favorite part of the movie tbh

I feel like The Legend of Korra would make for a way better movie franchise adaptation than Avatar, if done right (and if Nickelodeon doesn’t meddle). For one, if they made an Avatar movie, there might be some confusion about the target audience. Everyone who originally watched Avatar are young adults and older now, but there’s the chance that whoever makes the movie wouldn’t catch on to that and would try to make it more for young children (simplifying the plot) than for the people who would appreciate it most. Also, part of the reason Avatar’s so lovable is the characters that you get to know over the course of the series, and you watch them grow and develop. There’s not much time for those things in a feature-length film, so the characters could likely become watered-down caricatures of themselves.

Over the course of at least four LoK films, a much better story could be delivered. Each movie could be its own individual but connected story (a la Harry Potter). The setting’s much cooler and more marketable. The teen characters could be played by (racially accurate) adult actors, hopefully warranting better performances than with child actors. There’s a fucking love triangle- maybe it’s a bit cliche, but again, marketable. I can totally imagine there being fangirls over live-action Mako. The show has political themes, which is a hot button for fiction, especially nowadays. And if Nickelodeon stayed the fuck out of things, the movies could be PG-13, allowing the story to be adapted as well as possible. And- my favorite part- Korrasami would get a new opportunity to be openly developed onscreen.

And after an amazing and successful Korra movie franchise hypothetically comes out, and the Avatar universe is already well-established, then they could start on the Avatar “prequels.” And for those, maybe they could age up the characters in order to better appeal to teenagers and adults, to get better performances, and to make the romances more compelling.

So, yeah! Here’s my unlikely dream. Imagine it :’) So close, yet so far…

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An In-Universe look at Troyson

In Universe Meta Meta Continued! 

Based on this post

Ok I was looking through the tags and I’m gonna do some posts for the diff Check Please RPF ships (and shipping wars). But I wanted to do it in semi-chronological order which means first we gotta discuss the Kent/Troy aka Kent/Swoops discourse. And if any one has topic requests/questions feel free to send them to my inbox. 

*clears throat, we’re now in the land of my UBER SUCESSFUL in-universe rpf blog. My character will be one of a Pimms shipper who’s been jaded by the discourse surrounding Jack’s OD.*  

The year is 2009 (and goes as far as 2011). This blog is mostly inhabited by Aces content at this point.

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hi future friend!

my name is isaac and i live in the wonderful city of hong kong! my pronouns are he/him!

favorite things:
watching movies (historical movies tbh)
reading (again, history, sometimes music theory)
milk tea (just because)
just generally Lin-Manuel Miranda he’s a blessing
space (i love physics)
plants (though i can never keep them alive)
did i mention cats?

i am: ftm trans//pansexual!

i speak:
i will love you if you teach me japanese (or any other language)

i play:
i write: ANYTHING. i love writing

music: literally anything but im a slut for musicals and alternative/indie music

i’m part of the:
school orchestra
jazz band
voice band

i honestly do not have a specific type of person that i’m looking for. just someone who is willing to talk to me on a daily basis and make me feel special whether that’s a friend or more. i guess im kinda artsy? but not good at art. i prefer music and a bit of good ol’ theater.
id really like a snail mail buddy?? oh my god ive literally never sent a letter.

kik: gummibearseatdogs
insta: linmanuhell 
snapchat: cosmic-boyy
email: spacemcbud @ gmail.com
y'all im really slow at replying on tumblr pls bear that in mind

My favorite parts of Wonder Woman, in no particular order:

- The scene where they’re supposed to be doing super official military stuff and all Diana wants to do is say hi to the baby

- Diana crossing No-Man’s Land. Absolutely stunning. Iconic. I have never felt so powerful before that moment

- “But for pleasure? Unnecessary.” 

- Diana just loves humanity. She’s so pure it hurts.

- The Amazon Warriors defeating a group of gun-wielding military men with their swords and bows. Incredible.

- Just about every scene involving the Amazon Warriors because damn… I would watch an entire movie just of them training tbh 

- “Where I’m from they call that slavery”

- Gal Gadot

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Glad to hear that things are going well! Could I get a list of your general favorites? Thanks for the recommendations Lindsey!

Of course! Since it’s kind of late, I’ll just give you a quick list of my faves, but tomorrow I’ll reblog this reply and try to get you a more organized list! But here are some of my faves: 

House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski

  • This is a book I literally tell everyone to read. It’s my favorite book. That said, it takes work to get through this book. It’s structured very uniquely - stories within stories, narrators in the footnotes, pages that are backwards. But I promise it’s worth your while. 

The Wasp Factory - Iain Banks

  • (**this book is very dark, be forewarned**) It is deeply disturbing but unendingly compelling, definitely a favorite of mine. (If you want to read it, but are worried about the content, send me another message: I can try to go over some of the themes and outline any possible triggers there might be in this book for you.)

I, Lucifer - Glen Duncan

  • Hilarious, thought-provoking, fantastical, realistic, and so well written. 

The Thief of Always - Clive Barker

  • HUGE favorite of mine. My dad actually read me this book when I was a kid, and it’s just amazing. Scary, unsettling, but set in such a unique world that it’ll immediately draw you in. 

The Postmortal - Drew Magary

  • An incredible take on immortality and the dystopia that can accompany it. 

Rant - Chuck Palahniuk

  • This book is…I honestly don’t think I can effectively summarize it to do it justice… The summary is in that link, but there’s so so much more to that book. You just have to read it… 

Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk

  • Much different than the movie that was made about it, this book is incredibly insightful- it deals with toxic masculinity and the dwindling sense of self. Great book. (Palahniuk is one of my favorite authors, tbh)

John Dies at the End - David Wong

  • This book is absolutely, marvelously insane. It’s a seriously amazing depiction of cosmic fantasy, horror, and lunacy. It’s also hilarious.  Definitely a must read. 

Starfish - Peter Watts

  • This one is part of a trilogy, but unfortunately, I’ve only read this one, so I can’t speak to the others in the trilogy. But it stands on its own just fine. Nigh-eldritch horror based on the confrontation of the unknown that lies at the bottom of the ocean. But there’s more to fear than just the creatures and terror can evolve from the very people you’re stuck with.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams 

  • Seriously, this series is just… a classic. You aren’t complete without having read these books. Hilarious, unique, and just so very Douglas Adams. Just read this entire series, you won’t regret it. The books aren’t super long and read pretty quickly too, so the whole series never takes long to get through.

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War - Max Brooks 

  • So don’t judge this book based on the movie. The movie was nothing like the book, and did the book a huge disservice, IMO. This book is one of the most intelligently crafted books about zombies and the zombie apocalypse you’ll ever read - I dare say it’s one of the best zombie novels ever. 

The Raw Shark Texts - Steven Hall

  • Ridiculously unique and interesting book about a man who’s losing his memories, and afraid of a metaphorical shark that’s swallowing his consciousness whole. This book deals with dissociation, the sense (and loss) of the self, and the struggle to maintain who we are. 

Penpal - Dathan Auerbach 

  • (**warning, very dark**) - this one actually started as a series of short stories on Reddit, I think, but the author eventually developed it into an actual novel. It’s very unsettling, very dark, but very compelling. (just like with the wasp factor, if you have questions/concerns about the plot for trigger warnings, send me another message and I’ll outline them as best I can for you).

Mkay, that’s a good list of some of my faves for now! It’s late though and I have to be up early, so I’m gunna hop off for tonight. Tomorrow I’ll try to add a few more and give this a little organization - so be looking at the notes tomorrow to see if I reblog this post again. 

Let me know if you have any questions/concerns about content for the books above (namely the Wasp Factory and Penpal). 

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Can u do a headcanon on the gang trying to recreate the Disney channel original movie Teen Beach Movie? Plz and thx!!

I like how you had to put the full title… Disney channel original movie Teen Beach Movie tbh one of my least favorites

(A bit of an AU)

🏄 “What the fuck! Another song?”

🏄 Pony probably forced them to watch it the day it came out on Disney channel

🏄 So when they attempt to recreate it, they have a little fight over who is playing the girl main character

🏄 Johnny is Mack

🏄 Dallas wanted to be Tanner, but then he lost the part to Steve over rock paper scissors

🏄 So Dallas is Brady

🏄 Pony doesn’t want to be, but Johnny politely asks him to play Lela 

🏄 Darry is Butch, but he fought Two-bit for it

🏄 Two-bit decides to be that one girl who like shakes her hips or whatever (I think her name is Giggles tbh) 

🏄 Walks around in a crop top and a blanket around his waist to mimic the skirt

🏄 Soda said he wanted to be Big Momma, but he’s is Seacat

🏄 Pony will sing the songs and force the other boys to

🏄 Dallas doesn’t even try

🏄 Johnny attempts and he’s actually pretty good

🏄 “There’s no plot to this movie.”

🏄 “Fuck this.”

🏄 Dallas leaves

🏄 Johnny gets a little sad that he left

🏄 So Darry makes some spaghetti

🏄 And Pony puts in Teen Beach Movie

🏄 And they all eat popcorn, spaghetti, and milk (because Some guys my age, man) while watching the movie

If you’re like me and need some LGBT-positive media to cope with the events in Orlando today, here’s some recommendations:

***This list is ALL things that have prominent LGBT characters that have happy endings. Not including things that are LGBT-positive but include deaths of LGBT characters or otherwise sad endings for the LGBT characters. Feel free to add on***

Movies (most of these are on Netflix):

-GBF: This is literally my go-to feel good movie. It’s all about how gross it is to fetishize gay men and is just so all-around fantastic

-But I’m a Cheerleader: a classic. Potential trigger warnings for conversion therapy, but I can reassure you that the message is against conversion therapy as a practice and the point of the movie is to condemn conversion therapy (also the two girls escape the camp and fall in love in the end so that’s good)

- Pride: Based on a historical event and an amazing feel-good film overall!

-The Birdcage: Starring Nathan Lane and Robin Williams. One of my favorites!

-Shortbus: An amazing (and incredibly NSFW due to nudity) movie about sexual exploration. Every queer character lives and has a happy ending

-Imagine Me and You: All the adorable cheesy lesbian content you need, tbh. Also a classic

-Hedwig and the Angry Inch: Some sad parts but ultimately very happy in the end

TV Shows: 

-Broad City: Ilana, one of the two main characters of the show is openly queer. One of my favorite shows!

-Rupaul’s Drag Race: A reality show, but one of my favorites. Somewhat problematic due to the use of the t-slur a couple of times, but ultimately it isn’t used much and is a good show. 

-Orange is the New Black: Incredibly diverse, includes many queer women of color and none of them die (trigger warnings for transphobia scattered about, but the narrative ultimately supports the trans female character despite her struggles shown)

-Sense8: Includes a queer trans woman (played by a trans woman!) and a great couple of two men of color!

-Shadowhunters: one of the main characters, Alec, falls in love with a bisexual warlock named Magnus and they get together by the end of the season!

-The Legend of Korra: nothing too explicitly queer since it’s a children’s show, but by the end two girls end up together, and the creators of the show have been as explicit as possible about them being in love

-Steven Universe: Amazing! Incredibly open about their main lesbian couple and just a great feel good show in general

-Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidtt: An incredibly vibrant and cute show! One of the main characters is a gay black man named Titus and he’s respected within the narrative

-The Real O’Neals: a cute new comedy about an irish catholic kid who comes out to his family (and his family learns to support him) 

Books (author’s names in parentheses): 

-Carry On (Rainbow Rowell): A perfect fantasy novel with a queer main character who falls in love with his roommate and gets his happy ending. One of my favorite books of all time

-The Mortal Instruments Series (Cassandra Clare): Has some problematic elements (including the author herself) but the representation, especially of the bisexual character, is ultimately well written. 

-Drag Teen (Jeffery Self): cute, cute CUTE. I cannot use the word cute enough. 

-Boy Meets Boy (David Levithan): Honestly I cannot recommend David Levithan’s work in general enough. Amazing writer and all of his work is lgbt-centric!

-Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (Benjamin Alire Sáenz): I debated adding this because it includes the gay-bashing of a queer character (trigger warning for that, by the way), but I ultimately decided to add it because it’s incredibly positive towards the LGBT characters overall, there’s a happy ending where the boys fall in love, and the book is almost entirely populated by people of color. Proceed with caution but do so knowing it’s mostly a happy book and is very positive overall

-Simon vs the Homosapien Agenda (Becky Albertalli): another book where I cannot use the word “cute” enough. wonderful wonderful book!

Sending all of my love to you guys during this time 

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The movie kind of feels like that scene where George and Harold are sitting around and making their comics and just having a fun time and laughing tbh, like the creators followed the same formula and it's rlly nice! (Tho it probably explains the pacing issue lol I wouldn't be surprised if you told me this is a first draft movie). I think one of my favorite bits was the sock puppet part where Harold was like: "You'll have a different haircut, and I'm wearing a suit for some reason, and-"

Yeah! I remember not being a fan of the fact that there’s no kids voicing them but now I understand why they did it. Their banters and improv were so funny and entertaining, I lost it when Harold stopped the story to rant about how much he likes dolphins

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What's your favorite part of beauty and the beast?

I just saw it. Just now. The ballroom. *wailing cry* Ohhh it’s perfect!! I hadn’t seen the new movie yet. Its so perfect. Well I could do without the horns tbh, its reminiscent of a devil nightmare. But… Kevin Kline!!!!! Josh Gad!!! And Emma Watson is simply beautiful. I’m so happy rn.

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I try to make each one of these lists a little bit unique; since I have so many favorites I try to mix it up a bit with each one and throw in a couple of all-time favorites which I list first, and then a couple of secondary favorites

Name: Joanna

Age: 31

Where Am I: At my kitchen table, avoiding my responsibilities

Job: I’ll abstain from answering this one. Gotta keep a little mystery ^_^

5 Favorite Fictional Characters:

1. Obi (duh…)

2. Shirayuki (also duh..)

3. Alucard (Hellsing)

4. Eve (V for Vendetta)

5. Yona

4 Movies I’d Rewatch Over and Over: Hmmm… I have little patience for movies, tbh. How about movies that impacted me that I can think of off the top of my head? V for Vendetta, Old Boy, 7 Pounds, Ajusshi

3 Favorite TV Shows: Chef’s Table, Great British Bake Off, Parts Unknown, and Akagami no Shirayukihime

2 of My Favourite Ships: Obiyuki (DUH) and Hakyona

1 thing I love About Myself: I can do ALL THE THINGS :D

Tag 10 (5 :P ) of your Favourite Blogs: @akai-vampire, @ruleofexception, @vivianwisteria, @maverae, @meibemeibelline, and anyone else really ^_^

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B, K, P

B - A pairing–platonic, romantic or sexual–that you initially didn’t consider, but someone changed your mind.

Snarry was the first one, but I will admit Arthur/Eames took some convincing, in part because I’d never seen Inception.

K - What character has your favorite development arc/the best development arc?

tbh, most of the time I wait for fanfic to see my fave characters develop much.. Eames gets a hint of development in Inception, seeing how much he wanted to see things succeed at the end even after trying to tap out mid-movie. Neville Longbottom got a lot of great development in HP, and I love all his moments of bravery. I feel like protagonists don’t count what with Eggsy or Harry Potter or whoever having their dev arcs as the point of canon.

P - Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas).

Platonic Friend drags introvert work-at-home Character A to their hobby group – DnD, boardgames, knit night, whatever – where Character B enthusiastically shares their love of said hobby. Adoration ensues. (eg: Ari drags Arthur, a work-at-home bookkeeper, to her monthly wine-and-paint night, where Eames is also participating and has a ton of fun showing Arthur how to mix color and make something he likes instead of just a muddy hot mess)

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Can I have a headcanon for all the main Karasuno boys (+ Ukai and Takeda if you want and since you said you wanted more Ukai requests) watching sappy romance movies like "The Notebook" and "If I Stay" with their s/o? Any tears? Lots of cuddling? Snarky comments?? Thanks! :)

I’ve been eying this request for so long lmao 

So, I did Ukai and lEV my bb bc I don’t really know Takeda that well but if you wanted him too just send in another request and I’ll be happy to do that for ya

also, rlly sorry I didn’t post this last night! My family was usuing my computer bc theirs broke 


- Literally has to be dragged into watching sappy movies. Was probably done as an apology for being extra salty on a particular date

- Would never admit to it, but actually gets really into the plots sometimes. Like, he will unintentionally tighten his grip on his s/o during suspenseful scenes and stare intently at the screen

- Always cuddling with his s/o during the movie bc “he might as well get something out of it” right

- No tears, but a lOT of snarky comments when he feels the movie is particularly cheesy, and besides, he would much rather hear his s/o laugh than cry


- Lots of hand holding during the movie??? Idk i dont see him as a huge cuddler outside of bed but like definitely wants to be close to his s/o and have physical contact

- Cries along with his s/o, not ashamed

- They take turns picking out sappy movies when they do end up watching them. Yamaguchi enjoys the Titanic

- Snacks are always a must when watching movies for him


- Literally will never ever pick a sappy movie, but wont really complain when his s/o wants to watch it

- Silently wipes away tears, hides it from his s/o

- His s/o knows

- It’s almost automatic for him to hold his s/o in his arms, and watching movies changes nothing


- Bouncy bean will not sit quiet, and talks throughout the movie, expressing every emotion that comes across his mind “But ____, they have to end up together!”

- Shifts around from cuddling with his s/o to clutching onto a blanket or pillow, lunging forward at the TV

- More often than not knocks over the snacks they have prepared while having an emotional fit, the mess goes unnoticed till the movie is over

- Silently wipes away tears along with his s/o


- Along with kickin action movies, sappy romantic movies happen to be his forte

- Will try to stay ‘manly’ and not cry, but totally lets a couple fall at the climax of the movie

- Will always cuddle up to his s/o, usually an arm strewn around their shoulders along with them both wrapped in a blanket

- Sports that ‘spoon in an ice cream tub’ aesthetic when watching movies


- Doesn’t really care much for romantic movies, but as long as his s/o is pleased so is he

- Huge cuddle bug is the small spoon when watching movies, shoveling hand full after handful of chips/popcorn into his mouth

- Stone cold, not one tear fell during any movie, If I Stay included “____ it’s really not that sad come on”

- Loves it when his s/o absentmindedly runs their hands through his hair during the movie, honestly one of his favorite parts about movie night


- Loves any kind of movie, really. Though romcoms are his favorite, some straight up romance is always good once in awhile

- When a romantic scene is playing out in front of them he will become all touchy-feely with his s/o, whispering sweet things into their ear while leaving small kisses

- Blankets draped around the two are a must

- Likes to curl up with some warm hot chocolate when watching a sappy movie, regardless of weather


- Not a big crier tbh

- However will always cuddle up to his s/o during movie night. He loves to play with their hair

- Doesn’t eat much while watching movies wither

- Honestly like 96.32% of his attention is on his s/o, maybe like 3.8% on the movie if it has an intresting plot. Maybe.


- Not really one for romantic movies, minimal complaining beforehand but will settle once they begin

- During the movie he will run his hands soothingly along their body in an attempt to comfort them, maybe even kiss their head a bit when they start to cry, smiling at the sweetness of it all

- This is like the one time he will pig out with you bc he usually has a p strict diet but his soft spot for you is also p big so

- Won’t cry, unless the movie somehow really touched him


- He absolutely loves cuddles, and will curl up under a huge blanket with them. Them usually on his chest

- Totally bawls, the both of them. A tissue box is always present

- As tradition calls, a bowl of popcorn is present. Its kettle tho

- His favorite movies are sci-fy and things like them, but sappy movies immediately follow


- Most definitely cries at sad parts don’t even fight me

- He sits side by side with his legs crossed on the couch while intently staring at the screen, a beer in hand while he yells at the characters as if they can hear him

- Blankets and pillows are thrown around, maybe draped across their shoulders

- Sometimes will ‘snuggle’ up with his s/o, giving them chaste kisses before returning their eyes to the screen


- So emotional during any kind of movie, and he will let you know exactly what he’s thinking. A talker

- When he sees the couple on-screen doing romantic things or going on fun dates he almost always suggests that they should do that, a smile taking over his face as he imagines it

- Will always hold his s/o close and in his lap

- Not really a big crier, but will occasionally if he’s feeling particularly sappy


I’m assuming you meant the new(er!) TV show written by Bryan Fuller– I have all intentions of watching it considering I loved Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me but have yet to get into it! Silence Of The Lambs, however, is one of my very favorite books/movies so I just couldn’t help it.

Near as the darling Clarice Starling and Mello as Jame Gumb because I’m an actual shitlord.

Can I Have This Dance // L.R.H.

a/n: I literally wrote this in fifteen minutes just now but idk i like it. and I watched all 3 high school musicals yesterday and I cried so here’s this I guess

summary: you and Luke have some fun while watching your favorite movie ;) jk but no this is pretty cute tbh

You can feel Luke’s breath on your hair as he lays behind you on the couch. You’re on the last movie of your High School Musical marathon. High School Musical 3 was your personal favorite, but Luke insists that the first is the best, as the original always is. You can feel him give a little kiss on the back of your head occasionally, or his quick, short laughter at the funny parts. It was difficult for you to sit still and not get up and sing and dance, but with Luke’s arms wrapped around you, you were trapped, not that you were complaining.
As Gabriella was talking about prom on the roof with Troy, Luke started to shift behind you. Assuming he was only trying to get comfortable, you stayed in your position but not for long as Luke swung his legs over yours, stood up, and reached out for your hand.
“What’s this about?” you laughed as you took his hand and stood. As Gabriella offers to teach Troy to waltz, Luke says, with a ear to ear grin,
“May I have this dance?” you couldn’t help but smile and giggle as you replied,
“You may.”
As the song Can I Have This Dance (your personal favorite) began, Luke put one hand on your waist and the other held your hand out to the side. You rested your hand on his broad shoulder as he began dancing almost perfectly, except with his long legs and big feet he couldn’t help but step on you a few times. He sang along, too, starting quietly, almost whispering, and eventually at the top of his lungs. You joined in, laughing every time he stepped on you or either of you messed up the words. You danced all throughout the living room, Luke spinning you every once in a while, and even lifting you once. You couldn’t take your eyes off of the beautiful, goofy, grinning boy dancing in front of you. you grinned back, feeling yourself suddenly flood with love and happiness. It seemed as if you were dancing for ages, but eventually the song came to an end. Luke gave you a final twirl then pulled you back over to the couch and pulled you into his lap. He kissed the back of your neck through your hair and whispered,
“What would I do without my dance partner.”