favorite places in vegas

Tomorrow I’ll be turning 21 in Las Vegas! Whoo! 

My girlfriend, @lagenas, and I are going to a hotel on the strip tonight though! We’re going to Circus Circus since it is one of my favorite places in Las Vegas. It feels so surreal to me I’ll be turning 21… I’m so glad I get to spend my birthday with such an amazing person. 

I won’t be getting TOO wild since I’m not interested in alcohol. Besides, it would be a pain in the ass since I still look so young rIP… 

ANYWAY… I’m probably going to be posting pictures tonight and tomorrow so if you’re not into that feel free to blacklist the tag “my face”

I’ll be watching the leaked SU episodes for my birthday, too, since I obviously can’t avoid them forever… 

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Relationship status: Single (but courting)
Favorite Color: Black
Pets: Beautiful Black Lab
Last song I listened to: Turn the Page (Metallica version)
Favorite TV shows: Vikings, anything that is a documentary
Worst thing you have ever eaten/tasted: Was at a gas station in the country on a road trip and wanted a snack.  Bought a meat stick.  It was 2 years old.  Ya….
Favorite places: Chicago, Savannah, Las Vegas, New York, Israel, Egypt, and a small park bench on the river near me that I like to frequent when times are tough to reflect.

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