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this moment is so small and weirdly lit that there’s really nothing to be done with it gifset-wise but i had to gif it anyway bc it’s the only shot of sabo in film gold that i hadn’t been spoiled for before watching it and even tho it’s only like 2 sec his beauty in it blows me away


Dana Andrews trying to keep it together and not succeeding in Laura (1944)

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So I wanna start watching anime and suggestions ?

Sewell because i havent watched a lot of anime I can suggest a few that  have watched one of them being of course COWBOY BEBOP MY ABSOLUTE FAVE (idk if you guys know that already)

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Terror in Resonance

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Ghost Stories (English Dub) I promise you you’re gonna get a hell of a kick out of this dub version

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The Wind Rises (My favorite Miyazaki Movie)

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When Marnie Was there (My favorite Studio Ghibli Movie)

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And lastly, Elfen Lied. Also fair warning if i haven’t stressed this already: The show contains very intense and even sad events. At several points in the series, there are themes involving sadistic experimentation, psychological torment, animal cruelty (just one scene, actually), bullying, loneliness, suicide, and bleak, depressing thematic material. I recommend this but just a warning

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♪ Can anybody find me, somebody to love ♪

Westallen x Ella Enchanted (Requested by itsstillbeating)


Come into the light…

25 Days of Outlander Day 18 - Scene That Really Surprised Me

I am not someone who can handle excessive gore particularly well (there’s a reason I’m not a huge fan of horror movies). So I was more than a little anxious going into the Prestonpans episode but who could have imagined that it would turn out to be one of my favorite episodes of the season and that the battle itself would be one of my favorite on-screen sequences of the series to date (and pretty much all of television for that matter)? Everything about the battle is so beautifully handled.

From the men creeping through the woods under the cover of darkness and their kilts while Claire prepares the women for the onslaught of wounded as the drum pounds in the background like a heartbeat…

to the way the fog and audio are used as the men charge on the lone sentry and all you finally hear is the distant sound of their war cry and then the pounding of their feet like a stampede…

before cutting back to the women in the makeshift hospital who can hear the battle in the distance but have no way of knowing which side has the upper hand, Alice praying as the shots and audio fall out of sync again and we see that not everyone on the battlefield is prepared for what’s happening around them…

The whole battle manages to convey the horrible violence without going too far; the devastation without becoming unwatchable. So the Battle of Prestonpans goes down as the scene that really surprised me because it surprised me in the best possible way.


Monsieur le Maire, I have a crime to declare.
I have disgraced the uniform that I wear.
I’ve done you wrong, let no forgiveness be shown.
I’ve been as hard on every rogue I have known.
I mistook you for a convict. I have made a false report.
Now, I learn they’ve caught the culprit. He’s about to face the court.

He must pay, and so must I.
Press charges against me, sir.

You have only done your duty.
It’s a minor sin at most.
All of us have made misjudgments.
You’ll return, sir, to your post.

Pulsion Chapter Five Archive of Our Own
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As promised, yolks! This chapters offers some of my favorite Cad Bane scenes to date, not to mention *wriggle brows* Obi-Wan and Serenus are in close vicinity to one another. Heheh. I love building up tension.

Also, I’d like to thank @ideordinal for beta’ing this chapter. Any remaining mistakes are mine alone.

Also also, here’s the usual necessary gif. Did you know that Cad Bane was based off Lee Van Cleef’s character Angel Eyes from the movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? That is one of my favorite movies of all fucking time, and it’s even more fun when you see all the things that influenced Cad Bane.

(One day, that Star Wars AU wherein Obi-Wan is the Good, Cad Bane the Bad, and Hondo Ohnaka the Ugly will happen. And it will be great.)