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You’re my favorite,“ he said offhand.
"Favorite what?” she wondered aloud.

“Oh, well,” he stammered. “Well, just that. My favorite pair of eyes to look into.
My favorite name to see appear on my phone. My favorite way to spend an afternoon. Fill in the blank, Beautiful…
I left it at favorite for a reason.”

“You’re my favorite too,” she whispered.

—  pensivepenman
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Happy Tales of Femslash week, from your favorite canon couple, Mod Sheena and Mod Colette♡ ! (And a friendly but disgruntled Zelos). Here’s to our favorite Tales-ladies couples as well as all the real-life couples that Tales has brought together! There have to be more than just us, right?

WWE Onscreen To Real Life Couples - My Favorite

- The Miz and Maryse - 

Status: Married

- (Onscreen) - 

- (Real Life) - 

- AJ Lee and CM Punk - 

Status: Married

- (Onscreen) - 

- (Real Life) - 

- Dean Ambrose and Renee Young - 

Status: Dating 

- (Onscreen) - 

- (Real Life) - 

- Jimmy Uso and Naomi - 

Status: Married 

- (Onscreen) - 

- (Real Life) - 

- Natalya and Tyson Kidd - 

Status: Married 

- (Onscreen) - 

- (Real Life) - 


- Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella - 

Status: Married 

- (Onscreen) - 

- (Real Life) -

- Nikki Bella and John Cena -

Status: Dating

- (Onscreen) -

- (Real Life) -

- Triple H and Stephanie McMahon - 

Status: Married 

- (Onscreen) - 

- (Real Life) - 

40 Drag Race Questions

1. Queen everyone likes but you don’t see the hype?

2. Favorite Untucked moment?

3. Favorite Live performer?

4. ______ should have been in the Top 3 instead of _______?

5. Queen that deserves more credit?

6. Best quote from Season 4?

7. Best read from Reading is Fundamental challenge?

8. Queen that stayed too long?

9. Queen with the worst runways?

10. Favorite comedy queen?

11. Jade S1 or Jade S5?

12. Best Untucked home video?

13. Favorite Drag Mother/Daughter pair?

14. Most influential queen?

15. Drag queen you’d most like to see next season?

16. Favorite Rupaul runway look?

17. Queen with the worst fanbase?

18. Which Queen can you relate to most?

19. Favorite 4th place contestant?

20. What #Team did you root for during Season 7?

21. Most versatile Queen?

22. Season with the best drama?

23. Queen with the most unique name?

24. Favorite season of judges/guest judges?

25. Most problematic Queen?

26. Best Pearl face?

27. Favorite exit message written on the mirror?

28. Queen that looks the most different out of drag?

29. Favorite mini series on WowPresents on Youtube?

30. Violet/Pearl or Pearl/Trixie?

31. Favorite group challenge?

32. Queen everyone hates but you love?

33. Best singer, Adore Delano or Courtney Act?

34. Most polished Queen?

35. Favorite awkward moment?

36. Favorite winner’s speech?

37. Favorite real life couple, Chad/Sharon or Daniel/Max?

38. Queen that improved the most during the season?

39. Morgan vs Mystique or Serena vs Everyone?

40. Queen with the best Youtube channel?


I dun’t know why, but this took a whole week.

And it was only 11 panels. Juuuuust 11.

This was based of an ask that Anger got and my favorite couple in real life!

Uhhhhgggg. Palette was so difficult to shade. All the yellow on him.


Palette Roller belongs to @angexci (I must draw your son moreee)

Art belong to moi, @chilli-drawz

Part 2 of demoniicdestiel’s request because I went overboard. Also for Katie who wanted me to finish it sooner than I actually did.

I hope there was a dragon race between the older generation of vikings so Hiccup and Astrid could root for the undisputed champion and record sheep point holder: Stoick the Vast. 

This time I actually referenced a very cute photo of Kate and William at the Olympics so it was even more fun ref-ing from my favorite real life couple to my favorite fictional couple.  

ultimate get to know me (including tv, music and books)
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  • [10] families
  • [4] character archetypes
  • [5] pilots
  • [5] opening credits
  • [4] quotes
  • [5] heartbreaking scenes/moments
  • [5] heartwarming scenes/moments
  • [5] character deaths
  • [5] villains
  • [5] heroes
  • [7] sceneries
  • [10] actors
  • [5] actresses
  • [5] real-life couples (or shipping)
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