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‘Well, Wart,’ said Merlyn, ‘here we are – or were – again. How nice you look in your crown. I was not allowed to tell you before, or since, but your father was, or will be, King Uther Pendragon, and it was I myself, disguised as a beggar, who first carried you to Sir Ector’s castle, in your golden swaddling bands. I know all about your birth and parentage and who gave you your real name. I know the sorrows before you, and the joys, and how there will never again be anybody who dares to call you by the friendly name of Wart. In future it will be your glorious doom to take up the burden and to enjoy the nobility of your proper title: so now I shall crave the privilege of being the very first of your subjects to address you with it – as my dear liege lord, King Arthur.’

‘Will you stay with me for a long time?’ asked the Wart, not understanding much of this.

‘Yes, Wart,’ said Merlyn. ‘Or rather, as I should say (or is it have said?), Yes, King Arthur.’

—  T.H. White, The Once and Future King

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You know Jeff is the top favorite creepypasta

Yeah. Usually when I mention CP, people respond with “Oh yeah, like Jeff the Killer?”
Truth be told that it used to embarrass me because of how poorly written his story was, and him being the “face” of the fandom/CP, but now I find it hilarious. He’s a total mess but I’ve learned to settle with it.
(But the 2015 version is gold to me. He may still be a mess, but with the story now, for me makes it feel more credible and I love that tbh).


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Just some important comments on  [MR REMOVED] 160611 EXO (엑소) - Lucky One (럭키 원) MR제거 @ Show! Music Core (쇼 음악중심)