favorite printables

to-do lists

this xfiles-themed to do list by @boligraff

these colorful and cute lists by @studeying

this “one step at a time” approach by @vestiblr

daily and weekly schedule planners

this simple daily planner by @studeying

this feature-rich daily planner by @arystudies

this daily planner feat. a monthly view and more by @kay-law

these weekly planners by @arystudies

this super functional weekly planner by @boligraff

assignment/project planners

this mini homework planner by @boligraff

this project planner by @petiteprune

this assignment formatting checklist by @studyingbrains


this exam tracker “blooper page” by @mildstudies

this eisenhower matrix priority list by @apricot-studies

this InCreDibLE grade tracker by @scholara

this academic article summary sheet by @ennui-for-me

favorite printable makers

@arystudies​ // super helpful grid backgrounds! also v well structured

@boligraff // simple, clean, and easy to use

@studeying // really nice daily and weekly planners

@ennui-for-me​ // not-as-common but v useful options like correction sheets

I hit 8k a while back (what? how??) so to celebrate this milestone i’ll be doing some blog awards!


  • please be following me- @equaticns
  • reblog this post! (likes will be counted as bookmarks)
  • be mostly a studyblr (if your studyblr is a sideblog, please mention it in your tags)
  • there will be 2-3 winners depending upon the response


  • Favorite URL
  • Favorite Icon
  • Favorite Theme
  • Favorite Original Content (please have a link on your blog or mention your tag in the tags)
  • Favorite Baby Studyblr (less than 1k, please mention in the tags)
  • Favorite Masterposts/ Printables (mention your tag please)
  • Nicest blogger 
  • Favorite overall


  • A new bff ♡ 
  • A follow from me (if not already) - even if you don’t win i’ll follow a lot of you
  • A visible spot on my blog
  • I’ll be queuing a bunch of posts from the winners
  • 3 screenshot promos anytime, upon request

disclaimer - this is not indicative of how good a student, blog, or person you are! it’ll tell you whether or not your blog is my style, nothing more. the categories are called favorite for a reason ☺️

the entry deadline is june 20 and winners will be announced on june 25!

today is the 1 year anniversary of this blog! ah that’s crazy, thanks to you guys for being around for so long! 

to celebrate i’m going to be hosting blog awards!


  • be mostly studyblr
  • reblog or like this post - you can do this as many times as you like, but any more than once won’t help your chances
  • you don’t need to be following me, but it would be nice


  • favorite url
  • favorite aesthetic (icon & desktop theme)
  • favorite advice posts*
  • favorite studyspo photos*
  • favorites graphics/printables*

* to be considered for these, please have your original post tag linked on your blog or message it to me

there will be 1 winner and 3 runner ups for each category, and it’s possible to win for multiple categories!


  • you’ll be mentioned on a post that shows up on over 15k dashboards
  • you’ll be featured on my blogroll
  • i’ll follow you if i’m not already (via @skeletonjasmine) - even if you don’t win i’ll follow a lot of you
  • 5 screenshot promos any time, upon request

disclaimer - this is not indicative of how good a student, blog, or person you are! it’ll tell you whether or not your blog is my style, nothing more. the categories are called favorite for a reason!

the entry deadline is feb. 20 and winners will be announced on feb. 26!

hello everyone~ i’m already almost at 1.3k now!! i wanted to do blog awards as a thank you to everyone so here we are :))


  • must be following me!! (studyblr is your side blog? put your main in the tags)
  • only studyblrs please
  • reblog this post (likes are bookmarks)
  • you may reblog/enter as many times as you like :)


  • favorite url
  • favorite aesthetic (icon + desktop theme)
  • favorite original content (pls have a link somewhere!!)
  • favorite masterposts or printables (pls have a link!!)
  • sweetest blogger (message me!!)
  • favorite overall
  • favorite baby studyblr (less than 1k followers, mention it in the tags)


  • a new friend!! (a follow from me through @iicehearted )
  • i’ll queue/reblog a ton of posts from you!
  • a header or promo if you want one :)

depending on how many ppl enter/how many notes this gets, there’ll be runner-ups for some categories (one winner, two runner-ups most likely). i haven’t decided when this ends, it depends on the response!!

this blog has grown so much over the past two or so months since i created it, and i am completely in shock! i am so grateful to everyone who follows me and supports me no matter what. because of this, i wanted to do something special for all of you! hopefully this isn’t too complicated, but if you have any questions please feel free to send me an ask! i will get back to you as soon as i can.

to enter:

  • be following me
  • reblog this post to mark your entry
  • read all rules and requests listed below


  • favorite url
  • favorite icon
  • favorite mobile theme
  • favorite desktop theme
  • favorite masterposts *
  • favorite printables *
  • favorite original content *
  • best advice giver
  • rising star award **


  • there will be one winner for each category/award. there will be 1-2 runner ups, depending upon how popular this gets.
  • please only reblog this post once. everyone who reblogs this post will be automatically considered for all of the above awards, save for the ones that come with special instructions.
  • likes will not be counted as entries.
  • for categories with a *, please put that you are entering in the tags of your reblog! for example, if you want to enter to win the “favorite printables” award, put “printables” in the tags when you reblog. thank you!
  • for categories with a **, please send me an ask saying that you will be entering for this award.


  • winners will receive a spot in my updates tab for a month, a permanent spot on my hall of fame page, and an edit request.
  • runner ups will receive a spot in my updates tab for a month and a permanent spot on my hall of fame page.

thank you for reading all of the rules and requirements. they will make my life much easier. good luck to everyone who enters, and thank you again for everything!

icon for the banner made by the lovely @diarystudies!

It was extremely hard for me to choose the winners since each one who entered had such an amazing blog. Anyways, congrats to all the winners for the 8k awards ♡

Favorite URL: 
@inteqrals @revisicn @procaffeinates 
Favorite Icon: 
@highlighteurs @theteadesk @acadmia 
Favorite Theme: 
@studyplants @artstdy @architstudy 
Favorite Original Content: 
@studytherin @studeebean @hittingthebooks 
Favorite Baby Studyblr: 
 @charstudiess @kinstudies @studyfeather 
Favorite Masterposts/ Printables:
@rhubarbstudies @thestudyfeels @studybab 
Nicest blogger: 
@einstetic @artemistudying @bionctes 
Favorite overall: 
@hufflepuffwannabe @stvdybuddies @juliasacads 

 please let me know if you want a screenshot promo or anything else 💕

LMAOoooo this is SO LATE… I used the @thearialligraphyproject printable for June and I love it…so much 💘 I wrote my goals for the month in the “notes” section but I haven’t even completed half of them ofmg 💀 I hope everyone is having a nice June ☀️☁️🌿😊

July 19 || 6:00 pm 

 Finished this chart a few days ago with all of the U.S. presidents and their major accomplishments! S/O to thearialligraphyproject for this life changing printable which can be found here. I love this thing!