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Cas does it all, too.


TV Narrator: The highs, the lows, the scandals! Find out the shocking truth of your favorite rockstars on “Behind the Curtain.”

Geez, what did this guy do!? Cheat on his girlfriend!? That’s a bit dark for PBS, don’t you think?

Btw, the guy’s head is drawn too big compared to the rest of his body. Then again, it’s AKOM.

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I’m 100% certain that when “Spider-Man Homecoming” drops, Zendaya’s character will be referred to as Michelle through most of the movie until it’s revealed she’s Mary Jane at the end. That’s a very Marvel-ly move.

Like, I can see it going like this.

Vulture is defeated and Peter is hanging out at Michelle’s place. Liz Allan, despite some flirting between her and Pete, decides that she just wants to be friends with him. Michelle sees Pete bummed out and tries to console him.

Just then, her mom comes in and says, “Mary Jane, come inside, food’s ready!”

Then Peter smiles and says, “Hmm…so it’s not ‘Michelle’ Watson, it’s Mary Jane Watson? Where’d Michelle come from?” And then Mary Jane gives some explanation, like it’s her middle name, her online name, the name of her favorite rockstar, she hates the name Mary Jane, etc., etc.  

Mary and Pete are about to go inside but then they hear a bunch of sirens coming from down the street. Pete looks at Mary, looking for the okay, and she rolls her eyes before playfully saying, “Go get em tiger.” 

And the movie ends with Pete swinging off. 

(Then the mid-credit scene shows the symbiote landing on Earth and the post-credit scene shows Mary Jane bumping into Gwen Stacy) 


Here are 2 of the professional photos I got back from tekko of my Lapis cosplay. I am absolutely in love with them! The photographer is Felix Wong. Go check out his Facebook page!

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๐ŸŽถ - Top 5 favorite songs?

🎶 - Top 5 favorite songs?

“The first opening for Nuraryihon no Mago will always have a special place in my heart…I also love Ao no Exorcist’s second opening. I love singing Natewantstobattle’s song Evil King, along with Tryhardninja’s All Nighter.” He was silent for a minute. “I almost forgot! I also love Phoenix by Fall Out Boy!”

☆ This is definitely a tough one! My all time favorite is Rockstar Just for Myself, closely followed by The Phantom Thief Chat Noir. It’s Real For Us by Lauren Fairweather is an amazing song with a really cool video. Reboot is what got me into the Vocaloid fandom, so I have to list it as one of my top five! My last one is Leeandlie’s cover of Startear. ☆


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Rockstar Aaron Tveit 🎤 @houseofblues Boston
August 27, 2016
📸: Me

Imagine going to see your favorite rockstar Dean Winchester live and he can’t stop staring at you while singing.

When your friend had told you she’d gotten tickets to go see a live on your birthday you didn’t think it would be this live. Him in a live. Who would have ever believed you’d get the chance to see your idol, Dean Winchester, sing and perform live for your birthday.

And who would have ever thought that during said live - which you had tickets for up front - he would not stop staring at you. You had decided to think that it was what he did in every concert, focusing on something maybe, or that maybe just maybe it was somebody else standing right next to you or behind you. Who knew?

Because you certainly doubted there was any other possibility. He was Dean fucking Winchester, he had fangirls running for him all around the glob, why could he take an interest in you?

But he had anyway.

He hit on the high note with both his voice and his guitar, a wide smile on his face. The crowd cheered and he let out a breatheless laugh, glancing once more at you-

‘No’ you hissed to yourself. It was just your direction, not you.

“Thank you everybody!” he shouted and you all cheered “Thank you for one more amazing concert, I would have never been able to do this without you! Can’t wait to see many of you backstage” he said and…

…winked at you with a smirk?