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Name: Rebecca but I prefer Bec.
Nicknames: Bec, Becky, HUNKA HUNKA, Maulus, 
Zodiac sign: Leo.  Rawr.

Height: 5′4 :/ and bitter
Orientation: Gay af
Nationality: British
Favorite fruit: Apples are my bae <3
Favorite season: Winter, may it rest in peace
Favorite book: V for Vendetta is good shit
Favorite flower: Red Rose? I’m a basic bitch
Favorite scent: What kinda fucking question is this?! O______O I dunno…  cut grass?  The scent of my friend’s cigarette’s (shoot me imao), 
Favorite color: Royal blue
Favorite animal: Lions…  rawrrrrr!
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa:  All three, I’m sorry.
Average sleep hours: Currently it depends if the insomnia, nightmares and paralysis wanna play nice
Cat or dog person: Dogs ftw <3
Number of blankets you sleep with: At least one with a duvet.
Dream trip: Cornwall or Alaska <3
Blog created: 2013 way back when
Number of followers: 181 and I love you all <3

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1. Favorite Drag Race Moment
2. Favorite Drag Race contestant
3. Favorite Drag Race Winner
4. Comedy Queens or Beauty Pageant Queens
5. Favorite Lip Sync For Your Life
6. Drag Rupaul or Out Of Drag Rupaul?
7. Favorite Season 6 Queen
8. Most attractive queen out of drag
9. Best Snatch Game Impersonation
10. Favorite Season
11. Favorite runway look
12. Jujubee or Manila?
13. Raven or Raja?
14. Sharon or Jinkx?
15. Favorite catchphrase by RuPaul
16. Best Feud
17. Favorite Season 3 Queen
18. DWV or AAA Girls?
19. Favorite challenge
20. Favorite ‘villain’
21. Favorite drag queen song
22. Favorite Season 1 Queen
23. Alyssa Edwards or Coco Montrese?
24. Favorite friendship
25. Favorite Top Three
26. Favorite Latrice Royale catchphrase
27. Willam or Alaska?
28. Least Favorite Queen
29. Funniest Queen
30. Meanest Queen
31. Favorite Season 5 Queen
32. Favorite mini challenge
33. Best Miss Congeniality
34. _____ should’ve won instead of _____
35. Favorite shocking moment
36. Favorite Season 2 Queen
37. Favorite Catchphrase by a contestant
38. Michelle Visage or Santino Rice?
39. Favorite All-Stars team
40. Least Favorite Season
41. Rolaskatox or The Heathers?
42. Sharon/PhiPhi or Jinkx/Roxxy feud?
43. Favorite guest judge
44. Best drag queen name
45. Favorite Season 7 queen
46. Favorite entrance by a queen
47. Adore Delano or Courtney Act?
48. Favorite Puerto Rican contestant
49. Favorite Season 4 Queen
50. Top three contenders for the season 7 crown


jill’s infinite list of favorite royal outfits (daytime looks) ⤀ crown princess victoria attends the wedding of prince william of wales to miss catherine middleton at westminster abbey wearing a elie saab dress and matching wide brim hat on april 29th, 2011.


jill’s infinite list of favorite royal outfits (evening looks) ⤀ catherine, the duchess of cambridge attends a garden party in celebration of queen elizabeth ii’s 90th birthday while on a royal tour in india wearing a stunning embroidered crystal embellished crop top and maxi skirt designed by temperley london on april 11th, 2016.