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the current thumbnail netflix is using for the office is my favorite of the ones they have … best character development / relationship development in the show (not romantic relationship do i look like that kind of shipper)

Reasons why Yuri on Ice is the best show

-the animation is gorgeous and actually uses like, 3 different styles
-the writers actually do their research and there is literally nothing out of place with the skating routines(except for the fact that all the characters are so insanely good at skating that all of them would have broken sooo many world records by now)
-there is so much diversity in the show!! It’s one of the very few shows that is really good at making diverse unique characters and don’t limit them to one or two different races, and the characters aren’t all in the same age group which is a really nice change
-lgbt+ representation!!
-their relationship is not sped up, the writers purposely show the passage of time throughout the show, and it’s one of the only times that I’ve ever seen a show portray a relationship developing at a normal rate
-it’s absolutely hilarious, but the jokes never seem forced, the characters are just amazing
-speaking of the characters, the character interaction in the show is amazing. We get to see all the different characters and how they react to different people and settings, something that many shows fail to do
-despite being funny and beautiful to watch, there are also meaningful messages throughout the show(learning how to gain confidence in yourself, examples of healthy relationships and bad ones, etc)
-it promotes feminine qualities as strong and not things to be ashamed of(“prima Ballerina” yurio for example)
-there are so many adorable moments involving flowers, pets, stuffed animals, etc

There’s so many more reasons too but this post is already way too long!

tldr: YOI is a show that is actually realistic and it’s also really heartwarming and hilarious, just go watch it already


endless list of favorite things: [1b/?] favorite relationships

Daisy Johnson & Jemma Simmons, Agents of SHIELD (2013—?)


Javier & Letty Mr & Mrs Diaz, fake married, but actually, not really. 1/?


The Great Master marveled at this little snake with no venom, who had learned to dance to make her father smile…and so she had. That night, Viper found courage, a power far more potent than venom.

Hey guys! With the hiatus, we thought it would be a nice idea to do a general appreciation week for the dctvladies. This week will start December 19th and end December 25th. Every type of original content is allowed, and for fanfiction writers, you can do whatever you like if you want to participate (just keep it ladies only)  The following are just prompts, and you can change them in any way you want to/ If you’re late with the week or you have to skip some days, that’s absolutely no problem.

Dec 19th - Day 1: favorite female character part 1(supergirl, arrow, the flash, legends)
Dec 20th - Day 2: favorite female character part 2 (preacher, gotham, lucifer, izombie) ORfavorite hairstyles/outfits in case you don’t watch some shows :d
Dec 21st - Day 3: favorite relationship (platonic)
Dec 22nd - Day 4: favorite relationship (romantic)
Dec 23th - Day 5:  favorite relationship (familial)
Dec 24th - Day 6: favorite scene(s)
Dec 25th - Day 7:  favorite quotes (or free day!)

Make sure tag everything with #dctvladiesappreciation (in the first five tags) so everyone can see your beautiful content and reblog it. Whitewashing and stealing gifs is NOT allowed and please keep everything ladies only. But most important of all: have fun!

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You didn’t want us. That’s not true. I remember when Mom first walked through the door with the two of you. You ran right over to me and you leapt into my arms. You bonded with me instantly, and it made me a little uncomfortable. Oh, so you just didn’t want me? No. It made me uncomfortable because my own mother was never very affectionate with me. Grandma? She softened up over the years, but she just wasn’t nurturing in that way.  And when I looked at you, I saw me as that little girl who yearned for her mom to hold her and comfort her. And I guess it scared me a little, and it made me sad. And then one night, you had a bad dream. You woke up crying, and I came into this room and I held you and my heart broke right open. I felt so much love for you and so much compassion. And I realized, in that moment that this sweet, sweet little girl was sent to me. She was sent to me to heal my little girl inside.

So,Voltron Prompts will be having another event and this time it’s all fluffy goodness!

From April 10th-16th, if you’re craving something just sweet and fluffy regarding Voltron than this is the week for you.  

The rules are the about the same from other past events, EXCEPT all fanworks made must be safe for work this round since NSFW entries don’t really fit the fluff theme as much.  

With that said, you can explore the theme however you like.  You can explore the platonic relationships, or maybe use it for your favorite pairing/ship, or just to show love for your favorite Voltron character.

The Prompts

April 10th- Flower crowns/Friendship bracelets

April 11th- Blanket forts/pillow fights

April 12th- Sleep overs/Nap time

April 13th- Movie Night/Game night

April 14th- Sweets/Midnight Snacks

April 15th- Shopping Trip/Field Trip

April 16th- Beach Day/Snow Day

As before, either tag @voltronprompts for your entries or just add the tag ‘Voltron Fluff Week 2017′ and they shall be reblogged back to this tumblr.   Let’s have fun everyone! 


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Fhat the wuck!

my favorite thing about stranger things is that every single relationship in the show makes me want to fling myself into the sun.  

I would also like to recommend an anime that features a canon male x male couple. It’s very different from YOI. It’s dark with a very complex story and interesting characters. I’m talking about D.Gray Man Hallow. It’s an anime full of emotional rides and my nr.1 favorite show. Although their relationship is just a small side story, they still treat it with respect. They love each other so much it’s beautifully tragic. Huge Plus: Just like YOI this anime has no Yaoi or BL tag :)

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all the relationships in pushing daisies |→ olive and emerson

“If the day finally comes that being around pie boy and his pie girl make your suffering insufferable, I just want you to know that there’s a place for you–right here in this professional establishment.”