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So ‘Cool’ was my first Marvel fic and I hope you like this one as well!

Summary: When you break curfew, you get stuck with the task of training your least favorite recruit. ((Takes place after aou)).

You hissed in pain as you crashed into the tower’s elevator, already having made sure that F.R.I.D.A.Y. was deactivated. You couldn’t have the AI alerting everyone of your presence this late at night.

As you were creeping past the kitchen, the light sudden came on, illuminating Tony who was sitting at the kitchen counter, glass of whiskey in hand. It was a scene straight out of some cliché teen movie.

“Where have you been kid?” he asked. You stayed silent, knowing that answering would only make things worse.

“You broke curfew when you know that things are still unsafe for us out there!” you flinched and looked down when you heard Tony raise his voice.

“What is going on here?”

You both turned to see a very tired Steve, one hand rubbing his eye while his other rested on his hip.

“(Y/N) here broke curfew,” Tony exclaimed as he pointed at you. “You know how important it is to follow curfew now Steve!”

Steve gave you an apologetic look before answering. “Sorry kid. But Tony is right.”

You sighed softly, knowing that Tony still felt guilty about Ultron’s creation and that he was just trying to protect you. “I’m sorry Tony. It won’t happen again, I swear.”

“You’re right (Y/N),” Tony muttered as he ran a hand over his face. “It won’t happen again because you’re grounded.”

You merely bowed your head as you walked backwards towards the exit.

“Oh and (Y/N),” you stopped in your tracks as Tony opened his mouth again. “You’ll be taking over for Steve in training Maximoff.”

You smiled to yourself. You got along well with Wanda.

“Pietro Maximoff that is,” Tony continued, smirk spread across his face.

Your smile dropped.

You stormed into the training room the next morning with a glare that could kill.

The Maximoff twins were both in there, along with Natasha, and Wanda burst out laughing as soon as she read your mind.

She knew that you despised her older brother and the fact that your punishment was to train him was hilarious.

Natasha, noticing your awful mood, gently grabbed Wanda’s arm and dragged her to the other side of the training room before you had a chance to tell her off.

“Good morning printsessa,” Pietro smirked as he leaned against a treadmill and looked you up and down.

“It was until I saw your face,” you snapped in return, not missing a beat.

Pietro’s smirk dropped a bit but he shook your comment off as he leaned forwards and looked down at you.

“I’m glad that you’re the one training me,” he breathed out. “I have a feeling you’re a little more fun than the Captain no?”

You gave him a blank look. “We’ll see Maximoff, we’ll see.”

Pietro groaned in pain as you slammed him into the ground for the fifth time in thirty minutes.

You had insisted on sparring with him, no powers allowed. When he denied, you had claimed that he couldn’t just sail through battles by relying on his powers to which Nat had shouted a faint ‘She’s right quickie!’.

Now, as you stood above him with your foot pressed upon his chest, Pietro felt his temper flare up. Why was it that you were being so difficult on him? Why would you always, deliberately he might add, pick on him and make his life a living hell?

Not thinking things through, he proceeded to roll over and took you down with him. He pressed his body against yours as he held your wrists in a tight grip, making sure that you couldn’t break free.

“Who won this time, printessa?” Pietro hissed into your ear as a cocky smile made its way onto his face.

You smirked as you wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him closer. At this point, Nat and Wanda had stopped training, wanting to see what you’d do next.

“I don’t know Piet,” you purred into his ear. Only Wanda noticed the self-satisfied smirk grow. “But you seem to think you did.”

In a flash, you twisted your body and legs, effectively switching positions with him. Pietro now laid underneath you and he groaned in defeat as Wanda began to laugh.

“Better luck next time quickie,” you said, a mocking smile on your face.

You got up and headed towards the exit, turning around to face Pietro once more. “Same time tomorrow Maximoff. You need some help.”

Pietro simply glared at you as you turned around and crashed into a warm body. Glancing up, you groaned when you saw Pietro looking down at you, having used his speed to intercept your path.

“Pietro, move,” you growled. “You’ve already wasted enough of my time today.”

His face seemed to harden at your words.

“What is your problem?” his accent thick with annoyance as he took a step forwards. You stood your ground.

“What do you mean Piet?” you asked, voice calm and composed.

Pietro groaned, running a hand through his hair. “I mean your attitude! I’ve been nothing but civil to you but you act like such a- a bitch to me!”

You felt your mouth curl up slightly. “Aw can’t accept the fact that not everyone likes you Quickie?”

Pietro turned red at your mocking tone. “See! That’s it! Why are you so rude? I’ve been nothing but nice.”

“Listen here Pietro,” you began. “We are here to train and prepare for emergencies. We are not here to make friends.”

“Well being a friend is better than being a bitch,” Pietro quickly shot back.

You gaped at him for a second before replying. “Well it’s better than being a cocky asshole!”

Pietro threw his head back and laughed. “Me? An asshole? I am anything but!”

You chuckled darkly. “That’s rich Pietro, really.”

He quickly sobered up. “What do you mean?”

“I mean you seem to think that by simply flashing a smile and a wink, you’ll get anything you want.”

“Ah printsessa,” Pietro leaned in. “That’s where you are wrong. I do not think that. I know that.”

You through your head back and groaned before pushing past him. “That’s it, I’m done. Ask someone else to train you.”

Pietro latched onto your wrist and pulled you back. “No.”

“Let me go,” you said, eyes narrowing.

“No,” Pietro repeated, a slight smirk on his face.

“Bastard,” you said under your breath.

“Bitch,” he muttered in return.

“Oh real mature jerkwad,” you scoffed.

“A lot more than you fucktard.”

“You think you’re so clever.”

“I know I am printsessa.”

“You’re nothing but an egotistical, self-absorbed-”

“Oh printsessa of course I’m egotistical. Have you seen my face?”

“Sadly yes, I have Pietro.“

“Then you should feel honored.”

You groaned once more. This arguing was getting nowhere. “Ask someone else to train you.”




“Yes!” you shouted. “Yes Pietro! God I don’t want to spend time with you!”

“Then you shouldn’t have volunteered to train me.”

“You think I asked for this? No I didn’t,” You stepped forwards and pushed Pietro back. “I want nothing to do with an egotistical, cocky, asshole-ish motherfu-”

In a flash, Pietro had pulled you into him, leaning down and connecting your lips in an angry, messy kiss.

No matter how much you claimed to hate him, even you couldn’t deny that Pietro was handsome. And a pretty good kisser.

You pushed away slightly. “I hate you Maximoff.”

“No you don’t printsessa,” Pietro whispered, smirk on his lips, before he resumed the kiss.

It was a hot, angry, and messy kiss, all teeth and tongue and wandering, grasping hands. Just when he had backed you up and pinned you to the wall, the kiss was interrupted by the distinct sounds of Nat and Wanda giggling.

You pulled away first and kept your head down. “I should go,” you said, risking a glance towards the two girls. Nat was wiggling her eyebrows at you while Wanda simply gave you a thumbs up.

You looked at Pietro, who had a cocky, satisfied smirk on his swollen lips. You exited quickly.

“I should be going as well,” Pietro said before speeding out the door.

Nat and Wanda stood in the middle of the training room, still giggling as they looked at the doorway.

After a few minutes, Natasha turned to Wanda. “How much do you wanna bet that they’re making out in the hallway right now?”

“Oh yeah, definitely.”

Second Marvel fic done. Hope it’s alright. Thanks for reading!

RWBY Volume 5 Episode 2 Recap (spoilers)

Wiggety what, what’s that-ITS THE MICKSTERECAP!

1:31 This action packed science fantasy starts out swinging with-A SAD OLD MAN SITTING AT HIS DESK! Edge of my computer table I am.

1:34 ZOOP-its Piccol-I MEAN-Watts, VILLAINY TIME!

1:54 …okay I know that all schools have secret rooms of secrecy, but that looks WAY too villainous. Watts redecorated didn’t he? You gotta learn when to say NO Leo.

2:08 We are then treated to-THE ORB GRIMM OF MYSTERY! What could it possible do? TURNS OUT…its basically a video phone…huh…makes sense but admittedly disappointing. 

2:30 Watts acts like a sassy bitch and-CINDER SPEAKS! HOORAY-now she can insult people again!

3:00 Leo than says that HE found the Spring Maiden but ol’ ARTHUR WATTS( I LOVE that his name is Arthur that rules) gets the credit. Never working for that eldritch witch if I get the option…okay yeah I would, I’m broke as FUCK!

3:34 Oh MAN Cinder’s hate boner for Ruby Rose is STILL GOING STRONG!

3:50  HYOO BOY-the orb latched a tentacle to Leo! We’ve all seen enought hentai to know where THIS is going!

4:48 “Tyrian’s in need of a new tail”…she says that…like he can get ANOTHER ONE?! Hyoo boy, some unlucky scorpion faunus is GIVING A TRANSPLANT!

5:10 We then close out that convo with Watts saying the students AREN’T pushovers. Well ain’t that nice!

5:38 Cinder then argues with her Mom that things are going to slowly-RIGHT-before she says she wants a word with Tyrian. Ooooooooooooooooh, someone’s getting grooooooooooooooooooounded!

6:45 Cut to Weiss still on cargo ship 3-THE FIGHTIN’ TRES-looking over and seeing everyone’s favorite fantasy cliche-FLOATING ROCKS IN THE SKY! Like the Strawberry battlefield up in this bitch.

6:58 ZOOP-scratch that,  pilot says their “No-where good”…which means BATTLE TIME BABY!

7:10 CRASHING SKY SHIP-this is my FAVORITE place in Remnant now!


7:50 ….well shit, those people are dead. Work faster next time Weiss-GOD!

8:09 Weiss finally states she’s done with this do nothing bull shit, AS IT TURNS OUT-Cargo ship 3 has…a FUCK ton of Dust in it! Atlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas is smuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggling!

8:22 There’s just something satisfying about loading a sword with bullets, just magical.

8:50 The cargo door is open, BLASTING wind, but thankfully Weiss’s skirt never flips up! Some damn sturdy combat skirts.

9:13 Its at THIS point I just realized something…why doesn’t that ship have built in defenses? You live in a world where MONSTERS not only exists but will also kill you without a moment’s notice.

9:44 AND THEIR HOOKED-holy crap it can’t even take a simple Grimm hook-WHO DESIGNED THIS CARGO SHIP?!

Basically this was the scene in general:

Weiss: I GOT ONE!

Pilot: Great kid, don’t get cocky!

10:51 Geeze Weiss, are you tired? Only been out of the game for a season, DAMN your out of shape.

But enough about that- QUEEN LANCER BOSS BATTLE!

11:20 Oh man its immune to magic-TRY THROWING FURNITURE AT IT!

11:52 Weiss I JUST said it was immune to magic, you wasted all those dust crates for NOTHING! Bad ass explosion, but still.


12:20 Ladies and gentlemen, the return of-WEISS’S BAD-ASS WOW LOOKING KNIGHT! Which…she probably should’ve used earlier but FUCK IT-it looks cool!

13:00 Sweet Jesus that was the most insane mid-air battle I’ve ever SEEN and it was awesome! Well time to crash Launchpad McDuck style!

13:30 But enough about whether Weiss and Unnamed Pilot are alive-LET’S SEE WHAT ADAM IS DOING!

13:48 We see Highleader Kahn REALLY chew out Adam for his acts of mass terrorism…but…doesn’t seem like he’s getting fired…what kind of rinky dink terrorist organization are they RUNNING-punish stricter!

15:26 HEY-its Ozpin’s exboyfriend Hazel! How you doing, death voice?


16:23 Lady wants humanity to fear the Faunus, but doesn’t want to start a war…you….you really don’t think realistically do you?

17:00 We WILL win against the humans, because mutan-I MEAN Faunus are the dominant species!

18:00 All and all this seems like a pretty standard meeting-OH SHIT-all the White fang in the room are loyal to Adam! Well I’m sure things are gonna turn out fine, every organization benefits from a strong female leade-OH SHIT-Adam just killed her!

18:50 Adam acting like the psycho he is uses the corpse he just made to further his own agenda…this got dark. Like,  RIDICULOUSLY darker than we thought this series could dark.

Also NOT to speak ill of the dead but…MAYBE she should’ve just fired him? She and Ozpin share that classic “Let a threat sit in the background and wait until it kills you” style of leadership.

19:10 Hazel: When were you planning on telling me about that?

Yeah Adam, you gotta SHARE your murderous plans, you can’t just SPRING a murder when you invite someone to the vaguely Asian inspired faunus castle! Unit cohesion is key.

19:32 Hazel: Nobody needed to die today.

Okay dude,dude, DUDE…you WORK for MALEFICENT! Don’t get bent out over a little murder!

19:48 We then see Weiss wake up from the crash and see everything’s fin-OH SHIT RAVEN…wait, your telling me WEISS found Yang’s mom before Yang?!

All in all good action based ep, and I can’t wait to see Adam lead the Brotherhood of Evil Faunus against the forces of the…X…faunus? Shoulda stopped at the Magneto joke-GRAH-what is wrong with me?! See ya next week folks!

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trojans teach jean to surf or the foxes teach neil to rollarblade

I’ve never been surfing, so this is based off of a very quick google search, but I hope you like!

After all that he’s been through, Jean finds it supremely unfair that today is definitely the day he is going to die.

The beach and water is something that Jean has been touchy about for a while, for obvious reasons, but it is basically impossible to live in Southern California and not go to the beach. Jean has found that this is especially impossible when you live with a team of college students.

The first few trips, Jean has simply sat on the outside of the group and watched. He sunbathes with Laila a lot, with her never judging him for keeping his shirt on, and shaking their heads at Alvarez and Jeremy splashing each other in the water.

Jeremy always asks him if he wants to join, and he never pushes, but he can tell that Jeremy is getting more and more sad at the prospect of Jean always sitting on the outskirts.

So one day, as he’s watching Jeremy paddling out on a surfboard, he gathers up his courage and motions for Jeremy to come out of the water to talk to him.

“What’s up?” Jeremy says, shaking his hair out like a puppy.

“I want you to teach me to surf.”

Jeremy raises his eyebrows. “You’ve never even been in the water any of the times we’ve come here and now you want to jump right to surfing?”

Jean straightens up, determined. “Can you teach me or no?”

Jeremy laughs and runs his hand through his wet hair. “Come on.”

They spend the rest of that day with Jeremy teaching him how to stand up properly on dry land. Jean especially likes when Jeremy shows him by putting hands on his waist and moving him, but he’d never admit that.

The next time they go to the beach, it’s just Jeremy and Jean, and they’ve gotten Jean all the equipment he needs to actually surf.

They get to the edge and are ready to paddle out when Jean freezes.

And it’s just so unfair, because the beach was one of his favorite places, but now all he can remember watching the waves crash is Riko dripping water on his face and himself gasping for air and begging between floods for mercy, help, anything.

Jeremy’s hand is grounding on his shoulder and he breathes through it, trying to calm the overwhelming panic flowing through him.

When he’s calmed down a bit, Jeremy asks, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Jean nods, and gets into the position they’d practiced to paddle out.

Jeremy sighs, but gets in position as well and leads off with Jean close behind him.

They see a wave and Jeremy motions at him to stand with him. All is going pretty well, when Jean stands and readies himself for the wave, before his foot slips out from under him.

Jeremy immediately is worried and looks around for Jean, expecting to see him flailing, but when he sees Jean’s head finally bob above the water he’s…laughing.

Jeremy paddles over to him and asks if he’s okay, and Jean nods, unable to speak he’s laughing so hard.

“Did you swallow some sea water?”

“No,” Jean shakes his head. “I’m okay.”

Jeremy smiles as he reads into the significance of that moment and pulls Jean in for a sea-flavored kiss and thinks about how much he loves this man.

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Jason head cannons?

-Jason cannot, I repeat cannot, sleep lying down straight on his back. ever. He always has to be on his stomach or on his side or whatever, just not on his back

-It is also very difficult for him to fall asleep in complete silence, for the uh obvious reasons, he has to be listening to some sort of noise. His favorite is the sound of waves crashing because that was one of his favorite places to visit with Bruce

-Jason is the only one out of the batfam who know how to really cook. Growing up on the streets with a deadbeat dad and a druggie mom doesn’t really give way for great cuisine, so when he was taken by Bruce that was something he really was amazed by

-He would come home and help Alfred cook almost every day after school, and seek out lessons on coking, so he is quite the chef

-Before he was taken in by Bruce, he would try to stay at school for as long as he could, and that usually meant he had to stay in the library, which is where he got his affinity for reading and made good friends with the librarian 

-He always hated the assumption he was just another dumb street thug, so he would purposely read large words out of dictionaries and try to use them as much as he could in normal conversation, effectively surprising adults when he said things like quintessential or penultimate

-After he was resurrected, he went on a spree of trying to “cure” of all of the things that still had a hold over him, by doing things like crawling into the dirt and staying there for hours on end, put crowbars all around in places he could see, and play the beeping of a bomb on repeat in his safe houses 


‘ god fucking dammit. ’

each syllable was annunciated, his voice barely a whisper. of all places to crash: earth. the outlaw’s least favorite place. it was dirty and too crowded and the people SUCKED. he also sucked, but at least he didn’t make a huge deal out of stupid things like guys wearing dresses. he wasn’t THAT stupid. 

the outlaw huffed as he walked into the small convenience store, his hands shoved into his pockets. it was around noon, and the place was pretty packed for such a small store. he glanced around, and picked up a newspaper.

hawkins, indiana.

where was indiana again? united states? max had a map of earth in his office that the outlaw had studied intensely when max was droning on about something he really didn’t give two shits about.

he shrugged and thought, well, it could be worse. he looked around carefully, and noting the cashier was busy flirting, tucked the newspaper into his jacket. he had no earth currency, but a guy had to eat. by the time he exited, he’d picked up enough snacks to last him a few days while he fixed his ship, and a little magnet for max.

the outlaw began walking back to his crashed ship, but was almost instantly knocked over by a running child. 

‘ JESUS – what the hell, kid? ’

Whenever Sonic isn’t busy foiling Eggman’s latest plot of world domination or running 60 laps around the planet in 4 seconds, he enjoys reacquainting himself with the Tornado.

However, due to his said free time occuring very rarely, he often finds himself either rusty in his flying ability, or baffled by whatever little add-ons Tails has put on it over the years, and thus, does a lot of emergency crash landings. The site where Sonic crash lands most often is Angel Island, much to the annoyance of Knuckles, who has to let Sonic spend the night until Tails can come by to fix the plane. Secretly, it’s Sonic’s favorite place to, quite literally, crash, as he gets to spend time with (i.e. annoy) Knuckles more often.

Texas, A Rucas Fic

—This is a treat for Rucas fans. I know many of you are struggling with your confidence of Rucas but I feel even better after the Q&A last night. The story is just beginning for Rucas. Don’t let anything those fans say get you down. I don’t have any idea what is going to happen in Texas and neither does anyone else. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. I just really wanted some fun with Cowboy Lucas and them as a couple so I set this after A Promise. Its full of fun and a touch smutty. I loved writing it! Enjoy!—

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