favorite part of the movie tbh

I think my favorite thing about the ending of episode 10 is that all of it reminds me of one of those super cliche endings in a rom-com. First, we have the song- it just sounds like one of those super catchy songs they put at the end of those cheesy movies. And then of course the photos that are reeled through the credits (that are usually from a wedding reception) except this is a skating banquet with a stripper’s pole, but it might as well be a wedding reception tbh. 

BUT THE BEST PART, is that this ending reel in episode 10 doesn’t show the end of a rom-com

It shows the beginning  

And then the show was never the same ever again. 

APH England (to Canada): We always said you were the cute one!

APH America: I thought I was the cute one!

APH England: No, you’re the stupid one with the big mouth!


Made for @tasksweekly #34: Indonesia, under the cut are 170 textless and good quality gifs of Indonesian actor and actual Disney princeNICHOLAS SAPUTRA. All of these gifs are made by me for roleplaying purposes from one of my favorite Indonesian movie, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 (2016). Feel free to crop and resize, but don’t claim them as your own. Likes and reblogs are highly appreciated!

ETHNICITY: ½ Indonesian, ½ White (German)

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What are some of your favorite things to do in your free time?

Watch true crime shows, hang at a coffee shop, go to the movies, cook or bake, go shopping, hang with friends, have sex

Mostly the sex part tbh 😜

Well I just saw Beauty and the Beast and I was wary of their treatment of Lefou but I must say it could have been a hell of a lot worse. It wasn’t groundbreaking and they certainly didn’t go out of their way to show that he was gay but they also didn’t seem to try and hide him away. It definitely could have been better but it also could have been much worse.

(Also his interaction with Mrs Potts was my favorite part of the movie tbh)

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cotton candy, peanut butter, bubblegum!

three places you want to travel to?
everywhere, tbh.
In addition to NYC, Spain, and All The Parks, I’d say… Germany would be fun. Last time I was there it was as part of a choir trip so we were a bit limited as to where we could go. Greece would be nice. And Italy.

favorite academic subject?
Does music count?
Probably geology.

books or movies?
I love stories. I don’t care as much how they’re presented.

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Can I Have This Dance // L.R.H.

a/n: I literally wrote this in fifteen minutes just now but idk i like it. and I watched all 3 high school musicals yesterday and I cried so here’s this I guess

summary: you and Luke have some fun while watching your favorite movie ;) jk but no this is pretty cute tbh

You can feel Luke’s breath on your hair as he lays behind you on the couch. You’re on the last movie of your High School Musical marathon. High School Musical 3 was your personal favorite, but Luke insists that the first is the best, as the original always is. You can feel him give a little kiss on the back of your head occasionally, or his quick, short laughter at the funny parts. It was difficult for you to sit still and not get up and sing and dance, but with Luke’s arms wrapped around you, you were trapped, not that you were complaining.
As Gabriella was talking about prom on the roof with Troy, Luke started to shift behind you. Assuming he was only trying to get comfortable, you stayed in your position but not for long as Luke swung his legs over yours, stood up, and reached out for your hand.
“What’s this about?” you laughed as you took his hand and stood. As Gabriella offers to teach Troy to waltz, Luke says, with a ear to ear grin,
“May I have this dance?” you couldn’t help but smile and giggle as you replied,
“You may.”
As the song Can I Have This Dance (your personal favorite) began, Luke put one hand on your waist and the other held your hand out to the side. You rested your hand on his broad shoulder as he began dancing almost perfectly, except with his long legs and big feet he couldn’t help but step on you a few times. He sang along, too, starting quietly, almost whispering, and eventually at the top of his lungs. You joined in, laughing every time he stepped on you or either of you messed up the words. You danced all throughout the living room, Luke spinning you every once in a while, and even lifting you once. You couldn’t take your eyes off of the beautiful, goofy, grinning boy dancing in front of you. you grinned back, feeling yourself suddenly flood with love and happiness. It seemed as if you were dancing for ages, but eventually the song came to an end. Luke gave you a final twirl then pulled you back over to the couch and pulled you into his lap. He kissed the back of your neck through your hair and whispered,
“What would I do without my dance partner.”

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>.> shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Full Name: Nadalyn Roxanne White

Gender and Sexuality: Cis female & straight

Pronouns: she/her

Ethnicity/Species: Native American

Birthplace and Birthdate: Idaho April 2nd, 2000

Guilty Pleasures: JPOP

Phobias: Spiders

What They Would Be Famous For: Make up or hair styling!

What They Would Get Arrested For: DUI

OC You Ship Them With: I mean kinda with Khyle bc they have a baby but also not with Khyle bc Khyle is a dickhole?

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Cai or Rhyland

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: ~romance~

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: love triangles

Talents and/or Powers: She’s a surprisingly good mother! She’s very great at multitasking as well

Why Someone Might Love Them: She’s got an aura around her! She’s always bubbly and happy for the most part

Why Someone Might Hate Them: Teen mom

How They Change: She doesn’t really change tbh, since I developed her she has had a kid. 

Why You Love Them:  She’s adorable and I’m gay for her

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What's your favorite way to spend a day?

Thanks for the question, anon.

Umm, I’m pretty easy to please tbh. I like lying in bed all day with a good book and/or some good movies to watch (I usually enjoy that by myself but if someone comes through then I don’t mind).

Other days I want to go river hiking, do yoga at a botanical garden, or head to the beach. I’m down with whatever suits my mood.

The best part is now knowing that I can enjoy a day by my lonesome, or connecting with other people.

What about you? What are your favorite days like?



I’m assuming you meant the new(er!) TV show written by Bryan Fuller– I have all intentions of watching it considering I loved Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me but have yet to get into it! Silence Of The Lambs, however, is one of my very favorite books/movies so I just couldn’t help it.

Near as the darling Clarice Starling and Mello as Jame Gumb because I’m an actual shitlord.

except you, bro

SO MY BROTHER-IN-LAW MADE A MOVIE!! Its titled Balls Out and is about, well, college intramural football. its super funny and ridiculous. these two guys are the stoner sports commentators and probably my favorite part of the movie tbh.  lol i ship it 

its out in (select) theaters and on V.O.D and itunes today!! so watch it!!! legally!!!! 

it has a great cast including Jake Lacy, Kate McKinnon, Beck Bennett, Jay Pharoah, and D.C. Pierson (aka the apple store guy from Captain America). and its a NYTimes Critics Choice! Check out the review here