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One of my favorite things I noticed while rereading parts of the brick this week is that Jehan “payed almost as much attention to the clouds as to passing events” so what I’m saying is Jehan Prouvaire would send their friends random pictures of clouds saying “look it’s a ____” all the time in a modern au.


🌹Billie Piper Appreciation Week🌹

Day Two: Favorite Scene - The Parting of the Ways

Obviously Rose had me smitten from the start with her infectious smile, her compassion, her conviction, her strength, her… everything really. But Bad Wolf is what had me completely besotted with Billie Piper the actress.

shall we dance?

 @whimsical-writer said: Fluff Prompt: Carolina doesn’t ask for two AIs, and thus South gets the Happiness/Joy AI (I don’t know if we know which that is of Eta and Iota :“u)

Characters: Agent South, Agent North, Iota

Warnings: None

Words: 1089

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South hated dance classes as a child. Ballet, especially, was infuriating – she wasn’t allowed to run and shout and jump but had to stand at the barre with everyone else, back straight, chin up, arm just so. Every class more rigid and structured than the last, until Quetlyn called her “sausage-legs” and South punched her in the face. And, well, that was the end of ballet classes.

(“Good job,” North had whispered to her afterwards, so serious already at ten years old. Their parents had felt differently.)

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Lexa’s thumb swipes across the back of Clarke’s hand. “What is your wish, Clarke?” she asks.

Licking her lips, Clarke draws in a cool, clean breath and lets it out in a slow sigh. “I,” she starts and then stops. Lexa squeezes her hand again and the wish surges up through Clarke’s lips. “I want to be weightless,” she says. “I want … I want to be free.”

She takes a deep breath and tears prick at her eyes when she lets it out to feel all the weight slip from her shoulders as if speaking the wish aloud has allowed her, in this one moment, to truly let go of all that she has been carrying around inside her. A whimper of a sob escapes her, bubbles up and somehow sounds more like a laugh than anything else, and Clarke feels young and clean for the first time in too long.

Clarke smiles with her eyes closed and then asks, “What’s yours?” She squeezes Lexa’s fingers. “What do you want to be?”

Lexa is quiet a long time, and Clarke opens her eyes to look at her. Her breath catches in her throat at the sight. Lexa’s eyes are wide and wet and almost turquoise in the glowing halo that dances around them, and for once, they are not haunted. They are full and bright and yearning, and Lexa is more honest than perhaps she has ever been when she licks her lips and whispers, “Yours.

this heart, fossilized and silent(once was tender and once was violent) by chrmdpoet 

There are so many incredibly remarkable moments in this fic that I just can’t get enough but I have to say that this is my most favorite. This part has reduced me to a sobbing mess for weeks–I still cry about it now. Hence, the fanart above! The feels overwhelmed me too much I had to make an outlet. I’ve never loved a fanfic as much as I have come to love this. Words aren’t enough to describe how important this is to me.

so as a tribute I dedicate this to the extremely talented chrmdpoet 

thank you so much for writing this beautiful gem. I hope you like this even though it looks so messy lol it’s not so great, I had to try a method I haven’t done before to achieve the lighting, so it was all trial and error. But I hope this, at the least, looks a little like how you had envisioned the scene in your mind :) again, thank you! Your fic is such a gift to this fandom and I could never be any prouder to have you with us. Please keep writing :P