favorite scene of season 2 tbh

Isabella Gomez just had a live stream on Instagram and here are some of the things I learned

-Her favorite show from Netflix is “Orange Is The New Black”

-One Day At A Time Season 2 starts filming on may 31st

-She likes to have a live audience except for the times where there are intimate scenes like kissing

-She is an only child

-Her voice gets lower when she speaks Spanish and it is insanely cute

-Someone asked her if she was straight (tbh I was like whaaat that is kinda stepping over the line) but she answered anyway and said that she sees sexuality as a spectrum which is really cool

-She said she likes Jennifer Lawrence’s acting. Someone pointed out JLaw is so problematic and she said she knew, she was just talking about acting. She also said she always tries to learn and that sometimes her friends call her out on something and she always appreciates it (honestly she’s the best)

-She works out a lot

-She auditioned for Brooklyn 99 recently but didn’t get the part (whaaat?!)

-When asked if Carmen is coming back she said she doesn’t know but hopes so

-Everyone went “Elena should have a girlfriend” and she just said “I know, I’ve heard you, believe me! The writers have heard you!” So at least they know what we want

-She loves reality shows 😂

-Someone asked “Do you have a type?” And she went all serious and said “Yes. Fuckboys!” and she and her friend laughed

-Her grandfather called her Chavelua, which is her Instagram name

-She loves pasta

-Some people tell her she has an accent or it suddenly comes out with certain words

-Someone asked her if she wanted to have kids (like she is 19 but whatever) and she just went “I don’t want kids 🤔”

-Overall she was very sweet and funny and honest and I feel blessed that she saw some of my comments and answered to many of her fan’s questions

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What is your favorite arc on Sense8 season 2?

this season actually made me care about Will and Riley (specifically Will tbh) so as far as a Most Improved it deff goes to them. Besides that everything about Sun’s arc made me HIGHLY emotional so she get’s the number one spot for me. 

Here’s some other onions that you didn’t ask for but I wanna talk about anyway so SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!

I would DIE for Lito and while I absolutely LOVED so many of the scenes from his arc (in particular the ones involving Dani) I felt this season didn’t really do as much with him as I wanted. To be fair, coming out stories are…trite, and it’s a real challenge to make that fell fresh and exciting especially in a situation where there are SO MANY exciting things going on so there’s that. 

Capheus is another BIG improvement from last season. Not just because of the re-casting (which…Toby Onmuwere…wow a Man™) but also the story just…I really enjoyed seeing more of his relationship with his mother and him being a little more emotionally complex than ‘I am optimistic about every situation’. That scene in the first episode where he and Lito were giving interviews…when I tell you I started crying at that point and basically didnt stop for 11 whole ass episodes???

Nomi and Amanita’s arc was perfect as usual. Literally flawless. That WEDDING SCENE FUCK ME UP!!!! AND THEN THAT PROPOSAL!! UGHHHHH. 

I love Kala. I love Wolfgang. Rajan dosn’t deserve what he has coming to him (i think…I’m not sure yet what mess he’s in but I suspect he’s done nothing wrong. He just seems like a good man, and in particular a man who is capable of seeing his failings and rectifying them i.e. Kala confronting him about the expired meds and his immediately taking action to fix it and coming to her, not with excuses but trying to help her understand why he failed that way and apologizing…like..i love him????) (that said Kala and Wolfgang belong together that’s plain as day and I hope Kala idk..borrows some courage from Capheus and gets her man.)

Speaking of Wolfgang, Lito and Wolfgang remains probably my favorite unlikely friendship in the whole cluster. Like all the individual relationships they have are beautiful but like…Lito and his dramatic ass getting into some mess and Wolfgang just showing up ready to whoop any and all ass is just amazing. 

I wish we got more one on one time with Sun and Capheus cause that was my other fave friendship. I just love that kind of dynamic where one is just…like sunshine and happiness and the other is kinda dark and tortured but has a soft heart…(Sun’s heart is soft as a baby bird I’m….there are tears)

Also…just Sun Bak…I may have mentioned this before but I’m a sucker for revenge stories. Like…I love basically any story about someone exacting bloody revenge against someone who has wronged them. Sun busting out of prison and whoopin all that ass to get to her brother…and then not killing him. I love that even more. When the vengeance was just seeing the look on their face at the end. Like the real vengeance was the friends they made along the way…it’s enough to know that they could have done it and didn’t. Idk that..just get’s me..there’s just something about that (admittedly tired and a little overdone) trope that just get’s me every fucking time (I think its probably because there are so many people who I’d like to seek out vengeance upon and I never really could and there’s some kinda fucked up part of my psyche that’s satisfied by seeing these kinds of stories but I digress) 

ANyway….I…love Sense8 and I just finished earlier today so I havent totally gotten all my thoughts about the season together yet but I could probably go on forever so imma just shut up anyone who read this whole thing you’re a fucking weirdo… who reads?

The 100 - Favorites Meme

Thanks for tagging me @alfalfa-sprout!

FAVORITE DEAD CHARACTER: It’s a tie between Jasper and Lincoln :(((((
FAVORITE EPISODE: This is a rly hard question and i couldn’t choose just one!!! day trip, unity day, blood must have blood part 2, nevermore, the four horsemen, or we will rise
FAVORITE FIGHT SCENE: Bellamy and Lincoln (even tho they weren’t actually fighting)
FAVORITE VILLAIN: Does Murphy count?
FAVORITE HEADCANON: that bellamy would make a great dad
FAVORITE COSTUME: Bellamys tan shirt 😏
FAVORITE HAIRSTYLE: Octavias season 4 hair
FAVORITE SET: The dropship
FAVORITE SONG: I have a lot oops: Knocking On Heavens Door, Can’t Pretend, Promise, Remains, Kettering, The Waves Have Come, Cloud
FAVORITE ACTOR: Bob Morley aka the loml

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Sophia Walker Appreciation Post

Because I feel like Sophia just doesn’t get the love she truly deserves in this fandom

And I mean…

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She’s absolutely gorgeous

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but also adorkable 

and just 


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with Annie as Dean!Perry (aka mother knows beeesssssttttt) 

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with Elise as Laura tiny gay ball of rage Hollis

and oh my god


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(vampire sisters who judge together stay together)

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*cries forever* 

From her first scene…

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to her last… 

(only of this season tho THANK LOPHII)

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…Sophia Walker as Matska Belmonde captured my heart and made Season 2 enjoyable even when Hollstein was in the ruts. Her sass as Mattie and simply amazing acting could always make an otherwise angsty or exposition-y episode wonderful and my week brighter

In summary

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(i do Sophia I DOOOOO)



A Typical Freshman's Christmas (Random scenario 2.0)

Hello guys, and Merry Christmas! I just want to say thank all of you lovely followers again for helping us hit 1k! WHHOOOOO!!1! This was a really amazing Christmas gift to us all, and to show my gratitude for being so lovely, I present to you an unbearably cute Jimin Christmas scenario~ Enjoy reading this early Christmas present!~

- Dara (〃・ω・)ノ由☆༶・・ᗰદ૨૨ʏ ᘓમ૨ıડτന੨ડ・・༶

A Typical Freshman’s Christmas 

Word Count = 1,592


There was no other thing you loathed more than Christmas Day.

The seasonal celebration of carols, eggnog, pine trees, turkey, presents, and snow was simply joyfully aggravating. And so you decided, years before your first year of college, that you were going to spend Christmas alone the same year you’d finally move out of the house - there would be no more nosebleed inducing carols, or the sight of crappy fairy lights that were possibly the sole reason for seizures during that time of year, or fake smiles you were forced to show your aunts on Christmas morning when you unwrap your five hundredth pair of socks. You would finally be alone - it would be peaceful -, just you, your bed, and the internet would be invited, and nothing would be there to stop you.

Unless you happen to accidentally become neighbours with a guy named Park Jimin.

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carrie/quinn 7 days ship challenge

Day 2: Favorite season 2 moment.

I chose this one because I love the cinematography of this scene, I think it looks beautiful. And of course I love their exchanging of glances. TBH, I’m not sure what Carrie is thinking here when she looks at Quinn, but it’s clear for me what he is thinking: this is the moment he started questioning his orders. He’s starting to feel guilt about the pain he could cause Carrie if he completes his job.

tbh my favorite thing about rewatching season 2 now that i know the Darling is watching people exit through that door that supposedly leads to the rest of the house while the episode continues on because that just means that like 3+ people were constantly having to stand shoved into a tiny ass foyer while also making no noise because the floors were SO SENSITIVE AND SO NOISY

especially that scene in episode 15 where not only have LaF and JP already exited (which means Kaitlyn and Aaron are just standing back there) but then Carmilla storms off.  so everyone has to pretend they’re all gone while all three of them are crammed back there for a good 30 seconds