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1. Favorite Musician/Band? 
✨ Maroon 5
- adam levine (need i say more??)
✨ One Direction
 - i’ve been a fan since 2011 (??) and i miss them so much ughhh
✨ Boyce Avenue
- i really love their covers!! ❤️

2. Colour you enjoy looking at?
✨ anything pastel tbh 

3. Name your favorite scene/moment in a book
✨ the cabin scene in acomaf (!!!)
✨ when percy was claimed in tlt and also when he was called the hero of olympus in tlo (i was just so proud okaaaay)

4. Where are you right now and what are you doing?
✨ im in my room and im supposed to be rewriting my notes but nah

5. What did you have for lunch yesterday? Did you like it? 
✨ i had something from mcdonalds so yeah

6. When was the last time you cuddled an animal?
✨ last night with my cat 🐈 

7. Where do you want to travel?
✨ united kingdom and france 🤗

8. What do you want to call your children if you want any?
✨ if i have a boy i’d name him azriel
✨ if i have a girl i’d name her elain or annabeth (or probably a combination of the two who knows)

9. Favourite flower?
✨ sunflowers 🌻🌻 

10. Tell someone you love them. (This is not a question but hey 😄) 
✨ idk if it should be in person or not but i love every single one of you ❤️❤️ 

My Questions ☀️
1. What’s your name?
2. Sunny days or rainy days? Why?
3. Favourite song?
4. What do you like to do on your free time?
5. What’s your favourite book?
6. Favourite author?
7. What was your first kiss like?
8. Have you ever been in love?
9. What’s your dream date?
10. What makes you truly happy?  

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I can’t get over the fact that after Saitama hits Genos’ head the light circuits on his body glow brighter slowly in the direction of his core as if he’s blushing in a weird cyborg way?? and just generally the overall cuteness of his dazed reaction is so fucking pure, I’ll never get over this scene smh its always been my favorite genos and saitama moment.


Ok but like this is so sweet. Han is ready to give up his love with Leia because he thinks she wants to be with Luke and not him and he just wants to make his Princess happy even if he’s sad. And Leia’s just like “you stupid nerf, I want to be with YOU! not my brother!” And then the moment when Han realizes that she is his and he is hers is so sweet and cute I can’t handle it. AKA space mom and dad are happy.

Han and Leia Appreciation Week Day 2: Favorite Scene/Moment


“I wanted to become like you, Tae-chan… A strong girl with a kind heart.”

“Kyu-chan… You are you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman. You’ll always be my precious friend. So please… don’t cry.“

in all seriousness though watching a lost little warlock find one of her own people and connect with him as soon as she realizes he’s just like her is so healing because i truly know this feeling when i run into someone else who’s also of my ethnicity. i’m never more glad that it’s magnus bane whose allowed to make madzie feel safe and comfortable rather than some white shadowhunters