favorite people by letter

Twenty six things about the mun

A- Age:
B- Biggest fear:
C- Current time:
D- Drink you last had:
E- Every day starts with:
F- Favorite song:
G- Ghosts, are they real?:
H- Hometown:
I- Ever been in love?:
J- Jealous of:
K- Killed someone?:
L- Last time you cried?:
M- Middle name:
N- Number of siblings:
O- One wish:
P- Person you last called:
Q- Question you’re always asked?:
R- Reason to smile:
S- Song last sung:
T- Time you woke up:
U- Underwear color:
V- Vacation:
W- Worst habit:
X- X-Rays you’ve had:
Y- Your favorite food:
Z- Zodiac sign:
Nominate 8 people:

Send in some letter, and the Mun will answer!


Stuff I got in the mail the other day from literally one of my favorite people ever, @har-de-har. A letter, a small banner, chatterin teeth, and a beeeeautiful picture she drew of me. What more could a girl ask for? <3