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The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 12]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

“Buckle down, folks,” calls out John Older [first assistant director], his voice resonating around the caves [representing the inside of the Sycorax ship], “cos it’s very difficult to work in here. Let’s go for a take…”

“The door!” screams Billie. “Close the door!”

Noel spins around. As the Sycorax grabs him, he manages to pull the TARDIS door shut just in time. Slam! Door closes. Well, not quite.

“Er - he didn’t close the door,” says Jon. “It’s swung back open.”

“Oh fiddlesticks,” cries Noel, frustrated. “That TARDIS door is such a naughty old thing.”

Actually, that’s not exactly what Noel said. I’m paraphrasing. But this is a family magazine, so let’s just leave it.

“Okay, Noel, you blew the plot,” laughs James [Hawes, director]. “If the door doesn’t close, we’re screwed.”

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Rex and meaningful contact with others.

Meant to be sort of a follow-up to my last Rex related photo set post, since while the kid can be scary in a fight, it’s important to remember how much contact with others matters to him.

As the series progresses, he develops in such a way that he’s big on granting second chances, believing in the importance of free will and choice, and keeping his promises when it counts the absolute most, even if that promise is to a former foe.  He also starts to let go of the idea of “playing it cool” in holding back on letting others know that he cares, going from telling Six to “get off the sap train” in season one to embracing his team mate/mentor/friend/father figure in season three.  Rex seems to value his memories and personal experiences over material possessions, but more than anything else - even his own life and identity - he values his family, friends and allies.  Nothing matters more to Rex than other people.


George Harrison during the filming of Help!, Bahamas, February 1965, photographed by Henry Grossman (and previously posted on the blog here); and in Hawaii, c. 1983, photographed by Brian Roylance, © Umlaut Corporation (previously posted on the blog here).

“I am not George. I am not really George. I am this living thing that goes on, always has been, always will be, but at this time, I happen to be in this body.” - George Harrison, Time Out, 19 October 1988 [x]


Behind the scenes of The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End (Part Eight)

Excerpts from Doctor Who Magazine #398, as reported by Benjamin Cook

“Right, so we see Freema spinning a Dalek,” says Billie Piper, alias Rose Tyler, “and that’s when me and Lis [Sladen, who plays Sarah Jane] decide to grab one too?”

“And when they spin,” wonders David, “aren’t they going to smack into each other?”

“Yes, can we rehearse this?” requests Barnaby Edwards, the chief Dalek operator.

This is the sequence of Donna taking control of the Crucible.  On the take, Barnaby keeps spinning, and spinning, and spinning.  “Sick bag for Barney, please,” requests Simon Morris [First Assistant Director].

“Ladies and gents,” says Graeme, “when the Daleks start going potty, you’re delighted, congratulating one another, loads of energy!”

“Can I ask a question?” says Catherine.  (”Oh God, she’s off again,” teases Captain Jack actor John Barrowman.)  “When I’m doing this,” - and she flicks some switches on the central console - “can I do this?” And she back-kicks one of the levers.

“She’s stealing your thunder, dude!” John says to David.

“All my best bits,” David nods. 

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WHO IS ON TOP?! Do-S Angel or Maso-Hedgehog?!

Oooookkkk, finally some OTP pictures…*ashamed* ahhhh, actually we can’t decided: who is on top? Is it that cool and untouchable angel-chan or the cute and bubbly hedgehog??? I think It’s Licht, of course. My dear says: its that super-greedy vampboy. (pshhhht, lawless-chan likes to think that he is on top, but he never will be! :D)

Favorite photo-set of our domestic Greed-Pair shooting! Is it ok to say that I really, really, really love my little hedghog? And that stare on the second picture… its so Licht! Im so happy and proud. gnaaaaa/(&”$)”)&=$&!


this is my favorite set of photos I can’t get over how soft he looks like he looks like the typical boy that would send you get well texts and if you were upset he would send you these types of photos to make you cheer up look I’m too snatched


Vincent Price, The Thief and Cobbler Rare Behind the Scenes Photos 1970 (Better Quality)

Original post:


I picked a few of my favorite photos from the previous set in better quality and size for adorable reasons. I found the better quality photoset a few days after posting the original and got upset because I could’ve used it instead of the first one. :( Oh well, at least these look even more precious than before.