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You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.
Tell me about your despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile the world goes on.
Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
are moving across the landscapes,
over the prairies and the deep trees,
the mountains and the rivers.
Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air, are heading home again.
Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting –
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.
—  “Wild Geese”
by Mary Oliver
Why Lee Joon Gi Won Our Hearts During The Drama Awards.

He is very polite. 

When other teams just greeted from their seats with a smile when the MC was introducing them to the viewers. Lee Joon Gi led his team, he stood up and together they bowed to the viewers. 

He shares the glory. 

Every time he won an award, he hugged and gave high-five to all his Scarlet crew. 

He is full of consideration. 

During the best couple award session, Lee Min Ho had to receive the award with Shin Won Ho since Jeon Ji Hyun was still shooting. Knowing that the male couple might be awkward, Lee Joon Gi approached them first to give a little encouragement. 

He shows his love. 

When Baek Hyun said that he loves his brothers and sisters in the Scarlet crew, Lee Joon Gi immediately shot a heart at him and he’s happy. 

He never forgets to thank his fans.

On the way to the stage for receiving the Top 10 Stars Award, Lee Joon Gi turned back for a while and waved to his fans first before proceeding to the stage. He is so lovable. 

He is naturally chic. 

You could tell that he’s so confident, comfortable and that he enjoyed every moment of the show. 

He is friendly with his junior. 

Though Lee Joon Gi is older and 8 years more senior in the industry. He still automatically greeted Lee Min Ho with a slight bow and friendliness when they met on stage. He is everyone’s favorite senior. 

He respects his senior. 

When Kim Sung Ryoung arrived on stage, Lee Joon Gi welcomed her with a bow and smile. He is such a fine young man. 

He is a gentleman. 

Lee Joon Gi thought that Kim Sung Ryoung was the last one in the Top 10 Star Awards. Being a gentleman, he let her to slide to the inner side, so he could stand on the outer side in line. 

He overcomes obstacle. 

He won the Hallyu Star Award that night which means he is the most popular overseas. So the MC tested him to deliver his thank you speech to his international fans in English, and he managed to deliver it well. 

Click to watch his English speech. 

And that would be all the reasons to love Lee Joon Gi. His acting was brilliant in Scarlet Heart Ryeo and he deserved more awards. May the humble actor return to the dramaland soon in 2017 with a new exciting project! You can look for him on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter movie this January 2017 and don’t forget to follow his Instagram @Actor_JG 

When you came as the youngest trainee in the company and they became protective

Anonymous said: hello! can you do a reaction of bts to a new trainee (a girl), and they feel protective of her bcs shes very younger then them?

Kim Namjoon : 

He heard about it, about the new trainee, a girl, who is genius with rhymes and lyrics. She also the smartest in her school. “What’s her name?” He asked to Bang PD-nim. 

“Yoon y/n. We found her when she became an underground raper. She has a lot of fans, you know.” It makes him more curious about you. But then, you knocked the PD-nim’s door and went inside, you bowed to your senior and CEO, “I need to come home early,” you said in monotone. 

PD-nim nodded his head, “oh, y/n. This is Kim Namjoon, Rap Monster, you know him right?” He asked. You nodded your head slightly, “yeah, my friends love BTS.” Namjoon feel like butterflies in his stomach flying nowhere, it’s the first time he fanboy a trainee, a girl, which is the youngest in the company.

“U-uh…you want to meet us sometimes?” Namjoon asked, “well, we could tell your coach that we will teach you a lot of things.”

You smiled, and that smile making Namjoon melt, “sure, why not? Thank you.” After you left, Bang PD-nim would stare at him unbelievable, “are you okay, Namjoon?” 

“When will she debut? I need to collaborate with her soon.” 

Kim Seok Jin : 

You would think that he would in full-mom mode, but let’s be real. He would try to make you laugh with his Dad Jokes. He would smile as you laugh harder when he say something funny. 

“It’s good to see you laugh,” he said. 

You looked at him, “thank you, oppa. The training was very hard, I need to keep my body weigh in certain kilos. I rarely eat and I feel like zombie,” you said. 

He patted your head, “you’re very mature even though you’re the youngest here. You didn’t whine about anything but do it as soon as you got the words.”

You nodded and leaned on the wall, “yeah, I think so. I’m to tired to speak,” you said slowly. He sighed, “I will talk to your coach. You still need to rest because you have school everyday yet he was strict,” he scoffed. 

“It’s okay.”

Min Yoongi : 

He was in the studio that night, finishing the song for BTS new album. But then, the door being opened and there was you. You stared at him clodly and bowed, “sunbae,” you said in monotone. He nodded his head, “new trainee?” You nodded and went to the couch and waited for him. 

“What are you doing here?”

“They told me to help you, to finish the song.”

“You? Help me? Come here,” you stood and walked to him. He looked at you, “what can you do?” He asked. You shrugged as you saw the lyrics on the paper, “rap, dance, sing, compose, you ask me.” 

Then, you smiled as you saw the Cypher pt. 4 lyrics, “this is cool,” you mumbled. He let you read it, but he didn’t think that you would rap to the lyrics. 

He widened his eyes as you rap with perfect tone, and everything. “You’re good!” He said, “now you’re my favorite trainee, okay? And drop the formalities when you’re with me.” 


Jung Hoseok :

He knew already about you being the youngest yet the talented trainee among the trainees. He passed the dance studio as he heard the choreographer told someone, which is you, to take care of your health. 

“What’s wrong?” Hoseok went inside the room and you, with sweat and pale face stood there. 

“Oh, Hoseok. She injured herself yesterday and insisted to come to this session,” he sighed. You chuckled and shook your head, “it’s nothing. Really,” you said. But you could feel the pain in your leg, yeah, it’s kinda misplaced. 

Hoseok stared at you and hold your arms, “I’m going to bring you to hospital, okay?” He helped you walk to the car with him, “what are you thinking? It could be worst,” he said. 

“Yeah, but I need to catch-up a lot of-”

“You’re the most talented trainee I’ve ever met but you have that kind of Namjoon’s character.” 

Park Jimin : 

He peeked to the trainee section, and there you are. The smallest yet the most introvert person. While the other girls admiring him you stood at the back with headphones and guitar. 

“She always doing that. Y/n, but she did an amazing job in singing and rapping. No wonder she’s our coach’s favorite.” Jimin would come to you, you lifted your head and removed you headphone. 

But he could here, clearly, you’re listening to ‘Hold me Tight’. 

“Well, you make an acoustic version for the song?” He asked. 

“Yeah, sort of. But not good enough to hear,” you said. 

“Hey, trainee should be confident. Why don’t you play for me?”

“Eh? Here?”

He smiled, “or I can treat you something while you play the song?” 

Kim Taehyung : 

There you were, on the stage, in this MAMA awards. You and your group won the Best Girl Group awards. You, as the maknae, you feel really happy and you could see your seniors waving at four of you and giving you standing appreciation. 

“Here, y/n want to say something,” the leader passed you the mic. 

You sniffled making the people cheered, “I don’t want to cry actually,” you said, “because I promise to my sunbae to not cry instead of smiling.” Taehyung gives you thumbs up. “Like I said on my interview, I almost give up when the training became hard each days.”

Your eonni patted your back making you calm, “thank you sunbae, Taehyung sunbae, you gave me a lot of motivational words even though I already debuted, if you’re not encouraging me, I…I wouldn’t be standing with my group here.” 

When you and your group came down, Taehyung would open his arms and you would hugged each other. Making the crowds cheered, they know the strong bonds between you and Taehyung like brother-sister so they were happy when they saw you really respect Taehyung. 

Jeon Jungkook : 

Here you are, confused. 

Jungkook waited for you, in front of the school’s gate. He also still in his uniform. “What are you doing here?” You asked. 

“Waiting for you, we’re going to the same place after this so why not?” You nodded and a lot of students stare the both of you. “I’ll….just take the bus,” you said. Jungkook turned his head and shook his head, “don’t.”


“I-I mean, w-well, you know. It’s embarrassing if you left me all of the sudden while I waited for you…” You chuckled and followed him. 

“Because you’re my favorite senior, then, let’s go.”

the toziers, local legends, part two

-Richie has all of the high school kids on snapchat and they watch his story all the time.

-Whenever Richie and Eddie go out and they want to eat cheap, they go to a place with a high schooler based staff because they know they can get good discounts and free things.

-Before the big dances, like homecoming and prom, Richie and Eddie have their favorite seniors come over and they decorate their backyard and make dinner for the kids. They make spaghetti and meatballs and Eddie makes sure that no one gets red sauce on their clothes. Every single year they talk about their prom.

-Eddie always gets the nicest limos for them and gets his best drivers to chauffeur

-Richie always lines up the time that the high school kids are driving home from school with the most poppin music.

-Whenever someone throws a party, they get Richie to DJ and Eddie to line up rides for the drunk people.

-Richie is literally a fashion icon. He will wear a red suit to dinner somewhere then the next thing you know, all the boys are wearing red suit jackets or satin pants.

-Whenever Richie and Eddie are having a bad day, they go to Chuck E Cheese. They literally go straight from work to Chuck E Cheese so it is two grown ass men running around in full suit and tie at a children’s arcade.

-One time Richie almost got into a fight with a six year old because he kept getting beat at air hockey.

-Richie wins Eddie one of those really big tigers and they eat the really gross cheese pizza there. Again, two grown ass men and a stuffed tiger sitting in a booth and eating cheese pizza in full suits.

-Whenever they go out, some high schooler working there will take a picture with them and post it on their story and get messages like, “YESSS TOZIERS!!” or “JEALOUS!!”

-Their house is always open for anyone having troubles at home.

-Some days, Richie and Eddie literally won’t leave bed and they’ll order a pizza and they’ll make sure one of the high school kids delivers it and the kid will literally bring it upstairs to their bedroom.

-Employees fight over who gets to serve the Toziers because they tip HUGE


Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: A boring party leads to jitterbug dancing.

Word Count: 1,425

Warnings: Language, 1940s slang

A/n: I am obsessed with this video so let’s have some Lindy Hop.

Originally posted by sibirr

“This is the most boring party I’ve ever been to.” You sighed, taking the last flute of champagne off a waiter’s tray. You gulped down half of it and observed the guests, they seemed to have a good time.

“Yeah,” Bucky nodded. “But at least you can get drunk.” He finished his fifth glass of whiskey, cursing his fast metabolism.

“I don’t know shit about politics, and I’ve heard their stories a thousand times. Why are we still here?”

Bucky leaned closer to you, nodding his head toward the dance floor. You cocked a suspicious eyebrow, eyeing him from the corner of your eye.

“We’re here to watch America’s favorite senior citizen break some poor girl’s toe.”

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anonymous asked:

Marvin-teaching-drama GIVES ME LIFE. but the real question is what would everyone else teach?

Collaborated with @whizzerbrowne bc this is hers as much as mine perhaps even more so let’s be honest.


  • TOTALLY A RIVAL ARTS TEACHER. (thank you cj for opening my eyes to this possibility).
  • He’d probably do like Standard, Technical^tm English classes like regular English, American and British Lit, Oral and Written Communications, and tbh he’d probably get roped into teaching a Psych elective. This rivals Marvin’s classes of drama, humanities, poetry.
  • Marvin is a complete classics snob while Mendel is obviously wayy more modern well by lit standards
  • Mendel: God, I love Slaughterhouse-Five. Marvin *snorts*: I hardly consider that a classic. Mendel: MARVIN IT WAS WRITTEN OVER FORTY YEARS AGO. Marvin: EXACTLY!
  • but yeah, while Marvin’s class is def structured around lectures, Mendel does more of a discussion-based environment and prompts his students, “Why do you think [this character] did/say that?” or “What do you think the author was trying to say about society by including [this] in the novel?”
  • It should be obvious that Mendel does not answer these questions himself bc DONT ASK ME QUESTIONS IM FRIGHTENED OF QUESTIONS.
  • But yeah,,, the ultimate teacher rivalry.
  • His favorite class of students: Seniors bc they’ve learned to not be afraid to speak up and actively participate in class.


  • Her favorite classes to teach are def Biology and Anatomy (which she teaches at regular, honors, and AP levels).
  • She def gives herself the most core classes and a few electives, so that makes her schedule suuuuppperrr busy and hectic but she loves the work and she loves the kids.
  • And lab days are her absolute favorite, omg. She loves performing the experiment alongside her students whenever she can, and she loves helping with their measurements and really just watching their faces when something happens.
  • She is def That Teacher who you go to when you’re failing a class and are v overwhelmed and really need resources like tutors and such. She has that open door policy.
  • Her favorite class of students: freshmen and sophomores!! They’re so genuinely curious and not Over^tm school just yet. They always seem more open-minded and conscious for class.


  • Okay, so so so so hear me out: Cafeteria worker Cordelia.
  • She serves lunch and gets to hear the gossip and tbh this is only a day job for her as she tries to kick-off her independent catering business.
  • She is everyone’s favorite bc she remembers all the kid’s names and what they prefer and she’ll do the “how was that history test?” and hear the resounding groans.
  • She never skimps on the food!! THANK GOD.
  • She also really pushes the school’s budget system to include better ingredients and meal plans and she’ll recommend recipes she’s been working on and even though she’s not the best cook, she has the best ideas and she really gets the business side of the cafeteria done.
  • Also, she always makes sure to save an extra scoop of mashed potatoes for that cute science department head that always takes up for her crusade in the staff meetings.
  • Her favorite class of students: ALL OF THEM. THEY ALL HAVE TO EAT.


  • The head chair of the Family Sciences department. So she teaches like Home Ec, Family Planning and Adult Living, Life Skills, Personal Economics, etc.
  • She is super super vocal that these are not “easy” or “feminine” classes like she makes an effort to invite all male and/or “smart kids” to take them as well bc hey,,, you actually need to know how to do all this stuff. Like, come on. Do you know how to write a check or do taxes? Yeah, didnt think so.
  • The! Kindest! Teacher! She makes an effort to get to know everyone in her class and says hello to everyone in the halls and is just !!! positive.
  • She plans a lot of field trips for students to be like introduced to the world and how to function in crisis situations. Like, she def hosted a class about CPR and other health stuff.
  • Her favorite class of students: JUNIORS! They’re not naive or overwhelmed like lowerclassmen and aren’t lazy or apathetic like seniors. They are her fave, tbh.
5 graphic novels new this week

CLUELESS: Senior Year

Your favorite girls from Beverly Hills are back in an all-new adventure! It’s senior year and Cher, Dionne, and Tai find themselves in a bit of a crisis of self… Where are they meant to go, and what are they meant to DO after high school? Luckily they have all year—and each other’s help—to figure it out!


Tesladyne is seized by a top secret government agency and transformed into Task Force ULTRA to bring global super science firms under the direct control of Majestic 12. Robo’s missing and rogue Action Scientists of Tesladyne have gone underground to hunt him down.

Oh, and giant monsters from the sea are threatening to consume all life on Earth. Sure was a nice planet we had for a while there!


The critically acclaimed Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Giants includes four mythic tales of when giants roamed the Earth, inspired by folklore from around the world and told in the spirit of Jim Henson’s beloved television series. Includes exclusive behind-the-scenes art and more! Collects the complete limited series.


Writer JOE HARRIS (The X-Files) and artist MARTÍN MORAZZO (Vertigo Quarterly), creators of GREAT PACIFIC, reunite for a brand new science fiction series.

In the year 2045, it no longer snows following a crash that left the climate ravaged, society splintered, and the newly christened “Cooperative States of America” propped up and administered by the powerful Hazeltyne Corporation. Only one man wages an all-out weather war against the system, wielding the forces of nature themselves as weapons. He’s the White Wizard. The Ghost in the Night. Genius. Terrorist. Outlaw. Hero?


In 1656, Diego Velázquez, leading figure in the Spanish Golden Age of painting, created one of the most enigmatic works in the history of art: Las Meninas (The Ladies-in-Waiting). This graphic novel, written and drawn by two of Spain’s most sophisticated comics creators, examines its legacy as one of the first paintings to explore the relationship among the viewer, reality, and unreality. (It guest stars Cano, Salvador Dalí, Zurbarán, and many others.) Olivares’s art moves from clear line to expressionistic; from pen nib to brush stokes; from one color palette to another, as The Ladies-in-Waiting uses fiction to explore the ties among artists and patrons, the past and the present, institutions and audiences, creators and creativity.

Zimbits Kids Headcannons

I'ma maybe write something with actual structure if y'all like this.


Coralie-Anne Larissa Bittle (Cora):
They chose Bittle as a last name when she was born because it would keep her out of Jack’s hockey legacy more. Wanted her to be free to not have a life steeped in hockey and it was a first step?

(And because Jack totally dropped the Zimmermann part of his name when he retired)

She was adopted not surrogate mostly because when they were looking around for information Jack fell in love of the ultrasound of a little girl up for adoption. (Teen mom who is still mildly involved)

Adopted 5 years after Bitty graduates, and 2 years after they are happily married.

She’s raised mostly Lutheran traditions (Christmas) because of the Bittles but there’s a few Jewish traditions in there.

She takes after Jack. Her first favorite toy is a hockey puck from the first game she ever went to

Second favorite is Senior Bun II (Bitty still doesnt know how Jack found another one. Etsy??)

She’s one of the first kids born in their old friend group and is spoiled rotten

Shitty and Lardo are Unofficial Godparents/Aunt Lardo and Uncle Crappy

She’s standing on skates by 2, and is skating on her own by 3

She scores her first goal against Jack at his last Falconer’s Family Skate before he retires. (Is like 10 years in the NHL normal? I know nothing, so.) She’s 4, almost 5

Jack and Bitty are kinda lost when it comes to potty training her? Girl anatomy isn’t very clear to them, even though Jack may have bought a book?

Lardo spends a weekend helping. There are a lot of weird google searches that weekend.

She’s begging for a little brother by the time she is six, and Jack and Bitty kinda just look at each other

They don’t want her to be an only child like them

Plus they were kinda already thinking about it

Cora is the most violent Pee-Wee player to ever grace Providence’s hockey teams.

It does not get better as she grows up. She spends as much time in the penalty box as she does on the ice by 7th grade

Is fluent in both French and English, of course

Gave up the confusion of differentiating between Dads. She now calls Bitty by his college nickname

It started by the time she was 8

They both didn’t complain because she picked up all of Jack’s inflections and it’s cute

Everyone they know that didn’t go to Samwell is confused.

Lardo had to give her the girl talk and teach her how to use tampons because Jack and Bitty have 0 idea how to raise a girl. Google isn’t helpful.

Lardo (and Shitty, tbh) sit her down and set her straight about being a woman, and how bad, and good, it is.

She makes Bitty and Jack listen in “so they don’t have to do this again"

She goes to college (Samwell, because why not) on a hockey scholarship. She’s studying engineering, and EVERYONE is confused where the hell that came from.

Johnson Richard Bittle

Also adopted, this time at a year old from an orphanage

Hard won adoption

His mother named him Johnson, not them

They laughed really hard when they heard his name

Cora is instantly Attached.

The first thing she does is bring him her old puck and give it to him.

He takes to a soft brown blanket with a bunny attached Shitty gives him as a present.

Shitty tries not to cry. (And fails.)

He’s a quiet kid, and he doesn’t lean twoards either parent. He likes sitting with Jack as he finishes his classes to get his Master’s in history online. (And a teaching degree, because I just think Jack would be good at high school history. I’m projecting).

He bakes with Bitty from a young age when it’s not to complicated.

His first thing on his own is a batch of biscuits at Grandma’s house

As he gets older he kinda clings to Shitty. Uncle Crappy becomes like his favorite person.

Shitty cries a lot about this

He spends way too much time at Jack and Bitty’s town home

He doesn’t do hockey, and he’s not big into baking. John is smart as a whip though, and does really well in school

It’s not surprising when he starts talking about being a lawyer, he took to Shitty’s social justice rants at a young age

He is like, the most liberal and politically educated kid

He goes to Harvard, because Shitty has connections and this kid is like his son that he can’t fuck up to bad

He’s terrified because Lardo is pregnant and he’s worried about how he’ll be a dad

Johnson reassures him, in a way.


Henrieta Alicia Bittle

They really named her Henrietta because of pressure from all their old hockey friends

Her nick name is Hattie because Jack and Bitty are 110% like that.

I just love the idea of Jack and Bitty wrangling a group of their kids, ok. Three is enough though.

They adopt her from China when she’s only a few days old, and Bitty will never forget the way his heart melted at the look on Jack’s f a c e.

She takes after Bitty, and is helping him make pies by the time she’s old enough to sit on the counter and stir the batter.

She loves it, and tells him she wants to be just like him - a professional baker.

(Bitty BTW, isn’t a pro baker. He got a job managing baked goods and social media for a bakery in Boston post-graduation. When they expanded to a further area a year later he was head baker at their new Providence location. He now runs the place. )

She also wants to play Lacrosse when she’s in fifth grade, and laughing through the whole thing, Jack and Bitty encourage her to pursue what she wants to do.

Turns out she’s really really good at Lacrosse. And soccer. And softball. And every sport but hockey.

Sure, she can skate, and she did a few years in the figure skating program, but hockey? She’s kinda inherited Bitty’s timidness around checking (because she’s really small). And is not good in hockey skates. But she’s a wicked good figure skater in her Freshman year.

She’s decently smart, not as good as Johnson, but she’s the most kind-hearted girl you will ever meet.

She goes to college for Elementary Education and joins the ice cheerleading team and about 7 other sports.