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✨ love yourself: ‘her’ era jimin ship moments ✨

© mighty jimin

in honor of jimin’s birthday i’ve compiled some of the best jimin ship moments during the love yourself: ‘her’ era! 

✨ jinmin ✨

© off the deep end

+ jin making sure jimin eats well
+ cuties taking selfies together
+ lots of touching & eye contact
+ jin ranking jimin (and jk) #1 as the people who laugh at his jokes the most
+ another cute addition to their massive twitter video archive
+ jimin saying the thing he’s looking forward to most from the members for his birthday is rice cake soup made by jin
+ jin calling jimin out for recording himself instead of showing off his room
+ jimin sharing that after they won their bbma, he asked jin to go drinking w/him
+ when all the members wrote messages to jin while he was sick, jimin writing “seokjinnie-hyung, i’ll take care of you

✨ yoonmin ✨

© rallytriangle

+ yoongi checking jimin out and smirking while declaring manggae tteok (one of jimin’s nicknames) isn’t bad when asked what his favorite kind of rice cake is
+ constantly making heart eyes at each other
+ during a game where they had to turn to the person next to them and say “i love you,” yoongi immediately turning to jimin and saying “i love you”
+ lots of touching and hand holding
+  jin calling out yoongi and saying the reason why he’s holding jimin’s hand is because he likes him (then the rest of bts joins in)
+ that look on jimin’s face when he was watching yoongi play the piano
+ when asked if he’ll ever be in a unit with yoongi, jimin replying he would like to [be in a unit w/yoongi]
+ and when yoongi is asked which member he’d like to work with before the end of 2017 he picks jimin 
+ both of them being incredibly soft for each other
+ even more shameless flirting

✨ minjoon ✨

© creamsoda

+ 95% of this vlive
+ namjoon calling jimin an angel without wings and when jimin declares he’s a fairy instead, namjoon wholeheartedly agreeing
+ this ??? moment where it looked like they were about to kiss
+ absolutely, ridiculously, hopelessly clingy
+ namjoon trying to get jimin’s attention while jimin’s oblivious
+ namjoon pinching jimin’s nipple at a fansign
+ when a fan asked namjoon to pick his favorite amongst ryan, brown, and jimin, namjoon picking jimin
+ this picture of them doing nothing but being incredibly soft next to each other
+ jimin seeking attention from namjoon
+ namjoon buying jimin a $3000+ ring (which jimin wore on his bday vlive)

✨ jihope 

© heartthrob

+ hobi giving jimin a massage during a fansign
+ constantly being super cute and playful with each other
+ jimin responding cutely when hobi praises him 
+ this adorable twitter video
+ hobi making fun of jimin’s height
+ dancing together on knowing brother
+ jimin unzipping hobi’s jacket to show more of his chest
+ neither one of them having any concept of personal space
+ jimin rapping hobi’s part in cypher pt.4 and hobi jamming w/him
+ body rolling together on stage

✨ vmin ✨

© sweet tete

+ super duper clingy
+ jimin happily pushing tae in a small wagon
+ both of them being extra when recording a commercial together
+ when a fan asks him to draw a picture of them, tae draws a picture of jimin instead
+ tae showing off his dance moves while jimin praises him
+ singing pied piperserendipity, and best of me together/to each other
+ hand holding and heart eyes
+ tae protecting his mochi from a fan that wanted to see more skin
+ when asked what the friendship between him and jimin can be compared to, taehyung replies “friends for a lifetime
+ tae wrapping his leg around jimin and jimin slapping tae’s butt while they cuddle

jikook ✨

© 3x95_jim

+ when a fan who shares the same name as jimin comes along, jungkook saying “jimin-ah” (using informal language) and checking his jimin’s reaction with a grin
+ jimin seductively asking jungkook to vote for him
+ jungkook looking like a lost puppy when he can’t find jimin
+ the two of them catching each other’s eyes on stage and giggling
kookie riding jimin’s back while the two of them sing serendipity together
+ jungkook revealing that jimin is the member who comes to his room the most often and the one who’d most likely treat him to a meal
“park?” “park.”
+ jimin proudly showing off pictures of jungkook fans gave him
+ this adorable moment when they were dancing together
+ jungkook confidently offering to pay for jimin’s parents to have a birthday event at gocheok sky dome

and the best of them all...jimin harem moments: 

peachy asks
  • tinted moisturizer: what always makes you laugh?
  • peach lip gloss: something that always bring a smile
  • strawberry smoothie: favorite cafe order
  • rice blotting sheets: favorite skin care product
  • white nail polish: call a parent/ guardian
  • coral eyeshadow: tell 10 people you love them
  • watercolor brushes: favorite physical feature
  • personalized stationary: MBTI or HP House
  • glitter glue: a goal you accomplished recently
  • guitar strings: song that you're currently obsessed with
  • mini flat iron: tell us a life hack you actually use
  • origami paper: do you fidget or have nervousness tics?
  • wood shavings: go-to comfort food?
  • large umbrellas: favorite weather?
  • rock candy: a beautiful line from a poem/song
  • tea tree oil: whats something worth living for?
  • pastels: what do you do when you're feeling sad?
  • grid lines: last thing that you wrote?
  • sparkling cider: go buy yourself something nice
  • hand cream: go put on lotion or oil in your hair
  • face sheet mask: favorite beauty youtuber/ instagrammer?
  • 0.38mm pens: if you could change one thing about yourself..
  • plum wine: what are you afraid of?
  • night repair cream: go take out your trash
  • floral arrangements: dream vacation destination?

All the clips of Louis burning down houses put with the song Burning Down the House by Talking Heads.

Amanai Kanoka 天内 叶歌 (Surname bolded)
Niiyama Girls High 2nd Year Class 2-7
Position: Wing Spiker
Height: 182.5 cm
Weight: 62.4 kg
Birthday: 24th October (Scorpio)
Favorite food: Tuna Onigiri (Rice balls stuffed with (canned) tuna)
Current concern: My serve receive isn’t really improving, and I’m very conscious of how I’m bad at hitting straights, and my shyness can’t be cured, and also…(The rest is omitted.)

Stats: (clockwise from top)
Power 4/5
Jumping 4/5
Stamina 3/5
Game sense 3/5
Technique 3/5
Speed 2/5

Shortly after reaching the colony I fell fatally in love with Louis, a young dark-haired bourgeois planter, graceful of speech fastidious of manner; who seemed in his cynicism and self-destructiveness the very twin of Nicholas… Yet Louis gained a hold over me far more powerful than Nicholas ever had. Even in his cruelest moments, Louis seduced the tenderness in me, seducing me with his staggering dependence, his infatuation with every gesture and every spoken word.
—  Lestat on Louis, The Vampire Lestat, (via @howthecovenarticulatebrokeup)
My Favorite Faded Fantasy (Live)
Damien Rice
My Favorite Faded Fantasy (Live)

You could be my favorite taste
To touch my tongue
I know someone who could serve me love
But it wouldn’t fill me up

You could have my favorite face
And favorite name
I know someone who could play the part
But it wouldn’t be the same

No it wouldn’t be the same
No it wouldn’t be the same
No it wouldn’t be the same
As with you

pretty a u t u m n tunes.

autumn is here and it’s perfect. chunky knit sweaters + glowing pumpkins + falling leaves = lots of smiles. but sometimes you need a little music to make all of it even better. I have spent a lot of time perfecting my very long autumn playlist and it is officially complete! all of the songs are beautiful and amazing, so I truly hope you find some that make you happy.

- california - lisa mitchell -

- better together - us the duo -

- home/dirty paws - gardiner sisters -

- hello - erato -

- radio cover - conan gray -

- fall - chloe x halle -

- autumn leaves - ed sheeran -

- sweater weather cover - korantemaa

- bubbly - colbie caillat -

- moon river - renee dominique -

- if i be wrong - wolf larsen -

- youth - daughter -

- to be with you - the honey trees -

- fast car - ryan montbleau, tall heights -

- hey ya - obadiah parker -

- ho hey - nashville cast, lennon & maisy -

- bloom - the paper kites -

- 1957 - milo greene -

- on the frame (acoustic) - beta radio

- the place i left behind - the deep dark woods -

- dream in blue - the stray birds -

- like real people do - hozier -

- stay with me - angus & julia stone -

- back to autumn - tall heights -

- autumn tree - milo greene -

- warm - SG lewis -

- spirit cold - tall heights -

- all we do - oh wonder -

- guillotine - jon bellion -

- old pine - ben howard -

- apple pie - flannel graph -

- birch trees & broken barns - caroline smith & the good night sleeps -

- white winter hymnal - fleet foxes -

- cold coffee - ed sheeran -

- rooftop - jordan rakei -

- the wolves - ben howard -

- mykonos - fleet foxes -

- my favorite faded fantasy - damien rice -

- orchard - the jepettos, tabitha agnew -

- autumn story - firekites -

- cold outside - ruth moody -

- middle of my mind - tom rosenthal -

- flowers in your hair - the lumineers -

- hope you guys liked this playlist, message me if you want more:) -

Bangtang Kisses: Kim Namjoon

His lips on yours…and in other places as well but that’s a secret only you two will share…unless you keep on reading ;)

Warnings: Please enjoy the fluff and smut 


On ice:

“Joon!” You flailed your arms, hands failing to help keep you balanced as you dropped to your knees. 

“It’s not that hard, Y/n,” he chuckled, gliding towards you all too smoothly in a pair of ice skates. Taking the hand he reached out, you scowled- you had never skated before and your usually clumsy boyfriend had been showing off a tad too much. 

“Help me,” you whined, legs shakily holding you up. You felt your cheeks redden from the heat of the winter clothes bundled on top of you. 

“Okay babe,” he smiled, “but only if I get a kiss.” he said as he leaned down closing his eyes, lips waiting for yours, and you huffed in defiance.

Of course, it was obvious you had kissed him because you found yourself skating circles around him by the end of the night.


When you’re sick:

“Achoo!” your eyes watered as you sneezed, nose dripping with goo, head pounding with a migraine. Today was not your day, but you were lucky to have gotten sick during your boyfriends rare week off. 

“Y/n, guess what I made for you,” he walked into the living-room where you sat, blanket over blanket wrapped around your body. “It’s your favorite, rice porridge.” he said sarcastically sitting down next to you. It wasn’t, obviously, but it was a good, bland and hot dish that you couldn’t resist due to your condition.

“Thanks Joonie,” you smiled and opened your mouth, expecting him to feed you, but was met his chuckle- and you slapped his shoulder, a bit embarrassed.

“Sorry baby, I wasn’t expecting you to  want to be fed,” he laughed and proceeded to blow the steam away from the spoonful of porridge. When he brought it to your mouth, you parted your plush lips, slightly sticking out your tongue. “Jeez Jagi,” he mumbled, unhappy (but also worried) that you were sick. 

“What?” you looked up at him, eyes big, nose pink and cheeks fuzzy, while licking the small trail of white, gooey porridge that ran down the corner of your lips with your pink tongue, and he sighed. 

He sighed, “Nothing…” and continued to blow on another spoonful, trying to erase the dirty thoughts floating around in his mind. “I hope you get better quickly babe.”


SOMEONE SAVE ME.  RIP my life :’) Keep reading, I hope you’re 18+ (it’s not that rated honestly, but it is pretty rated)

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The Vampire Armand - a playlist.

I know nothing of god or the devil. I have never learned a secret nor found a cure that would damn or save my soul.