favorite poison pokemon

Drew my friend Kaitlyn as a ghost type gym leader. Had some fun messing around a new line art and coloring style. She’s gonna draw me as a bug type gym leader in return. Hype to see how it turns out. 


40 Day Pokémon Challenge

Day 24: Favorite Poison type

¡A smiling smoke ball that seems to be going to explode in your face! 
That smile and his skull mark… definitely he was born to being an evil pokémon, from James’s Koffing to Roxie’s Koffing, all of them are pretty cool.

Inktober Day 3: Poison!

Honestly, how could I do a “Poison” prompt without drawing my favorite Poison-Type Pokemon, Muk? He’s just a happy, huggy blob!

Anyway, this one was MUCH simpler and faster than the previous one, but I really like how it came out. Inking makes me super nervous since I don’t work with it much, and my hands aren’t always very steady. lol But it came out pretty well, so I’m happy.

Happy month of spooks, everyone!