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All the clips of Louis burning down houses put with the song Burning Down the House by Talking Heads.

Supermom: Part 2

Prompt: Supermom, kind of like batmom, but with Clark Kent, and meeting superboy for the first time.

AN: I want to make it clear that this is not the same AU as YJ Batmom. This is completely separate!

Words: 900

Part 1

You lean against the cart and watch him study the boxes. “Why are there so many choices?”

You shrug, “People like choices.”

“Which one do you like?”

You grin, “My favorite is the Cocoa Rice Krispies, but that’s really more candy than healthy breakfast cereal.”

“But they taste good?”

You laugh, “They taste the best.”

He grabs them and puts them in the cart. The two of you slowly start walking back down the aisle. “I started school this week.”

You smile, “I heard. How’s it going?”

He gives a small smile, “So far, so good. M’gann joined the cheerleading team.”

“What about you, did you join the football team?”

He shakes his head, “No, I don’t see the point of football.” It takes everything you have to not burst out laughing. Superboy is so different from Clark, and that fascinates you. And while they certainly look similar they don’t look identical.

“I’m not a big fan of it myself.” Despite having watched games for years with Clark, you’d never really cared for the sport. You had simply watched because it was fun spending time with your husband. The husband you had refused to see for the past month. You’d sent all his calls to voicemail, and had refused to reply to his emails, or even look at his texts. You could be just as stubborn as he was. More so, you were originally a Wayne after all. You had grown up with Bruce. Stubborn might as well have been your middle name.

Superboy’s voice brings you out of your thoughts, “I did want to tell you something.”

You smile, “What is it?”

“I picked out a name.”


He nods, “Conner Kent.”

You smile falters for a second, “How’d you choose that name?”

“M’gann chose the Conner, and J’onn suggested the Kent.” Now everything made sense. “Do you not like it?”

“I love it. You are totally a Conner.”

He grins at you, “Totally?”


The two of you finish shopping and you take him and the groceries back to the mountain. “I’ll see you on Saturday for clothes shopping.”

Conner nods, “Sure. Though I don’t really see the point.”

You smile, “No one wears the same exact clothes every single day.”

Conner just shrugs, and you pull him in for a hug. He returns it easily, no longer going stiff at the contact. His own arms wrap around you, and his size swallows your smaller frame. You watch him head further into the cave, and you’re just about to leave when the zeta tube fires up, and announces the last person you wanted to see.

“Superman 001.”

You don’t run. Despite not wanting to see him, you don’t run.

He steps out and simply stops at the sight of you. He gives you a smile, one that you don’t return. He steps toward you and you step back. He stops after that. “I’ve been trying to get in touch with you.”

You cross your arms, “I realized that after the twenty third phone call.”

He sighs, “It’s been a month.”

“I realize that Clark.”

There’s a moment of silence before he says, “Why can’t you understand?”

“Why won’t you stop running?”

“I told you why!”

Your eyes narrow, “No, you gave me some half-assed excuse. You are a coward, Clark Kent. That boy in there needs a family, and if you haven’t realized it, we are that family.”

“You’re not his mother!”

“I know that! That doesn’t mean I can’t care about him, Clark. That doesn’t mean I can’t help him or guide him. I refuse to leave that boy alone!”

“Even if it means leaving your husband alone?!?”

“When he’s acting like a gigantic ass, then yes!!!!”

There’s a moment of silence before someone clears their throat. You turn to see Conner standing to the side. You take a step towards him and he holds up a hand to stop you, “Don’t come by anymore. Not if it means driving the two of you apart. He obviously needs you more than I do. I have a family here, with the team.”

You feel your heart break as he turns and walks away. You turn and look at Clark and simply ask, “Are you happy now?”

“How did he hear us?”

You roll your eyes, “He has your hearing Clark. He has most of your powers. He needs guidance, and since you weren’t willing to do it, I had to try. He’s a kid, Clark. And despite the love and acceptance his team has given him, he needs more. He needs a mentor.” Your voice pleads with him to understand.

You watch as his shoulders slump, and he slowly starts moving towards the tunnel Conner went through. “Is there anything important I should know?”

You give a small smile, “His name is Conner. Conner Kent.”

He turns around and smiles at you. “Kent?”

You shrug, “J’onn suggested it. Personally, I think it fits. Other than that whole not liking football thing.”

“He doesn’t like football?”

You shrug, “Told you, you should have gone to him at the start. Who knows, maybe he would have been a football nut like you? Join the high school team?”

Clark grins at you, “Manipulator.”

You finally give a smile, “It’s all for your own good.”

He nods, “Maybe, you’re right.”

You smile, “I know I’m right. Now go. I’ll wait here for you.”

Study Tips For The Signs
  • Aries+Scorpio: Form a study schedule. You study hard, but with no organization. You gotta use ur time well.
  • Taurus+Cancer: : Don't forget snacks! My personal favorite is a rice cake with peanut butter and banana slices on top. This gives you more energy and will keep u focused.
  • Gemini+Pisces: The sooner you start, the sooner it'll be over.
  • Leo+Sagittarius: Take breaks! It's better to have one hour of super focused studying than two hours of staring blankly at a page.
  • Virgo+Capricorn: Calm the fuck down. It's just an exam not an "am I good enough test". No matter what grade you get you are loved and cherished by many.
  • Libra+Aquarius: Study with a friend! It's so so helpful to compare notes and quiz yourself. Don't be afraid to reach out, your friends could use the extra help too.
I think my favorite part of Rice Balls

Is that on his table there’s a container of Clorox cleaning wipes. Even this filthy boy cleans up his messes and I think it’s cute idk

anonymous asked:

I can imagine Dirk making sashimi bc of his easy access to fish and the weeb aesthetic

Oh, fantastic headcanon and absolutely true. I think he eats nigiri especially, which I think is the same but with rice and is a particular favorite of mine. 

White rice lasts forever, so you bet alpha Dave left a lot of that for Dirk, and he definitely ate a lot of fish due to his extreme proximity to the ocean. 

Semi Eita 瀬見 英太 (Surname bolded)
Shiratorizawa Academy 3rd Year Class 3-1
Position: Setter
Height: 179.5 cm
Weight: 70.5 kg
Birthday: 11th November (Scorpio)
Favorite food: Tekkamaki (Vinegared rice and sliced raw tuna wrapped in seaweed)
Current concern: Tendou told me that “I look uncool in casual clothes.”

Stats: (clockwise from top)
Power 4/5
Jumping 4/5
Stamina 4/5
Game sense 3/5
Technique 3/5
Speed 4/5