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You’ll just have to accept it, Jack; blue hoodies are quite in fashion in the world of animation! ;)

(Disclaimer: Don’t know if anyone pointed this out before, but I decided to express it in my first attempt at a kind of comic :)

Also, Jack casually enjoying his favorite snowcone flavor ;)
FINALLY I’m done my prompts

Well, I only managed two prompts for the ROTG Favorite Ship Week,
which I got Monday: Mythological and Friday: Forbidden Fruit done.
I just couldn’t think nor manage to even begin sketching out the other prompts
and at this point I’d much rather just get my own projects worked on.

Still- I am excited! So can’t wait to post them up!
Not to mention I’m stoked to see all the other wonderful art and fics that will posted by other amazing artists/writers!

ROTG Month Day 13: Teamwork!

Sandy is by far the best facilitator of teamwork among the Guardians, in either book!verse or movie!verse, but especially in the film.  I think Pitch knew that, which is why he targeted Sandy first– take out the Sandman, and eventually all the Guardians will fall, because they don’t know how to lean on each other. 

Sandy’s team-ups with Jack in the movie and with Nightlight in the books are some of my favorites!

An analysis for favorite-frozen-things :D

(Sorry this took so long)

Okay, here we go:

So, we start in that dark alley. Bunny comes to abduct him and he gets thrown into a portal.

No biggie, right?


You take Jack - a teenage spirit who’s used to having his own schedule - and throw him out of his comfort zone, and you’ve got a mess on your hands. Plus that whole thing with the bag, and you aren’t really trying to make him happy. Not quite the smartest idea.

And then he gets his first view. He probably wasn’t expecting elves. That would throw him off even more, especially the people who appear in his line of sight next.

You see him trying to catch his bearings, trying to figure out where the heck he is.

And then he realizes who he’s looking at. 

Now he’s even more confused. Did he do something wrong enough to catch the Guardian's notice?! Because why else would they bring him here?

More thinking going on here, plus a bit of amazement because he’s finally in the workshop.

And then he gets yanked out of the bag unceremoniously by the same yetis that kidnapped him. He still has no idea what’s going on, so he’s just going to fake it until he figures out why the heck he’s there.

Now, here we see North. From his reaction to Jack, we can assume that he at least knows him by reputation or has seen him/met him before, but that they are no more than acquaintances. 

We see North acting so happy and excited that Jack is there. But, as you get later in the movie, you can tell that the North at the beginning of this scene is an act. He’s excited to have a new Guardian, sure, but he hasn’t forgotten Pitch, or Bunny’s reaction to the news. 

Tooth is just plain excited. She’s heard about his teeth, and she can’t wait to get a look at them. In this moment, she probably isn’t thinking much about the person those teeth actually belong to.

Bunny’s still not happy. He hangs out on North’s right, like he tends to do during the whole movie, but tries to look grumpy the entire time - he’s waiting for an opportunity to argue again. This winter spirit is not someone they want on their team - why don’t the others understand?

Sandy’s just chilling out over there.  We can infer that the two have had some interaction before, but we don’t know what exactly.

Back to Jack. He’s annoyed. He was shoved in a sack, tossed through a magic portal, has no idea what’s going on, and North has the audacity to ask if the yetis treated him well.

He uses sarcasm, trying to buy himself some time to think while also expressing  his displeasure.

And then he’s attacked by the Tooth Fairy. As much as he likes the little ones, this is a bit much.

He’s probably feeling even more off balance than before, and that’s saying something.

Then we have Sandy. Jack may not know what’s going on, but he does.

Moon, snowflake, Pitch, magic, groundhog, leprechaun, guardian.

He’s addressing Jack about the moon telling them that Pitch had come back, and that the platform thing had come up to show them a new guardian. They didn’t know who it was at first, thinking that it might be the leprechaun or the groundhog.

Of course, Jack couldn’t understand a thing, especially at that speed. He’s still confused, and still annoyed about it.

We see him turning a way to collect himself, freezing an elf and - in a roundabout way - asks if he’s there because of his behavior.

He thinks he’s finally figured out why he’s there, and now he can start planning his retorts. Jack’s actually rather intelligent, and it shows in the way he acts and responds to others. He’s pretty good at noticing where the conversation is going - when he has time to think about it and is in the right state of mind to respond (which is why he’s bad at thinking things through before speaking them when Pitch is around.).

And now we cut back to North, who’s trying to connect with Jack through “object lessons” (which is why I classify North as a kinesthetic learner, especially later

with his matryoshka doll) 

Then, after Jack’s little “How come?”, we hear Bunny speak for the first time since the alley.

“Ah, good question.”

Not exactly a friendly quote, and it sets up for the later argument. He’s obviously still not happy with the current circumstances (plus Easter is in a couple of days! and he’s still stuck at the north pole!? Maybe if it had been at a different - less stressful- time of year, he’d have reacted a bit better)

Now we get to see North in his element. He’s like a little kid who loves to plan surprise parties.

And Tooth’s still pretty cheerful about the whole thing.

Sandy’s totally pumped.

Bunny totally is not.

And Jack is thrown off balance once again. He thought he’d  just figured it out, darn it!

now he has to deal with fire (seriously North? Not exactly your best idea .But then, the big guy doesn’t seem to think things through all the way when he’s excited.)

And then he even got knocked into a yeti, as if he hadn’t exceeded his daily quota for physical touch.

In fact, the elves and noise have thrown him off so much that he actually begins to loose his balance - something that’s probably not normal for someone as agile as him.

You can pinpoint the moment when he actually realizes what North said.

And the shoes were just overkill. Shoes? Really? In this lifetime?

Bunny’s refusing to even take part in the ceremony, while North is in his zone.

Jack however, is not happy with the arrangements. Obviously they don’t care about what he thinks, so he’ll just have to catch their attention on his own.

((you can clearly see his belt in this pic))

In fact, he’s so irritated, he ends up using his powers. 

And sort of blowing Tooth away.

Then his classic line:

“What makes you think I want to be a Guardian?”

He’s beyond confused and a bit pissed at this moment. Seriously? That’s why they dragged him there?

All of Jack’s annoyance and irritation will eventually show in his argument with Bunny, and his yelling at the moon.

Let’s just say that this wasn’t the best start they could have had.

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Favorite ROTG character?

I guess I should rank the Guardians 1. Tied between Bunny and Pitch. Bunny is the definition of my favorite hero type character: tough as nails, someone you don’t want to meet in a dark alley behind a bar when he’s angry with you, badass, but also a huge softie. Pitch is the definition of my favorite villain: scary as hell, clever, evil, also a badass, and his voice is just terrifying (I firmly believe that Jude Law was the best casting choice in the film). Not only that but he was written SO well. Gah. I love them both. 2. Jack Frost. Jack reminds me of quite a few boys I know. Impulsive, funny, little shit that likes to have fun and loves little kids. He’s adorable and I admire how well he, like Pitch, was written. I also love his dynamic with the Guardians, especially Bunny because it reminds me of relationships I have with my friends and family. 3. Tied between Sandy and North for this one. Sandy is super funny and adorable and a sass master. North is written so well coincided with the books. I love both of them so much and I could go into more detail but I’m in a rush and this is my last one I’m writing 4. Tooth is my least favorite of the movie verse (up there in the boom verse though). Honestly after reading her book in the series (just finished it, GO READ THEM) I have to say I’m kind of disappointed with how she was written. She has a beautiful design that would look way more beautiful with her Indian features and they took half of her personality away. She isn’t just a “mother” she’s a kickass fighter which isn’t presented well in the movie. Plus I don’t really like Isla Fisher’s voice for the version of Tooth I’m used to. I mean it fits movie!Tooth but I’d rather have an Indian woman with a tough voice (think Jane Lynch or something) playing her as the badass she is in the books. Well. There ya go.

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Get to know me meme: [1/15] favorite movies » Rise of The Guardians (2012)

“Will you, Jack Frost, vow to watch over the children of the world? To guard them with your life; their hopes, their wishes, and their dreams, for they are all that we have, all that we are, and all that we will ever be?” “I will”.

RotG Anniversary Favorite Ship: Blackice


I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already! Time pass by too fast! This is my first contribution to this anniversary week, a little late, but I think late contributions are fine. Better late than never. 

Since I saw this movie back in November 21st, 2012, my one and only OTP has been Blackice. And it still is. I still ship it as hard, as first time I saw Jack and Pitch on the big cinema screen, as they faced each other in Antarctica. I told myself at that moment, OH DEAR NO please I don’t want to face the pain of shipping them, but that scene was too strong to handle, as I gave up and accepted it, and I was a lost cause. 

So here comes a few reasons as to why I ship Blackice!

* The shared loneliness and depression. - Jack and Pitch has been through so much in their lives, and both have shared the same type of loneliness and rejection, of not being believed in, neither by humans, nor spirits. Pitch is thousands of years old, and throughout his life time, he did most likely not have any close relationships with anyone. After all, he is the King of Nightmares, considered a dark spirit, and someone who should be shoved under beds and forgotten. Fear was viewed as something bad, that could never bring out any good, and when the Guardians came into existence, Pitch saw as humanity stopped believing in him. Everything he lived for, his identity, had broken into pieces like shattered glass. Pitch wasn’t a good spirit, as he enjoyed how powerful he had been during the dark ages, and was willing to eradicate those who were against him. But there had to be a reason of his existence. Why was he alive in the first place? And as humans stop believing, not only did he lose his reason for living, but he became much lonelier. He didn’t have any friends… or even allies in the first place, but now no one ever saw him. 

Moving on to Jack, he woke up, as he was revived by the Man in the Moon, not having a single memory of his past life. He was brought into a new life, without ever receiving any love and recognition from humanity, or any spirit… for 300 years. For three centuries, he spent his life in loneliness, and while it’s not mentioned literally in the movie that Jack suffered depression, I’m certain that he did. And so did Pitch. But they handled their situation differently. Jack wasn’t bitter; he did not want to seek revenge on anyone, for not being believed in, unlike Pitch, who had a deep hatred for the Guardians. (Maybe because Jack didn’t have any believers that had stopped believing in him in the first place.) Jack was willing to bring happiness to others, even if he would never find happiness himself. While Pitch… he let the darkness eat him up, consume him, until one day he had enough, and decided to try destroying the Guardians. The depression and loneliness both hurt them so much.

Jack could never be like Pitch, even as Pitch reached out and offered his company to him, because Jack wasn’t filled with revenge and hatred. But their loneliness were still the same, and I believe that they could find comfort in one another because of it. Depression doesn’t go away just like that, and even as Jack became a Guardian, and gained a few believers, he would still be quite lonely from time to time. And Pitch… well Pitch is back at where he started. Alone and forgotten. Again. 

Jack could perhaps… reach out to Pitch, just as the Nightmare King reached out to him, but this time with no ill intentions. I believe Jack could help Pitch find the light, a reason for his existence again, and realize that he doesn’t have to be a villain. That his powers… that fear could actually bring good to people, and is necessary for the survival of humanity. And in return, Pitch could offer his comfort for Jack, as it isn’t easy being alone. They could bring each other up, rather than tear each other down. Together they could be strong, having a friend to rely on when life is hard… maybe even help each other gain believers! And that friendship could bloom into something more… <3

* The dynamic between cold and dark, fun and fear. - As Pitch gestured to the enormous ice-and-nightmare-sand sculpture that was made as they fought each other in Antarctica, it was proof that cold and dark can be very powerful together. It can be lethal, and in dark!Jack AUs, I find it a very interesting idea with a cold and bitter Jack Frost teaming up with Pitch Black. Together they could probably mass murder almost the entirety of humanity, if that was what they would want. I like dark!Jack, but my preference is canon Jack.

Could cold and dark bring anything but destruction and pain? Yes, by taking the form of fun and fear. Fun life moments brings humans closer, as does fear. Fun makes fond memories we look back on and cherish, while fear, in the right amount and used the right way, makes children cautious of dangers, and learns to protect one another from harm. If no one was afraid, and did not have any fears, then humanity would be extinct by now. By accepting your own fears, you learn to accept yourself, and grow as an individual. Don’t run away from your fears; face them, do something about it, and take care of those you hold dear… and have fun with them, while you’re still here! Fun and fear can be hold hand in hand, like a symbiosis. And mixed together, you get adrenaline; that thrilling sensation, scary, yet fun, and so addicting. 

And as Jack and Pitch spend more time with each other, they begin to feel that. Adrenaline, that makes their hearts race, intimidating, yet irresistible, making them appreciate how wonderful it is to be alive. What would life be, without darkness and light? One cannot exist without the other, or else we wouldn’t appreciate any of it. For both fun and fear brings us closer, and so it could to Jack and Pitch.

* To long for a family. -  “Too not be believed in?! To long for… a family!” That is what Pitch said in Antarctica. It is confirmed that the book novel series and the movie are two different universes, but this fandom likes to mix those two, and it blends really well. In the books, the King of Nightmares did have a family once… back when he was Kozmotis Pitchiner. Before he was possessed by fearlings, he had a wife and a daughter. In the books, Pitch do remember his daughter, at least a little, as he interacts with her in the fourth book. 

In my AU, he has faint memories of his past family, but they are weak. Pitch is no longer possessed by fearlings, as he is in control of himself and his own actions. He never fully regained his memories though. All he is certain about, is that he was someone before he was the King of Nightmares, and that he did have a family, but he since he can barely remember anything, it hurts him to no end. 

Jack lived for 300 years, without knowing he once had a family. It was torture. He had witnessed many happy families throughout his immortal life, and longed for the same. A sense of belonging, a home, someone who loved him… All these happy families were beautiful to him, and he yearned for it. 

Pitch did too. And it seems that in Antarctica, Pitch hoped not only to join an alliance with Jack… but become close to him, like a family member. Of course after all horrible actions he had done, it was only right for Jack to reject him. Let’s face it, Pitch is a jerk, no doubt about it! Nothing excuses that, but it explains why he acted the way he did. 

I like to headcanon, that as The Guardian of Fun and the King of Nightmares befriends each other, and eventually fall in love, their strong connection creates a bond, making them feel like a family. Jack feels secure in Pitch’s embrace, and Pitch in his. They help, support, and listens to each other, like lovers, yes, and as a family. (And you don’t have to be related to someone, to consider someone your family. People see their spouse as their family, which by the way, I’m totally positive for AUs in which Jack and Pitch get married. <3) 

* The Antarctica scene. - All scenes in RotG that involves Jack and Pitch gives me feels, but if it wasn’t for the Antarctica scene, I’m not sure if I would ship these two. I don’t feel like talking that much more about it, as it feels like I’ve already explained enough why I ship them so hard. 

It was the Antarctica scene, that proved to me that Pitch is more than just evil, and that perhaps, things could have turned out differently. There is more to Pitch than fear, hatred and darkness, I’m sure of it. He could be capable to change, but it would take a long time, as he would be required to realize that he was wrong, and be willing to change. It would be worth it though. It all comes down to if Pitch would be willing to change, and in my AU he could.

If Pitch hadn’t shown any sign of vulnerability, I would have seen him as a flat villain. But he’s not. He’s complex. He has his reasons, and it is not right, but it’s understandable. And since I believe there could actually be a good heart in Pitch, he and Jack could end up happy together, as friends, and also as lovers.

P.S - And visually, the Antarctica scene is GORGEOUS. (Well, this whole movie is gorgeous! So are the books!) The big and desolate landscape fit well with Jack’s sorrow and hopelessness. Pitch’s and Jack’s expressions were intense, as you could really feel what was going through their minds, and the ice-and-nightmare sculpture, now that is just mesmerizing to look at!

Thanks for reading! And happy anniversary!