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Okay buckle the fuck up because I’m pissed

Romani people exist okay? We exist, and we experience racism, and prejudice and fucking casual hatred and erasure and constant, never ending microaggressions and if you are a white activist I can almost guarantee you are not fucking helping.

Stop giving the total number of Holocaust victims as six million, it was nearly twice that. Better yet, just stop using the Holocaust as a rhetorical device in general if you’re not Jewish or Romani.

But okay fine you wanna talk about the Holocaust? Lets talk about the fucking Holocaust.

Did you know entire dialects of our language went extinct because everyone who spoke them was killed?

Did you know Romani children were the favorites of the Nazi scientists for experimentation because they were easily bribed with chocolate and toys? Josef Mengele (May he burn in every afterlife) sewed two four-year-old twin children together, back to back. Their names were Guido and Ida and their own mother had to kill them out of mercy.

Non-romani and non-Jewish people need to stop comparing what is happening to the Holocaust because guess what? You don’t understand our fear. You don’t understand how we’re feeling. I watched the fucking president sign an order to ban Muslim people from entering this country and now I cant stop having nightmares about brown triangles and fucking gas chambers.

and you do not know how this feels, you do not understand the visceral cultural memory that exists in ever Jewish and Romani person; I guarantee you do not get it.

In Mississippi you can still fine a Rom for moving to your county. Texas law refer to Prostitutes, Vagabonds and G*psies in the same breath and fines all of them $500 for existing in public. In Pennsylvania it is illegal to even be Romani without a license. A license to exist, a license to be allowed to be alive. And that’s just in the U.S, where I live. Romani children in Europe still go to segregated fucking schools

And I don’t have an Instagram anymore because I was sick of seeing white girls appropriate my culture and call themselves g*psies as if it wasn’t a slur, insisting that they just love my culture so much and yet none of them are willing to defend me against the Nazis who want to finish killing my people

I wonder if my survival will be predicated on how happy I can keep my racist white family. I wonder if they will be the ones who turn me in. I look at every white person around me insisting that we need to give Trump a chance and all can see is their backs turning on me when everything goes to shit.

I cant even go shopping without seeing t-shirt slapped with racial slurs, watching businesses being built atop my people graves, see our suffering reduced to an aesthetic, as if Romani aren’t still forcefully sterilized when they go to the hospital for cold medicine

Are you fucking listening? Do you understand what I’m telling you? I’m not a prop, im not an aesthetic, im not fucking Halloween costume, im a real actual person whose people are suffering I am so fucking sick of leftists and so-called activists who refuse to acknowledge that Romani people even exist, let alone try to, gods forbid, help us.

The only gadje I ever see defend Romani people are Jewish people. And that’s great, Jewish people thank you, but why are the only gadje who care about us getting murdered by Nazis the one’s who are also getting murdered by Nazis?

Stop talking about fucking “peaceful transitions of power” and “don’t fight hate with hate” and “if you punch Nazis you’re just as bad” stop fucking telling Jewish and Romani people they are just as bad as the monsters who fucking slaughtered millions of their people

Fucking hell I don’t even know what the point of this post is im just so fucking done with your shitty activism and your half-assed defenses and your “listen to both sides of the argument even if one side is LITERAL NAZIS” nonsense and your refusal to listen when people call you out on your bullshit im just done

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hey! sorry to bother you, but I dont know about the whole gremlin dva thing? what is it?

Oh wow but I wish you’d asked this off-anon, racist overwatch fans are really sensitive about this subject and like to throw little tantrums whenever anyone says anything against it! I’m gonna start from the very beginning in case anyone doesn’t know the basics of the situation

Okay, so this is D.Va:

D.Va, AKA Hana Song is a nineteen-year-old professional Starcraft player from Korea. There isn’t a perfect analogy, but in Korea, Pro Gamers aren’t viewed the way western gamers are, they’re held in a closer regard to professional athletes, or even rock stars. D.Va’s name is indicative of her personality: She’s a celebrity diva. She’s confident to a fault, she’s courageous and a bit cocky, she’s charming and she knows how to work an audience. Her fame as a pro Starcraft player has led to a career as an actress, which brought her fame worldwide. 

At age 16, through a “last starfighter/pacific rim” type situation, the Korean Government decided to address the problem of “giant robot keeps attacking Korea and traditional military tactics and regular soldiers are useless against it” by recruiting pro gamers (with their fast reflexes and unconventional tactical know-how) to pilot mechs to keep the giant robot at bay. D.Va was the best Starcraft player in the world (except her dad, the one person in the world she still can’t beat), and amazingly, she was also the best at fighting this giant robot. Because her gaming ability is what makes her so good at fighting this particular giant robot, she approaches her job the same way she approaches video games: by perpetually chasing the horizon of perfection and trying to improve her skills.

In-universe, she streams her missions worldwide on Twitch, and her fan following as a Superhero is as big as her following as a Pro Gamer or a Movie Star. Because she streams her missions, she’s often heard using gamer-speak in-combat because she’s addressing her audience directly. Outside of combat, many other heroes (like Lucio and Reinhardt) are huge fans of hers and look up to her, she’s a fan of reading scientific journals and is a bit starstruck to meet her favorite scientist (Mei) and she’s deeply hurt by the destruction she saw in her home country. She’s also sensitive about being called a child, because she’s now 19 (an adult) and a decorated soldier and deserves a certain level of respect. 

This is Gremlin D.Va:

Gremlin D.Va is a fandom-created meme based on approximately nothing from the actual game or lore except the word “gamer” in her description. Gremlin D.Va is a caricature of western white male gamers (interesting given that D.Va is a Korean woman who acts approximately nothing like western white male gamers). 

Gremlin D.Va is approximately four years old (or less!! A lot of the fanart includes her wearing diapers, sitting in strollers, sucking on a pacifier, the line is between “gremlin D.Va” and “baby D.Va” is blurry enough to be practically nonexistent). Gremlin D.Va is obsessed with doritos and mountain dew (she has her own brand of chips and sponsors a cola brand in-game, but we’ve established that the people making this meme don’t really care about what is or isn’t part of the game). She is supposed to be dirty and disgusting, she speaks in broken english even though Canon D.Va is fluent (they chalk this up to be “she’s like a baby!” but infantilization isn’t much better), she is mischievous and sneaky, she is presented as a childlike, and, well, pretty much aligns with every harmful stereotype of East Asians except the hypersexualization (which they claim makes it progressive). Also, as noted in the above picture, part of the meme is that she’s been adopted by two of the white characters, Soldier: 76 and Mercy, neither of whom she’s confirmed to have ever even met. She’s usually presented in the comics as a burden to that white man, which, yikes. 

Essentially, Gremlin D.Va is a list of harmful and baseless stereotypes and tropes about Asians and Asian-Americans like “sneaky” and “childlike” and “perverse,” and defenders of the meme like to pretend it’s okay to project lots of anti-Asian racist stereotypes onto an Asian character as long as they’re not doing so because she’s Asian, but, the fact is, it honestly doesn’t matter whether or not they mean to be racist, but it’s somewhat hard to believe it has nothing to do with the character being East Asian: It would be very different if she were a white character being treated the same way, since there’s really no cultural baggage that presents white people as subhuman (you’re literally calling her a “gremlin”) and childlike (don’t try to dispute this, half those comics put her in a damn diaper), but for SOME REASON the white characters in the game are never presented that way!

The one exception to that is in the Halloween sprays where D.Va is very much presented as a child, and defenders like to claim this makes Gremlin D.Va “canon,” although this doesn’t really hold any water, since the sprays seem to show children dressed as the heroes trick-or-treating, and almost all the heroes are given a trick-or-treater spray. Here’s just a handful, for instance:

Now, I’ve gotten yelled at a lot for calling the meme racist, and 99 times out of 100 it is, but the fact remains, even if it was totally not racist: it’s just plain not funny! It’s boring and unimaginative and doesn’t make sense! People always try to act like “it’s just a video game, it’s fictional, let us have our jokes,” and I wholeheartedly agree, except that I expect jokes to be even mildly funny. 

People also come back with “but it’s Chibi! Haven’t you ever heard of Chibi!” which, of course I have!! In fact, like all the Overwatch heroes, there’s a Chibi version of her available in the game! It doesn’t look like a screaming dorito-encrusted toddler in the care of a cheap knockoff Clint Eastwood, though, it looks like a chibi version of the character:

There she is standing next to her mech! She’s got a look and pose indicative of her trademark cocksure attitude, she’s clearly an adult and not a child, she’s not sexualized in this image without being desexualized through infantilization, and it looks like her, but in that style!! 

Now, the thing is, I know it’s futile to ask racists to stop being racist, especially when they don’t agree they are being racist. They think they’re being funny, and they try to dismiss any criticisms with “it’s not that serious,” but the thing is, if it wasn’t that serious to them, why do they throw a little tantrum whenever anyone voices discomfort with it? And I mean every single time, they whine and complain and act smugly superior because they haven’t been “offended,” but the fact is that most normal fans of the game are content to roll their eyes and scroll past their unfunny meme, and they’re the ones who get all worked up whenever they find out people don’t think it’s funny. 

Which is the most important facet of Gremlin D.Va: it’s not funny! It’s boring! It feels like the kind of thing Seth Green would write in a mediocre Robot Chicken sketch that he didn’t put all that much effort into. Even if it wasn’t racist, it just doesn’t make sense that people keep pushing this unfunny joke despite the fact that the response is more groans than laughs! In fact, most people I know mock and ridicule the people who are boring enough to find it funny! 

So, that’s basically it in a nutshell. 

The biggest problem with Zootopia is that the simplest version of its idea – “different animals living together as a metaphor for modern racism” – is already pretty gross, for the simple reason that race is not biological. It’s a complete myth, a cultural concept that we made up. A white guy has as much in common with a black guy as he does with a white guy with a different hair color. (Biologically, anyway. I have no idea what their favorite Pokemon are.) Every scientist in the world agrees with this, except the racist ones. Everyone from the KKK to the Nazis to the Neo-Nazis to the modern “alt-right” have embraced a philosophy known as “scientific racism,” which argues that skin color is indicative of a lot of other differences in strength, intelligence, charisma, and other D&D stats.

And so does Zootopia.

The movie starts with a history of the world, explaining that while predators used to be uncontrollably violent, they have since been civilized and can now live among prey animals, which also means behaving like prey animals (prey animals aren’t asked to accommodate their behavior for predators at all). Because in Zootopia there’s a right way to live and a wrong way to live, and some animals are – in the context of this movie – biologically programmed to live wrong. They have to be corrected in order to fit in with proper, civilized society.

This is the exact argument at the center of scientific racism.

How Zootopia Gets Its Own Point Exactly Backwards

So for the next week or so, I will be posting @fiddleford-appreciation-month week 4 hugs and kisses for Fidds from all his family and friends cause he now has a nice big family!

You can’t tell me that Fidds doesn’t like adopt Pacifica and she helps him around his new shed and the work together on giant machines. You can’t prove to me that does not happen.

Day 1: Stan/ord Pines
Day 2: Stan/ey Pines
Day 3: D/pper and Mabe/
Day 4: Pacifica Northwest

Just a PSA: Johnny and Amber are both in episode 9 of Bill Nye Saves the World (about 7 minutes in is where it starts) about gender and expression and both are featured doing interviews (Amber’s is more in-depth because it’s about her presenting as more androgynous in an ultra-feminine market). 

70 Ask-Questions for Science people... because Science
  1. What’s your major/field?
  2. What made you choose your major/field?
  3. What’s your favorite thing to do in the lab?
  4. What’s the most interesting lab story?
  5. What’s your favorite class?
  6. Which professors do you ship together?
  7. Annoying things your labmates do?
  8. What are your thoughts on animal testing?
  9. Any chemical burns or lab related accidents?
  10. On a scale from 1 to 10 how sensitive are your lab scales?
  11. Who’s your favorite scientist?
  12. Who’s your least favorite scientist?
  13. Favorite female scientists? 
  14. Do you do field work? What kind?
  15. Ever tasted an experiment?
  16. What are your typical daydreams about?
  17. How often do you say “for science”?
  18. Do you think about murdering someone with science?
  19. Ever used your scientific knowledge for “bad” stuff?
  20. Whats the most “evil scientist” thing you can think of?
  21. If you had infinite funding, what would your research be about?
  22. What is your favorite scientific theory?
  23. Is a scientific mind attractive to you?
  24. What is your title?
  25. What is the role of technology in your field?
  26. What do you enjoy most about doing science?
  27. What do you enjoy least about doing science?
  28. What is your tolerance on stupidity?
  29. What are your strengths in your field of study?
  30. Your weaknesses?
  31. Do you have a bit of a god complex?
  32. Why are biology majors so….you know..
  33. What motivates you?
  34. Do you like being supervised?
  35. Describe your analytic abilities.
  36. How would your friends describe you?
  37. How would your professors describe you?
  38. Is math a little bit too mathy for you?
  39. Do you code? if yes, how many languages?
  40. Thoughts on AI and robots?
  41. What’s your favorite science blog?
  42. Philosophical views on humanity and nature?
  43. What are your short term and long term career goals?
  44. Do you understand general relativity?
  45. Favorite Dinosaur? Fossil? whatever…
  46. How many bones can you name in medical terms?
  47. How many muscles can you name in medical terms?
  48. What’s your favorite molecule?
  49. Do you like proofs or cold hard Mathematics?
  50. What’s your favorite element?
  51. Favorite show?
  52. Favorite scientific fictional character?
  53. What’s your favorite micro organism?
  54. Have you ever held an organ in your hands?
  55. Lab coats?
  56. What about … lab goats?
  57. White latex gloves or blue ones?
  58. What’s the most dangerous experiment you’ve done in the lab?
  59. What was the first time you got caught doing science?
  60. What was you’r parent’s reaction when you told them you’re a scientist?
  61. Except for lab coats in the bedroom what other kinks do you have?
  62. What would you do a TED talk on?
  63. Are you creative, artistic?
  64. Do you have an attractive professor you can’t pay attention to?
  65. What’s your favorite mineral?
  66. What scientific books would you recommend?
  67. Thoughts on spectral analysis?
  68. Any interesting stories from the lab?
  69. Ever did or thought about doing it or someone in the lab?
  70. How much science is too much science?

Compiled by: rudescience 

Control The Fanboy [a E2!Barry Allen imagine]

Request: for the e2 Barry request, how about one where you’re a scientist and he is a fan of your work but like SUPER ADORKABLE FANBOY LEVEL, and when he meets you he reacts sorta like he did when he met Wells - minus the knocking him down part plus you being really flattered?

a/n: wow…..yup, im SLUT FOR E2 BARRY PLEASE RETWEET/SHARE MY VIDEO [x] <- instagram

Barry has never been as happy to be the head CSI as he is now. Thanks to the captain, he gets the honor of interviewing his all time favorite scientist; you. Smoothing out his tan sweater vest, he grins, pulling the clear door open. His brown wingtip shoes squeak on the tiles of the building, echoing through the lobby.

“You must be Mr. Allen!” you beam; white lab coat swaying with your pastel green skirt. His hazel eyes widen a fraction of an inch, jaw going completely slack. Sticking out your hand, you smile softly, placing your clipboard underneath your arm. “Y/N Y/L-”

“I know who you are!” he cuts you off, hands flying over his mouth instantly. You giggle, putting your head down slightly, hair falling into your face. “I… I mean, I love your work, it’s incredible! And your reports? They’re amazing; I’ve read them all! Your scientific research is truly remarkable!” he rambles, freckled cheeks coated with a blush, hands making fast gestures.

When you don’t speak, he opens his mouth awkwardly, pushing up his thin framed glasses. You shake your head, “I…um, thank you. Thank you very much!” you bite your lip, “I’ve never met a…a fan before!” you laugh softly, touching his shoulder through the gray jacket, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Allen.” you muse, grinning from ear to ear.

He inhales a shaky breath, lower lip slightly quivering. “You can call me Barry!” he exclaims, probably a lot louder than appropriate. “I mean, if…if we’re going to discuss the meta case, I'd… I’d think that…um…” he trails off, scratching the back of his neck before readjusting his red bow tie. His thick eyebrows raise up his forehead, lips forced into a tight smile. God, he’s so awkward…

Your face lights up and you nod, work lanyard thumping against your cream colored tank top. “Barry…That’s a really cute name.” you compliment, enjoying watching his cheeks heat up.

“My full name is actually Bartholomew but it’s kind of dorky, so, um, I go by Barry…. Not that it matters, I… you… You’re really cute by the way!”  he blabbers, long pale fingers fixing his specs again. Maybe he should just go after that comment. “I…er…” he gulps, tugging at his collar.

Blushing, your hands fly to your skirt, toying with the frayed hem. “Thank you, Barry.” you mumble shyly, nervously nibbling on your lips. Barry looks down at his shoes; glasses dipping down his slender nose, chestnut styled hair bouncing. “I think you’re cute too..” you admit, causing his neck to snap up almost fast enough to give himself whiplash.

His glasses are tilted sideways and you reach out to fix them, but retract your hand. Barry blinks, adjusting them with a cough. “T-thank you!” he stutters, rubbing his hands up and down his dress slacks. “So…the.. the, um…”

“DNA! Yes, of course, follow me!” you snap your fingers, pointing down the hallway. Barry sucks in a breath, speed walking with you. Be cool, be cool, control the fanboy…


MeitanteiSonoko’s Monthly Fanart Digest: February 2017!
~ Miyano Shiho / Haibara Ai Special ~

We’re at the end of the month again, which means… Yep, that’s right, a new issue of my fanart digest! And this time it’s all about everybody’s favorite scientist, Miyano Shiho! As usual, don’t forget to visit the original links and vote for the works you like!

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Johnlock: From BrOTP to OTP

(Warning: homophobic people/situations mentioned)
When I first started watching BBC Sherlock, one of the things that stood out to me that I liked most about it was the friendship between John and Sherlock. I couldn’t quite figure out what was so special about their friendship, but it was clearly the center of the show. Their friendship was what made Sherlock what it was to me. It wasn’t long until I discovered the fandom online, digging into all of the amazing fan art, fan videos, fan theories, and surprising to myself, even reading the fanfic. It was through all of these that I learned about shipping, and thanks to my innocent heteronormativity, Sherl0lly became my OTP. It was unavoidable that I also became aware of the ship Johnlock. I was raised Catholic and taught that the homosexual acts are a sin. My parents are very conservative and homophobic. I had never even considered the idea of Sherlock and John in a romantic relationship. Unfortunately, I assumed that only people who are gay shipped Johnlock because they wanted to see themselves in something that wasn’t there. (I was so wrong. I’m so sorry.) I completely ignored Johnlock at first, but in the Sherlock fandom, it’s pretty much impossible to entirely avoid seeing anything Johnlock. I remember staying up late on my phone when I was supposed to be sleeping, scrolling through fan art. I came across a picture of Sherlock and John kissing in the dark with rain pouring outside, sprinkled on the window. A part of me had alarms going off in my head that this was somehow wrong, but those feelings were muffled by one thought: this is beautiful. I truly thought that this one work of art was the most beautiful picture I had seen in the fandom. I risked downloading the picture on my phone, knowing that no one would see it. That was only the beginning. I saw a few more pictures I couldn’t help loving: a potterlock drawing, a drawing of John and his sister Harry. I don’t ship Johnlock, but these are beautiful, I thought. I later came across a Johnlock fan video edited with one of my favorite songs (The Scientist by Coldplay). I don’t ship Johnlock, but my favorite song with my favorite TV show is perfection, I thought. (I tried to ignore this at the time, but I couldn’t help thinking how clear it was that the video was a Johnlock fan video even though it was simply putting clips from the show together.) I was completely obsessed with the show by then. Sherlock was my life. Not a day went by when I did not think of the show (literally!). The show honestly even saved my life, but that’s a post for another time. Eventually, I found out about a fanfic that was apparently very popular in the fandom called “Alone on the Water” by MadLori. As many of you may know, the author describes Sherlock and John in this story as “hetero-life partners”. I do not know the authors intentions of this word choice in a story where Sherlock and John aren’t technically in a romantic relationship, but back then, I interpreted it as showing the possibility of a friendship stronger than people realize two friends can have. I’m the kind of person who usually has one or two friends who I’m closer with than my other friends, and those kind of relationships are really important to me. Reading that story was when I decided to “friend-ship” Johnlock while still romantically shipping Sherl0lly. I later learned the term “BrOTP” which I thought was accurate for John and Sherlock. Each of these pieces were like pebbles being added to the Johnlock scale. Later, I found a short fanfic called “Fin?” by JustlikeWater. This was what tipped the scale. I cried reading this fic. It read like poetry, and it changed my views entirely. (You can still read the review I left as as guest under the name of “mind blown”. That was before I had a fanfiction.net account. I was so young then. I left another review later under my fanfic name “SherlockiansGetBored”, the name I now use to write Johnlock fanfic.) It was after reading that story that I officially considered myself a Johnlock shipper. I continued to read more Johnlock fics including “The Battlefield”, another tearjerker by JustlikeWater and the iconic “Performance in in a Leading Role” by MadLori. It wasn’t until December 2016 that I learned about TJLC (The JohnLock Conspiracy) through Rebekah’s TJLC Explained videos. (Hope you are doing well, Rebs!) My life was changed. I completely and unapologetically shipped Johnlock and became a believer in TJLC. I finally stopped shipping Sherl0lly after watching the Molly Hooper video. Everything made sense once I realized that she is a mirror for John. It was actually through those videos that I came to accept that I am bisexual (I had been questioning my sexuality since 9th grade). I remember a time when my mom actually thought Benedict Cumberbatch was gay, and I was like, no way! He’s married with a kid. I thought she had gotten the idea from The Imitation Game, but she said no, she meant in Sherlock. I was thinking to myself that Sherlock isn’t actually gay. He’s secretly in love with Molly Hooper, I thought stupidly. Either that or he’s asexual. A year later, and my mind was completely changed. On the day that the “I Love You” trailer came out, I told my mom that Sherlock is gay and that he is in love with John, but she was and is still homophobic, so she changed the subject and started talking about Dwayne Johnson. A few days later, I risked explaining TJLC to her, but she simply responded, “Gay is not okay.” I knew then that I was not coming out to her or my dad as Bi any time soon, if ever. Like everyone else, I was more than disappointed when Johnlock wasn’t canon in series 4. If Steven and Mark didn’t have the courage to make history, why should I admit to my parents who I really am? I continued to be cautiously hopeful that Johnlock still has a chance to be canon. I don’t know if it ever will, but I have realized the answer to my question. The reason that Sherlock and John’s relationship is so special is because it isn’t just a friendship. BBC Sherlock is a romance. Whether Moffat and Gatiss will admit it or not, even raised in a homophobic family, I knew that John and Sherlock are in love. No matter what anybody says, BBC Sherlock is inevitably the greatest love story that will ever be told.

“I’d like it if you stayed”

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Pairing - Edward Nygma X Reader

Wordcount - 2059

Warnings - Mentions of harassment and violence

Author’s Note -  (Y/N) - Your name. (Y/L/N) - Your last name. (Y/E/C) - You eye color

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been absent as of late but I’m back, with this Edward Nygma one shot. This is set in season one before he kills Officer Tom Dougherty.

(Y/N) worked through the stack of papers on her desk. When she went for a job at the GCPD, she imagined she would be helping the people of Gotham, even if she wasn’t on the streets directly fighting crime. But too soon she was faced with the realization it wasn’t what she thought it to be. Being a secretary, she filled cases, typed up reports, organized meetings, made coffee, brought coffee round to everyone. If the extensive daily routine of her work wasn’t enough, the male officers tended to make crude remarks to her or in passing. She didn’t feel like a colleague, she felt like a piece of meat.

There was someone, though. Someone who considered her to be a human being. Edward Nygma.

He was the only person who made her day just a little brighter, with his quirky behavior. He always greeted her with a riddle in exchange for his coffee in his favorite mug. Even though, Edward was odd, (Y/N) couldn’t deny that over the time that they had worked together (Y/N) had developed feelings for the forensic scientist. (Y/N) kept those feelings to herself, in fear that if she revealed them to Edward, she’d lose his companionship. (Y/N) knew that if she lost her friendship with Edward, she’d certainly go mad working for the GCPD was no easy task especially with no friends.

The day had begun like any average day, she had gotten up, dressed and headed to the GCPD. She made her usual rounds handing everyone a cup of steaming mugs of hot tea or coffee to her fellow colleagues, leaving her favorite forensic scientist for last, ignoring the crude comments as she passed. Walking over to Edward’s desk, gently placing his simple white coffee cup with a question mark on his desk, with a grin on her face.

“Good morning Ed. How are you today?” She asked as Ed looked up from the file on his desk.

“Good morning Miss (Y/L/N), I’m very well thank you, yourself?”

“Ed how many times have I told you it’s okay to call me, (Y/N). I’m okay” Edward’s eyes were disbelieving. He knew, she was getting tired of the derogatory comments, the name calling, the dropping of pencils just so (Y/N) had to bend down to pick them up. Now Edward wasn’t blind, he knew how beautiful (Y/N) was, however, she was much more than that to him. He adored how she was the only one in the building who would take time out of her day to talk to him. In addition, she was really good at answering his riddles, this fascinated Edward. But why the other men couldn’t treat her with respect was beyond him. It was infuriating. Edward was getting sick of it. The false smile (Y/N) wore around work as she handed back case files. The only time he saw an authentic smile on (Y/N)’s face was during their morning conversations. He knew what he had to do.

“Okay (Y/N). This is an easy one, what can travel the world while staying in the corner?” (Y/N) began thinking about the answer for a short while before answering.

“It’s a stamp” (Y/N) replied, gaining a smile from Edward. Edward loved how smart she was.

“Correct. If you come by my desk at Lunch, I’ll give you a harder riddle” Edward was doing this on purpose, he wanted to see her smile again. Who was he trying to fool? He wanted an excuse to talk to her more.

“I’ll hold you to that Mr. Nygma” (Y/N) wondered away to continue with her daily workload.

Edward did give (Y/N) another riddle at lunch time. It took some time for (Y/N) to work out, as Edward had remained true to his word, the riddle had been a lot more difficult than the previous one. Edward was shocked when she managed to answer.

Edward had finished his shift at the GCPD, he noticed the group of Police Officers that were particularly disrespectful to (Y/N). The men seemed to be full of laughter and joy. Edward’s anger bubbled beneath the surface like an erupting volcano. How could they be so happy when they constantly made your life a misery? Feeling a sudden burst of confidence, Edward approached the group of men. Aware that (Y/N)’s shift had finished so he needn’t worry about her catching what he was about to do.

“Excuse me, gentlemen, I was wondering if I could have a word concerning Miss (Y/L/N)?” The group of men laughed at Edward. They always laughed. Never talking Edward seriously, but he needed to do this. He wanted to see that genuine smile.

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I sat right next to Death one day
And looked him in the eye
I begged him not to take your life
Although I knew he’d try

He laughed at my request and asked
Why I would fight for you
Because, said he, you once left me
And broke my heart in two

And I am not a poet, dear
I don’t have words to say
I never hoped you’d love me back
I only hoped you’d stay

And we are not a formula
Our pattern can’t be named
My heart is set aflame for you
And chaos can’t be tamed

So I grabbed Death by his own throat
And told him my dark truth
I do not fight to win your love
I only fight for you


One Scientist Who Loves Another

(By @agent-85, for @omgfitzsimmons)