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do you have any favorite printables?

Of course I do! 

There are so many amazing printables (and talented designers on Tumblr) so I have to link you to some printable masterposts ~

You Are Cordially Invited to a Black Butler: Book of Circus Tea Party

In celebration of Black Butler: Book of Circus coming to Blu-ray and DVD with the new English dub, we’re hosting our own Black Butler Tea Party on April 22—and we’d love for you to join in the fun! Here’s the details (plus a little inspiration):

  • We’ll be posting pics of our spread of delicious sweets and savories with your Funimation hosts livetweeting while watching the new English dub episodes—and we may have some special guests from the Black Butler Funimation team drop by! Follow along with our festivities at 3PM ET on April 22 with hashtag #BlackButlerTeaParty.

  • Host your own tea party and invite your friends! Dress up in your Victorian or Black Butler-inspired finest, put on a lovely pot of tea with some delicious delicacies, and make it a watch party with Black Butler’s long-awaited third season. Share your plans and pictures with us with the #BlackButlerTeaParty hashtag, and we’ll reshare our favorites.

Download our printable tea party invitations (click HERE to download) or share them on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more to invite your friends. Make some places cards for each of your guests to really make it official:

Not sure how to host a tea party? Check out our list of recipes straight from Sebastian’s own cookbook—real delicacies featured from the show! Or view our Black Butler tea party Pinterest board for some of inspiration on what to wear, how to decorate, what to serve, and of course, tips on brewing the perfect pot of tea.

Click here to check out the Pinterest board!

Join us!

LMAOoooo this is SO LATE… I used the @thearialligraphyproject printable for June and I love it…so much 💘 I wrote my goals for the month in the “notes” section but I haven’t even completed half of them ofmg 💀 I hope everyone is having a nice June ☀️☁️🌿😊