favorite scenes of 2011

anonymous asked:

I was watching their old Christmas videos today and I found what is my new favorite Rhett moment, from the behind-the-scenes from 2011, and I wanted to share it with someone because it warmed my heart. :) /watch?v=jxjwqt-x26M&t=3m50s

Oh gosh, I’d never seen that. It’s so sweet…wow. Link’s wringing his hands in distress and everything. Watching that whole video, gahh, that looked rough, no wonder they were feeling down. Rhett’s tone of voice is so gentle but still firm, and he leans down so his face is more on level with Link’s… It’s amazing because this is exactly the kind of comforting that I personally respond to – the kind that’s actually logical. Gah, Rhett. This is the second time I’ve felt love like this for this guy. What a Christmas miracle.