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One of the things I’m excited for season 2 of Stranger Things is seeing Jonathan and Will’s relationship. I know we see them interact and bond in season 1, but I just love them so much??? I see a lot of the "I can't stand you but I love you, I guess" when it's about siblings relationships, but I love seeing siblings with a close relationship, like them <3

yes!!! you get me!!! i am 100% here for jonathan and will’s sibling relationship.

i like that we got different parts of the spectrum of sibling relationships on the show (i.e., mike and nancy are the “i hate you but i love you” type of siblings, while jonathan and will are the “i just really love you” type of siblings). and yeah, the “i just really love you” type is my favorite type of sibling bond to see on screen.

i really adore mostly how jonathan was not afraid of showing will that he cared about him - not afraid of being gentle with will and openly telling will that he supports him in doing whatever it is that makes him happy. like yeah. he just loves will a lot. not to mention jonathan was willing to put himself into danger for will, fight for him, and stand up for him in the face of anyone who spoke ill of his little brother. “only love makes you that crazy, sweetheart.” i’m just sayin. that line, to me, was definitely about familial love, y’all.

and obviously in general we got to see less from will’s perspective, but the scene when he wakes up in the hospital and asks about jonathan’s hand? like wow. what kind of angel??? i’m certain that he cares very much about and looks up to his older brother and sdkjfksd. i really, really want to see more of their interactions in season 2.

i’m a huuuge sucker for close sibling bonds so PLEASE UNIVERSE deliver on this one. jonathan watching out for will. jonathan and will openly taking interest in one another’s lives. jonathan and will taking care of each other - jonathan by cooking breakfast and making sure will safely makes it home every day and doing all those things that old brothers do, and will by being the quietly perceptive little brother that he is and asking jonathan if he wants to listen to a mixtape with him when jonathan’s eyes start looking a little sad around the corners and the stress of college applications is sitting heavy in the hunch of his shoulders.

nothing but solid sibling bonds 2k17 tbh!!!!

After working on this illustration for almost a week, I can finally show the final version of it!

I experimented A LOT with color palettes and different ways to paint in the process. In addition, it was the first time I tried to explain my perception of two of my favorite characters in the series and their relationship through their poses/expressions. It was so much fun tbh !! :’))

Oh, btw I was inspired by this song when I drew the first sketch!

okay so the transformers movies are, by and large, terrible– but they got me into the transformers fandom and i kind of have a soft spot for bumblebee and sam’s relationship in particular, so. i was thinking about it?

and it struck me that my favorite transformers (/any robot show tbh) trope is “robots vs organic child care” and somehow the two thoughts got merged in my head so

au where, years before tf1, optimus gets a priority message from bumblebee to the effect of “I’VE ACCIDENTALLY ABDUCTED ONE OF THE HUMAN PROTOFORMS, ????? AHHHH ??????”. after a few repeated requests for clarification it comes out that, in pursuit of the map to the allspark, the decepticon’s attacked a group of humans going under the surname “witwicky”. the adult humans didn’t, unfortunately, make it– but bumblebee got away with a pair of odd glasses and a sleeping two year old human in the back seat (*panicked beeping*). because the decepticon’s seem to assume human-child-sam-witwicky is some kind of accomplice or pet (they understand the concept of “children” even less then bumblebee, it seems) attempts to return the human to its kind have proven unsuccessful, and bumblebee is left with the toughest assignment in his wartime experience: raising a human child.

Name/Nickname: Name not available but nickname is Zid
Relationship Status: I share my daily life with @amirattus​ but it’s all very platonic so I’m gonna say single
Favorite Greeting: Hello!
Pets: Two siamese cats named Nerissa and Rafael

Last song I listened to: Eden by Scandroid
Favorite TV Shows: Babylon 5, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars Rebels, Black Sails, Westworld
First Fandom
: Probably the Final Fantasy fandom in general?
: Gaming, drawing, making cosplay. I don’t do much tbh.
Books I’m currently reading
: Does it count as ‘currently reading’ when I’ve had Steven Erikson’s ‘House of Chains’ half-finished on my night desk for almost two years?
Worst thing to have graced my tastebuds: Green olives are something straight out of hell. :x
Favorite place: Nothing makes me feel as comfy as my home.

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Name/Nickname: jamie and jams

Relationship Status: single like a pickle

Favourite Color: tbh dark reddish pinkish colors like crimson and razzmatazz

Last song i listened to: right now i’m listening to magic by seohyun

Favorite TV Show: does kdramas count bc if so weightlifting fairy kim bokjoo and sassy go go :-))))))))))))

First Fandom: y'all should have known how disappointed i was when i didn’t receive a letter from hogwarts smh but its ok i still love harry potter

Hobbies: writing fics ill probably never post on here (i do have an ao3 account y'all just have to find it lol)

Books that I’m currently reading: the secret history (i haven’t touched it in months tho yikes)

Worst thing i’ve eaten: pepper balls?? those things came from hell itself

Favourite place(s): MY BED!! and all the milk tea places in my town lmao i practically live there

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Relationship status: Single

Lipstick or Chapstick: I don’t really have a preference, but if I had to choose, I guess chapstick

Last song I listened to: Non-stop from the Hamilton soundtrack

Last movie I watched: Fantastic beasts and where to find them

Favourite color(s): Changes frequently, I like all of them :)

Top 3 Shows: Supernatural, Shadowhunters aaand idk there are too many tied for the 3rd spot, I can’t choose

Top 3 favourite characters: Dean Winchester, Magnus Bane, Kaitou KID (tbh I haven’t watched that in forever, but he’s still one of my favorites)


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•name/nickname: victoria / tori

•relationship status: i’m married to food and my bed

•favorite color: wine red & black

•last song i listened to: ‘spring day’ (봄날) by BTS (방탄소년단)

•favorite tv show: ru paul’s drag race YES GAWD

•first fandom: i think it might have been the harry potter fandom🤔 (SLYTHERIN FOR LIFE LOL)

•hobbies: sleeping, eating (lmfao i’m so damn +
lazy), listening to music, writing, drawing, and shopping

•book(s) that im currently reading: ‘The Call’ by Peadar Ó Guilín


•favorite place(s): antique shops; amusement parks (disney world and universal orlando are my favorite!); the beach; rooftops (i love to look out and see the whole city); and libraries!

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Name/Nickname: Mai (may)

Relationship Status: single 

Favorite Color(s): blue, red, black, pink, sucker for pastels

Last song I listened to: NCT 127- Mad City

Favorite TV Show: omg i actually have so many omg friends, house, office, hwarang, goblin, oh god scarlet heart and moonlight drawn by clouds (my heart) many more tbh  

First Fandom: one direction yup

Hobbies: Reading, editing, finding things

Books that I’m currently reading: just finished Brave New World and now starting Wuthering Heights and now cause with all the BTS theories stuff i’ll eventually start owl service and omelas as well

Worst thing I’ve eaten: hmmmm i think it was a type of candy maybe idk during halloween 

Favourite place: so far a place called Winter Park next to where I live 

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Relationship Status: Single ;w; Artists like me walk the lonely road…lol

Favorite Colors: Lavender and sky blue!

Pets: I have two dogs! They’re both chihuahuas and very very cute

Last Song I Listened To: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Kururingo and sung by Miku! It’s one of my all time favorite Vocaloid songs~ It also inspired one of my AUs hehehe

Favorite TV Show: Regular TV show is Westworld…and anime is definitely Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood :D

First Fandom: Fhfhjsdjfd I have no idea tbh;; probably Pokemon knowing me, but I also remember being really involved with the Phineas and Ferb fandom when I was younger lolol

Hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing, playing video games, working on animation projects, quoting movies, and spending half of my life on this site lmfao

Worst Thing I’ve Eaten: Oh geez I can’t really remember? But I do remember tasting my dad’s beer once and I almost gagged it was so nasty.
Don’t drink kids, it’s really gross :)

Favorite Place: My own room or the DAC (digital animation center at my college, I’m there more than I am at home lol)

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name/nickname: aliza; nicknames are liza and lucy (if anyone wants to call me either of those please feel free, i get called them more than my actual name lol)

relationship status: in a relationship

favorite color(s): burgundy 

last song i listened to: asking alexandria - moving on  (i never left my scene phase and never will tbh)

favorite tv show: shameless (usa) - it’s pretty much the best show in existence 

first fandom: ummmm does naruto count? lol if it’s kpop it would honestly be got7. i never really joined a fandom for the groups i got into before got7

hobbies: reading is my favorite hobby but i also really love writing, singing, watching shows, and playing video games (mostly nintendo and pc games)

books that i’m currently reading: i’m about to start a book called “i’ll give you the sun” by jandy nelson! i literally have a stack of books to read right now though. i get so caught up reading fics sometimes that i forget to read my novels too.

worst thing i’ve eaten: the worst? honestly this is probably just an american thing but i hate a1 steak sauce. like the smell of it makes me feel sick immediately. i get salty if someone is even eating it and i’m sitting at the same table with them. i also have a serious hatred of eggs if the yolk isn’t completely cooked lol. so runny and gross 

favorite place: i hope this doesn’t seem dirty or whatever but honestly it’s probably in the shower in my apartment. showers are just so relaxing and i really enjoy them. if anyone has ever read any of my fics there’s like always a shower scene because who doesn’t love relaxing in the shower? haha

favourite state of being: honestly just any time i get to relax and read with an iced coffee and my earbuds in listening to music. getting time to read is my favorite thing :)

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Relationship Status: pretending I’m dating ignis single
Favorite Color: sky blue
Last Song I listened to:  Inochi ni Fusawashii by amazarashi (YT WON’T LET ME WATCH HE MV THO GDI)
Favorite TV Show: Yu Yu Hakusho (it counts okay, it was on tv once)
First Fandom: Sailor Moon or Final Fantasy
Hobbies: playing video games, sleeping, eating, I am not an interesting person lol
Books that I’m currently reading: …I forgot I was reading A Dance With Dragons
Favorite Book: Chaos Walking trilogy
Worst Thing You’ve Ever Eaten/Tasted: just looking at mac and cheese makes me wanna gag tbh
Favorite Place: my apartment, but only if I’m home alone  

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Name/Nickname: Kaina

 Relationship Status: @ jungkook hmu ;)

 Favorite Color(s): black, yellow, purple and pink

Last song I listened to: Beautiful- Crush

 Favorite TV Show: I’ve been binging an all time fav, Grey’s Anatomy, lately. Kdrama wise, I’m still not over Scarlet Heart and Weightlifting Fairy yet 

 First Fandom: …one…direction….or anime tbh if that even counts

Hobbies: Writing, drawing, volleyball, dancing, drama, binging crash courses esp philosophy

Books that I’m currently reading: None sigh, but I want to throw myself into classic literature and read Jane Eyre lmao blame crash course literature for that

Worst thing I’ve eaten: Um, I’m gonna come off as a health freak, which I am, but candy deadass, especially the ones that look like they’re more chemical than nutrients. HHHH IMSORRYBUT I CANT

Favourite place: My imagination

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Relationship status: single af

Lipstick or chapstick: Lipstick

Last song I listened to: (more like currently listening to) Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

Top 3 shows: Supernatural, Criminal Minds, F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Top 3 characters: Castiel, Spencer Reid, Chandler Bing

Top 3 ships: I occasionally ship destiel, sastiel (friendSHIP, still counts right?) and Castiel x (Y/n) this one is my favorite one tbh

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Relationship Status:

Married and OMG I almost forgot my anniversary again (it’s in less than two weeks). 

Favorite Colors: 

Purples, blues up to blue-green.


Miss Fluffy! She will be 17 coming march. The old lady is still going strong.

Last Song I Listened To

Tori Amos - Professional Widow  (from an old dutch ‘Women of the ‘90′s’ CD)

Favorite TV Show: 

What even is TV? Critical Role in the non-TV version. I hope to get back into it at some point tbh.

First Fandom: 

Probably old BioWare video games. 


Writing. Playing computer games, usually. Reading. Swimming (it has been way too long). 


Ah yes, funny ;)

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name/nickname: Levi/don’t have a nickname
relationship status: single af
favorite color: greeeen
last song i listened to: Wake up Alone - Tungevaag & Raaban, Clara Mae
favorite tv show: I don’t really watch tv tbh, but the last one I watched was How to get away with murder and it was pretty good?
first fandom: I was a total narutard when I was younger
hobbies: dogs dogs and dogs tbh.
books that im currently reading: A Song of Ice and Fire series, currently on A Storm of Swords
worst thing i’ve eaten: fish ugh
favorite place: the forest if im with my dog, or the stable. or wandering around stockholm at night alone. i think it depends on the situation, i have a lot of favorite places

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Relationship Status: Taken by a LOT of lovers, and I’m in open relationships <3 I’m a huge romantic lol. 
Favorite Color: White, blue, pink, pastel colors mainly tbh 
Pets: None whatsoever. None of my own. and i dont want any
Last song I listened to: Melanie Martinez vs. LazyTown - We Are Number One But We’re On A Carousel (Mashup). Why lmao
Favorite TV show: JJBA + HxH? I mean i know theyre not tv shows as much as a series/anime. But still!

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