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    — my father sent me to court, I wept and Jaime raged, until my aunt sat me down in the Stone Garden and told me there was no one in King’s Landing that I need ever fear. ‘You are a lioness’ she said, ‘and it is for all the lesser beasts to fear you.’ 

Usually, the moment you realize you’re in love with someone is when they do the smallest thing, or nothing at all, even. I realized I was in love when he walked into the room, which was full of people, but when I looked at him, it just felt like we were the only two people in the world.
—  sparklinqdiamonds
Last night(G.G.) *Smut*

▹Short Imagine 

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“G!” I yelled threw the condo 

“Yea” He yelled back 

“Do you know where my computer is? You had it last” 

“Yes, it’s in my room on the bed” He replied 

“Okay thanks” 

I dashed to his room and grabbed my computer.  I sat on his bed criss cross apple sauce and logged on.  I scrolled my threw my email looking for an special email that told me if G would preform at Lala this year.  

My eyes were glued to the screen, I was so concentrated.  

“Boo” G said 

I jumped and my heart rate went up.  

“What the heck!” I yelled 

He was cracking up laughing.  

“It’s not that funny” I huffed 

“It is” He replied 

“I was seeing if you were preforming at lala but I guess we’ll never know” I said 

“Oh shut up and look” 

I went back to looking threw the emails. I had so much junk mail.  I finally found it! He got accepted.  He was preforming at lala. 

I looked at him and hugged him.  It was amazing seeing preform there since I had been there when he was selling his mixtape at the job.  

“I’m so proud of you G” I said as I hugged around his neck 

A tear dropped down my face.  

“Awe don’t get all mushy on me” He chuckled 

I wiped my tears.  

“I hate you” I mumbled 

He chuckled 

“The feeling is mutual” He replied 

I rolled my eyes 

“How about we go to a party to celebrate” He said raising an eyebrow 

“We shall turn thee up-eth” I laughed 

“That was…terrible” G laughed 

I went to my room and got changed into my party attire.  Once I was done getting dressed I did my routine and went downstairs.  

“G! are you ready?” I yelled 

“Yes! let’s go homie” He replied 

We arrived to the party and everybody is already drunk.  I push threw the people to get to the bar.  I order and whiskey neat for G and straight Henny for myself.  I walk to G and hand him his drink.  

“You know me so well” He smiled 

“Yea but we need to get hammered” 

He laughed 

He takes a big gulp and chugs all of his alcoholic beverage and throws his hands up in the air.  

“Wooooooo” He yelled 

I chuckled then chugged down my drink and copying his actions.  I laugh and we walk over to the bar to order more drinks.  

Before I knew it we were on the dance floor.  Adrenaline flowed threw my body like a waterfall.  I was willing to get risky tonight.  

I did what any drunk girl would do and I grabbed G and kissed him.  He kissed back and put his hand on the small of my back.  His hand pushed me closer to him as the kiss deepened.  

He grabbed the back of my legs and I jumped, wrapping my legs around him tightly.  He kissed my neck as he carried me up stairs and walked into a random room.  The room was empty so he fully walked in and slammed the door. 

I pulled up his shirt and pulled it off over his head, throwing it across the room.  Then attaching our lips together again.  He laid me on the bed not losing connection.  He slid my dress off and leaving me only in my under garment.  

He let the kiss go and quickly unbuckled his pants to take them off.  He hovered over me and smiled.   It wasn’t just any old smile it was a type of smile where I knew tonight would be a night to remember.  

I was intrigued.  He took my panties off with one hand as the other caressed my cheek.  I unclipped my bra and threw it across the room.  I could care less where they went.  

He came down to my lips and kissed me.  His lips were like a drug and you could say I was addicted.  These feelings.  The ones I held for years for him coming out.  

Suddenly I felt his two fingers go into me.  I gasped for air.  He took that chance to slid his tongue into my mouth.  I moaned as his fingers went in and out of me.  He went to my neck and left marks.  My moans filling the room.  

He pulled them out.  I whimpered, I wanted him.  He smirked and put his two fingers in his mouth.  

“Shit” I mumbled 

He chuckled 

That was just hot as hell, I couldn’t explain it if I wanted to.  

He lined himself up with my entrance, I didn’t even notice he took his boxers off.  The anticipation building up.  He slowly glided into me. I moaned loudly.  It just felt so pleasuring.  

Once all of hm was in me, he started to pick up a pace.  His groans and my moans collided into the air.  My mouth became agape.  

“Oh god” I moaned

His pace picked up more and more.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  My legs shook as he groaned in the crook of my neck.  I gripped on his back hairs and moaned loudly as I came.  He soon came as well and fell on the bed beside me, out of breath.  

The morning shined threw the window, hitting my face causing me to wake up.  My eyes opened to G he was staring at me.  

“You” He said 

“I love you” He added 

My face dropped and I smiled.  

“You…I love you more” I said 

“Good” He said connecting our lips

I love her for what she has dared to be, for her hardness, her cruelty, her egoism, her perverseness, her demoniac destructiveness. She would crush me to ashes without hesitation. She is a personality created to the limit. I worship her courage to hurt, and I am willing to be sacrificed to it. She will add the sum of me to her. She will be June plus all that I contain.
—  Anaïs Nin, Henry and June - 💜
When you really love someone, you don’t only love the pretty things about them. You don’t just love the parts that are easy and uncomplicated. You love the ugly parts too. The parts that are difficult, and impossibly intricate. The parts that make you bleed, and cry, and writhe in pain. You love all of those things as well. And the amazing thing about truly loving someone is that those ugly parts become beautiful too.
—  sparklinqdiamonds
Jealousy (g.g.)

▹Short Imagine 

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We were at G’s album release party.  I stood at the bar while the bartender was preparing two whisky neats.  I felt a pair of arms wrap around me, automatically thinking it was Gerald.  

“You look great tonight” The voice says

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