favorite photoshoot and video in the history of all things ever

Skivvysupreme’s Fic Masterpost

hello, lovely readers! here’s the rebloggable version of my fic masterpost! full list is below the read-more (so try clicking the above link if it disappears on the mobile app in reblogs :D). as always, AO3 links are included if you prefer to browse there.

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spacetaemin  asked:

discussion question: is one of kai's hands for taemin or for kyungsoo? why or why not? support your answer with evidence from the text

well damn amy i may as well write my college thesis on this but let’s get into it shall we

because kai’s first hand is obviously for krystal as we have discussed in the past, while his second hand is clearly for Taemin

if we’re going to go into textual evidence, let’s start with the basics

as we all know, Taemin and Kai have known each other since trainee days, as was shown on the 4 Things episode from when Taemin had his solo debut

like lmao tbt to when everyone thought that Kai was Taemin’s brother when this picture got released

look at those two buddies roamin’ the streets going shopping doing whatever it is guys do idfk

then there’s of course Taemin and Kai’s first award show together!!! 2011 gayo daejun!!! 

in this video at 56 seconds you can clearly see Amber (bless her) pushing Kai towards Taemin and then soon enough to two sweet bubs are smiley and laughing and just so cute they’re such good pals

then maxstep happened and that was truly a blessing like come on taekai in a car together

u know what weird fanfics happened after that and i’m not ashamed to say i read a fair few of them

plus let’s not forget the iconic Pretty Boy and all it’s performances!!! the jam of all jams. truly a bop. best hit. my all time favorite song ever honestly

like honestly i could go on for days how taekai are true bro goals like

they go get ice cream together

they go on romantic walks in the park together

just look at Kai’s arm draped gracefully over Taemin’s shoulders, what a true pal

so sweet

literally they never stop touching each other the skinship in this friendship is Truly Magnificent 

so much hand holding god bless the hand holding it’s so sweet so delicate so pure and wholesome

and let’s not forget the beauty that was this photoshoot like honestly it was the best photoshoot in the history of all photoshoots

not only are they holding hands in this picture, but taemin’s hand is placed gently on kai’s waist what True Pals

and we mustn’t forget

the Most Pure Moment. look at that. such a loving embrace. like Taemin’s group has just won yet it’s Kai who’s crying harder. is this not true friendship??? being proud of your pal for achieving so much and working so hard and being Recognized for it??

basically Taemin and Kai are True Pals, Best Bros, Friendship Goals of the Century

and yet it has dare been asked who Kai’s second hand is for??? no question about it. Taemin and Kai will hold hands for the rest of eternity

Hi there, YouTube!

Dylan O’Brien/Tyler Hoechlin || 3k || PG || AO3

Summary: Instead of heading for a career in acting, Dylan becomes a YouTube star (well, the number of subscriptions on his channel says so, he vehemently disagrees) with a less than subtle crush on one Tyler Hoechlin, a newcomer on the indie movie scene. With Dylan’s popularity resulting in invitations to run interviews on red carpets, he knows it’s only a matter of time before he runs into Tyler. What he’s not expecting is meddling friends (really, he should’ve known) and how the actual meeting plays out.

A/N: This is a (very belated, so sorry) birthday present for sinyhale, who poked at a plot bunny and fic happened. Happy birthday, hon!
A/N #2: This fic also has pretty, thanks to aredblush. Click HERE for her adorable art <3

Warning: I have exactly zero knowledge of YouTubers and how things work there, so please consider about everything regarding the community creative license on my part. Apologies for any and all inaccuracies.

“Hi there YouTube, Dylan signing on again!”

He’s done fiddling with the camera, the new one that he just got that morning, but he’s still not all that happy with the settings. The only reason he got it was because the subscriptions on his channel were getting higher, and he figured that he owes the viewers better quality than the inbuilt one he’s been using until now.

“So, anyway, straight to the point… or not so straight, maybe,” he winks at the camera as he says the words.

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anonymous asked:

do you think that schweinski is actually any different to schweini and neuer or schweini and muller? if you look at schweinsteiger with lots of players, there are plenty of reasons to ship him with almost everyone. why did everyone choose to ship him with podolski (not that I am complaining ;) )

OK ANON…  This is going to be one of the longest answers you’ve ever read, and by the end of it, if you don’t ship these two lovebirds dorks, I don’t know what to say.

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To Everyone,

We love Taylor Swift. She’s honestly so ethereal and one of the most kindest people you’ll ever learn about in history. She visits her fans in hospital, not for publicity but because of the pure kindness of her heart. She’ll sing to them and bring them gifts and it’s so underappreciated. Also, let’s not forget the fact she pays people’s hospital bills and pops up outta nowhere to help families with financial crises. Whenever she sees a wedding that people invite her to, she’ll try to attend and bring gifts and her music with her (sometimes she crashes them). Let’s not forget about Swiftmas, she sent her fans at the end of 2014 Christmas gifts and bought everything for them. She even made handwritten cards to each fan. She’ll even appreciate fan art and the little videos of them dancing to her music. Let’s not forget the time she showed up at a swifties home to play with her son and crashed a photoshoot. When she noticed a fan was having a rough time she showed up at her house to cheer her up. Hungry? She gave her fan $90 for Chipotle. NINETY DOLLARS. She also donated 14,000 books to a library in Nashville, which shows she cares about education. She donated a pink chevy to a foundation. She donated $50,000 to a hospital to help with cancer. She bought fans pizza as they waited in line. She always interacts with her fans on Tumblr and Twitter. She stood up for struggling musicians who weren’t getting paid enough. She tracked down Sinhead (a fan) who waited in the cold for 20 hours to take photos with her. She “asked” fans to be in a music video with her without them knowing. She invited fans to her house to listen to her new album. She sent a fan $1,989 to pay off college loans. She gave 125 people who worked on her tour a vacation to Australia as a gift. She donated $50,000 for a dancer’s nephew. Overall, she’s one of the most caring people on this planet. The thing is nobody appreciates these things. You probably haven’t heard of this because the media never pays attention to these things. Why don’t you ever call out the good things instead of the bad things? Stop pointing out mistakes and point out the good things she’s done. It deserves more attention and is underrated. Pay more attention to the greater things she’s done. If your favorite celebrity was only getting called out for the bad things, wouldn’t that make you upset? Overall, the media needs to pay attention to ALL CELEBRITIES DOING GOOD DEEDS. -Elsa and Reev (on the behalf of all swifties)