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Star sign: Aquarius

Height: 5′9

‘Time right now: 6:00

Last thing googled: What goes well with crown royal vanilla?

Favorite music artist(s): The whole TDE CREW, Sauce twinz, The Weeknd, most of the old Houston rappers!

Last TV show watched: One piece

What am I wearing right now: White & basketball shorts

When did I create my blog: Like back in 2009

What kind of stuff do I post: Funny ass memes, a lot of booty pics I run across, beautiful black queens, anything familiar, anything that appeals to me mostly

Do I have any other blogs: nope

Do I get asks regularly: NOPE, none of my mutuals talk to me like that

Why did I choose my url: cause why not?!

Gender: Male

Pokemon team: Ummm

Favorite color: Blue and Blue

Average hours of sleep: 5-6 depending on the day

Lucky number: Dont have any

Favorite characters: I watch to many shows for this

How many blankets I sleep with: half of one

Dream job(s): Honestly don’t have one, I just wanna be happy and work with my hands

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  • Hajime: Number 11.... how do i begin to explain Number 11?
  • Jyugo: Uno is flawless.
  • Rock: I hear his hair is insured for $100,000.
  • Nico: I hear he's never lost a bet.
  • Seitarou: His favorite movie is "Casino Royale."
  • Mitsuru: One time I saw him with the Warden, and she asked him for love advice.
  • Honey & Trois: One time he beat us in Karuta. It was awesome!
50 Drag Race Questions You Should Answer

1.      Favorite Drag Race Moment
2.       Favorite Drag Race contestant
3.       Favorite Drag Race Winner
4.       Comedy Queens or Beauty Pageant Queens
5.       Favorite Lip Sync For Your Life
6.       Drag Rupaul or Out Of Drag Rupaul?
7.       Favorite Season 6 Queen
8.       Most attractive queen out of drag
9.       Best Snatch Game Impersonation
10.   Favorite Season
11.   Favorite runway look
12.   Jujubee or Manila?
13.   Raven or Raja?
14.   Sharon or Jinkx?
15.   Favorite catchphrase by RuPaul
16.   Best Feud
17.   Favorite Season 3 Queen
18.   DWV or AAA Girls?
19.   Favorite challenge
20.   Favorite ‘villain’
21.   Favorite drag queen song
22.   Favorite Season 1 Queen
23.   Alyssa Edwards or Coco Montrese?
24.   Favorite friendship
25.   Favorite Top Three
26.   Favorite Latrice Royale catchphrase
27.   Willam or Alaska?
28.   Least Favorite Queen
29.   Funniest Queen
30.   Meanest Queen
31.   Favorite Season 5 Queen
32.   Favorite mini challenge
33.   Best Miss Congeniality
34.   _____ should’ve won instead of _____
35.   Favorite shocking moment
36.   Favorite Season 2 Queen
37.   Favorite Catchphrase by a contestant
38.   Michelle Visage or Santino Rice?
39.   Favorite All-Stars team
40.   Least Favorite Season
41.   Rolaskatox or The Heathers?
42.   Sharon/PhiPhi or Jinkx/Roxxy feud?
43.   Favorite guest judge
44.   Best drag queen name
45.   Favorite Season 7 queen
46.   Favorite entrance by a queen
47.   Adore Delano or Courtney Act?
48.   Favorite Puerto Rican contestant
49.   Favorite Season 4 Queen
50.   Top three contenders for the season 7 crown