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A thread about millennials and stories (sorry for all the typos I was fueled by too much emotion to type well)


A series of fake numbers to leave behind.

1-888-447-5594 - Easter egg number for finishing God of War, contains a dramatic speech. Personal favorite.

605-475-6968 - Rejection hotline, politely explains that whoever gave you this number turned ya down, buddy

888-276-6760 - The 24-hour Klu Klux Klanline where you can get a FREE INFORMATION BOOKLET!!!!1!

866-740-4531 - Only responds with “I am Groot”

206-629-6430 - Seattle radio station “Loser Line”, updated number. If they leave a weird voicemail, it could get broadcast over the airwaves.

Stay safe, people.

I will never get over the fact that in the episode immediately after his transforming illness, immediately following a conversation where Iroh tells him that now is the time to decide between good and evil, in an episode literally called the Crossroads of Destiny, Zuko chooses terribly.He chooses to betray justice and his uncle for Azula. But Zuko is not lost, because it is not the final choice. His failure has consequences, the entire Earth Kingdom is essentially destroyed, but Zuko chooses betrayal in the Crossroads of Destiny and then goes on to learn from his mistakes and fight for justice. Zuko’s arc is a lot of amazing things, but my favorite is its hard rejection of the idea that there is a single time to turn your life around or a single point that damns you forever.

  • If my bpd ass was honest on a dating app: looking for a nice person to get in an all-consuming relationship with to validate my existence/give me some kind of direction in life

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You know it just hit that technically logan is living out the wayne girls au himself, like didn't he mentor a bunch of little girls? Like jubilee, kitty pride, your beautiful clawed daughter? Now I'm just imaging in a crossover event where Bruce is like "god girls would have been easier" logan coming up from behind like "trust me they're not" and then the two watch with their tired dad's faces as their hooligan children wreck everyting, again

Ok 4 real, I have a lot of problems with Marvel but Logan “I am a grumpy man with a troubled, bloody past but I am going to mentor the hell out of these cute children” has always been my favorite. Like Batman, I reject the idea of a mean, angry in favor of a damaged, bitter man trying to move past that and finding love in these kids.

Like I have a type it’s ridiculous.

Celegorm is arguably my favorite Son of Fëanor

the beginner’s guide to immortality

unlearn the scent of burning flesh, relearn how your favorite perfume smells, reject them both and don only the universe’s questionable motives as high couture, walk the runway of the sky and stay convinced that those flashing lights are cameras rather than solar flares. the sky is documenting your unbecoming. 

forget all the lists you’ve ever made. forget that one grocery list you left at home one time, and you returned home from your shopping with bags full of things you would never use, overripe fruit and hallowe’en candy long past its sell–by date, forget how it sat in the kitchen and rotted overnight, forget the sickly sweet smell of your own absent–mindedness. 

forget the list of all the people who have ever loved you ( and all the people you have ever loved, and all the people you think may have loved you, but you can’t be sure because love can mean a dozen different things and yet you think that none of them are your second grade babysitter’s scrabbling hands and the heat of her breath and being trapped, trapped ). 

cover the mirrors in your house, stop all the clocks, shroud yourself in black lace and white satin and refuse to come out for sixty days. you are in mourning, though for what you could not say. watch your bones become skylights and watch moonbeams filter through the hollows in your aching skin. 

leave notes for everyone who ever mattered. remind your mama to take the milk in and remind your grandmère to feed the cat and remind your sister not to steal your lipstick, not to try on your shoes. tape polaroids to the kitchen fridge and steal three dozen peaches from the local market and make off in the dead of night, the way renegade lovers escape into the sunset. 

redefine your image, redefine your beauty, lock yourself in a gas station bathroom and hack off your hair, hack out your eyes, let blood drip into your french fries as you drive away, eat them anyway because immortals cannot afford to waste food, savour how your life force tastes, remember that this is how it will taste forever. 

uncurl yourself from your shell– or rather, smash through the eggshell exterior that you never knew you were trapped in until you broke its milky boundaries and saw the sky anew, saw it glimmer a hundred different shades of tangerine–lavender–cherryblossom–strawberry, watched silk fade to velvet and watched a diamond–scatter of constellations light up the darkness. 

remove your shoes. get out of your car, take your three dozen peaches (unbitten, soft, yielding to your touch to crumble like dust), take your carved–out eyes and hacked–off hair. place the soles of your feet upon the sun warm road, let the neverending sky envelope you. this is how the universe ends – not with a bang, not with a crash, but soft. melancholy. your hair in the breeze and the soft song on the radio and the smell of the rotting peaches. this is how the universe ends ( a mistranslation: this is how people like you are born ). 

You told me of the sunset; speaking through warm hues, which I have learned to neglect. Then you asked me a simple question, but I had no beautifully profound articulation to back it up. After more than a decade of giving the same response, you were the first one to make me think about it. It took me a while to remember my roots.
Weeks later I was staring at a screen, which is not uncommon these days, when I came across a picture of a pale, violet, budded flower with heart-shaped leaves. The image’s very sight hit me over the head, with memories of the deluded, innocent, floral sweetness filling my nostrils for the first time. I too was small, sweet, innocent, as well as energetic, when I first discovered it. We had been shopping for a house and although many were much more beautiful or elaborate, there was this one my mother and I could not be pulled away from. Perhaps it was not the greatest house, but I remember the first time I stepped out on the deck, it became my home. There was a large, beautiful lilac bush, stretching up beyond the deck, filling the air with the calming scent I would forever recall with the light purple’s sight. I can still remember the excitement from my first whiff of that foreign scent of blooming lilacs, introducing the light violet shade I asked to have my bedroom painted.
From once a smell, came my favorite color.
Young summers often involved time spent in the backyard, picking blackberries, trying desperately to avoid thorns. As bees buzzed by and frightened me, I would accidentally crush the sweet berries in the palm of my hand, which introduced me to a darker shade of this blue-red blend I fell in love with. I remember putting them in my yogurt for breakfast to mix together the perfect shade of delectable purple.
From once a taste, came my favorite color.
But years have passed and slowly, I’ve spent less time outside. It took a photograph on my dash to remind me the reason why I love the color that I do. Perhaps I do not dress in it or try to wear it on my eyes, but who ever said it had to be represented physically? To this day, purple is a favorite smell. To this moment, purple is a taste my lips know well. Even now, I can hear purple, exclaiming to the world after successfully rolling down the hill on her purple bicycle. Purple is a feeling, it’s a sense. Purple, to me, is nothing short of happiness.
—  #33 Purple has always been my favorite color, you were the first person to ask “why?”. 

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Name/nickname: Annie, Zeus
Relationship status:  honestly what u think? ofc I’m single
Favorite color: yellow!! bc that is a v happy colour and makes me happy!!
Last song I listened to: 5sos - Rejects 
Favorite TV show: Man… this is always changing but anything BBC and Outlander 
First fandom: Well.. first fandom i read fan fiction for was divergent but i was obsessed w dork diaries so
Hobbies: reading, pretending I’m famous, going walks, petting my dog
Books that I’m currently reading: Am I Normal Yet? - Holly Bourne
Worst thing I’ve eaten: Twiglets *shudders*
Favorite place: I… don’t know? The woods? Edinburgh town? Idk, maybe the Highlands?? I’ve been too many places to just pick one

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relationship status?: nah son

pets?: i have 2 cats theyre both really annoying tbh but i love them

last song i listened to?: gives you hell - all american rejects lmao

favorite tv shows?: probably the oc but ghost hunters is a close second 

first fandom?: harry potter? but that was before i got a tumblr? and my first one on here was probably bandom like fob and mcr, very embarrassing. 

hobbies?: hockey obvs, really crafty make a lot of blankets tbh, i read a lot, video games

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Imagine that Person A and Person B are in different rooms when suddenly Person C decides to ask out Person A. Person C is considered popular and attractive, but Person A has no interest whatsoever and tells Person C that they’re already dating someone. Person C asks who Person A is dating. Person B walks into the room and Person A grabs their hand, looks at Person C, and says, “I’m dating Person B.” Person B is considered unattractive by most people, including Person C, and Person C tells Person A that they “can do better”. Person A shakes their head and walks out of the room with Person B, who’s blushing furiously. Person B was surprised to see that Person A stayed with them.