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George Harrison, Warner Brothers Records in Burbank California August 26, 1987

Photos: Robert Matheu

“George would drive himself, come to the parking lot, walk up to my office, and as per planned, he was going to spend ‘x’ hours on the phone or in person doing interviews. I scheduled the interviews so there was a break. In anticipation of the break, I’d say, You have a lunch break coming up, would you like me to get you something to eat? And he’d say, 'Yes, a cheese sandwich would be nice.’ That’s it. Didn’t say, 'Put mustard on it,’ what kind of bread. (Laughs) I’d go to the deli in Burbank and go: Cheese sandwich. Cheddar, Swiss cheese - whatever it was, he never complained. And sometimes he would have one bottle of Heineken. Then some British tabloid guys called me and said, 'We understand he’s an alcoholic and he’s in treatment.’ I said, I don’t think so. One bottle of Heineken sometimes - I don’t think that qualifies.” - Bob Merlis, PR for Cloud Nine, Mojo, November 2011 [x]

Scan - George, Olivia and Dhani, scanned from Harrison by the editors of Rolling Stone and copyright the Harrison family.

“‘It’s hard to think of leaving the privacy and quiet of the happy life I have here,” [George Harrison] admits, saying he wants to be in touch musically with the world but can’t imagine any real return to even the sparse touring and self-promotion of his 1970-90’s solo span. Yet the increasingly negative tilt of society, with its obsessive preoccupations with violence, bigotry, and nihilism, troubles Harrison. A fallen Catholic whose adult embrace of Indian spirituality has never wavered, Harrison feels the need to try 'to cut through the cynicism’ let the public know he still believes in the power of music 'to inspire, give comfort or another outlook’ on 'all the terrible things’ that 'we’re doing to ourselves and each other these days.’“ - Article and interview by Timothy White, Billboard, 19 June 1999 [x]

“Seeing how amazing, sweet and talented Dhani is, and how cool and amazing Olivia is - you can tell a lot about a person by who their friends are and who they love. […] They’re such incredible people, and they love him so much, and you can see how much he loved them. I love his art, his gardens and his home, and all the incredible things he’s written, but I think my favorite moment of George’s is Dhani and Olivia.” - Regina Spektor, Filter, Fall 2011

Halloween in NYC with Tallulah and Google Photos….

Super excited about an event coming up this week here in NYC!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and on October 29th Times Square will be transformed into a Pumpkin Patch by Google Photos! (for real) 

“Pumpkins are one of the most shared fall photos, and there will be tons for picking. Come celebrate the season with live carvings, cider & donuts from the Google Photos “Pay With A Photo” food truck and bluegrass from The Defibulators. 

Take the perfect fall pic in our photo booth — you might see your photo on a billboard in Times Square, and you’ll have the chance to get it etched into a pumpkin by a special carving machine.”

I used Google Photos app to find these photos I took of my favorite little Halloween feline back in 2011. 

Tallulah is Halloween colored and I always refer to Halloween as Lulahween :). 

I used the app to look through my many “Cats” photos to find these gems (hah). 

Love her so much. 

Hope to see you in the Times Square Pumpkin Patch on October 29th in Times Square!!! :)


*** This post is sponsored by the festive folks at Google Photos app who are also responsible for this upcoming epic Pumpkin patch event.



George Harrison, backstage somewhere in England, 1963; and at Abbey Road Studios, 1964 (Photo 1: unknown; Photo 2: AP Photo)

“The actual backstage facilities at the Winter Gardens [in Margate] ran to the provision of a tasty hot supper for those who wanted it, and when George Harrison wasn’t practising Bach on his (unamplified) guitar, the record player took over with authentic r-and-b LPs by The Miracles or Mary Wells.” - NME, 26 July 1963 [x]

“While I was living at his home, I frequently spent time in the studio rooms on the first floor, practicing classical pieces on the piano. George often stood in the doorway and silently listened to the sounds. He loved classical music and was especially taken with a particular Bach prelude.” - Klaus Voormann, Warum spielst du Imagine nicht auf dem weißen Klavier, John? [x]

“George and I used to do this little thing, which is the J.S. Bach thing. I think it’s called a Fugue or something. [sings Bach’s Bourée in E-Minor] We didn’t know it all but we learned the first little bit. We made the end up. What we liked about it was that it was harder than some of the stuff we were playing, it was part of our development, ‘cos it was two lines working against each other. You’ve got the melody [sings] and then you get a sort of [sings] bass line working against it. I tell audiences now that that was what gave me the start of Blackbird. It’s not the same notes but I took the style of there being a bass melody and a treble melody in the same guitar piece and made up the song Blackbird from that. I clearly remember George and I used sit around doing our own version of this Bach thing. It was like a little party piece: it was a little something to show that we weren’t just [adopts pompous voice] one-dimensional. It was a little show-off thing. The point I’m coming back to is that, yeah, we were aware of classical guitar players. I was a big fan of Julian Bream - who was a British classical guitarist - and I think George was too.” - Paul McCartney, Mojo, November 2011

Scan - Dhani, Olivia and George, Friar Park, 1997, from George’s camera; scanned from Living in the Material World

Photo: © Harrison Family

The following are some excerpts from an article that originally appeared in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on 26 November 2011; I’ve translated them as best I could, and hopefully, the wonderful insights come across:

“[Olivia is glad to have met George after the Beatles days] That pressure is not conducive to a relationship.”

[When young Dhani returned home from school one day after his teacher had played a Beatles song in class] Olivia Harrison: “He thought it was terrible. [‘Within You, Without You’ was the song the teacher chose to play] Quite an abstract song for a 6-year-old. [Olivia said to Dhani] You have to listen to the other songs, too.”

OH: “[When first moving to England in 1974] George made it very easy for me, we lived a very quiet life in the beginning. He protected me from his previous world, from which he wanted to extract himself.”

OH: [Of The Beatles and their not quite so close friendship during the Seventies, George once said to her] How would you feel if you had the girls you played basketball with at school around you to this day. That’s what it’s like.“

OH: “He always tried to understand everything. He was a true seeker.”

OH: “He was a very private person, it was difficult to talk about feelings with him. But when he wrote a song, everything came out. I said to him, ‘I don’t know how you can write that.’ He was like an open door, and like a door that was locked.”

Jörg Thomann, author of the article: “In the nearby pub [in Henley-on-Thames], George is remembered as a quiet, pleasant guest who liked to drink bitter and play darts. When his son Dhani is in town, he stops by frequently. Olivia’s favorite photo in the book [Living in the Material World] shows the Harrisons with their son, who is the very image of young George and is strikingly similar to him in other ways too: 'It’s the way he fills a room.’ With the film and the book George’s wife and estate representative sees her life project as completed. There is still music and material buried in the archive: 'If somebody would like to do something with that, they’re welcome to,’ Olivia says, she however will carry out new plans. 'George would say: "do something else.”’ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 26 November 2011


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