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since this week is the 100th ep of a thing you love so much - what are some of your favorite small Perc'ahlia moments, either before or after they became canon?


gawd i rarely ever get asked perc’ahlia questions anymore. i almost wanna bring back TMI Tuesdays just so i have an excuse to talk about perc’ahlia to my dying days but lbr i don’t need an excuse i’m completely obnoxious with this ship (just not on here as much as on twitter coz L O L)

A N Y W A Y.

idk if there’s any moment that’s truly small for me, coz i always read so/too much into every little thing b U T i’ll try?????

  • it’s not totally underrated or small, but percy walking up to vex and mocking saundor after they beat him. like, a lot of people enjoyed it coz it was cute-funny, and coz it made vex laugh again, but i feel like it was more than just that??? it was more than just to make vex laugh, it was to make vex laugh at saundor’s words. percy, who enjoys wielding words as weapons, saw this fuccboi twig-dick shitlord do it to someone he felt strongly about, someone he knew had been easily torn down by words that other people said about her, and there was no fucking way he was going to let that stick. so to really kick a tree-man when he’s down, percy took saundor’s own words like a sword he was handing to vex by mocking him and making her laugh at the very things saundor said to her to get thru her defenses. i mean. what a hero.
  • i really love the parallel of them using residuum to bring each other back from their first deaths, esp coz i think vex might’ve remembered keyleth telling her that that’s how percy contributed to bringing her back. again, that’s not really small, at least not among my fellow shippers, but they remember things that the other has said or done, esp for each other, and that’s really nice
  • the hype for this died down a bit, but vex’s insistence that the new dress that she got when she and Keyleth went shopping be in Whitestone colors. esp coz laura had said (on Talks, i think???) that vex now thinks of Whitestone as home more than Emon, and wearing Whitestone’s colors signified that not just for herself but anyone who saw her wearing them. and in my head, she didn’t tell percy about the colors of the dress, she just surprised him with them and it made him blush and smile a bit and i really like sheepish, blushy percy okay what an image what a concept!!!
  • i like the thought that percy has ALWAYS done little things and given vex stuff because it makes/keeps her happy. like, he didn’t HAVE to. he could NOT do any of that if she didn’t ask him to and STILL stay on her good side simply because he’s part of Vox Machina but NAH. he learned early on that her being happy is important to him in one way or another, and in more ways than one, so he made it a point to give her (his) money and to make her arrows BECAUSE it makes her happy.
  • i have a deep appreciation for them being so public with their affections??? from the lil butt slap in the fire plane to the “big, sexy, still-tied-up make-out kiss” in raishan’s lair. like it’s just like "WE’RE SO TOGETHER OMG???!!!?!?!?!” like it’s. so cUTE? esp after they’ve been so quiet and private about how they felt about each other BEFORE they became canon, esp coz percy thought he wouldn’t be good for her back in the day. so to see them now thriving and relishing in their relationship is juST. SO PURE.

this post is getting a little long and also i’m still a bit busy at work so i’m gonna end it here for now B U T if i think of more, i’ll just add to this. :D


couldn’t decide which one i liked better so y’all can have both

might post a close-up of vax’s armor later ( ᐛ)

Little things

Got tagged by @sharkiestshark (that sweet bean), let’s do dis (I’m bored as you can see).

•Favorite nickname: Penrcy, Purse, Perce

•Favorite color: Indigo

•Height: 160 cm / 5′3

•Age:  18 (in a month, shh)

•Story behind a scar: When I was 11, me and my sister was cleaning a bit around, and then we started to play around and she chased me out of the house while it was pouring rain, and as I ran I slipped on the asphalt, scratching my entire leg, not much was lost, but now I have a small circle scar at the end of my left tibia around my foot, with 3 small thick lines reminding me of an animal paw.

•Dream superpower: Change my form at will

•Most relatable animal: Cat, lazy, sleeps a lot, likes my privacy but cuddle monster.

•Favorite animal:  Jellyfish and snakes

•Bad habit: I forget to water my plants

•Aesthetics:  Trashy, punk 90s goth, polaroids, pretty dawn clouds.

•Eye color: Brown

•Dream eye color:  Red (hehe)

•Happy things: Drawing tattoos, talking to close friends, making pinterest boards, making spotify playlists, singing, taking walks, painting, playing music.

•Last thing that made you laugh: Probably watching You’re so brave podcast (they’re awesome u should check ‘em out)

•Favorite tv show: Bones,OITNB, Grey’s Anatomy, HTGAWM, Dexter, The Fosters.

•A random fact: Cat nose prints are as unique as human fingerprints, and a certain specie of butterfly drink turtle tears.

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“Today, everything exists to end in a photograph.“

Nowhere Photography: One // The Gang

When Finch came across an old Naturalist camera, he insisted on taking pictures of everyone. After he took one he liked, he’d make them sign it and write down the (aproximate) month it was taken. Besides his post card collection, these are his most valuable items, and he keeps them on his person always.