’s for sure. 🖤

  • Me: Men?
  • Me: I don't need men to be fulfilled. I got fanfics that'll give me more satisfaction than any person could ever give me.
A lot of people tend to not know that Love Live was written by the same woman that wrote Strawberry Panic. Well now you know.

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What is your all time favorite kyman episode? Also do you ship trey and matt? I kinda do ngl. Btw I love your blog.

Gotta say, Crack Baby Athletic Association really takes the cake on this one. Cartman takes him out on a date, they get in a hot tub, Kyle sounds like Cartman and also goes intensely out of his way to defend Cartman’s idea, and they share a hug. Greatest of all time  💘💚

A Straight Dude and Clexa

Seeing a post about a young straight guy shipping Clexa inspired me to write this.  

The truth is i practically share this account with my guy BFF.  I’ve known him for almost 30 years, since i was a grade schooler.  He’s even older than me (he’s 40!), straight, and Asian.  Being the fuddy duddy old man that he is, he’s not big into the more hip forms of social media like tumblr, snapchat, or even twitter.  He’s basically Facebook or nothing.  He actually doesn’t even watch much TV beyond shit like CNBC or Discovery Channel. Although one of the things we did bond over was our mutual obsession with Dawson’s Creek and Pacey/Joey (which was the only ship he ever shipped before Clexa and my favorite ship of all time before Clexa)

But something happened to him when i introduced him to Clexa.  He spent an entire weekend binging through every episode from 206 through 307.  I was there when he watched this brutal episode.  After it was over, i turned the lights on and looked over at him to see what he would say.  This dude had one hand covering his face, eyes squeezed shut, and tears just streaming down his face. He was this close to actually sobbing right in front of me, and this is a man who i’ve never seen cry in the 3 decades i’ve known him.

Later he would tell me that Lexa touched something almost primordial inside him.  Lexa’s character resonated so deeply inside him that to him, her death felt like a real person dying.  He couldn’t explain exactly why.  He made the clever connection between Lexa and Elsa of Frozen.  This idea of a strong, ruthless, powerful female warrior queen, made of iron and steel on the outside but hiding a terribly vulnerable and lonely young woman on the inside.  When she was killed off by JROT, my friend said a part of him died as well.  

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Why are you voting against clexa? You've only been posting stuff supporting the pairing that's going against clexa, in curious as to why

I’m guessing you mean for the Zimbio poll? I’m voting for Supercorp because even though Clexa is my absolute favorite ship of possibly all time, we’ve already had a chance to hear/read what Eliza and Alicia had to say about the pairing.

That’s the endgame of this poll, an interview with the actresses/actors. I rather have an interview from Melissa and Katie because we need more people to recognize that certain pairings have potential to be romantic but aren’t due to some arbitrary quota.

I wasn’t planning on drawing him for Inktober but after watching this week’s episode of SHIELD I had to! MY SHIP. So Inktober #15 is my adorable lost puppy Lincoln, to go with the Daisy I drew :)

Also bonus post-it doodles I drew while procrastinating on homework~ Haha Hunter is smol.

The fact that there are people out there in the universe that don’t know about the greatness that is Root and Shaw is just…. my heart is truly heavy for you.

They weren’t even planned and yet ended up being my favorite ship of all time (not just out of f/f ships but m/f ones also). I will never stop screaming about them.

They were so unique. Interracial, both neurodivergent and just special in every way. I honestly have never seen another ship like them and even outside of their relationship, they were both just such amazing characters. That’s probably my favorite thing about them. They were their own women with their own arcs and they never needed the other to make them interesting or to prop them up. I actually love the fact that we got to learn about them separately first before they ever fell for each other, made them becoming canon that much more rich tbh. They were individually intriguing characters and then together they were just a force.

Despite how they ended, they’ll always be one of the best femslash couples that graced TV and if you know about their amazingness then you are living life right.

Thank you for your time. This has been a PSA.