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💕 Charging a Stuffed Animal for Comfort 💕

Sometimes I like to bring a small stuffed animal to school with me for a bit of comfort. It’s usually pretty difficult to get through the day for me, but I’ve noticed that stuffed animals (especially charmed/charged ones) help a lot.


  • Any stuffed animals of your choosing (preferably small – can be a favorite, a familiar, or Patronus).


  • Choose a stuffed animal that brings you comfort or happiness and cuddle with it as you sleep. This charges the animal with feelings of comfort, warmth, tranquility, and affection. 
  • Carry the stuffed animal on your person, in your backpack, or in your purse to help you get through the day.
Chocobros at Hogwarts

Harry Potter x Final Fantasy XV

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Noctis Lucis Caelum

  • House: Gryffindor
    The Sorting Hat had the hardest time trying to sort him between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, but eventually settled on Gryffindor. Not because he’s “brave and fearless” exactly, but because Noctis would like the strength to protect his friends. 
  • Blood Status: Pure-blood
    He is directly linked to royalty, and some people say that he’s a descendant of Merlin. His father was Minister of Magic up to his death. 
  • Boggart: Marilith, the creature that gravely injured him as a kid, and is the reason for his bad back and legs that even the best Healers couldn’t fix. When he grows older and eventually slays her, his boggart changes to him not being able to save his friends, leading to their death. 
  • Wand: Cypress wood, Dragon heartstring, twelve and a half inches, not very flexible or springy, but durable. 
    Cypress wood is associated with nobility, and one great wandmaker was always honored to meet a match with cypress wood, because he knew that that wizard would die a heroic death
    Dragon heartstring leads to powerful wands, and while they can change allegiance easily, the core bonds strongly with the current owner. Be warned, it can be prone to accidents, almost temperamental. 
    Low flexibility means that the wand isn’t very prone to adapting or willingness to change. 
  • Patronus: Carbuncle 
  • Favorite class: History of Magic, because that means he can sleep through it. 
  • When Noctis arrived at Hogwarts, everyone was already gossiping about who he is or who his family is, so he remained very lonely in the beginning. He had Ignis and Gladio, who were three years ahead of his year, but he thought that it was embarrassing to rely on them for friendship, so he mostly stayed alone. 
  • Some of the Slytherins call him “Blood Traitor” because his lineage is so prestigious, yet he acts very casual with everyone, and is almost awkward, as if he was beneath them. 
  • He was excused from Flying Classes because of his bad leg, which would lock up and tense if he was on a broom for too long.  
  • He can be found in the Gryffindor dorms on his free time, sleeping on either one of the couches or in his bed, or in the Great Hall. 
  • But he also has a habit of going to the Great Lake to fish, which the teachers always tell him not to do, but he does it anyway. 
  • His wand is chipped at some places, but otherwise still in good quality. He doesn’t treat his wand very well, and always has close call moments where he almost snaps it.
  • Such a pureblood pleb, and wouldn’t understand muggle customs very well. Prompto told him the Chocobo Moodle outfit was the height of muggle fashion as a joke, and Noctis took him seriously. He wore it out in muggle public, even when Prompto told him that it was a joke, he continued to wear it anyway. 
  • He has a black cat as a pet that his father got for him as a gift, and they both take afternoon naps together. He uses the family’s owl to send letters to his father. 
  • He has the best affinity for Apparition out of everyone in his school year. 

Prompto Argentum: 

  • House: Hufflepuff 
    No question whatsoever, this boy was made to be the most loyal and unyielding wizard that has ever walked down Hogwart’s halls. 
  • Blood Status: Muggle-born
    Prompto was actually a result of a magical experiment with all intents and purposes were to make artificial life, so the proper classification would be Magical Creature. The experiments were put to a stop once the Ministry of Magic found out what that wizard was attempting to do, and Prompto was taken in and put up for adoption. There was a mix up, and he ended up being adopted by the typical nine-to-five muggle couple. 
  • Boggart: His boggart would be his friends hating him for his origins, calling him a monster or turning him away for what he is. Once he was constantly reassured that they don’t care what he is and, “What does it matter where you’re from anyway?” His boggart changes to his friends dying one by one. 
  • Wand: Ceder wood, unicorn hair, twelve and a half inches, springy 
    Ceder wood is meant for people who have a strong character and unyielding loyalty. Ceder wands find people with powerful judgement. 
    Unicorn hair is the most versatile of the typical three cores, and is the most faithful, as they tend to stick to their original owner. It is also the hardest core to turn to the Dark Arts. 
  • Patronus: the one and only chocobos. 
  • Favorite class: Care for Magical Creatures, but he has a strange talent for Charms that can make Ignis slightly jealous. 
  • When he came to Hogwarts he was a bit on the chubby side, so they submitted him to some bullying from some rather mean Slytherins, but the people of his house saw him as a reliable and nice guy. He’s just a bit insecure and shy. He then met Noctis and everything changed. 
  • Colin Creevey 2.0
  • Despite everything he was genuinely excited to go to Hogwarts though! His parents were a bit hesitant, because they always saw him as different, but eventually let him go when a professor came to talk to them. 
  • He brought an old camera with him to capture all the wonders of being a wizard. 
  • He went through a Neville-level transformation! He started to slim down a bit late first year by running laps around Hogwart’s Quidditch pitch early in the morning or across the Great Lake. He finally slimmed down to what he looks like now during the summer of his fourth year. 
  • He loves Hogsmead, and always gets so excited or a cup of butterbeer or a trip to Honeydukes. 
  • Even though he slimmed down, he still likes to treat himself more often than not. He can’t resist cauldron cakes, pumpkin pasties, and licorice wands.
  • It’s a surprise that his wand is still usable. He’s very clumsy with it, and during his first year he always flicked it very hard or slammed it against the tables. He has chips, splinters, and wear and tear. 
  • He has a little dwarf owl that he begged his parents to get for him. It doesn’t grow to be any bigger than his hand, and he loves it to bits. It’s the color of a toasted marshmallow, and can barely carry any packages that’s any heavier than a letter, but Prompto always encourages it and awards it as if it were able to bench press Gladio. 
  • Someone please give me Prompto’s DLC outfit, but Hogwarts version. 
  • He gets super excited when he learns how to get his pictures to move and talk. During the summers when he’s away from Noctis and them, he usually talks to the pictures that he has of them. 

Gladiolus Amicitia

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  • House: Gryffindor 
    Truly is the house of the brave, and Gladio has the heart of a lion. There was no doubt that he would end up here, but the Sorting Hat did ponder for a second or two about placing him in Ravenclaw. 
  • Blood Status: Half-blood 
    While the Amicitia are an old and prestigious wizarding family with a family tree that can be traced back thousands of years, Clarus ended up falling in love and marrying a half-blood witch. The Amicitias are known for being the Shields to the Caelum family, a tradition that was born thousands of years ago, and created by an Unbreakable Vow by their ancestors, but as the years went by the newer generations made the tradition more relaxed and easygoing than it was years ago. 
  • Boggart: failing as a Shield. Even though the whole helpmate thing isn’t as serious as it was before, Noctis gets into more trouble than Gladio would like, and with the tensions between the pure-blood supremacists and everyone else, he worries for his friends. 
  • Wand: Blackthorn wood, dragon heartstring, fifteen inches, and only the slightest bit flexible. 
    Blackthorn wood is an unusual wand wood, but is known for being best suited for warriors. 
    Dragon heartstring produce powerful wands and flamboyant spells. Their owners are usually fast learners, and just like stated above, they are prone to accidents, and are just the slightest bit temperamental. 
  • Patronus: a bear. 
    The guys call him “Papa Bear” to tease with him sometimes. Bears represent strength and wisdom. 
  • Favorite Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts without a doubt, but he enjoys the reading material for Astronomy, Alchemy, Muggle Studies, and Magical Theory. 
  • Some nasty Slytherins would gossip and call him “a waste of proper blood,” due to his half-blood heritage that “soiled” his family’s lone line of purebloods. 
  • But they would only say this at a distance, and a fool would try to say it to his face. 
  • He would get detention for fighting, but it wouldn’t be for wizard dueling. Nope, Gladio uses his fists only. 
  • When he turns seventeen, the first thing he uses magic outside of school for is making the three-minute cup noodle wait go by faster. 
  • He can be found exercising on his free time, or in the library reading every book on every shelf. Girls who are smitten with him would probably catch glances at him from around the shelves’ corners. 
  • He was on the qudditch team for a short period of time in the Beater position. 
  • Unlike Prompto, whose wand is in poor condition simply because he doesn’t take good care of it, Gladio’s wand is worn down because he’s dueling all the time. He’s either practicing spells, or has his wand disarmed from him. That or he’s literally knocked off his feet. He spends money every now and then for the upkeep of his wand. 
  • He doesn’t have any pets, but they have a family hawk to send letters and Iris wanted a cat or a ferret. 
  • If he had a Yule Ball during his time in school, he would have a line of girls just waiting to ask him out, but he would turn them all down for the quiet girl that hangs around the library. 
  • Unfortunately, being charming and handsome is a double-edged sword. He always has to watch out for his food being spiked with a love potion. 
  • “Want to dare me to camp in the Forbidden Forest?” 
    “No, that’s crazy.” 
    “I’m going to do it anyway.” 
  • Swears that he fought a dragon with his bare hands. 
  • J.K. Rowling likes to name her characters after flowers, so Gladio ‘s family fits right in! 

Ignis Scientia: 

  • House: Ravenclaw
    Smart, talented, organized and almost perfect and everything he does, Ignis’ wisdom beyond his years brought him to the house of the wise. 
  • Blood Status: Pure-blood 
    Just like Noctis and Gladio, his lineage is ancient and prestigious. Many of his relatives have been known for being upstanding members of wizarding society, or boasts having many high-end positions in the Ministry of Magic. 
  • Boggart: being useless, being a burden. It’s the image of everyone leaving him behind because he’s no longer an asset to them. 
    Ignis works twice as hard as everyone else to be as efficient and helpful as he can be, sometimes taking things over completely so that he can prove that he’s needed in order to having things run properly. Of course, everyone knows this, but sometimes he needs to tell that to himself. 
  • Wand: Beech wood, phoenix feather, thirteen and a half inches, surprisingly swishy. 
    Beech wood is for the young and wise beyond their years. Full-grown, they would be rich in understanding and experience. Not for the narrow or weak-minded. 
    Phoenix feather is a rare core type, but you can always expect great things from the wand’s owner. They have the longest range of magic, but can have a mind of their own. These wands are also the pickiest. 
    People with surprisingly swishy wands are either very loyal or very unloyal. The owners would have a hard time coming out of their shell, and opening up to people, but once they do, they’re known as charming, has unwavering loyalty, and has the ability to make hard decisions. 
  • Patronus: a phoenix 
    Ignis’ name basically means fire, and this pairs up with the fire bird quite well. Phoenixes are also known as elegant, and while they can be independent and stubborn, are also being affiliated with healing and caring. 
  • Favorite class: Transfiguration, but he does well in every class. 
  • Ignis would be a prefect during his school years, and a teacher’s pet, or “insufferable know-it-all.” 
  • He takes full advantage of the prefect’s bathroom. He would lock himself in there for hours on end, getting rid of all the stress from classes and taking care of his kids friends Prompto and Noctis. 
  • He would stand up for the muggle-borns being picked on and the little underclassmen that are being bullied. 
  • He watches over his family/childhood friend Noctis, and would feel a bit upset that Noctis pushes him away in favor of loneliness. 
  • A Hufflepuff prefect would let him in on the secret of getting to the Hogwarts kitchens, and he would start baking to cheer Noctis up and in hopes that he would share them and make friends. 
  • Is rarely seen without his partner, Gladio from Gryffindor. 
  • If we are talking about canon Harry Potter timeline, Ignis would lose his sight during the Battle of Hogwarts. 
  • He uses his Hogsmead trips to get more quills and parchment. It’s a very business-like trip. Gladio would have to drag him to the Three Broomsticks for a cup of butterbeer. 
  • His favorite sweet treats would be pumpkin pasties and toothflossing stringmints, but everyone wonders how he can eat that with a straight face. 
  • Noctis used to collect Chocolate Frog cards when he was kid, and while Ignis wasn’t very adverse to eating that many sweets, he used to buy a whole bunch to help Noctis out, so Ignis eats Chocolate Frogs every now and then for the nostalgia. 
  • Ignis wanted a cat, but decided that an owl was more useful, so he got a great horned owl with the same swept up hairstyle as him. 
  • He doesn’t play quidditch on a team or professionally, but when he plays with his friends, his positions are either chaser or keeper. 
  • Unlike his friends, his wand would be in perfect and pristine condition. He polishes it regularly, and cleans it to keep those pesky fingerprint smudges away. 

Inspired by blackkat’s “One is for Sorrow,” which is has already and is definitely going to continue to wrench open my heart.

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hello! what harry potter houses would you place the wanna one members in and what type of students would they be? thanks in advance!

House: hufflepuff 
Patronus: mongoose  
Favorite Class: apparition 
Type of Student: is outgoing and silly, which makes people initially assume he’s a gryffindor, but he has such a humble and selfless nature that he’s become the most popular upperclassman in hufflepuff. is so sociable, he has friends in all four houses. likes apparition because he’ll do the thing where he pops up out of nowhere to scare woojin or daehwi. 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus: sparrow 
Favorite Class: muggle music 
Type of Student: is hardworking and dedicated, but has a strong will to be the best. likes to spend time doing physical magic that involves your body, not a big charms or potions guy. muggle music is his favorite not because of the instruments, but because of the dancing. was recruited by the professors to help teach others to dance for the yule ball. 

House: ravenclaw 
Patronus: mare  
Favorite Class: potions 
Type of Student: super sweet and reliable, but is also into some weird hobbies like tarot card reading and ancient ruin magic. wants to know everything there is too know about potions, overwhelms the teacher just a bit. is really nice and shows care for underclassman, but he’s also competitive and smiles to himself when he sees he placed first in his class. (but also apologizes to the house ghost like everyday for forgetting to greet them in the morning, what an interesting boy) 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus:  chimpanzee 
Favorite Class: defense against the dark arts 
Type of Student: the sorting hat wanted to put him into slytherin because seongwoo is greAT at coming up with good plans and schemes, but his personality just yells gryffindor. is a beater for the quidditch team and keeps trying to get the defense against the dark arts teacher to tell him about forbidden curses. which,,,,,,,is not going to happen.

House: ravenclaw 
Patronus: magpie 
Favorite Class: frog choir 
Type of Student: really intelligent and capable of becoming a great wizard, but he’s much more interested in his musical talent. has learned over 200 different songs, all in different languages, from different wizarding schools and sects from around the world. wants to get the school to fund a band aside from frog choir, keeps trying to bribe seongwoo with food for him to be the bands drummer. 

House: hufflepuff 
Patronus: hammer-head shark 
Favorite Class: care of magical creatures 
Type of Student: is the pride and joy of hufflepuff’s quidditch team because they’ve never had such a good seeker in the history of their house. but amazingly, daniel gets super shy when complimented. has love letters from people in all four houses. people think his favorite subject is flying or dark arts, but he loves animals a lot and owns like three copies of fantastic beasts and where to find them. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: salamander 
Favorite Class: astronomy 
Type of Student: relatively day-dreamy in class, always has something cute pinned to his robes, and is a pretty big deal with the local press that visit hogwarts because,,,,,,visual? visual. he likes astronomy because he thinks the stars and outer space is fascinating and probably reads horoscopes at breakfast even though everyone tells him that stuffs fake. people jokingly say he really doesn’t give off a slytherin vibe but he’s the best kept person on campus, with a resourcefulness that sometimes beats daehwi’s. 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus: brown hare 
Favorite Class: transfiguration 
Type of Student: is actually rather talented at dueling with a wand, he can easily catch on to charms and spells, but for some reason he likes to be a class clown along with jisung. he does have a really high interest in human transfiguration, since he isn’t a metamorphmagus, he studies and practices really hard to get the spell down. jisung asked him once why he wanted to learn it so bad and woojin was like so i can transform into minhyun and see what its like to look like that for a day LOL. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: boomslang snake 
Favorite Class: alchemy 
Type of Student: likes to read and spend time in the library, but his choice of material is always quite odd. he thinks slytherin has the most interesting background and therefore has read almost EVERYTHING there is on its history, his personal favorite wizard is Merlin who was also a slytherin so jinyoung was actually super stocked about being sorted into the same house. he likes alchemy because it’s a close study of the elements of nature which is fundamentally where magic comes from. someone once teased him for it, but ever since it got out that his patronus was a literal venomous snake, people have backed off. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: jaguar 
Favorite Class: charms 
Type of Student: even at such a young age, he’s already become a registered animagus, able to turn into a jaguar which is also his patronus. his love of charms comes from the infinite amounts of ones to learn and perfect, and he dabbles in creating ones of his own. is highly praised by the teachers and people believe he’s going to be on his way to becoming a member of the ministry of magic soon enough. does a lot of flashy charms in the courtyard just because he can. 

Guan Lin
House: slytherin 
Patronus: orca 
Favorite Class: divination 
Type of Student: is a big fan of non-verbal magic and so you’ll never see him actually taking notes. he’ll just wave his wand around and put his head down for a nap while his quill does the rest. is from a pure-blood family who has been a staple of the slytherin house for years but he doesn’t show it off in the least. everyone thinks his patronus is freaking awesome like an orca??? how cool and guan lin is just like “it’s gigantic. i wish it was a gold fish or something.” 

Hogwarts AU headcannons

Hinata: Gryffindor. Pureblood. He plays quidditch and is a seeker because he’s super fast. His literal life goal is to play at the quidditch World Cup someday. Has a pet cat named snitch. Has to go to yachi for tutoring because he doesn’t keep up with his studies. Patronus is a lion.

Kageyama: Slytherin. Muggle born. Plays quidditch and is also a seeker. Needs to beat that dumbass Hinata. Also he’s really good at potions and is addicted to butterbeer. He doesn’t have many friends but sometimes he hangs out with Hinata. (It’s a secret) patronus is a crow.

Tsukishima: Ravenclaw. Pureblood. Plays quidditch as a chaser. Literally always has straight A’s but never studies. People mistake him to be a Slytherin. He is very intimidating. Patronus is a snake.

Yamaguchi: Ravenclaw. Half-blood. Doesn’t play quidditch but goes to literally every game to cheer for Tsukki. Loves herbology and care of magical creatures. Ends up being a prefect and then head boy. Patronus is a horse.

Daichi: Gryffindor. Pureblood. Team captain for the quidditch team and plays beater. He’s super popular. Also he has a pet owl and it’s the most beautiful thing ever? Totally competed in the tri-wizard tournament but he didn’t win lol. He becomes an auror after he graduates. Patronus is a stag.

Suga: Slytherin. Half-blood. High-key in love with Gryffindor’s captain. Is prefect then eventually head boy. Tries his hardest to make friends with everyone he meets and wants everyone to know that Slytherin’s aren’t evil. Ends up becoming the actual minister of magic one day. Patronus is an owl.

Asahi: Hufflepuff. Pureblood. Honestly the sweetest guy ever?? Everyone looks up to him. Plays quidditch as a beater. Also he helps tutor other students on the weekends when there aren’t any games. Patronus is a hare.

Nishanoya: Gryffindor. Half-blood. Plays as keeper for the quidditch team. Pulls huge pranks on all of the professors and other students. Literally the only reason gryffindor loses house points. Patronus is a cat.

Tanaka: Gryffindor. Pureblood. Pulls pranks with Noya but he’s never the one to get in trouble rip. Is ‘in love’ with a new girl almost every week. Defense against the dark arts is his favorite class. Patronus is a wolf.

Kiyoko: Ravenclaw. Half-blood. SUPER popular but super shy. Actual fan girl of so many things?? She also has a really fluffy cat. Patronus is a swan.

Yachi: Hufflepuff. Muggle born. Honestly she’s so good at magic. 10/10 wish they could pick up spells as fast as she can. She becomes the actual headmaster of Hogwarts one day. Her patronus is a squirrel.

Harry Potter: Houses, Wands, and Patronuses

While Hogwarts Houses represent your mental strengths and ideals, Ilvermorny Houses represent who you are, and wands typically represent your most attuned magical strengths and various personality traits, patronuses don’t directly represent any of those things.

It makes me sad to see so many people disappointed in their patronuses, and I hope my explanations can help!

The Hogwarts House a witch or wizard ends up in can be influenced by their own preference. This is because while the Sorting Hat may see a strength in you that you may not see in yourself, you may see strength in yourself that the hat cannot. This is why Harry was able to choose not to be a part of Slytherin, but the hat chose Gryffindor for Neville against his wishes. Harry knew he did not idealize Slytherin’s cunning ambition, while Neville didn’t realize the Gryffindor courage he truly had.

The Illvermorny House a witch or wizard ends up in, however, cannot be directly influenced by their own preference as easily, aside from the extremely rare occasion of more than one house choosing someone. There is no hat to discuss your opinion with. Either a house chooses you, or it does not. This is because Ilvermorny Houses aren’t about your mental strengths and ideals at all. They aren’t influenced by what you think of yourself or what you prefer. You’re chosen for your Ilvermorny House because of who you are in a way beyond personal judgement. It doesn’t matter what you’re good at or what you think is the most important- it’s about whether the spirit of your entire being is influenced more heavily by your heart, body, mind, or soul.

Wands, however, are much less personal than houses. They choose their witch or wizard simply based upon their own preference. While Beech wands tend to choose those who are wise, an unyielding wand might typically select a similarly stubborn wizard, and Holly wands tend work best with protection spells.. there may be a Holly wand out there that selects a witch who isn’t good at protection spells at all, or a wand with a dragon heartstring core might even choose a wizard with a calm and subdued personality. Wands are not staples of who you are or what you think in the way that houses are. The best comparison I can think of is friends. Friends with similar interests and traits can typically get along well easily, but sometimes you come across two friends closer than anyone who are complete opposites. And wands can break and be replaced in the same way that friends may change over time.

Patronuses, as I said above, do not directly represent any of those things. First and foremost, they are not a choice. A wand chooses you because it feels a connection to you, your Illvermorny House is chosen because of who you are, and your Hogwarts House is chosen because of your strengths and ideals- but a patronus is not chosen at all. Only the most unusual, obsessed, and eccentric of witches and wizards have been found to have produced their favorite animal as a patronus. And while they tend to represent some of the personality traits of their casting witch or wizard, that is not what decides what a patronus is. What a patronus is, is the guardian you need to guard from your worst thoughts, feelings, fears, and memories. At times, the purpose of that guardian may seem obvious, as it is with Tonks and her wolf or Snape and his doe. But other times the reason is less blatant. An anxious and shy person may have a strong and assertive lion as their guardian to stand in front of those fears, or even a small mouse to show them that even those that may seem lesser to some, the quiet and small, truly can stand up to something big. Many animals that may seem plain at first have a vast history of symbolism and mythology behind them, or even unique biological traits, that can show you their true strength!

A patronus isn’t what you want, it isn’t who you are, and it isn’t what you think. A patronus is what you need to defeat your worst thoughts and fears.

Dani Rae, aka @lastbornslytherin-art and I were commissioned by Volkra Friedensreich, aka @lightofevolution to make her a personalized Slytherin Crest! For those that don’t know LoE, here’s the scoop:
Gladiolus flowers are her favorite
Her patronus would be a bumblebee
She’s a science expert, thus the potion phial
Also, she’s a friendly snake, so I tried to make the snake a bit more kind-looking!

Lines by me
Color by LastBornSlytherin

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omg idk if you've done this yet but what hogwarts houses would u put the monsta x members in? :)


House: gryffindor 
Patronus: white rhino 
Favorite Class: defense against the dark arts 
Type of Student: as expected, shownu is an amazing duelist when it comes to using magic in defense against charms and evil spells. he’s shown proficiency in all his classes, but his teachers remark that he shows the most interest in magic when there’s something on the line to protect. minhyuk jokingly thinks shownu’s patronus is TOO strong, it should be a panda or something. 

House: hufflepuff 
Patronus: bull elk 
Favorite Class: muggle studies 
Type of Student: is sociable and sweet, was voted by the student body of hufflepuff to be head boy even though he didn’t even volunteer for the position. thinks muggles are amazing and always has questions for full-muggle students about life without magic. likes to use cute charms to show little magic tricks to kids when the school goes on trips to diagon alley. 

House: ravenclaw 
Patronus: stoat (short haired weasel)  
Favorite Class: transfiguration 
Type of Student: is a top of the class student and passed all his O.W.L.’s with ease. tutors in transfiguration, potions, and arithmancy. claims he doesn’t show off,,,but he kinda does. is the guy who tells all the newly entered freshman that they should think only of ravenclaw when getting sorted because it’s the best house - he’s in it after all. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: manta ray 
Favorite Class: care of magical creatures  
Type of Student: is completely laid back about this whole wizarding thing, and his composure around animals - even hippogriffs - is a shock the teachers and the students. animals like him because of his patience and rather quiet personality. the slytherin common room’s couch usually has him spread out taking a nap on it. 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus: arctic fox 
Favorite Class: potions 
Type of Student: loves to brew potions and find new ingredients and see how they work together, is called the mad scientist of gryffindor even though potions don’t really involve science at all - as changkyun is always pointing out. he sells love potions and love potion antidotes outside of the dining hall and the amount of times he’s been caught is said to be in the triple digits. 

House: hufflepuff 
Patronus: bull terrier 
Favorite Class: magical theory 
Type of Student: is a bit clumsy with a wand, but magic fascinates him as does its history and uses. sometimes he’ll show of his knowledge in class and people will tell him to switch over to ravenclaw, but jooheon is a born people pleaser with a soft exterior and interior. get spooked when he gets talking letters in the mail. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: vulture 
Favorite Class: dark arts 
Type of Student: is,,,,to put it nicely,,,,a slytherin to the core. loves the rich history and fierce loyalty, doesn’t like classes like herbology or potions, just wants to learn the strongest - most impactful spells and anything that can beat the evil side of magic. his patronus actually scared people when he first cast it and changkyun thought it was a little humorous, until the professor cleared their throat and changkyun pretended to not smile.

HP Ask + Other Fandoms

I’m going to start by saying that there is 5k of you guys… I am so proud of how big our undead army has got. Thank you to all the new recruits for who have followed my weirdness. Thank you to all of my loyal recruits who have stayed with this weirdness.

So, to celebrate this milestone, I am going to do put a list of questions below that’ll answer. There are quite a few hp questions, but also other fandom questions. I’ll be taking the questions from the comments and ask box (Where the Curious Dwell).


1. Illvermorny House

2. Favorite HP Character

3. Favorite Spell

4. Patronus

5. Wand

6. Favorite Marauder

7. Favorite Class

8. Favorite Magical Creature

9. Second House

10. Pet at Hogwarts

11. Favorite Book/Movie

12. HP OTPs

13. Other Fandoms

14. Favorite Other Fandom Characters

15. Favorite Book

16. Favorite Movie

17. OTPs

18. Random Fact

19. Fictional World I’d Visit

20.Favorite Video Games

anonymous asked:

I feel people are super harsh on themselves when talking about houses and stuff. like they think the have to follow every stereotype or their favorite animal or patronus should be their house emblem and just chill, I've read a lot of ravenclaws thinking they don't belong just cause they're not the smartest of them all. Honey, Hermione was the first in her class and was a freaking Gryffindor chill.

I love this so much. We need more people like and less people who think you need to follow every single standard to a tee to fit your house.
- Mel (the Slytherin)

Kenta - Hufflepuff  

Favorite Subject  ♦ Charms  |  Patronus  ♦ Rabbit  ► “There is a purity to the rabbit, one that is incredibly rare. These people, no matter how many cynical or bitter ideas the world may give them, will always have a curious innocence to them. The world interests them greatly, and they want to explore it without being judged harshly. They are very sensitive and emotional, and are not embarrassed to show this. (…)” 

Kenta is the cutie from Hufflepuff that all of the students love. This boy gets impressed easily, he gets excited everytime he gets to learn something new from any subject, but specially in the charms class. Because of that, many think he would fit more into Ravenclaw, but his kind and hardworking nature makes him fit perfectly in Hufflepuff. 

Fun fact: is usually seen carrying stacks of snacks around the castle after his trips to the kitchen.

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Hi! I have been getting into Harry Potter again! So send me an emoji and I will answer!

🏠-what is your house?
🔭-what class would be your favorite?
🐾-what is your patronus?
🐶-what would your animagus be?
🍭-what would be your favorite food?
🎓-who would be your favorite professor?
🏃‍♀️-would you play quidditch? If so what position?
💉-what is your blood status?
🌈-what would be your favorite magical creature?
❤-what do you think amortentia would smell like to you?
🏆-would you enter the triwizard tournament?
🚑-what would your job be?
⚾️-what would you do in your free time?

hello everyone! I know I haven’t been as active lately, school has been insanely busy, and I’m playing tennis 6 days a week now (bonus: I’m getting kinda tan!), but you have all been kind enough to follow me and stick with me through all this. So, I now have over 1.5k followers, which I can’t believe. thank you so much for following me, and I want to celebrate this milestone. 

below are some options for the celebration (and of course the requirements), I hope you all participate! and thank you again!

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Donghan - Slytherin  

Favorite Subject  ♦ Potions  |  Patronus  ♦ Beagle  ► “Those with a beagle (…) may adhere to the rules of another for a time, but if they don’t like the situation then that likely won’t last long. Beagles just have to be themselves and there’s no one out there that can stop them permanently. Beagle people are enthusiastic about their hobbies and can be quite exciteable when the situation calls, but may have a tendancy of taking on more than they can deal with. (…)” 

Donghan is the fun and mischevous boy from Slytherin, his presence may annoy some of his housemates but everyone knows no one could possibly hate him. Sometimes he gets in trouble for "lending” ingredients from the potions professor stock to make experiments on potions recipes, only to end up almost blowing everything up. But don’t fool yourself, he’s a pretty good potion maker.

Fun fact: Literally buys everything he sees at Honedukes alongside with his Huffelpuff friend Kenta (this one sneeks food out of the kitchen for him).

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*I made the moodboard and the text, but I do not own any of these pictures.