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clique six dynamics (as ranked by my followers): #5 - maya hart & riley matthews 

you are my extraordinary relationship, maya. // i’d rather be a fool with you than be anything without you. 

Because the ship come and go … but this will always immortal!!The scene is clear. For me one of the most beautiful scenes in the saga.

Ok, the reference to Tangled is brutal but i can’t resist!! When I read this chapter I could not help but think “if this was a disney movie here the romantic song was perfect!”

( I think the colors are darker than i thought, I’ll have to correct the setting of the colors of my computer)


Congratulations. You were able to repeat your accidental success. But you will need to know more than soup, if you are to survive in my kitchen, boy. Colette will be responsible for teaching you how we do things here.

Lizzington Week Day 1 - Favorite Scene

This will forever be my favorite scene between them. When I first started the show July of 2016 on Netflix, I thought that maybe Red could be her father. 🙊 BUT THEN THIS INCREDIBLY INTIMATE SCENE HAPPENED. It opened my eyes to the reality that Red wasn’t her father and that he, in fact, loved her in a romantic way. ❤ I remember my heart was literally aching as Lizzy fell apart in his arms and he just held her in this very protectively tender (and let’s be honest here, sexy! 🔥) way, kissing her head and murmuring against her hair that everything was going to be okay. From the moment the episode ended I knew Lizzington was my ship and I took to tumblr to join in the fandom. Thank you for being so welcoming to a relative newcomer like me, Lizzingtons! 🤗 Can’t wait to read everyone’s posts this week 🙌🏻

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g2mdluffy  asked:

I really enjoy your point of view for the scenes of BTU. The ones ive sent you are my favorites. And in the last one you tagged that it was one of your favorites, but you left me thinking, wich one is your #1 favorite? and what is your DVD commentary of it?

You ask a difficult question, my dude.

Honestly? I don’t think I’ll be able to actually pick a favorite moment for real until BTU is finally DEAD IN THE GROU–uh, over and done with. ^^;

But if I HAD to choose from everything I’ve uploaded so far…

It would definitely be the moment Adrien realizes his girlfriend MIGHT be Ladybug.

I had a VERY vivid image of this moment in my head: Adrien standing below Marinette’s balcony, staring up at her as she gaped down at him, both of them suddenly seeing each other in a whole new-yet-familiar light, that moment of sudden clarity, the “Oh my god…has it been you this whole time…?” moment.

If my arting skills were better, I’d draw the HELL out of this scene. (Hell, I may do it anyway. XP)

It was one of the moments I waited the entire fic to write, and if I must say so myself, I managed to execute it p e r f e c t l y~