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Harry styles ask game

1. Favorite outfit

 2. Favorite Harry era 

3. Favorite Harry solo 

4. Favorite hair style 

 5. Favorite Interview

 6. Favorite car 

7. Favorite friendship

 8. Favorite ring 

9. London or L.A. Harry 

10. Favorite flowy shirt 

11. Favorite color on Harry 

12. Favorite ship 

13. Favorite tattoo 

14. Favorite sunglasses 

15. Rockstar or cuddly Harry 

16. White, black, or blue jeans 

17. Boots or tennis shoes 

18. Bun or no bun 

19. Dom or sub Harry 

20. Performer or actor

 21. Dad or Daddy Harry 

22. Mad or pouty 

23. Best performance 

 24. Serious or funny 

 25. Favorite bromance 

 26. Favorite picture 

 27. Best Harry fanfiction 

 28. Dodgeball of carpool

 29. YSL or Gucci 

 30. Quiet or talkative 

 31. Harry’s best quote 

 32. The moment where he was the nicest 

33. Older lady loving Harry or dad loving Harry 

34. Funniest joke 

35. Floral suits or normal suits 

36. Dimple or smile 

37. Poutine or pizza rant

38. Rolling Stone or Another Man

39.Favorite photo from Another Man

40. Sign of the Times or Ever Since New York

41. Favorite SNL skit

42. Favorite new fact about Harry

43. Solo Harry or Band Harry

44. Facial hair or no facial hair

I’m 100% certain that when “Spider-Man Homecoming” drops, Zendaya’s character will be referred to as Michelle through most of the movie until it’s revealed she’s Mary Jane at the end. That’s a very Marvel-ly move.

Like, I can see it going like this.

Vulture is defeated and Peter is hanging out at Michelle’s place. Liz Allan, despite some flirting between her and Pete, decides that she just wants to be friends with him. Michelle sees Pete bummed out and tries to console him.

Just then, her mom comes in and says, “Mary Jane, come inside, food’s ready!”

Then Peter smiles and says, “Hmm…so it’s not ‘Michelle’ Watson, it’s Mary Jane Watson? Where’d Michelle come from?” And then Mary Jane gives some explanation, like it’s her middle name, her online name, the name of her favorite rockstar, she hates the name Mary Jane, etc., etc.  

Mary and Pete are about to go inside but then they hear a bunch of sirens coming from down the street. Pete looks at Mary, looking for the okay, and she rolls her eyes before playfully saying, “Go get em tiger.” 

And the movie ends with Pete swinging off. 

(Then the mid-credit scene shows the symbiote landing on Earth and the post-credit scene shows Mary Jane bumping into Gwen Stacy) 


So… the @guildwars2 player community organized a Pride March today. I kinda missed it :(, but I dyed all the outfits of all my chars in rainbow colors. Maybe I can manage to log in on time tomorrow for the second part of the March - my Tyrian citizens are definitely looking ready.

Starting from the top - their Pride outfit versus regularly dyed attire:

My main char - Human Guardian / Dragonslayer Daimon Cason
Humans: Shibari the Mesmer/Chronomancer (my second favorite to play) and Alan Marchant the Necromancer/Reaper
Norn: the sisters Ainur the Steadfast (Warrior/Berserker) and Kala the Silent (Ranger/Druid) (not depicted here is their little brother Kandi the Valiant: it is a rather new char and though he does wear Pride colors this month, I do not have an original screenshot of him)
Asura: Miwway the Revenant/Herald and Myrrs the Ranger/Druid (who is the tiniest Asura ever and almost all of his pet companios are way larger than he is)
Sylvari: Suryian the Thief/Daredevil and Sihayya the Elementalist/Tempest
Charr: last but not least, my favorite RockStar (still working on the title, though), Mithras Edhar the Engineer/Scrapper (a towering fluffy kitten of a charr with a rebel heart, a love for pyrotechnics and a stature that doesn’t even fit on the login screen)


Here are 2 of the professional photos I got back from tekko of my Lapis cosplay. I am absolutely in love with them! The photographer is Felix Wong. Go check out his Facebook page!

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What's B's top 6 hair pic/gifs?

That’s evil and I haven’t done one of these in a while so… here:

1. The Disney Prince aka Phoenix Harry - the reason for my death:

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PLUS the outfit is a bonus and it will ALWAYS be my absolute favorite hair.

2. The rockstar hair, always bouncing and looking pretty while Harry rocks out and we die

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3. Always loved it when he had it up in a bun

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4. Consequently, always loved SEEING him putting his hair up in a bun

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5. Is there anything hotter than watching him play with those pretty long luscious curls? The answer is no. 

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And finally…

6. He looks hot playing with his hair in any length, doesn’t he? ;)

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P.S.: Thanks for making me miss the long hair, I’ll curl up in a corner and cry now </3

Imagines Masterlist #1
  • Dean Winchester

Reassuring Mark of Cain!Dean.

Date with Dean, resulting in a jealous Jo.

Alpha/Teacher!Dean and Omega/Student!Reader.

Dean being turned into a woman.

Dean masking his feelings for vamp!Reader with fake hate.

Dean masking his feelings for vamp!Reader with fake hate. (Part 2)

Teen!Dean and Teen!Reader cuddling at the roof while watching the sunset.

Reader flirting with a guy and Dean getting jealous.

Teen!Dean and Teen!Reader dated during high school and you got pregnant. Only for Dean to find out ten years later.

Dean comforts self conscious Reader, ending up confessing his feelings.

Teen!Reader being comforted by, boyfriend, current age!Dean.

A waitress insulting plus size!Reader and Dean defending you.

Not believing Sam when he reveals you Dean’s feelings for you.

Dressing up as a sexy librarian to get back at Dean for teasing you for reading a lot.

Becoming a demon when Dean became one and hunting down Sam.

Dean being jealous of your crush on Patrick Stump.

Dean falling in love with you while being with Lisa.

Teaching Dean how to slow dance.

Dean giving you a piggyback.

Dean comes just in time to save you, his fiancee, from burning on the ceiling.

Dean gets a video from your phone while on a hunt only to see you, his wife, being tortured.

Hipster, teen, Dean with many tattoos.

You sing Good Enough, by Evanescence, to Dean at your wedding day.

Imagine waking up after an accident and coming face to face with Dean, your favorite Supernatural character, and according to him boyfriend of years.

You are a princess and fall in love with your father’s knight, Dean Winchester, even though you are forbidden to.

You babysit your neighbor’s, and best friend, Dean Winchester’s child while he is out on dates while trying to hide how hurt you are by it because you have feelings for him.

Dean fantasizing about you and your lips when you bite them in front of him.

Imagine Dean having to choose between shooting Yellow Eyes possessing you or letting him go and lose your daughter.

Imagine Dean being a famous artist and you are his model.

Imagine you having The Mark of Cain instead of Dean.

Imagine Dean losing his sight at a hunt and realizing he was all this time in love with you.

Imagine being an aspiring writer and Dean is the editor of your future book. He may be more interested in you than the the book, though.

Imagine being a dancer at the Dancing with the stars and Dean is jealous of the dances you do with guys.

Imagine being partners in crime with Dean.

Imagine being partners in dance class with Dean.

Imagine Dean having to give up you and your daughter, erasing your memories, to save you. (Part 1)

Imagine Dean seeing you and your daughter after years, and you having gained your memories, but lots of things have changed. For the worse for him.(Part 2)

Imagine Dean telling you what the Darkness told him and you feeling conscious about yourself and your relationship.

Imagine being Italian and extroverted and going at a bar and getting hit on which makes Dean jealous.

Imagine Dean catching you reading fanfiction about you and him.

Imagine losing your memory because of an injury at a hunt and Dean being heartbroken because he has feelings for you.

Imagine having an operation and Dean being there for you all the time.

Imagine being biracial and giving birth to yours and Dean’s child.

Imagine Dean finding out you are Lucifer’s daughter.

Imagine being Dean’s wife and having to be the one to hold back your crying daughter as she asks for him when he’s away on hunts.

Imagine being sent in the 1950 with Dean and having to dress up accordingly so that you fit in till you leave.

Imagine being a demon and falling in love with Dean. He, after a year, finds out and you try to convince him you mean no harm.

Imagine every person having a unique tattoo that matches that of their soulmates. Yours is similar to Dean but you two act like you hate each other. Only for you one day to meet a guy that has a similar tattoo as yours. The result is Dean getting worried that he’s going to lose you.

Imagine finally meeting the man you’d been having dreams about ever since you were young and fell in love with, Dean Winchester. Your soulmate.

Imagine being with the Winchesters ever since the beginning. You suddenly go missing only to return much later with Benny. Though Dean is more relieved to see you safe.

Imagine accidentally killing Lisa but later making a deal to bring her back. Dean was in the beginning furious with you but then feels guilty and devastated because he lost you.

Imagine accidentally killing Lisa and Dean being furious with you. You later sell your soul to save her and the brothers find you being ripped apart by hellhounds and they are devastated. (Part 2)

Imagine Dean showing up 6 years after you two spent a night together, only to find you pregnant with his child. ( Part 1 )

Imagine Dean showing up 6 years after you two spent a night together, only to find you pregnant with his child. ( Part 2)

Imagine being a sweet and innocent angel and dating Dean. Unknown to you are your older brother’s, Castiel’s, threats to Dean.

Imagine being best friends with Dean but having deep feelings for each other. When one day he comes back to the bunker to find you almost dead, he looses it.

Imagine loosing your mother to cancer and Dean comforting you about it.

Imagine Dean buying your daughter a puppy for Christmas.

Imagine Dean taking pictures of your growing baby bump.

Imagine having your first fight with Dean and storming off without telling anybody, only for him to be really worried.

Imagine Dean, your best friend and crush, pretending to be your boyfriend for your sister’s wedding.

Imagine the Winchesters hunting you, Harley Quinn (as is your job name), but you cannot help but take a liking to the older Winchester. Shamelessly flirting with him. Only for him to feel the same in the end.

Imagine being on a plane with Dean and him freaking out and you comfort him with kisses and soft touches.

Imagine your and Dean’s twin babies getting sick and him wanting Castiel to heal them but you don’t, insisting they should build up defences.

Imagine dying because of  hunt gone wrong and Dean singing to you ‘Hey Jude’ while he holds you in his arms.

Imagine catching Dean reading fanfiction about the two of you.

Imagine trying to study but Dean won’t let you because he has other things in mind.

Imagine Dean Wincheter being your boss and flirting with you because he has feelings for you.

Imagine Dean being jealous of your crush on Tony Stark.

Imagine trying to write fanfiction but Dean won’t stop barging in and asking questions.

Imagine Dean teaching you how to shoot.

Imagine being in a relationship with young Dean and him thinking of running away from the life with you.

Imagine going to see your favorite rockstar Dean Winchester live and he can’t stop staring at you while singing.

Imagine being in a secret relationship with your boss, Dean Winchester.

Imagine Dean picking you up from work, only to find out your boss is an asshole.

Imagine going skinny dipping and Dean seeing you.

Imagine Dean asking you to take a shower with him every time after a difficult hunt.

Imagine Dean being in love with you but denying it because he wants you to live your life.

Imagine being Amara’s sister and Dean’s true soulmate.

Imagine having to hide in a small place with Dean and it suddenly getting very uncomfortable.

Imagine Dean’s reply when Sam asks him what you’re doing sleeping inside the Impala sleeping half naked while they’re washing it.

Imagine surprising Dean with the best gift on his birthday.

Imagine taking care of Dean when he’s drunk, only for him to say things he really shouldn’t. (Part 1)

Imagine taking care of Dean when he’s drunk, only for him to say things he really shouldn’t. (Part 2)

Imagine taking care of Dean when he’s drunk, only for him to say things he really shouldn’t. (Part 3)

Imagine taking care of Dean when he’s drunk, only for him to say things he really shouldn’t. (Part 4)

Imagine taking care of Dean when he’s drunk. Only for him to say things he really shouldn’t. (Part 5)

Imagine taking care of Dean when he’s drunk. Only for him to say things he really shouldn’t. (Part 6)

Imagine taking care of Dean when he’s drunk. Only for him to say things he really shouldn’t. (Part 7)

Dean doing everything to protect you when he finds out you’d been taken by demons.

Imagine Dean throwing his jacket over you as a blanket when you’re sleeping on the backseat of the Impala

Imagine demon Dean kidnapping you because he wants you all to his own.

Imagine demon Dean kidnapping you because he wants you all to his own.(Part 2)

Imagine living in a world where everybody has soulmates and you don’t know untill their last words, before they die, are marked on your skin. Yours is Dean Winchester and when everything is revealed it’s too late.

Imagine being a cop and interogating Dean when he gets arrested, only for him to not stop flirting with you.

Imagine Dean not being able to sleep after you left him.

Imagine Dean accidentally revealing you two had been dating during a dinner.

Imagine Dean seeing you in his clothes and realizing how he actually is in love with you.

Imagine the look on Dean’s face when you tell him the bed broke after you two had sex on it.

Imagine Dean meeting you and falling in love with you. Only problem is he is with Lisa as he promised to Sam before he died.

Imagine demon Dean being your soulmate.

Imagine getting zapped to the Supernatural universe and meeting Dean.

Imagine Dean, your best friend,  realizing you’d been in love with him all along. Something he’d been hiding for long as well.

Imagine being Sam’s old friend and they need your help during a hunt. Only for Dean to immediately start hitting on you when he meets you.

Imagine the Qareen appearing to Dean with your form because it is you his heart truly desires.

Imagine being in love with Dean but he has no idea, so he keeps bringing other girls over. Not knowing how he’s hurting you.

Imagine having feelings for your teacher, Dean Winchester.

Imagine being in high school and getting pregnant and your friends treating you differently. Dean, the father of the baby, comforts you.

Imagine knowing Dean has feelings for you but still flirting with the bartender to make him jealous.

Imagine possessed Sam lying to you that Dean doesn’t have feelings for you like you do for him.

Imagine trying for another kid with Dean, who wants a boy, but it ends up being a girl. You’re afraid he’ll be sad but he’s not at all.

Imagine demon Dean being ordered to kill you because you are a half angel and half demon but he doesn’t because he has developed feelings for you.

Imagine Sam comforting you because you are pregnant with Dean’s child and you’re scared he won’t want it. However he overhears you and thinks the kid is Sam’s.

Imagine getting turned into a werewolf and Dean asking you to turn him to so that you can be together.

Imagine demon Dean chasing you and Sam around the bunker.

Imagine Sam fnding a pregnancy test box and telling Dean, your boyfriend, who freaks out because they think you are pregnant. In the end he gets sad when he finds out you’re not.

Imagine the last thing you say before you die is ‘I love you’ to Dean who was your best friend but you had feelings for.

Imagine Dean wanting to see you as soon as he wakes up in the hospital.

Imagine Dean thinking about you whenever someone mentions the people they are in love with, even if you are just friends.

Imagine joining the army and Dean being your captain that acts like a jackass sometimes, although he actually cares.

Imagine Dean not wanting Amara to meet you because he is afraid she will do something to you, because of the feelings he has for you.

Imagine demon Dean coming to see you when you are asleep because he still has feelings for you, like when he was human.

Imagine Dean trying to be cool around you to impress you but failing miserably at it.

Imagine meeting Dean at a bar and hooking up, although you both want to know each other more. Only you find out the next day that he is your new teacher.

Imagine Dean moaning your name while with another woman, without even realizing it.

Imagine getting injured during a hunt and Dean getting worried for your life.

Imagine Dean wanting you to play with him all the time when he swaps minds with a dog.

Imagine Dean refusing to leave your side when you get infected by the fog.

Imagine dying temporarily because you got infected and Dean loses it, unable to pull himself together

Imagine Casifer visiting you on the bunker because he wants to talk to you and spilling Dean’s feelings for you.

Imagine Dean being jealous over your crush on Chris Evans.

Imagine demon Dean often talking about you in his sleep even when he is with other women.

Imagine Sam wanting to comfort Dean about the Darkness by mentioning you and saying this…

Imagine Chuck telling Dean that he knows about his feelings and dreams for you.

Imagine Chuck revealing to Dean who never stopped loving you that you are not dead like they thought. (Part 1)

Imagine Chuck revealing to Dean who never stopped loving you that you are not dead like they thought. (Part 2)

Imagine Dean realizing that Amara can’t control him when you are in the same room because his love for you far surpasses everything else.

Imagine Casifer flirting with you while he stays at the bunker, making Dean jealous.

Imagine Dean confessing to Mary that he is in love with you.

Imagine bidding Dean goodbye before he goes to face Amara.

Imagine Dean being in the military and you give him a hickey.

Imagine Dean being in the military and you give him a hickey. (Part 2)

Imagine having a crush on Dean and him being turned into a teen and getting really flustered around you.

Imagine having a crush on Dean and him being turned into a teen and getting really flustered around you. (Part 2)

Imagine Dean having feelings for you but trying to not let it show.

Imagine Dean having feelings for you but trying to not let it show. (Part 2)

Imagine Dean begging you not to leave him, because he’s in love with you.

Imagine bringing your boyfriend for the Winchesters to meet and Dean not approving because he is jealous.

Imagine Dean getting jealous when a policeman hits on you during a case because he secretly likes you.

Imagine Dean meeting you in one of the cases and Sam pointing out to him how he developed feelings for you without knowing it.

Imagine falling in love with Dean, one of your father’s knights, and him fighting to win your hand because he feels the same.

Imagine Dean being turned on by you dressing up as a princess and he being your knight.

Imagine Dean being jealous of your crush on Bucky.

Imagine having a miscarriage and Sam trying to comfort you and Dean, the father of the child.

Imagine being turned on by Dean in a leather jacket.

Imagine taking Dean to the dentist. The result is something you would never expect.

Imagine your father’s two loyal knights competing for your, the princess’s, heart.

Imagine Dr Strange sending you into the Supernatural universe where you meet Dean.

Imagine your gift to Dean for Christmas being a pair of baby shoes.

Imagine Dean being jealous of how close you are with Stefan.

  • Sam Winchester

Dean finding out about Sam’s and Reader’s secret relationship.

You are married to Sam but in The French Mistake you are married to Mark/Richard/Robert/Sebastian, which causes Sam to be jealous.

Sam killing Reader’s hellhound puppy gifted by Crowley .

Alpha!Sam being rough when he knots you, his Omega, for the first time.

Imagine being roommates with Sam in Standford.

Imagine being kidnapped and Sam going crazy when he finds out.

Imagine having grown up with the Winchesters and Sam starts to develope feelings for you. He asks Dean for advice and he gets all over-protective-brother mode.

Imagine being the school’s most popular kid and Sam being there. He is not very popular but everybody likes him and your friends tease you because they know of your crush on him.

Imagine flirting with Sam because you like how shy and cute he gets.

Imagine beating the guys’ asses in hockey.

Imagine being Dean’s best friend and him setting you up with Sam because he knows you like him.

A 1960’s AU. Imagine being an African American and your car breaking down at the side of the road. Sam is there to help you. A friendship soon formes between the two of you and later relationship. Not many approve though.

Imagine being short and Sam teasing you about your height because he thinks it’s cute when you get grumpy.

Imagine being short and liking Sam but you are scared to tell him.

  • Castiel

Falling in love with prince!Castiel.

Reader’s and human!Castiel’s daughter going to him at night for comfort.

Reader finding out that Castiel can play the piano.

Finding out Castiel is ticklish.

Practicing tying a tie on Castiel.

Castiel searching for a wedding ring for you with Dean.

Stargazing with Castiel.

Working with Castiel as undercover FBI agents.

Castiel laying his head on Reader’s lap.

Castiel taking control when the Leviathans are using him to save you.

Castiel lying with your newborn baby sleeping on his chest.

You faint on a hunt because of your asthma and when you wake up you have to face your worried boyfriend Castiel.

You have a panic attack and Castiel kisses you to calm you down.

Castiel leaving you to protect you and returning 4 years later to find you with a son that looks like him. (Part 1)

You watch Castiel interact with your son and him looking happy, even though he doesn’t know that Castiel is his father. (Part 2)

You die on a hunt and Sam and Dean have to tell Castiel, your boyfriend, the news.

Castiel getting a tattoo and you being there with him.

You surprise Castiel when he returns after a hunt with your child walking for the first time towards him.

Castiel defending you when a waitress calls you fat.

Dean gets you and Castiel a very interesting gift.

Imagine being pregnant with Castiel’s child.

Imagine being the Winchester’s sister and after a hunt you go to a bar where a drunk Castiel sings to you ‘I want to know what love is’ to confess his feelings to you.

Imagine being pregnant with Castiel’s child and him worrying he will screw things up.

Imagine Castiel being sent into your universe, where Supernatural is just a TV show, and he meets you. Misha’s wife.

Imagine swapping bodies with Castiel.

Imagine Castiel fidning out he has a daughter and you all search for her only to learn it’s you.

Imagine Casifer pinning over you because he knows Castiel has feelings for you.  (Part 1)

Imagine Casifer pinning over you because he knows Castiel has feelings for you.  (Part 2)

Imagine Castiel being your boyfriend and you being the only one that Casifer listens to because Lucifer has also feelings for you.

Imagine Castiel questioning you about Halloween when he sees you preparing your costume for a party.

  • Team Free Will

Having a talk with Team Free Will’s female versions.

Getting out of a long-time relationship and TFW comforting you.

Dean, Sam and Castiel as dogs in our universe.

Imagine being 15 and a hunter with no family because you lost them young. Team Free Will has taken you in and treats you as family.

Imagine being turned into a cat and Team Free Will taking care of you. ( Part 1)

Imagine being turned into a cat and Team Free Will taking care of you. ( Part 2)

  • Other Supernatural Characters

Crowley getting Reader to meet your/her grandmother Rowena.

Dying in Dean’s, Sam’s and Gabriel’s arms.

You are Balthazar’s mate and have to tell the boys.

Crowley leaves you to protect you but after some time begs you to come back to him.

Imagine being the wife of the vessel Gadreel is using and him having a flashback of you and not being able to stop thinking about you.

Imagine being Gabriel’s wife and meeting Team Free Will and him being jealous.

Imagine having a bad day and Gabriel doing everything he can to make you feel better.

Imagine being an angel, without knowing it, and meeting Crowley and falling in love with him.

Imagine Lucifer staying at the bunker for a while and cannot stop flirting with you.

Imagine being best friend’s with Kevin and everybody saying you should date.

Imagine being Lucifer’s daughter and he burns your wings when you’re under some dark spell and nearly kill a whole town but then regrets it and tries a way to fix it.

Imagine meeting Kevin for the first time.

Imagine the Winchesters teasing Kevin about his crush on you.

Imagine having been dating Crowley in secret for long and the Winchester catch you in a rather compromising position.